The Family that Plays Together

Fourteen years ago my husband and I made the decision to homeschool.  One of the main reasons we made this choice was because we wanted to have meaningful relationships with our children.

A Valued Commodity: Time

We know that in order to have the strong relationship we want with each of our children, and to nurture the strong relationship we want each child to have with his siblings means that we must create the time. Learning at home has offered us that valued commodity.

We spend hours together–before, during, and after our studies.

We’ve also tried to intentionally set aside time to just play with our children. Making this a priority has given us opportunities to watch our children’s different personalities all interacting within the family unit.

Photo by Loving Legacy Photography

Here are some ways we play together as a family:

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An Ounce of Prevention

We homeschool year round.  This means that we take breaks as we need them, which usually ends up being in December, April and August.  As a result, we school for three semesters each year.  Each semester looks different from the previous one.  For example, in the summer months we often end up homeschooling on the road.

During each break, I look over our goals and accomplishments and decide what needs to be prioritized for the next school semester. Having several times set aside to evaluate allows me to stay on top of each child’s education.

Some steps I take to make sure our priorities match up with our yearly goals:

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