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Rachel Wolf woke up recently and realized that she's living the life she has always wanted. Her days are spent with and two spunky unschoolers, running LuSa Organics (her small business), and hanging the laundry out on the line. Rachel writes about her homeschooling, homemaking, and non-violent parenting path on her blog Clean.

Homeschooling & homesteading: The hardest part of Rachel’s homeschool year


Written by Rachel Wolf of Clean.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to live on a small homestead, tucked away in the hills in some quiet corner of Wisconsin. I longed for an old red barn when I lived in an apartment in the city; dreamed of sheep when I was a non-knitting vegetarian.

Why? I can’t explain it. I grew up in the suburbs for goodness’ sake.

When I was ten my only life goal was to live on a farm with my best friend, raise pigs for show, and have a house filled with pets. Fast-forward thirty-some years and most of that dream has come true.

I live with my best friend (my husband) on a small farm in Wisconsin. While we don’t raise pigs, we do have forty-some animals in our care. Or maybe it’s fifty. Frankly I’ve lost count.


Aside from our two homeschooled children, in our charge are six quail, nine ducks, dozens of laying hens, and (until last weekend) eighty (that’s 8-0) meat birds. Add to this our fifteen sheep, five goats, a fledgling fruit orchard, a gaggle of house pets, and a big vegetable garden and there are days when I question my sanity.

The hardest part of my homeschool year

There are days I can’t seem to locate anything that even resembles my sanity.

With milking and fencing and weeding and canning and mucking and tending – time is often thin.

And I wonder, “I’m supposed to ‘do school’ when?”

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5 tips for a happier homeschool

Written by Rachel Wolf of Clean and Lusa Organics Skin Care

Homeschooling can be such serious business.

Each day you juggle more tasks than a CEO.

Learning styles, lunch, and laundry.

Geometry, groceries, and gardening.

Disputes, diapers, and long division.

It’s a big job you’ve taken on. 

And yes, also the most rewarding.

Even so, sometimes I get a little too serious about it.
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Giving thanks

Violin lessons
Written by contributor Rachel Wolf of Lusa Organics skin care and Clean

Like you, sometimes I have it all dialed in.

Days when I’m a superstar from dawn until dusk.

From homeschooling to housework, to nurturing my marriage and myself – it’s all happening.

I’m unstoppable!


And then the next day… I’m not.

On these days I’m desperate for things to fall into place, but instead they all seem to fall apart.

Last week I had a day like that.

Okay, several.
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An open letter to my non-homeschooling friends

An open letter to my non-homeschooling friends
Written by contributor Rachel Wolf of Clean and LuSa Organics

Lately I’ve been reflecting on how our relationships change when we become parents.

My relationship to my husband, myself, my community, and my friends transformed on account of parenthood.

And I didn’t see that coming.

I thought life with children would be much like life before, just messier.

It wasn’t.

I think I called my friends to apologize for the curveball but – with a screaming baby in my arms – said we might never finish a phone call again.

Then I promptly hung up.

We made it through, of course. (Mostly because my friends soon had children of their own and they started hanging up on me, too.)

The second curveball came when we chose to homeschool.

Somehow I didn’t see that one coming either. But homeschooling (like parenting in general) changes our relationships.
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On releasing perfection

On releasing perfection ~SimpleHomeschool
Written by contributor Rachel Wolf of Lusa Organics and Clean

Love146 Round Home Library

Our lives are a mix.

Like anyone, we each have our gifts and our shortcomings.

Yet somehow it always seems easier to focus on the shortcomings.

When I wrote this spunky post about cropping out what isn’t working in our lives I didn’t anticipate the positive response that it would receive.

But it turns out it’s a message we’re starving for.
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