5 Simple Things to do on a Snow Day

Written by contributor Heather Bruggeman of Beauty That Moves

Here in my corner of the world, it has been a winter for the record books. We’ve had snowstorms weekly, and the public schools have not seen a five day school week since before Christmas!

But what about us homeschoolers? Do we call for a snow day, or carry on with our routine as usual?

Well, that totally depends on the family, and probably the age(s) of your children too. Young children won’t likely think to get up and turn on the radio, listening for school cancellations in your community. If you’ve got older children though, they just might be looking for that special, unplanned day off.

When I was growing up, Snow Days were practically an institution! I loved the gift of a day to do with as I pleased… and not surprisingly, my happy-to-homeschool daughter is no different. And so in our home we indulge.

There is the given time spent outside – sledding, fort making, and tunneling (this year, there’s been a lot of tunneling!). Then, there is the time spent inside. The flexible, cozy, lingering sort of time that only a snow day can bring. Honestly, the inside time is my favorite part.

Here are five simple (inside) things to do on a snow day.
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Heather’s Homeschool Day in the Life (with a 13-year-old)

Written by Heather Bruggeman of Beauty That Moves

In response to requests from several readers, the writers of Simple Homeschool are excited to share a Homeschool Day in the Life series with you this month!

A snapshot of a typical day, from our home to yours.

As homeschoolers, we tend to celebrate our unique opportunity that allows each day to look and feel different from the last.  We like to embrace a go with the flow mindset, seeking learning opportunities and teachable moments throughout each day. Generally, homeschoolers do not like to feel confined.

However, any mother will tell you, a daily rhythm does the mind and body good.

Some children (and parents) crave this rhythm more than others. I can only speak for my family, and I will tell you – my girl’s craving is strong! As a result, there is quite a bit of routine around here and we are much better for following a structured flow to the day.

There are three distinct parts to a typical weekday in our home.
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Simplifying our Homeschool by Using a Curriculum

Written by contributor Heather Bruggeman of Beauty That Moves

Deciding to use a formal curriculum isn’t always a popular choice.

Admittedly, I felt like I was cheating a little bit. But I’m going to be honest and tell you, I’ve added hours to my day by handing over the task of coordinating learning materials for my middle school daughter to somebody else.

Dare I say… to the experts.

I’m inspired by the homeschool parents who plan dreamy, fresh, quality experiences day after day for their children, all in the name of learning.  A part of me wishes I could do the same, but my daughter actually prefers a more predictable approach.

As homeschoolers, fostering individual learning styles is what we strive for. It’s one of our greatest opportunities. For us, curriculum it is!

The simplicity has grown on me.

There was a time when I created most of our plans and lessons. We homeschooled once before, during her fourth grade year. At the time, I purchased math curriculum only. The remainder of our learning was created by me, my girl, or the world before us.

It worked for us then, but it was fourth grade.
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