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Mandi Ehman is an online entrepreneur and blogger whose mission is to encourage other women to live intentionally. She and her husband have four beautiful daughters and two baby boys, and together they live, work and homeschool on a little slice of heaven in wild, wonderful West Virginia. Mandi loves coffee, chocolate, easy meals, beautiful things and minimalist spaces. Find her online at LifeYourWay.net or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

The art of juggling for work-at-homeschool moms

The art of juggling for work-at-homeschool moms
Written by Mandi Ehman of Life Your Way

I‘ve been a work-at-home mom since the moment I became a mom—by choice, by necessity, by calling.

I’ve also known I wanted to homeschool my kids since I was 16 years old.

Reconciling those two things has not always been easy, though. Any homeschool mom will tell you that homeschooling is basically a full-time job. Add another full-time job on top of that plus a couple of little ones, and my days—like many of yours—are pretty much go-go-go.

While busy is an apt description of my life, I try to avoid using it because there is a growing idea that a full plate or schedule is a sign that you’re wasting time, making the wrong choices, or living without intention.

But I know I’m supposed to work, and I know I’m supposed to homeschool, and there’s no way to do both of those things without staying very, very busy. So instead I use the word “full.”
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Where Do You Homeschool?

The following is a guest post from Mandi of Organizing Your Way.

After deciding to homeschool and choosing a curriculum, one of the biggest questions that homeschoolers deal with on a regular basis is where to homeschool and how to set up a school room.

However, like pretty much every other aspect of homeschooling, the answer to this question is as varied as the families who homeschool, and there is no step-by-step guide for setting up the perfect school room.

What’s important is that you make the most of your unique space to devise a useful school area. Use these four questions to help you get you started:

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