The hardest part of my homeschool year

The hardest part of my homeschooling year
Written by Jamie Martin of Simple Homeschool

A note from Jamie: We wrote this series last summer, but I thought that revisiting it at the start of a new school year might be an encouragement. So check out some of the posts below and remind yourself that even if you’re facing something tough, you can still make homeschooling work for you and yours. Be blessed!

Ya’ll, homeschooling ain’t always easy. And it isn’t always happier ever after.

Sometimes it’s downright tough. You know, don’t you?

This world has troubles and homeschooling families aren’t immune to them. Tough marriage seasons, rebellious children, cancer, miscarriages, depression, financial struggles, midlife crises.

You get the picture.

You don’t always read about these topics on blogs, because well, they’re personal. They often involve our dearly loved children, too, whose privacy we respect and want to protect.

The danger of not writing about these situations, however, is that it creates an illusion that our lives are all peaches and cream.

Roses and buttercups. Always well-behaved children and energetic moms and dads joyfully learning together 24/7.
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Weekend homeschool links

Weekend homeschool links

I can’t get enough of this coloring book (see my newest page above?!), and I’m so happy to have been able to share it with you this week!

So go grab Give Your Child the World for just $7.50 and then download yours here, FREE!

Weekend homeschool links:

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Are you looking for a holistic, creative curriculum addition this year? If you’re drawn to the Waldorf philosophy, make sure you take a peek at Christopherus Homeschool Resources.

I can truthfully say that their Kindergarten guide saved me from being a stressed out mama back in the day!

Home Science 2

What better way to get kids interested in the STEM fields than with hands-on experiments? (Homemade chocolate anyone?!!)

Home Science Tools has everything you need, all in organized kits! From tech to physics to even forensic science, they’ve got you covered.

For those of you who completed the Read the World Summer Book Club: I’ll be choosing the winners after Labor Day weekend and emailing them next week, so you still have a few days to submit your prize entry forms if needed. And remember: Everyone “wins” the album Tales of Cultures Far and Near by Jim Weiss–enjoy!

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15 school supplies that just might change your life this year

15 school supplies that just might change your life this year
Written by Jamie Martin of Simple Homeschool

The days are upon us: days of newly sharpened pencils, out-of-the-box crayons, and spiral notebooks waiting for original ideas to be added to their pages. Even those of us who school year-round or non-traditionally sense that fall cries out for new beginnings and fresh starts.

The shopping this time of year can be pretty fun for homeschool parents, too. We grab deals and stock supplies, all the while getting ourselves psyched about the learning coming up in the months ahead.

And while school supplies may never have actually changed someone’s entire life, I know I’m not the only one to feel a kind of thrill when stumbling upon the perfect tool that I know our family will use regularly in our pursuit of knowledge.

A couple of weeks ago I asked readers on my Facebook page to tell me the school supplies you just can’t live without.

Here are some of your top responses, along with links for where you can order them online if you can’t find what you need close to home. Many of these are available via Amazon Prime, meaning they could be on your doorstep in two short days!
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FREE BOOKS! Today’s best Kindle freebies for your family

FREE BOOKS! Today's best KindleAmazon freebies for your family

In today’s post: French and Paleo for beginners, the 99 Minute Millionaire, Greek Mythology and several more titles–click through to download!

All of the resources below were available free or on offer at the time this post was put together, but keep in mind that Amazon freebies/deals change rapidly, so don’t wait to download those that interest you. I’d also recommend double-checking that the price hasn’t changed before clicking to order!

Also, a disclaimer: I’ve done my best to choose titles I think my readers would enjoy, but I haven’t read all of the books listed below. Please preview to determine what’s appropriate for you and yours. Have fun!
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The inspiring coloring book you’ll love as a mom this year

IMG_2718 4 (1)Written by Jamie C. Martin of Simple Homeschool

What an amazing couple of months it’s been!

Give Your Child the World had an incredible launch (thanks to you!), and we read our way around the world together as a community, too.

Now we all have back to school on our mind, and I’ve loved seeing how many of you have taken advantage of Amazon’s incredible discount on my book to add it to your geography/literature/history shelf for this school year.

But back to homeschool shouldn’t just be about the kids, should it? Oh no, the mamas and the papas deserve some fresh-start inspiration every bit as much as our little ones.

AND SO, I’ve been busy behind the scenes working with others to bring a little dream to life for you.

Weekend homeschool links

Give Your Child the World is a tool to help your kids fall in love with the world, and today I have a gift to help YOU fall in love with it! It’s a back to school present and a thank you for all the support.

Check it out:
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