What I would tell myself about homeschooling …


The following is a guest post by Rachel Turiel of 6512 and Growing.

I’ve been homeschooling two children for three years, which is to say, not much time at all. I’m holding space for a lot to come clear, shake down, shake out, and be revealed in the years to come.

And yet, with each passing semester, I find myself settling deeper, more comfortably, into the vast yet cozy chair of homeschooling, realizing that I’ve learned a few things along the way.

Here is what I’d tell my equally scared and nervous self, starting out on the homeschooling journey three years ago:

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How will you know if your homeschooling has been a success?


The following is a guest post by Jamie McMillin of Legendary Learning.

Every parent’s fondest hope is that his or her child will be successful in life. We don’t want to brag … but we really do. Right?

I suspect this urge is especially prevalent amongst homeschooling parents, because we have presumed to know better than the official public school system how our children should be educated.

What if we’re wrong? What if the whole thing was a big mistake? The stakes are high. Society is watching, so we really want to prove that we did a good job.

The problem is that the indicators society typically uses to measure accomplishment are not very useful for predicting true success in life. Things like grades, test scores, contests, and college admission are only useful for comparing students to standards picked by society.

But if you think about the people in this world who are truly happy, or who have made the greatest contributions to society, you’ll realize that those people did not do what everybody else expected them to do.

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Negative space and homeschooling

Negative space and homeschooling
The following is a guest post written by Amy Frank of Frankly Journaling the Journey.

The amount of artistic ability I have could easily fit in a thimble – which I wouldn’t be able to draw. When my kids ask me to draw an animal for them, I always persuade them that a rabbit would be best, since I can draw two basic circles on top of each other and add some ears and whiskers and call it done.

But even though I was never able to master any of the actual techniques I learned in art classes, I did understand one or two of the basic concepts, and the one that I found rattling around in my mind recently was the idea of negative space.

If my non-artistic brain understands it correctly, negative space is the space around the actual image in the artwork. It is not meant to be the focus, although clever artists do pay attention to how it affects the composition.

The parallel I draw to my life, though, goes like this: All of the efforts I am putting into raising and educating our children is the main focus of my “art,” and the negative space is everything around us that we are not doing.
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Homeschooling advice from graduates who have been there


Written by contributor Jena Borah of Yarns of the Heart

I‘ve been writing here at Simple Homeschool, off and on, for the past four years. What an awesome community this has become! It’s a place of encouragement and inspiration on this bumpy road we call homeschooling.

Back in my day (we’re talking the 90s and early 2000s), I would have loved to find my “tribe” like this. So I send hugs, smiles, and a raised coffee cup to all you courageous parents reading right now.

This will be my last regular post here, so I thought it would be nice to give you a voice from the future, the voice of a grown homeschooled child. I asked my grown kids this question: What advice would you give homeschooling parents?

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Homeschool superpowers


Homeschool superpowers

The following post is from contributing writer Kris Bales of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

I‘ve got this great shirt that says, “I homeschool. What’s your superpower?”

It’s become pretty worn-out from regular wear as my homeschool mom uniform. It makes me smile when I wear it because I know that being a homeschool parent doesn’t really endow me with superpowers.

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