Finding Your Joy Giveaway from Willette Designs: Back to School Week

This giveaway has ended–thanks for entering.

Our previous two giveaways focused on materials to use for our kids, but today’s giveaway goodness is all. about. you.

Can you believe it?!

I probably don’t have to point out to you that as homeschooling parents we sometimes become so caught up with the busyness of teaching our children that we forget about ourselves. This is dangerous, as it leads to burnout, frustration, and even resentment–not the homeschooling atmosphere we’re trying to create!

So that’s why I’m pleased to share the details about a new photography e-journey from Willette Designs, called Finding Your Joy.

Here’s a description from Kelly of Willette Designs:

When you really look at all the photos you have of your family, how many photos are there of YOU? I discovered, after printing my family photos for the year, that I was only in a handful of over 1000 photos.

Finding YOUR joy is my personal quest to better document my own life (and my quest to help you do the same).  I would hate for my children to see all of our family photos and wonder where I was (when in actuality I was there…just behind the camera).

This three week online e-journey will help you explore how to capture your own life in photos and how to escape from always being behind the camera.

Class begins September 7, 2010, and the lessons are emailed once a week and presented on a private class forum website.  Along with weekly lessons are free template downloads, video tutorials and photoshop and photoshop elements video tutorials.  The class is a do-it-at-your-own-pace class….you can download the materials and do them later.”

Willette Designs provides all levels of photographers with tools such as the popular set of seven posing guides, the keepin’ it real workshop workbook, and other on-line camera workshops. Kelly’s blog also includes free tutorials and downloads weekly.

Today Willette Designs is giving away three spots in the upcoming Finding YOUR Joy e-journey to three lucky readers!

How to Win

Everyone has three chances to win. Choose one or all three!

1. Comment on this post, and answer this question: Are you usually behind the camera when it comes to documenting family life?

2. Visit and “Like” Willette Designs on Facebook. Leave a separate comment here to let me know you’ve done so.

3. Subscribe to Simple Homeschool by email or in your feed reader. Leave a separate comment letting me know you’re subscribed.

This giveaway will end at noon EST on Saturday, August 21st and is open to commenters 18 years or older. The winners will be announced on Sunday–good luck!

About Jamie Martin

Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She serves as editor of Simple Homeschool, and blogs about mindful parenting at Steady Mom. Jamie is also the author of two books: Steady Days and Mindset for Moms.


  1. I “liked” Willette on facebook.

  2. Yes, I am the one who is behind the camera documenting our life.

  3. I am usually the one taking pictures.
    Keilah’s latest post: Seattle Day 2

  4. Finding My Joy from France would be very nice ! I’m already a follower of this blog, and I also like Willette Designs on facebook ! 😉 And yes, most of the time I am behind the camera when there is family pictures…

  5. I am a subscriber via email

  6. I “like” Willette Designs on Facebook.

  7. I subscribe to your blog via email.

  8. Yup, I’m the one behind the camera!

  9. I subscribe to the newsletter, too.

  10. Hello there!
    Yes, I am always behind the camera. Loads of pictures of my children and husband but not many of me.
    I would love to learn to take pictures of my children along with me that don’t look like I am taking them…… like the classic holding out the camera at arms length and getting your arm in the shot. LOL.
    Thanks for offering the chance to win.

  11. I “liked” Willette Designs” on FB and I am a subscriber to your very informative newsletter.
    Lindy Sellers’s latest post: Beautiful Day- Isnt It

  12. cristina eklund says:

    I am subscribing via email ( i just signed up yesterday). i love this blog. i am starting homeschool this year with my 4.5 year old, and a 2 year following close behind. i myself was homeschooled 6th-highschool and never thought that would be my choice of education for my own children. i appreciate that the women on this blog represent contemporary, young moms that are homeschooling, encourages me a ton that we aren’t weirdos!

  13. cristina eklund says:

    great idea from Willette Designs! i just started trying to include myself in photos with the cheesy “holding the camera at arms length”. i find myself a bit embarrassed though when in the photo it obviously looks like i’m taking pictures of myself (only other moms would understand). if i could get them to look like someone else took them-that’d be great!

