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Discover Africa

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Today I want to introduce you to the Discover Africa Notebooking Packet by Jessica of Balancing Everything.

I’ve seen Jessica’s resource mentioned around the web, but this is the first time I’ve had the chance to look at it in depth. One thing is certain: It is thorough.

Here’s the reason why:
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The Art of Strewing

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Homeschool Omnibus eBook sale

The omnibus offer is no longer available, but you can still purchase this book individually!

For the next three days I plan to highlight a few titles from the omnibus that I’ve found helpful, unique, and inspiring.

Kicking it off today?

The Art of Strewing: Instilling the Love of Learning by Piquing Your Child’s Natural Curiosity, written by Aadel Bussinger of These Temporary Tents.
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4 back to school resolutions to keep in mind this year

Written by contributor Amida of Journey into Unschooling. She really did buy 24 tubes of glue sticks.

Love146 Round Home Library

For many of us, it is Back to School season, and with it, all the hopes, relief, and excitement of a fresh start. In a way, it is like the beginning of any cycle, be it the New Year, new house, or new job. You get a chance to do over and somehow get it right this time.

I was at the back-to-school section of a store the other day and overheard a mom exclaim, “I love new school supplies!” She was selecting designer notebooks, fashion folders, and neon paper with her daughter, who kept asking which items and designs she ought to pick.

There was a time when I had shun back-to-school sales. Who needed another dozen brand new #2 pencils? What was wrong with the clothes already in the closet? Was there really a need to plop down $200 for a new “school” wardrobe? But, there in that store, listening to the mom and daughter gush over their shopping, I admit, I too, felt some of their excitement.

There is nothing like a crisp, blank notebook — with its potential to be filled with new ideas and learning — to give you a sense of all that is to come. I watched the groups of parents and children browsing the aisle, each with a shopping list, no doubt sent to them by the teachers. “We need six pencils,” announced one Dad to his son. Those teachers are pros. They know exactly what is needed to be ready to go.

Homeschoolers are a different story. I hear lots of resolutions about how this year, it’s going to be different:

  • This year, we will take more field trips.
  • This year, we will learn hands-on.
  • This year, learning will be fun.

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Helpful resources for your 2013-2014 homeschool year

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homeschool ebook bundle
Nighttime fountain lights in Metro Manila

This offer is no longer available, but you can still buy these books individually!

This week I’m happy to be a contributing author to the 2nd annual iHomeschool network ebook bundle sale–it’s a collection of over 90 ebooks (a $590 value) that you can purchase at over 95% off – for only $25.

I’ve already bought my bundle–I’m 12 hours ahead in the Philippines, so I grabbed mine straight away! I spent part of the day downloading and reading, deciding which books I want to use and how I can incorporate them in our homeschool.

How I avoid overwhelm with ebook bundles

beach Envisioning myself on this beach reading ebooks like I was a week ago. But instead, I’m here in the torrential rain. It’s all good.

While I’m on the topic, let’s talk about how to avoid overwhelm with ebook bundles.

Here’s what I did – I went through the list of books included and wrote down (Yes, with paper and pen!) the titles that seemed most interesting and that I would be most likely to use over the next year. When I finished, I had a list of about 30.

That’s just one-third of the entire bundle, and yet those 30 still seem like a great value for $25!

After I bought my bundle I downloaded those 30 books and created a new folder on my computer called 2013 Homeschool Omnibus. When I’m ready to read, I know exactly where to find them–and I don’t have to wade through the ones that don’t fit our needs at the moment.

If you’ve already planned out your upcoming homeschool year in detail, you may not need these books. But if you’re still looking for resources to use in the upcoming months (like me!), this is an incredible deal to get high quality materials for an unbelievable price.

Several days this week I’ll share some of my favorite titles and how they’ve inspired me. It’s quite possible that with this bundle, you might not need to buy anything else for your entire year of learning.

Spelling, art, Bible, science, handwriting, geography, math, preschool, schooling with Netflix, nature study, poetry, music, history, plus a lot of inspiration for the homeschooling mamas and papas–all topics are covered in this year’s bundle.
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Back to school encouragement and inspiration

Back to School Encouragement and Inspiration

It’s refreshing this year that I don’t have any back to school series or giveaways planned for this space. Nada. Sometimes we all need a change, right?

But for those of you in need of a little back to school encouragement and inspiration, I’ve compiled all the back to school posts written here in past years for you to browse and glean ideas from.

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