Giveaway: $220 geography package from Pin It! Maps


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Welcome to this week’s giveaway–sponsored by Pin It! Maps!

From Sara of Pin It! Maps:

“Excite your children with hands-on geography fun!

Pin It! Maps are large Montessori pin maps on foam board with colorful name and national flags. The complete student set includes 8 pin maps, 30 control maps, and 1,147 flags.

Each continent has four control maps that are labeled with one topic: country names, cities, national flags and land & water forms.

In the past they have been limited to Montessori schools because of their high cost, but this is an affordable set for homeschoolers.

Children will have fun pinning 196 National flags – every country in the world. But they won’t stop there!  They will pin the names of countries, cities, oceans, rivers, and mountains.

These maps can be used for all ages.

Children can start with the seven continent flags and work their way towards pinning 331 cities around the world. This set even includes name flags for four waterfalls and 23 volcanoes.”

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The top educational goal for my 8- to 12-year-olds

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The top educational goal for my 8- to 12-year-olds
Written by Jamie Martin of Simple Homeschool and Steady Mom

Jonathan and I sat at our local Panera Bread, enjoying a mother-son afternoon date. We ordered hot chocolate and played a favorite game to get started. But then he wanted to get down to the real fun he’d been anticipating.

I opened my laptop and we began his online weather course: watching multimedia clips and taking the quizzes involved.

After 45 minutes, guess who was bored? (Me.)

“Jonathan, we’ll stop at 4 o’clock, but we can come back to it another day.”

“Why? Please, can I finish the whole thing?”

What homeschooling mama could say no? Not this one!

And the whole experience got me thinking: “How many 11-year-olds beg to study and take quizzes on their Saturday afternoons?”
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Weekend homeschool links

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Weekend homeschool links

Enjoy this weekend’s inspiring homeschool links:

What we’re reading this week:

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Giveaway: $111 package from Raddish Culinary Curriculum

Raddish Curriculum giveaway

This giveaway has ended; thanks for your interest!

Welcome to this week’s giveaway!

From Samantha Barnes, founder of Raddish:

“Mix math, simmer science, and stir up fun with Raddish!

Raddish is a monthly cooking kit and curriculum for kids. It’s the perfect holiday gift for aspiring foodies and homeschool families looking to add delicious fun to their studies!

Designed by a team of educators and chefs, we believe the kitchen classroom is the tastiest place to learn! With Raddish, nearly every academic subject comes to life for children of all ages.

Monthly themes are academic (Kitchen Chemistry), seasonal (Grateful Table), global (Bon Appetit), and creative (Food Is Art).

Each kit includes illustrated and educational recipe guides, a skill card that teaches culinary techniques, table talk conversation starters, kitchen tools or materials for creative activities, and an adorable embroidered patch for your child’s Raddish apron.”
Raddish Curriculum giveaway
“In addition, each month Raddish provides digital lesson plans to complement each kit, as well as recipes and other extension activities ensuring the value of this kit lasts all month long – and beyond!

Said one homeschool mom of two: Raddish helped bridge the gap between my kids liking to cook and being independent in the kitchen.”

Wrote another, “Raddish is fun, educational, full of value, fresh, and high quality. I love it and the fun I’m having with my kids!”

Be sure to check out Raddish on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest for more delicious fun, too.”

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60 TV shows recommended for ages 8-12 (with a printable chart)

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60 TV shows for ages 8-12
Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool, also blogs about motherhood at Steady Mom

After a decade of use and about a year of saving, Steve and I finally entered the 21st century a few weeks ago when we purchased a new widescreen television and got rid of our old tube model–the one my nana bought for us right after Jonathan (now 10) was born!

This purchase was both exciting and overwhelming. We knew we could stream our Netflix membership and Amazon Prime account to the set, but with Apple TV we can also stream other channels–many of which we would not normally watch. (This is even without having cable!)

Our kids, who generally choose one show each on Saturdays and Sundays, were clamoring at their newfound options. And I knew I needed to undertake a tv research project to sort it all out and make sure we use our new screen intentionally.

I asked on my Facebook page about your favorite shows for the 8-12 age range, then went through the responses one by one. After two weeks I’ve finally finished this undertaking for our family, and I hope you’ll find it helpful for yours, too.

In the list below I’ve included shows that can be found on Amazon Prime Streaming, Discovery Education Streaming, Netflix Streaming, and Netflix DVD.
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