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“You don’t have to do everything at once to make meaningful progress. You just need to do ‘the next right thing.’ By daily fueling the fire, you will have clarity on what that is; as you follow through on the next step, the one after that will be made clear as well.” – Rachel DeMille

7 Characteristics of a Charlotte Mason Education

If you’ve been homeschooling for long, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Charlotte Mason. Her educational principles, which she developed in 19th century England, offer much to homeschooling children and families alike.

But what exactly is a Charlotte Mason education? How can we know if it will work well for our family?
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Insecurity, Comparison and Fear: Slaying the Giants of Homeschooling

Written by Misha Thompson of The Offense of Joy

Anyone who has taken on, or is considering, the unique role of home educator knows all too well the giants of homeschooling.

Insecurity. Comparison. Fear.

Have you ever felt discouraged by one of those?  Have you ever laid awake and worried about who is doing what in their homeschool and if you should or shouldn’t be, too?

All of us have. It’s human nature.

But there is an effective response to criticism and fears, however.
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6 Easy Outings to Nurture Your Child’s Mind (& Yours, Too)

Feeling stuck at home during these final winter days?

As spring approaches, it’s the perfect time to break with routine and head out for a field trip. Homeschoolers have a decided advantage in planning outings–we can go any time of day or year, plan around the crowds, and create our own experience.

If you’re in need of an easy outing, here are six places that young and old can enjoy together–coming away refreshed and with much learning inspiration.
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Weekend Links

“But for me, education means making creators… You have to make inventors, innovators, not conformists.” – Jean Piaget

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