  14. cristina eklund says:

    visited Willette Designs and “liked”

  15. I’m always behind the camera. Out of 600 pictures from our week long family vacation, I was in maybe 3 pictures. Others had pictures where I was on the side, or behind (or holding the camera, no surprise)… but I looked awful in those. I figured the kids would know I was behind the camera in all the pictures, but never thought about if they would wonder “What did Mom look like then?” Because as you look through scrapbooks, you see the progression of how the kids have grown, but what about mom. Not to mention I have lovely pictures of our girls and their daddy and non of me and them. That is a bit sad to me, but even asking people to take pictures of me and the girls never turns out to my liking. (Am I photo snob?)

  16. I am usually behind the camera

  17. I like Willette Designs on Facebook

  18. I have to agree! It’s usually myself behind the camera. I would love for my kids to see me sharing & enjoying life w/ them.

  19. yes, and I do get comments from friends and family, asking where I am in all of the pictures. But you know, they never offer to take pics of me with my kids!

  20. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  21. I am ALWAYS behind the camera in our family photos.

  22. I’m a Willette Designs Facebook fan!

  23. I’m pretty much always behind the camera and have been feeling like Wilette for a while now. I don’t want my kids to think they did all the activities with Dad or by themselves! :)

  24. I subscribe to Simple Homeschool. Don’t homeschool yet, but plan to start in 2 years when my kiddo is ready for kindergarten. I figure it’s never too early to start learning!

  25. Totally behind the camera, I think we have 2 pictures of me this whole year!

  26. I’m always behind the camera, unless I ask my husband to take a photo of me with the kids. I love taking pics of my kids and would greatly enjoy some photography lessons. It would also be wonderful to learn how to have photos of me (as mom and teacher) in family/school photos. Willette Designs has a great idea. Thanks for the creative giveaway!

  27. I am definitely always behind the camera. I do kid and family photography as a side hobby and though I capture my own children well, I don’t capture myself. Would love to win the class!

  28. I subscribed via Google Reader several months ago.

  29. I am ALWAYS behind the camera! If my hubby takes pics, they are almost always blurry-his parents are the same way and my parents rarely take pictures, so it’s up to me to capture my children’s lives on “film”.

  30. I just checked out Willette Designs on facebook and definately “like”.

  31. YES, i am always behind the camera. I love taking the pics, but once in awhile it makes me sad to think that there are so few shots of me with my sweet kids and wonderful hubby.

  32. i “liked” Willette on FB:)

  33. I subscribed to Simple Homeschool
    Rosemarie’s latest post: truely a sweet home day

  34. I am always the one taking the photos. However, my oldest has started taking his own pictures so that may change.

  35. I am mostly behind the camera, but lately my husband has been trying to take pictures so that I am in them… but it’s still few and far between!
    Courtney’s latest post: little sister

  36. I like willette designs on facebook
    Courtney’s latest post: little sister

  37. I am subscribed in my feed reader.
    Courtney’s latest post: little sister

  38. Yes, I am usually behind the camera!

  39. I am subscribed via google reader!

  40. I’m usually trying to capture the moments that pass so quickly. I would really like to take the time to DO something with the images I’ve captured, however! 😉

  41. i subscribed:)

  42. I like Willette Designs on Facebook

    ash-girl at hotmail dot com

  43. I subscribed.

  44. I am always behind the camera when it comes to taking the photos around here. I’m going to take this as a challenge and really work harder on getting in front of the camera this week.
    Ashleigh’s latest post: Sisters- Sisters- There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

  45. I am almost always behind the camera. I bought my 6 year old a camera in hopes that I might show up in a few photos.

  46. Almost always the one behind the camera! Try to jump in a picture here and there just to prove my existence.

  47. Amen to this post and of course. Who else?

  48. I’m subscribed via feedburner now.

  49. I am always the one behind the camera. The only photos of me are taken with me arm holding the camera out as far from my face as I can!

  50. I liked them on FB.