3 kids, 3 journeys to reading

3 kids, 3 journeys to reading
Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool, also blogs about motherhood at Steady Mom

Learning to read. It’s a big deal, isn’t it?

I know it often feels HUGE to us as homeschooling parents. It’s kind of the first thing we don’t want to mess up, ya know? But in our eagerness to prove ourselves, we sometimes end up rushing these little people we love more than anything.

I thought it might be helpful if I shared the way my three children learned (& are learning) to read. It amazes me that with three kids, the process has been different every time.

That’s why a cookie cutter approach to education just won’t work. We need to treat our kids like individuals–because they are!

Here’s what the road to the written word has looked like in our home.
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Weekend links

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weekend links

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Green Kid Crafts sale – 15% off through Sunday

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Green Kid Crafts sale

If you appreciate the value of creative expression for your kids, but don’t enjoy putting together projects on your own, you might enjoy adding Green Kid Crafts to your homeschool curriculum this year.

Consider it like an art lesson for littles in a box, delivered to your door each month–including all the supplies you need to complete three separate crafts. (No hunting around to locate pipe cleaners required!)
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Giveaway: $100 package from Artterro eco-art kits


This giveaway has ended; thanks for your interest!

Welcome to today’s giveaway–sponsored by Artterro eco-art kits:

Description from Forrest Espinoza, founder & CEO of Artterro:

“Here at Artterro we make Eco Art Kits, and there’s nothing else quite like them! In 2008, I was shopping for a craft kit for my young sons, and noticed lots of uninspiring projects, cheap materials and wasteful packaging.

I decided to make a high-quality, eco-friendly, engaging art kit so that parents would have a convenient way to bring art into the home and have a great time as a family.

With the help of my business partner, Jennifer Conn, and the rest of our team in Madison, the Artterro line now includes 11 titles that make it easy to explore needle felting, decoupage, art journaling and more.

Each kit is assembled by hand in Wisconsin, and contains beautiful, inspiring materials.”

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Curricula bliss: 12 products we couldn’t live (or learn) without

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Curricula bliss 12 products we couldn't live (or learn) withoutJamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool, also blogs about motherhood at Steady Mom

Our family spent the first two weeks of September on vacation–something we’ve made a tradition of. When most people head back to the grind of school and work routines, I love that we can celebrate our homeschooling freedom on an empty beach together!

Now that we’ve settled in back at home, the leaves are changing color around their fringes and we’ve pulled out our jackets. Something about autumn calls us to new beginnings, to crack open dusty books, clear off shelves, and get to work once more.

Instead of sharing with you a curriculum plan for our year, I thought I’d share our curricula bliss. In all honesty, I don’t do much traditional homeschool planning–I refuse to map out a game plan for a whole year because I always reserve the right to change my mind along the way.

But I have come up with some overarching guidelines and goals–and right now these twelve products/programs have us pointed in the right direction.

We inspire, not require when it comes to academics–so the resources below are not essential elements in my kids’ education, but ones available for them to choose from.

I’ve marked the resources that we do together as a group with an (*) symbol. Those without an asterisk the kids can choose (or not)–many of these I gathered as a result of their homeschool compasses.

I call them curricula bliss because, well, for the most part, they make us happy!
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