About Hannah Vanderpool

Hannah Vanderpool is married to her college sweetheart and has homeschooled her three kids, who are 12, 11 and 9 from the beginning. A writer and musician, she lived in India with her family for three years and has recently returned to the US. She helps her kids search for beauty wherever they find themselves. When she has a moment, she blogs at Praying With One Eye Open

Homeschooling in a different world


The following is a guest post by Hannah Vanderpool of Praying with One Eye Open.

The sun’s warmth slipped through the iron latticework of our living room windows, burning away the early morning fog. The first call to prayer sounded over the loudspeaker filling our apartment with strains of muffled devotion. The kids emerged from their shared bedroom with sleepy eyes and plopped on the couch.

Dilsara, our Nepali house helper, whisked past them to sweep dusty floors and make beds. Breakfast would be cereal and buffalo milk, as usual.

The kids begged to watch a Popeye cartoon in Hindi, and I pretended to hesitate before relenting.

Our morning ritual in India.
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Emphasizing beauty in your homeschool

hannahmainThe following is a guest post written by Hannah Vanderpool of Praying with One Eye Open.

Let’s face it: Life is hard regardless of where one lives, and humans have a tendency to focus on what is wrong in the world.

When my family and I moved to a rural area in north India, we expected to encounter tough times. We knew that there would be poverty and sorrows along with deep friendships and joy. We homeschooled our three kids in India, and there were times when the needs of our national friends overwhelmed us as we lived out our lives alongside them.

I knew that if we weren’t careful, we might be tempted to approach the world mostly as a place of sorrow and futility. This was not what I wanted to teach my children.

Before long I began looking for ways to brighten our tiny apartment (rusty pipes and rat-friends notwithstanding) because I began to understand that a powerful way to encourage my young ones — and myself — was to concentrate on the beautiful.

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