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Anchoring: An Organizational Tool

Written by Simple Homeschool contributor Renee Tougas of FIMBY.

We all have tasks in our days that are important and require diligence. Homeschooling, homemaking, family life, health, creative pursuits, and employment are just a few priorities that you might be juggling daily.

Consistency in some of these areas might come more naturally than in others. My strong suit is homemaking. Maybe that’s because I’ve been at it for well over a decade. Staying on top of meals, laundry and bills is nearly second nature.

But homeschooling is harder for me–especially now that I am making a more disciplined effort to build a foundation of reading, writing and math for our elementary aged children.

This year I am challenging myself, more than ever, to stay on top of our daily homeschool priorities. We are now a couple months into our school year and experiencing success with a particular technique that is helping us meet our goals.

I call this technique anchoring.
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Q&A: Holiday Schooling-What Do You Do?

Written by Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool and founder of Steady Mom

If you went to traditional school growing up, you probably remember the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation. They involved excited restless bodies, counting down the days and minutes until holiday time (& a break from school) arrived.

Teachers recall trying to control the wiggly masses and attempting to keep learning levels high. It seems like yesterday to me–the blessed relief I felt at no more school for two whole weeks!

Homeschooling families don’t deal with this exact situation, but we still struggle with similar issues. When our children begin having trouble paying attention–gazing longingly at the holiday decorations, what should we do?
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Creating a Circle Time in Your Home (with a vlog!)

Written by Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool and founder of Steady Mom

Do you ever feel like mornings with your young children fly past in a cacophony of chaos? Wake up, get kids dressed, make beds, prepare breakfast, clean up, sit down for school time.

It isn’t always the most peaceful part of the day, and though homeschoolers are not racing out the door to catch the school bus, at times our mornings can still feel….rushed.

That’s why I love having a circle time with my kids–it gives us the chance to start our day with purpose.

Here’s how to create a circle time that works for your family.
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Weekend Links

I’m very excited to introduce to you today Organizing Life as Mom, the new e-book by Jessica Fisher, one of our contributors here on Simple Homeschool. Jessica blogs at the popular Life as Mom, and her book is both inspiring and practical as it helps you prioritize your role as mama and home manager. Check it out today!

Hazelnut Kids Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!

Today is the first of an awesome line-up of Saturday giveaways we have planned! And this week’s giveaway goodness is coming to you via Hazelnut Kids.

Hazelnut Kids was created in order to give parents a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website where they can find natural toys for their children, and where they would know that all of the toys offered were created by companies that follow the strictest safety standards.
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