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Enjoying Mother’s Day moments with my Elijah (age 9)

Jamie’s recommendations this week:

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This week I wrote about the importance of decluttering in your homeschool, and I found this short ebook to be an encouraging read on the subject. Simply Homeschool is all about focusing on what really matters in our lives and eliminating the rest – I love that message. Only 99 cents on Kindle!

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If you’re wanting to give a child who is a new reader their first Bible, my 9-year-old loves this one. The Discoverer’s Bible has large print and is written for a 3rd grade reading level, using the New International Reader’s Version (which is like the NIV for kids)

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If you or your kids enjoyed Little Women (one of my favs!) or other Louisa May Alcott books, you’ll love this picture book, Louisa May’s Battle, about her Civil War experience that led to her writing. A great addition to a Civil War unit study or paired with her novels.

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The 2nd season of Little House on the Prairie has just been rereleased in this remastered DVD edition, featuring better picture, sound, and extra bonus features.

I know the series isn’t anywhere close to the storyline of the books, but both hold a special place in my family’s heart as inspiring. I spent hours watching these with my dad way back when.

Featured sponsors this week:

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Imagine Childhood is a wonderful online source for earth-friendly toys, open-ended creativity, and educational inspiration. I often give it a browse before an upcoming birthday or holiday. Check out their sweet garden section.


Our family has listened to Sparkle Stories for years now and they have brought a ton of inspiration and calm hours our way.

On top of their weekly subscription series, they also offer Stories for Helping & Healing–audio books to help kids work through challenging topics like sibling rivalry, fear, grief, and more. 


If you’ve been considering a monthly subscription to Little Passports, they are having a pre-summer sale this week! Take 40% off your first month of a new subscription with the code FUN40 – valid through Thurs, May 22nd. Adding this to our geography study has been a perfect fit – we’ve loved learning about the world alongside Sam and Sofia.

“Education is the period during which you are being instructed by somebody you do not know, about something you do not want to know.”
~ Gilbert K. Chesterton

Weekend links

This post contains affiliate links.

weekend links
weekend links

Happy Mother’s Day, friends! 

Book recommendations this week:

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Something Other Than God by Jen Fulwiler was absolutely worth the wait! I got it first thing on release day and finished it quickly - a beautifully written, completely engrossing memoir about her atheist to Catholic conversion. I’ve started reading it again already – Highly recommended.

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Homeschooling mom of six Jessica Fisher has put together a healthy, colorful collection of juice recipes in her newest book, Best 100 Juices for Kids. All are homemade alternatives to sodas – also includes an overview to juicing if you’re just getting started.

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I never would have imagined one of my kids could be “sugar-sensitive” because we stick with mainly whole foods in our home. Little Sugar Addicts is showing me otherwise, though! If you have one or more children who seem to react to sugar and/or have major mood swings, you might find this a helpful read.


If you’re looking for a fun way to introduce Shakespeare to your youngsters, check out Tales from Shakespeare. The kids and I laughed our way through Two Gentleman of Verona and they begged for more. I’d say it’s a good read-aloud for ages 9 and up – and the Kindle version is FREE!


Checked Martin and Mahalia: His Words, Her Song out from the library this week and was so impressed with its take on the Civil Rights movement – pairing the words of Martin Luther King Jr with the lyrics of Mahalia Jackson. Stunning artwork from this talented husband/wife writing/illustrating team – worth taking a peek at for your homeschool.

Featured sponsors this week:


The kids and I enjoyed cracking open this new Needle Felting Kit from Artterro. I had never done needle felting before – and it was so easy (my kind of craft!!). I appreciate how open-ended these kits are – there’s no one “right” end result, meaning the kids feel successful and creative without obsessing about the outcome. 

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If you’re struggling with writing in your homeschool, take a peek at Brave Writer. Julie’s approach uses writing to bring families closer together, and she offers resources for elementary ages all the way through to online courses for high school!

Green Kid Crafts Voted Best Subscription Service

Checking the mail is never more fun than each month when our new Green Kid Crafts box arrives. If the idea of putting together crafts on your own doesn’t come naturally to you, you might enjoy these packages – each box delivers three separate projects to your door, including all the materials you’ll need to complete them. As a Mother’s Day gift this Sunday, use the code HEARTMOM to take 40% off the first month of a new subscription!

“I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

Weekend links

This post contains affiliate links.

weekend links

A special welcome and thank you to the sponsors here on
Simple Homeschool for the month of May!
Take a few moments to check out the incredible resources
they have to offer your family:

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The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2014!

Just a reminder that the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle deal expires TOMORROW! So if you’ve been hoping to buy it, don’t miss your chance!



“The whole theory of modern education is radically unsound.”
~ Oscar Wilde


Weekend links

This post contains affiliate links.

This year’s Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Sale starts Wednesday – I’ve gotten a sneak peek and it contains a ton of incredible and inspiring resources! Look for more details to follow soon…