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Today I want to introduce you to the Discover Africa Notebooking Packet by Jessica of Balancing Everything.

I’ve seen Jessica’s resource mentioned around the web, but this is the first time I’ve had the chance to look at it in depth. One thing is certain: It is thorough.

Here’s the reason why:

After volunteering to teach a co-op class about Africa with her son, Jessica went hunting for existing resources to purchase and use. She conducted a full-scale search, and found out that even though so many resources on Africa had been created, none actually covered every country on the continent.

Photo by Jessica of Balancing Everything

As someone with a child from Liberia (my sweet Elijah boy), I’ve had the same experience in my search for materials. There seems to be a stereotype of sorts that the cultures in Africa are mostly the same, which could not be further from the truth!

In the same way that the smaller countries of Europe have their own languages and customs, countries in Africa do too. Why wouldn’t they? (Fyi: There’s a book I like that combats this myth called Africa is Not a Country.)

Discover Africa includes notebooking pages and maps for each and every country in Africa–awesome! This 200-page packet is quite the accomplishment, allowing us to enjoy geography study without having to reinvent the wheel.

Image by Jessica of Balancing Everything

I like how Jessica has customized the notebooking pages for various ages. There are blank pages to complete as your child gets to know each country. But there are also pages for smaller kiddos that have most of the information already filled out for you. (See Liberia example above.)

Check out the full list of what’s included in Discover Africa:

•    A 19 page Resource and Instruction Guide
•    A file containing 54 blank notebooking pages for each country in Africa in PDF format
•    A file containing 54 single / individual mostly-filled-out PDF notebooking pages
•    A file containing outline maps of the continent of Africa, Africa with countries defined, and individual maps of each country
•    The single notebooking and map PDFs merged together so you can print one big book all at once. Both styles (blank & filled out) included
•    A seven page file containing all 54 African flags
•    A six page file with African photos for children to paste on their notebooking pages

I look forward to delving into this resource with my little people and touring our way across this continent courtesy of Jessica’s hard work!

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