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Rachel Macy Stafford is the founder of Hands Free Mama where she provides simple ways to let go of daily distraction and grasp what matters most in life.

Going beyond ‘I love you’ to build up a soul


Written by Rachel Macy Stafford of Hands Free Mama

When I began my Hands Free journey five years ago, I did it to free myself from the external distractions, internal pressures, and unrealistic societal standards that prevented me from truly living.

But there was an unexpected result: As my distracted ways lessened, my loving ways increased—tenfold.

For the first time in my life I saw a direct correlation between my undivided presence and my ability to love my people in ways that most nurtured them. When I was in their presence, I studied them. I listened to them. I watched their faces when I used certain words and tones.

I noted what words brought sighs of relief … surges of confidence … and glows of acceptance.

I vowed to say those words more.

I also noted what words brought shame … disconnection … pain … and silence. I vowed to say those words less. Over time, I collected quite a powerful list of words that helped me love my people in ways that helped them thrive.

Like sunlight and water to a plant, these words nourished the deepest parts of their human hearts and fostered growth in all areas of their lives. Hence, I called them Soul-Building Words.

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