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Behind the blog

There’s a certain mystique to blogging, wouldn’t you say?

Bloggers craft words and share photos to convey what we want, but there’s plenty that we may also choose to leave out.

This means that behind a blog may be written a different story than what initially appears. Would you like a little glimpse? I recently had the chance to record a podcast with one of the first friends I ever met in the blogosphere, Erin Goodman.

On her podcast, Behind the Blog, we chatted about a few blogging resolutions that I set up way back when to try to keep my priorities in check for our family. We also talk about why I decided to turn the comments off on my blog Steady Mom and other not so deep topics like the power of a good nap.

I’d love for you to come download and listen while you fold laundry, make dinner, take a walk, or sit and stare into space with a cup of tea. (The entire chat is about 50 minutes long.)

Now I’m off to make dreams come true–we’re headed to the Lake District and the world of Beatrix Potter today! So excited.

4 weeks on the road

Written by contributor Rachel Wolf of Clean and Lusa Organics

My son once mistook Lake Michigan for the ocean. So we sat down with a map and found the Great Lakes. And then we found the Atlantic.

Lake Michigan is big, but the ocean is immense. He wanted to see it for himself. So did his sister.

And so did I for that matter. After traveling the world in my teens and 20’s, I hadn’t left the Midwest for nearly a decade.

It was time for a little sand between our toes.

At four and eight years old, my children were ready for a road trip. Why not take a month off and head to the beach?

And so we did.

Two kids, one grown-up, four weeks, and 3000 miles. My husband would stay behind to run our business and I would take our homeschoolers on the road. Alone.

We were excited, but I was also nervous. Could I swing it – even on the hard days – without the support of my husband and the comforts of home?

There was only one way to know. In early October we headed south, anticipating sand and sea within a week.

While there is no formula for the perfect road trip, this is how we pulled it off.
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Free range learning (Good Reads on Simple Homeschool)

Like most homeschoolers, I love reading and discussing good books. I also enjoy sharing them with my readers, so I’m happy to have the chance to introduce you today to Free-Range Learning:How Homescholing Changes Everything by Laura Grace Weldon.

As someone who pursues interest-led learning with my children, I was drawn to the concept conveyed by this book’s title, and glad to have the chance to review it.

The author, Laura Grace Weldon, is a long-time columnist with Home Education Magazine, a farmer, and the mother of four homeschooled children.

I recently had the chance to ask Laura a few questions. Enjoy her insightful responses in this interview!
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Weekend Links

loving our cottage in Yorkshire

“But, good gracious, you’ve got to educate him first. You can’t expect a boy to be vicious till he’s been to a good school.” ~ H.H. Munro

Q&A Friday: What curricula do you plan to use next year? (2012 curriculum fair)

Written by Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool and Steady Mom

Over the past month we’ve heard from all of our contributors, each sharing the resources we’ve found helpful (or not helpful!), along with our homeschooling plans for the upcoming school year.

I hope you’ve found this helpful as you begin your own planning. Personally I’ve bookmarked a few resources and recommendations to keep for future years. Now it’s your turn to share!
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