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Recipes to bake with your kids

Written by Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool and writer at Steady Mom

We made these Cinnamon Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins yesterday–um, incredible. Stop whatever you’re doing (yes, even reading this post) and go make them right now! (Just a note for those interested: We substituted the sugar with maple syrup, and decreased the milk to 1/4 cup.)

Okay, all done? Let’s move on, then!
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Weekend links

The winner of the Great Homeschool Conventions giveaway is Janalin–congratulations! Pencil the dates for these 2013 conventions in your calendar: South Carolina (Mar 14-16) and Ohio (Apr 4-6).

Sign up here to be notified of early bird registration discounts. I hope to see some of you when I speak at the conference in Ohio!

“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” ~ Helen Keller

Weekend giveaway: Great Homeschool Conventions

This giveaway has now ended. Thanks for entering!

Welcome to this weekend’s giveaway–hosted by Great Homeschool Conventions!

Great Homeschool Conventions will hold its 2013 regional conventions in South Carolina (March) and Ohio (April). Each convention features a huge Homeschool Curriculum exhibit hall.

This year’s featured speakers include Tim Hawkins, Gianna Jessen, Andrew Pudewa, Todd Wilson, Steve Demme, Crystal Paine, Dr. Jay Wile, Dr. Carol Reynolds…and yours truly!! (I will be speaking at the convention in Ohio–if you live nearby I hope you’ll attend!)

Attendees get to choose from hundreds of encouraging, equipping, information-packed workshops…selecting those workshops that are most applicable to YOUR homeschooling efforts. There is also an optional children’s program and a special track for teens–real faith for the real world.

You can sign up here to be notified about early bird registration discounts and special announcements.
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Simplifying school (and life) at the holidays

Written by contributor Jessica Fisher of Life as Mom and Good Cheap Eats

I well remember my public school days near the holidays. They were chock full of rehearsals for the Christmas play, extended art sessions as we finished up crafts that would be gifts for our parents, and a plethora of holiday parties. Our elementary school also threw in a fundraiser and canned food drive as well.

Those seasons were anything but simple.

I think my poor mother must have been run ragged with all the things that were required of us — and her — back in those days.

Times have changed. Given that my husband and I have chosen a different educational path than we ourselves were raised in, we don’t have that same holiday busy-ness thrown at us — at least not from the outside.
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What counts as homeschooling?

Written by contributor Sarah Small of SmallWorld at Home

At a recent roundtable discussion organized by our homeschooling support group, a brand new homeschooling mom raised her hand and asked the perennial question: What counts as homeschooling?

I have heard the same questions dozens of times through the years: Can I count playing board games? Can I count hiking as PE? Can I count the afternoon we spent talking with a veteran about WWII? Can I count our trip to Washington DC? Yes, yes, seriously? and YES!

I know the question that is being asked. It comes from a deeply ingrained assumption that if it is school, it must be ___________ [boring, tedious, difficult, taxing, mind-numbing, repetitive—you choose]. For some reason, we feel that we must put an official stamp of approval on an activity in order for it to “count” as “school.”

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