7 tips for teaching active kids


Written by Alecia Baptiste.

My children are now ages 11 through 19, and homeschooling has greatly changed for us over the years.

I don’t have babies or toddlers running around the house. Everyone is reading fluently and independently.

Sometimes I forget how challenging homeschooling was in the early years.

One particular memory I have is of teaching my youngest son to read.

He was about 5 years old and a very active little boy. He loved running, jumping, and  playing. (He’s now a competitive athlete at age 13.)

Every day we would sit down to do his reading lesson, and it was like medieval torture for both of us! He dreaded the time.  I would threaten and push my way through.

Reading wasn’t hard for him. There were no reading issues. He just didn’t like sitting down for this “boring” lesson.

So I decided to try an experiment with him.

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How to set homeschooling goals that fit your family

How to set homeschooling goals that work

Written by Melissa Camara Wilkins

We all have goals for our families, whether we’ve spoken them out loud or not.

I don’t mean “what curriculum we’ll use” or “what we’ll study this year” kinds of plans. I’m talking about deeper-level goals, the ones that drive all those day-to-day decisions.

You might think of these kinds of goals as your intentions for your family, or your long-term hopes, or your mission.

I reflect on ours all the time in a low-key way, but a few times a year, I make a point of thinking deeply about where we are and where we’re headed. Here’s how.

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Jamie’s favorite homeschooling reads

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Jamie's favorite homeschooling books
Written by Jamie Martin of Simple Homeschool and Steady Mom

The books below are the ones that drew our family to homeschooling over seven years ago, and the ones I go back to again and again in challenging seasons!

They reformed my thoughts about education and gave me a new vision for what learning could look like in our home.

I highly recommend them all:




Girl books that boys love, boy books that girls love

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Girl books that boys love, boy books that girls loveWritten by Jamie Martin of Simple Homeschool and Steady Mom

Jonathan (age 9 at the time) and I sat side-by-side at the dining table, filling out his new compass–discussing what he’d like to learn about in the next six months.

We reached the section that asks, “What books have I read that have most impacted or inspired me?”

“Well, definitely Little Women,” he said without hesitation.

He had read Little Women, Little Men, and Jo’s Boys via audio book that year, and had thoroughly filled me in on all the plot details as he went along.

“How has that book impacted your life?” I asked, secretly pleased since it’s one of my all time favorites.

“Well, even though the sisters have disagreements, they still make up and love each other,” he answered.
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Worn out on your homeschooling journey? Consider the view from the top.


Written by Laura Thomas of This Eternal Moment.

I love hiking. I love the feeling of the fresh breeze on my skin, the sights of green trees, flowers and wildlife in its natural habitat.

But most of all, I love the view from the top – it makes all my hard effort worthwhile.

Maybe you love hiking, too. Or maybe you prefer to ride in a car to the top of the mountain. I’ve yet to meet a person who didn’t love a beautiful, scenic view.

Homeschooling our kids can be kind of like hiking. There are beautiful discoveries along the way for sure. But there can also be blisters, insect bites, and poison ivy.

The struggles and challenges we may encounter as we teach our children can leave us discouraged and frustrated – you know, camped out on a bench in the middle of the trail, eating all the M&Ms out of the trail mix bag.

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