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Alecia Baptiste is the mother of Brian (18), Bianca(14), Edward(12) and Felecia (10), three of whom she homeschools. She loves helping parents educate their children with vision and purpose. You connect with her at AleciaBaptiste.com or Instrument of Grace.

7 tips for teaching active kids


Written by Alecia Baptiste.

My children are now ages 11 through 19, and homeschooling has greatly changed for us over the years.

I don’t have babies or toddlers running around the house. Everyone is reading fluently and independently.

Sometimes I forget how challenging homeschooling was in the early years.

One particular memory I have is of teaching my youngest son to read.

He was about 5 years old and a very active little boy. He loved running, jumping, and  playing. (He’s now a competitive athlete at age 13.)

Every day we would sit down to do his reading lesson, and it was like medieval torture for both of us! He dreaded the time.  I would threaten and push my way through.

Reading wasn’t hard for him. There were no reading issues. He just didn’t like sitting down for this “boring” lesson.

So I decided to try an experiment with him.

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How to homeschool through illness


Written by Alecia Baptiste.

There is nothing like illness to put a huge monkey wrench in your homeschooling plans. Or any kind of plans!

Many years ago, when my children were much younger, I spent two years battling severe fatigue and just feeling bad all of the time, and being scared because no one in conventional medicine could give me a clear diagnosis of what it was.

I was eventually diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, and I later learned that I had a chronic dental infection.  After that tooth was extracted, my world changed!

But during the two years of my illness, I continued to homeschool. There were literally days when it was a battle just to get myself out of bed, much less care for, AND teach my children.

Though it may have seemed foolish to others to continue homeschooling, I was actually very blessed to have had my children at home. My oldest son was able to help with the younger kids. I didn’t have to juggle two little ones at home along with school schedules.

We were able to have a very relaxed pace.

Since that time, I’ve encountered many homeschool moms who have some type of health challenge. Often along with illness, comes the guilt that they aren’t the “good” mom that they could be— if they were well.

They compare themselves not only to other moms, but they compare themselves to their “healthier self.”

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Cultivating a heart of service in our children

Written by Alecia Baptiste of AleciaBaptiste.com.

Somehow serving and helping others has always been a part of who I am.

It just seems to be woven into my DNA. I’m the kind of person who sees injustice, a hurt or need and something wells up from deep inside me. I just have to do something!

Even as a kid, I’d watch the commercials about the kids in Ethiopia who were starving. For the price of one cup of coffee a day, we could feed a child.

One day while watching one of those commercials, I decided that I wanted to help at least one needy child.

Well, with many years behind me and four children later, my heart of service has become a part of the DNA of our home, and we’ve found many ways to impact those in need.

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