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Burying the Big Yellow Bus

Burying the big yellow bus
Written by contributor Sarah Small of SmallWorld at Home

I have never, in a fit of the frustration that is unique to homeschooling moms, threatened to flag down the proverbial Big Yellow Bus.

But here is the flat-out honest truth: I have wondered every now and then if I should. My oldest son attended public school for kindergarten and first grades. As far as I know, he never desired for one second to go back. But there were times when he was in high school that I would think,

“Is this all going to work out right? What if we’ve messed up his whole life by homeschooling him?”

My daughter loved the Junie B. Jones and Ramona Quimby books. Most of the action in these series occurred at school. Such fun things happened there! Parties, plays, recess, glitter-laden Valentine’s cards. Walking home on tree-lined streets. Crossing the street with Henry Huggins. When she was nine, she saved up all her birthday money to buy a “Play School” kit, complete with name tags, report cards, and a chalkboard. Her dolls and younger brother would be her classroom, and I must say she was a natural teacher.

Sometimes I used to think, “This little girl would love to be in school.”

She’s in middle school now, and again, many of the books she reads and movies she watches take place in a school setting. She knows that kids in public school don’t randomly break out in song a la High School Musical. But every once in a while, she’ll say, “I think it would be fun to be around a bunch of people every day.”

And again, I wonder, “Are we on the right track?”

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5 Simple Things to do on a Snow Day

Written by contributor Heather Bruggeman of Beauty That Moves

Here in my corner of the world, it has been a winter for the record books. We’ve had snowstorms weekly, and the public schools have not seen a five day school week since before Christmas!

But what about us homeschoolers? Do we call for a snow day, or carry on with our routine as usual?

Well, that totally depends on the family, and probably the age(s) of your children too. Young children won’t likely think to get up and turn on the radio, listening for school cancellations in your community. If you’ve got older children though, they just might be looking for that special, unplanned day off.

When I was growing up, Snow Days were practically an institution! I loved the gift of a day to do with as I pleased… and not surprisingly, my happy-to-homeschool daughter is no different. And so in our home we indulge.

There is the given time spent outside – sledding, fort making, and tunneling (this year, there’s been a lot of tunneling!). Then, there is the time spent inside. The flexible, cozy, lingering sort of time that only a snow day can bring. Honestly, the inside time is my favorite part.

Here are five simple (inside) things to do on a snow day.
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I want to homeschool, but don’t want the responsibility.

I want to homeschool, but I don't want the responsibility
Written by Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool and founder of Steady Mom

Often I take a look in Google Analytics to see what brings people to Simple Homeschool. Many readers arrive after an online search, on the hunt for information about a certain topic. Common searches that bring readers here include simple homeschooling, homeschool encouragement blog, waldorf homeschooling, and making the first homeschool day special.

But my heart dropped a little when I read that a few people found this blog after typing in “want to homeschool, but don’t want the responsibility.”

Fear of responsibility on the homeschooling path isn’t uncommon. After all, so our thoughts tease, if we send the kids to school and things aren’t going well, there’s someone else to blame. But if we grasp this calling fully by the reins, we know in whose direction fingers will point if results aren’t in line with the norm.

Even typing that makes me anxious, so I know that for others just starting out, the feelings come with even more intensity.

Homeschooling isn’t for cowards, you know.

There’s no magic formula for anything in life, including home education. But here are a few thoughts to remember when you get frightened by the enormity of the task ahead.
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Weekend Links

Written by Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool and founder of Steady Mom

So guess who I met last week?

Hanging out with the Simple Living Media ladies at Blissdom in Nashville was incredible, not to mention that I missed one of the huge storms that dumped a couple more feet of snow in my backyard. I feel so blessed to work with these gals day in and day out. They are just as amazing in real life as they seem online.

It’s been one year since Simple Homeschool began, and I regularly thank God for the opportunity to serve you here–thanks so much for reading and supporting us!

(Pictured above, left to right: Nicole, Mandi (our ad manager), Tsh, Aimee, Kara, and yours truly)

Now on to our weekend links:
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Weekend Giveaway: AboutOne

This giveaway has ended. Thanks for entering!

Today I have the privilege of introducing you to a new sponsor here on Simple Homeschool, AboutOne.

Here’s an overview:

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AboutOne was designed by moms and dads for moms and dads to make managing all that household information fast, fun, and easy.
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