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Q&A Friday: Do you homeschool year-round? Why or why not?

year-round schooling ~SimpleHomeschool.netJamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool, also blogs about motherhood at Steady Mom

Since the majority of homeschooling parents weren’t actually homeschooled ourselves, we tend to have a conventional schooling outlook–often without realizing it. Our mind thinks of education in chunks–8am to 3 pm, six week sessions, summers off.

Yet as we progress on our homeschooling journey we slowly become more comfortable with our new freedom as a family. It feels empowering to realize we set the schedule. We start to question all those “norms” and educational stereotypes we grew up with.

I’m big on freedom at home (My latest ebook attests to that fact) because I’ve seen that the more freedom we have, the more we enjoy our lives. And the more we enjoy them, the more we’re able to focus on something beyond ourselves.

Our family decided to school year-round because:
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Ideas for a homeschool mystery day

Ideas for homeschool mystery day
Written by contributor Rachel Wolf of Lusa Organics and Clean

This summer I’m reviving one of my favorite homeschooling traditions.

Mystery Day.

Mystery Day begins with a simple set of instructions.

I tell the children what to wear (a swimming suit, a nice outfit, or maybe their muck boots) and what to pack (like a sketch book, a water bottle or a hip sack.)

I pack our remaining gear in secret, hiding away anything that would reveal our destination.

Duluth train

As we eat breakfast together the children speculate on where this day might take them.

To the local museum? Or a nearby city?

To a friend’s farm to see the new calf?

Or on a hike along the river?

We wonder and guess and laugh, and then –

and then we go.
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The Steady Mom’s Freedom Guide

Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool, also blogs about motherhood at Steady Mom

Summer is here, and hopefully that means a teensy bit more free time for the mamas. Yay!

I know we never have any real “days off” when you come right down to it, but something about this time of year beckons us to chill out and relax. With the extra margin freed up by less rigid schedules, it’s also a good time to reflect on how things are going in our lives and homes.

I’m in the midst of a crazy time of transition myself–getting ready to move house in 5 (!) days, entering a new season of parenting as my kids get a little older, and preparing for a busy summer ahead of us.

I’ve also been thinking about what I want more of during this season, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

More freedom, more confidence as a mom, more excitement, joy, and gratitude in this awesome life I’ve been blessed with. Less comparisons, less worry, less insecurity.

So I put together an ebook to help us all find our way as moms and get comfortable inside our unique mothering skins. It’s available today: The Steady Mom’s Freedom Guide: Joyful Motherhood on Your Own Terms!

The Steady Mom's Freedom Guide by Jamie C. Martin
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Weekend links

weekend links

freedomMy new ebook, The Steady Mom’s Freedom Guide: Joyful Motherhood on Your Own Terms, will be released on Monday!

I’ll be back then with details!


“A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.” ~ Nelson Mandela

How to forage for wild edibles with kids

how to forage for wild edibles with kidsWritten by contributor Rachel Wolf of Clean and Lusa Organics

Weeds. They invade our gardens and lawns.

They choke out the plants we’re trying to grow.

We did not invite them, yet there they appear in abundance.

So we seek them out and destroy them.

But Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.”

Might we be missing something?
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