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At the Heart of Homeschooling

When we began homeschooling,  I was very idealistic. My kids were going to enjoy their childhood, nurture their love of learning, and be free from school stress. They would grow up to be emotionally healthy adults with every chance to succeed.

Then we hit the first roadblock: ME. Having little children at home 24/7 was exhausting. Realizing their educational future rested on my shoulders was terrifying. Accepting the full responsibility of their emotional development was crushing. At least parents who send their kids to school have someone to blame if things go wrong.

Let’s face it, homeschooling is not for cowards. [Read more...]

New on Simple Kids- Slowing Down: Taking the Time to Make Some Time

Do you ever feel rushed as you plow through a day at home with your family?

Then head over to Simple Kids today, where Kara is writing about ways to halt the rush and usher some extra time into your life. From her post:

“What busy parent doesn’t wish for more time in the day?

While I may not be able to actually create an extra hour, I have found that I can give myself the illusion of more time. When life has been hectic, and things are starting to feel rough around the edges, I know that I need to take the time to make some time.”

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New on Simple Bites: Simplify Dinner with a One-Pot Meal

Homeschooling families know the challenge it can be to keep up with a day full of learning, and then have to tackle dinner plans as well.

That’s why I know you’ll enjoy today’s post on Simple Bites, where Aimee discusses one-pot meals. From her post:

“One-pot meals are like the footie pajamas of the family table; cozy, familiar, and easy to throw on. They offer the pleasure of home cooking assembled with little fuss and minimal clean-up…”

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Weekend Links & Giveaway Winner

And after 1,006 entries, the winner of the amazing Simple Homeschool Launch Week Giveaway package is…….
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