This Christmas it’s okay…


Written by Kris Bales of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

It’s official. The Christmas season is upon us and many of us are already feeling the stress of the holiday crunch.

It’s a shame that the time of year that should be focused on Christ, peace, and hope becomes such a busy stressful time – but that’s reality for many of us.

The truth is that Christmas is not a holly jolly time for everyone. For many, it is one of the most difficult times of the year. [Read more…]

Why homeschooling from fear doesn’t work

Why Homeschooling from Fear Doesn't Work-- it just never, never doesWritten by Sarah Mackenzie of Amongst Lovely Things

I hear it all the time. I bet you do, too.

“I’m homeschooling because…

…I’m afraid the culture will destroy my kids.
…I want my kids to stay Christian.
…I don’t want them to be exposed to bad language or ideas or influences.”

These statements all share one thing in common- they’re based on fear, grounded in an overwhelming anxiety that unless we homeschool our kids, things will not end the way we want them to.

It’s a fear that we aren’t in control, and that things might not turn out as we planned.


Here’s an idea worth considering: homeschooling doesn’t guarantee that our kids will come out any particular way. It doesn’t ensure that they’ll embrace our religious beliefs, get into a good college, or make life choices we’ll be proud of.

Our kids are not ingredients in a recipe. Just because we prepare them in a particular way doesn’t mean that they’ll come out how we hope. In fact, I know plenty of loving, hard-working homeschooling parents whose kids live lives running a gamut of mistakes and missteps.

Kids are human, and humanity is messy.

If we’ve convinced ourselves that homeschooling ensures they’ll come out juuuuuust the way we want them to, we’ve taken on an impossible task.
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Take pain seriously

The following is a guest post written by Julie Bogart of Brave Writer.

Recently my daughter, Caitrin, took up “longboarding.”

A longboard is an over-sized skateboard, and it looks like you’re surfing on asphalt! My youngest son, Liam, owns one and uses it all the time. Caitrin got curious.

The other day Caitrin flung open the front door and exclaimed through stifled sobs: “Get me bandages. I’m bleeding.”

Liam leapt to his feet; I abandoned my laptop.

Caitrin took quite a spill (“street pizza”)! One knee gouged and bloodied, an elbow throbbing in pain, scraped red, another patch of skin bleeding on her side, with lesser abrasions littered across her thighs and forearms. Spectacular crash!

I quickly assessed my resources and agreed with myself: “I’m no nurse.”

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When nothing is working in your homeschool

Written by Sheila Petruccelli of Sure as the World

The last time I wrote a guest post for Simple Homeschool, I wrote about setting an intention to start the new year. I touched on our current year’s theme of “setting sail” and briefly mentioned our arrival in “unchartered waters.”

Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of the story. Shortly after that post was published, we found ourselves completely shipwrecked.

I have homeschooled my boys from the beginning, and I am very well acquainted with the ups and downs of living and learning under the same roof — all day, every day. I know there are good years and not-so-good years.

But this … this was different. Nothing was working.


When I could catch my breath, get quiet and be honest with myself, I had to acknowledge the dread I felt in the pit of my stomach every morning.

Somewhere along the line, I had lost my joy.

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What to do when your day falls apart

What to do when the day falls apart
Written by Sarah Mackenzie of Amongst Lovely Things

As if I hadn’t procrastinated starting our homeschool year until the latest possible moment anyway… we had a doozy of a first day back this year.

It’s almost like the new school year set out to mock me right from the get-go. It’s a year I’ve entered into with much trepidation (in an nutshell: an eighth grader, sixth grader, fifth grader, potty-training 3-year old, twin two-year olds… and a partridge in a pear tree).

It was 8:30am on our first day of the new year. I was pulling the twins out of the dishwasher, scolding a child for a sassy attitude, and barking orders at my kids to finish their chores and get to the table- STAT- so we could get going with our day.

(Right, so… it was not my best parenting moment. Ahem.)

Then I heard him yell.

He doesn’t usually yell- and certainly not like that, so it caught me off guard. I high-tailed it up to my bedroom to find my husband on the floor, stiff as a board, face contorted in pain.

“I…. can’t….. I can’t….. move,” he said between strained breaths, “…at all.”

And things more or less unravelled from there. My husband spent the rest of the morning on the floor and the entire afternoon at the ER. [Read more…]