Growing up in the United Arab Emirates


When Jennifer Hansen and her family wrote this piece for Middle East week just a little while ago, her family was settled and loving their life in Abu Dhabi.

But suddenly their circumstances changed.

Still, the Hansens have been kind enough to share gorgeous family photos taken in the Arabian desert as well as tons of wonderful information about the diversity of the United Arab Emirates.

So join us in wishing Jen and her family well in their next steps, and get ready to learn lots of facts about their time in a land of both exciting advancements and deep cultural history.

Growing up around the world: A series

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Growing up in Canada


What new things have you learned about North America? Ready to learn a few more?

Let me introduce you to the Bourque Family of Montreal, Quebec in Canada.

I’ve known Aimee Wimbush-Bourque since the start of both our blogs, and you’ll recognize her as the voice behind all the creative recipes over on Simple Bites.

So get ready to hear about her family’s lovely homestead, and one of the world’s happiest countries.

Growing up around the world: A series

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Growing up in England

Growing up in England

I hope you’ve been enjoying your travels to Europe!

Today I’m excited to introduce you to the Seddon Family of Lancashire, England.

The Seddons are a Charlotte Mason-influenced homeschooling family who loves nature – in fact, the mother Lynn even wrote a book about exploring nature together!

Growing up around the world: A series
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Growing up in South Africa

Growing up in

I hope that you’ve enjoyed giving your children the world  as we’ve read our way across Africa together. And what better way to wrap up than to interview a family living on that continent!

So today I’m thrilled to bring you this interview with the wonderful se7en Family from Fish Hoek, South Africa.

I know you’re going to love hearing from them! 

Have fun reading about this family of ten, the baboons that visit their garden, and the eleven languages spoken in their country:

Growing up around the world: A series

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Growing Up Around the World: A Summer Series

Growing Up Around the World

Has your family been enjoying plenty of books, video clips, food, and fun during launch week of our Read the World Summer Book Club? I hope so!

It’s been tremendous to watch you all enjoying this book baby of mine (so much that it SOLD OUT on Amazon–but don’t worry, more copies on the way!). My heart has felt as though it will burst with joy at times as I see all you’ve been up to.

As Sarah and I planned the book club, we wanted a way for all of you following along to get to know what it’s really like growing up in various parts of the world.

So we came up with a weekly blog series to add to our global adventures–and wanna know the best part? Your family is invited to contribute to it, too!

Check it out:

Growing up around the world: A series
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