Growing Up Around the World: A Global Link Up!

Growing up around the worldupdate

Welcome to our Read the World Global link-up! We’re so glad you’re here – think of this as a free trip around the world, right from the comfort of your dining room table!

Whether you’re sharing what it’s like where your family lives, or whether you’re just joining us to read about all the families taking part, we hope you’ll enjoy this link-up of virtual field trips!

Also below you’ll find the entry form to complete if your kids have finished the summer book club challenge and the certificate to print off for them–so fun!


How to join up:

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Growing up in Australia

Growing up in Australia

Dangerous animals, fun expressions and more make up this family’s home – Australia!

The Georges are a homeschooling family of 7 that lives in a caravan and spends most of their time in Far North Queensland, although they are nomads. In fact, many people in their home country are!

Kelly shares that and many other fascinating facts about Australia with us today. Check out her blogs Our Homeschooling Days and Fearless Homeschool for more inspiration from down under!
Growing up around the world: A series

Keep in mind that on Monday we hope you will share your family’s experience, and come back to read about loads of other families, too!

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Growing up in Mexico and Central America


The Weary Family is a homeschooling family of four that wanted to experience expat life. So for nearly two years they’ve been driving throughout Mexico and Central America.

They’ve now visited each country, and have things they love about every place they have stayed including the food, the clear blue water and the animals they’ve encountered.Growing up around the world: A series

Read all about their family’s adventures, and keep in mind that very soon (on August 22nd!), we hope you will share your family’s experience too!

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Growing up in the Philippines

Growing up in the

This week’s post takes us to the Philippines with Tina’s family!

Tina’s crew hasn’t always made their home in Philippines – in fact their family has worked as missionaries – but today they are sharing with us why they LOVE calling the Philippines home, and a special reason why their kids enjoy life there.

So read on to learn a few common Tagalog phrases, get a few ideas for an authentic Filipino dinner, and gaze at Tina’s family’s beautiful beach photos!

Speaking of family photos … Have you got any great ones to share that highlight the place you call home? I hope you consider adding them to your family’s upcoming post!

Growing up around the world: A series

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Growing up in the United Arab Emirates


When Jennifer Hansen and her family wrote this piece for Middle East week just a little while ago, her family was settled and loving their life in Abu Dhabi.

But suddenly their circumstances changed.

Still, the Hansens have been kind enough to share gorgeous family photos taken in the Arabian desert as well as tons of wonderful information about the diversity of the United Arab Emirates.

So join us in wishing Jen and her family well in their next steps, and get ready to learn lots of facts about their time in a land of both exciting advancements and deep cultural history.

Maybe they’ll give you some ideas about your family’s upcoming post?!

Growing up around the world: A series

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