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Q&A Friday: What to do when you want to homeschool but your spouse doesn’t

Written by Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool and Steady Mom

I try to notice and pay attention to recurring themes that come through my inbox. Recently, some of these have had a common thread–spouses being on separate pages when it comes to homeschooling.

I am fortunate to be blessed with a husband who not only supports our family’s homeschooling endeavors, but also agrees with my unique educational philosophies.

But what should you do when this isn’t the case?

Here are a few messages I’ve received recently from readers:
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Arranging a Kid Swap

The following is a guest post by Angie of Many Little Blessings and The Homeschool Classroom.

While I love that we made the decision to start homeschooling four years ago, I would occasionally think that I wished I could just have a couple of hours to just get caught up on things without the kids around.

Imagine my surprise when I casually mentioned this desire to a friend, and her response was, “Let’s do it!”

It has been such a blessing that I wished I had done something like this sooner.  Not only do my friend and I each have four hours a month when we get some free time to run errands, have appointments, work on projects, or just relax, but our kids get to spend eight hours a month together.  As my friend pointed out one day, “I love that the kids think we’re doing them a favor by letting them get together!”

This kind of arrangement can be doable for almost any family, as long as you have another family (or two) that would like to participate with you.  It will be important beforehand, however, to come up with some basic ground rules and guidelines, which will look different for different situations (i.e. your family will arrange things differently than mine and my friend’s family arrange it).
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Weekend Links

The winners of the Sparkles Stories giveaway are Nancy Walters and Jennifer Bouch. Congrats! If you didn’t win, head here to try Sparkle for one month for just $1! Use the code SPARKLESPRING. Happy Easter, friends!

Weekend Giveaway: Sparkle Stories

This giveaway has now ended. Thanks for entering!

Welcome to another one of our weekend giveaways–and one of my family’s recent discoveries, Sparkle Stories. My three children have fallen in love with these imaginative tales, and I think yours will as well.

From Sparkle Stories:

“Sparkle is an online subscription to high-quality audio stories for children and families. Each week Sparkle Stories delivers delightful audio stories to subscribers around the world.

We offer five original Story Series, plus a sixth Series with classic stories, songs and games, all designed to entertain and inspire the whole family. (Jamie’s note: Two of the storylines, about Martin & Sylvia, feature a homeschooling family.)

Audio stories, or stories told out-loud, are untethered to images viewed on a screen. The child is free and able to paint her own pictures out of her own imagination. She becomes relaxed and entranced – committing herself fully to a fantastic adventure.

Sparkle Stories are fun, Sparkle Stories are inspiring, and Sparkle Stories are good for young minds and spirits! Our stories inspire a sense of wonder and magic in life, encourage creativity and a strong sense of self, and even illuminate common childhood challenges.”

Two Simple Homeschool winners will receive a one-year subscription to a Sparkle Storyline of their choice!
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Exploring Online Learning in our Homeschool

Written by Heather Bruggeman of beauty that moves

I’m not sure I would have been a very good homeschooler fifteen years ago. You see, the internet is such a valuable, expansive place for us. I’m amazed nearly every day by the endless variety of resources available, both free and paid.

We love our home-based and in town libraries, but there came a point in my daughter’s development where she craved something more formal. She wanted accountability beyond mom and dad. Lacking the right fit (so far) with a good homeschool co-op, we started looking around online for classes.

At fourteen years old, she is naturally ready for more.

This year we’ve had the opportunity to explore three different online learning tools/courses, each with varying degrees of formality and expense – I’d love to tell you about them today.
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