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Cara loves three creative kids, one man, and One King. She cloth diapers, makes yogurt, home educates, and blogs about life at The Home Learner. She is learning to live with one main goal: be present not perfect.

A one-room schoolhouse philosophy


The following is a guest post by Cara Thompson of Write Season.

There are so many amazing home school moms online.

So many, that my first year of active educating in our home, my heart was given over to finding out how the majority of those moms set up their homes for school.

I zeroed in on the moms who have personalities that I idealize, and I read all their posts and watched all their vlogs. I wanted to join the ranks and provide my family with the best homeschool set-up possible.

I researched and added many voices to my philosophies. Every day I pushed myself to add more good stuff to the list of things to do, to buy, to organize.

And that good stuff began to pile up: Desks. Bulletin boards. Alphabet signs. Hanging card holders. Chore charts. Calendars. Lists. Planners. Oh, office stores. How I over-spent…

One problem: our home has less than a thousand square feet.

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Allowing your child to think (& learn) outside the box

Pic for 8 Smarts
The following is a guest post written by Cara Thompson of Write Season.

My heart was torn in two when my firstborn cried out in defeat that she couldn’t do her copy work, even saying she was stupid and writing “No” all over the page.

I was stunned. I felt to blame and confused.

We had had a wonderful time learning around the table until that point so I just stayed positive and wrapped up so that she could have relief from this obvious burden.

I had boxed her in and didn’t even know it.
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