Giveaway: Oak Meadow curriculum package (Back to School Week)

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Thanks for joining me for this year’s back to school week! I hope this week’s posts encourage you in your school and life planning as the start of the traditional school year grows nearer.

I discovered Oak Meadow through the magic of the blogosphere, and found it to be just what I needed for my kids at the time. The curriculum and the philosophy behind it have become a steady part of our home learning experience since then.

What first drew me to Oak Meadow was the heart behind it–is it possible for a curriculum company to have heart? Yes, it totally is! And I found that Oak Meadow’s connected with much of my own–their gentle approach, their slow introduction to academics, their focus on nature, free play, and stories.

Oak Meadow began over 35 years ago. The company offers complete curriculum packages from PreK through 12th Grade, which you can purchase and use at home with your children.

They also offer an enrollment option in their accredited distance learning school. This allows students to receive full academic credit and transcripts for their work at home–as well as the support of an experienced teacher.

For this giveaway, the generous folks at Oak Meadow sent me their 3rd grade curriculum to review (pictured below). If you’re interested in finding out more about other grade levels, I have previously reviewed the Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade packages as well.

The bulk of the 3rd grade material is presented in the syllabus. Like the ones I’ve seen before, this book is easy to use and lovely in its layout and design. Printed in full color, it is divided into three trimesters of 12 weeks each. Each trimester includes introductory material for the teacher to read, which explains the skills to be covered during that time period.

Each weekly lesson plan covers assignments in depth. Subjects included in each weekly plan: circle time, language arts, math, social studies, science, art, music, crafts, and health. I have always appreciated the fact that in these early years (K-3) all subjects are here together–no multiple binders or separate curricula to keep track of and juggle.

Plenty of ideas are provided for each week, and it can appear overwhelming initially. Just remember: There’s no law saying you have to do everything in any curriculum–I have written before about the unique way we use Oak Meadow in our homeschool, and I’ve learned over time to make the material my own as we go along. Oak Meadow provides plenty of room to adapt to meet your unique needs, and emphasizes that home teachers should do so.

Here is an overview of the 3rd grade package from an Oak Meadow teacher, citing the projects and studies that many of her students enjoy the most:

Language Arts

  • form drawing exercises in correlation with learning how to cursive write


  • creating multiplication designs in conjunction with learning the times tables
  • reciting rhymes for each of the times tables and engaging in rhythmic activities associated with the times tables (catching and tossing a ball or beanbag, jump roping, etc.)

Social Studies

  • making a model of a sukkah (Lesson 2)
  • reading Native American creation stories and making a corn husk doll (Lesson 6) and a dream catcher (Lesson 7)
  • creating a folk art scrapbook of the student’s family heritage (Lesson 9)


  • making Chinese, Greek and Roman water clocks (Lesson 3)
  • composing a story of “The Day There Was No Gravity” (Lesson 4)
  • observing the clouds and creating a cloud booklet (Lesson 10)
  • illustrating the four season cycle of a plant or tree (Lesson 19)
  • growing an avocado seed (Lesson 20)
  • constructing a terrarium to observe the natural process of the water cycle (Lesson 24)
  • making a collage of the student’s local natural resources (Lesson 28)


  • cooking projects (First Trimester)
  • paper marbling and bookbinding (Second Trimester)
  • and engaging in carpentry projects (Third Trimester)

One Simple Homeschool reader will receive a curriculum package in the grade of your choice (grades K-8)  from Oak Meadow!

How to Win

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This giveaway has now ended. Thanks for entering!

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Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She serves as editor of Simple Homeschool, and blogs about mindful parenting at Steady Mom. Jamie is also the author of two books: Steady Days and Mindset for Moms.


  1. Liked them both – fingers crossed!

  2. So far, I have like separate curriculum but I would be very interested to try out one for everything.

  3. I am a beginner and I prefer on blanket curriculum. Because I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing!

  4. I “like” both Simple Home School and Oak Meadow already.

  5. Alex Bedard says:

    What an exceptional giveaway! It would be more then great to win it since I love OM and I wish to purchase their curriculum for the first grade! And I do prefer one curriculum that covers everything – then all the subjects are interrelated!

  6. Alex Bedard says:

    I like both of the pages on FB – yours and OM.

  7. I prefer to pick and choose so I can get the correct level for each subject. The beauty of homeschooling!

  8. I “like” you both on FB!

  9. I have usually found my own materials but want to use a whole curriculum this year to simplify things. I was just about to buy the 3rd and 1st grades today. So glad that I saw this giveaway first. I’ll wait and hope for the best.

  10. I like the idea of a curriculum that covers everything so I know I’ve got all my bases covered!

  11. I liked them both

  12. Stacy Guerrini says:

    I have always loved Oak Meadow and have gotten away from it with my youngest daughter who is 12. I would love to get back to Oak Meadow this year with her!

  13. Stacy Guerrini says:

    I already had liked Oak Meadow and have also gone and liked Simple Home School too!

  14. we use oak meadow now and love it. I hope to win.

  15. Oh I forgot to say. I love having just one curriculm to work with. Everything matches up with what you are doing that week. I don’t have to get out 5 books, just the one. It is just so much easier for me.

  16. Hmmm… I’ve had experience with and like curriculum that combines the content subjects – history, science, & literature; but not the skill subjects – math, reading, etc.

    But, I really do want to try the Oak Meadow method with my younger set. I’d love to win!!

  17. Just starting out kindergarten, so I’m not sure yet what we’ll prefer as we progress, but I like the idea of an all-in-one curriculum. We’ll see!

  18. I already liked Oak Meadow on FB, and now Simple Homeschool too!
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    Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck to everyone!