An Ounce of Prevention

We homeschool year round.  This means that we take breaks as we need them, which usually ends up being in December, April and August.  As a result, we school for three semesters each year.  Each semester looks different from the previous one.  For example, in the summer months we often end up homeschooling on the road.

During each break, I look over our goals and accomplishments and decide what needs to be prioritized for the next school semester. Having several times set aside to evaluate allows me to stay on top of each child’s education.

Some steps I take to make sure our priorities match up with our yearly goals:

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How to Build Your Family’s Homeschool

My kids love building miniature houses. I think most children their age share this same interest. Colorful Lego castles, cardboard Victorian mansions, popsicle stick cabins–our living room floor has seen them all.

Homeschooling families have something in common with these structures my children like to build–both are diverse and unique.

If you’ve been homeschooling for a while or have just started looking into it you might be familiar with the following scenario: We start reading about the crafts, Latin studies, Shakespeare play, acre garden or cool science experiments that other families do and we rush out to do the same thing.

We want to build a homeschool environment that looks just like another family’s. But what we really need to build is our own creation.

Can I encourage you to do something before you start paying for phonics curriculum, pottery lessons and Lego robotics?

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Simple Homeschool Launch Week Giveaway

This giveaway has now ended. Thanks for entering!

In order to celebrate the launch of our network this week, the Simple Living Media editors thought some giveaways were in order! And not just one, mind you, but each and every blog in the simple living family is hosting a giveaway today.

Trust me, you are going to want to enter them ALL.

Here on Simple Homeschool, some amazing sponsors have helped us put together an incredible package for one lucky winner. That’s right, one winner will receive all the items listed below.

Let’s take a look!
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6 Ways to Banish the Winter Homeschooling Blues

For many of us, February marks the middle of our homeschooling year. Halfway through, and spirits begin to sag. In many locations, winter clouds hover overhead, preventing little bodies from releasing stores of unused energy.

It’s enough to make a homeschooling parent feel a little….under the weather.

So this month is the perfect time to shake things up in your schoolroom and bring some freshness to the learning experience.

Here are six ways to help you do just that.

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