Weekend giveaway: Green Kids Crafts


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This weekend I’m happy to introduce you to one of our family’s favorite recent discoveries: Green Kid Crafts. Are your kids as excited about receiving mail as mine are? Each month when they discover a Green Kids package in our mailbox, there is much rejoicing. (One just arrived yesterday, in fact!)

For those of us mamas who don’t consider ourselves super-crafty, Green Kid Crafts is like an art lesson for littles in a box–including all the supplies you need to complete three separate crafts. (No hunting around to locate the pipe cleaners required!)

More from Green Kid Crafts:


* Green Kid Crafts delights kids and their parents with fun, creative and earth-friendly craft activities, delivered right to their door!  Every month’s Discovery Box is packed with three unique and engaging activity kits designed to foster a child’s creativity and confidence while developing their respect and love for the environment.

* Appropriate for ages 3-8, our projects are reviewed by experts to align with our Happy & Healthy Child principles, and kid tested and parent approved for fun.

* Each month brings a new theme relating to nature or the environment; past themes have included I Love Bugs, Outer Space, and Feathered Friends.

* In addition to the materials and instructions for the three craft activities, each Discovery Box includes a Discover More guide which provides more craft ideas using materials found around the house, related reading and other fun facts all related to that month’s theme.

* Green Kid Crafts is a mom-owned, green company founded by Penny Bauder, a mom of two and an environmental activist from Alaska.  The company operates a virtual office, employing a network of passionate team members based across the US from California to Alaska to Connecticut.

* Green Kid Crafts is certified carbon neutral, Green America Approved, a member of 1% for the Planet, and has won numerous awards and designations for its responsible business practices. You can also read more about our “eco ingredients” online.

* Mail-order subscriptions are available in month-to-month, 3, 6 and 12 month durations, and also make great gifts. A monthly subscription via mail costs $19.95 and includes shipping.


Digital subscriptions, too!

Just like Green Kid Crafts’ regular subscription program, digital subscriptions deliver a wealth of fun and enriching craft and science activities, fun facts and extension ideas to families each month.

Digital subscribers receive a mammoth activity packet via email containing templates, instructions and lesson plans for at least 6 projects related to a new, nature-based theme.

The monthly packets make it convenient and easy to follow the Green Kid Crafts program at a lower cost than the mail order subscription.

One Simple Homeschool reader will win a 3-month subscription (via mail order) to Green Kid Crafts!

How to Win

To be entered for a chance to win, leave a comment on this post answering this question: How old are the kids in your home, and how do you approach arts and crafts with them? (If you’re reading this in an email, you must click over to the blog to enter!)

For a second entry, “Like” Green Kid Crafts and Simple Homeschool on Facebook. Then leave another comment here, letting me know you’ve done so.

This giveaway has ended. Thanks for entering!

Disclosure: I received complimentary Green Kid Crafts boxes to try out with my children. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

About Jamie Martin

Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She serves as editor of Simple Homeschool, and blogs about mindful parenting at Steady Mom. Jamie is also the author of two books: Steady Days and Mindset for Moms.


  1. I have also liked both on Facebook! Thanks :)

  2. I have a 3.5-year-old, and an almost 6-year-old. We do some art from an art curriculum we have, we do crafty stuff we find on blogs or in magazines. They love this sort of stuff!

  3. Samsmom says:

    My son is 5 (and 1/2 he’ll tell you). We have been hit a bit of a craft block lately. Sometimes I try ideas from magazines, Pinterest, or other online source. He and I love doing crafts, especially to give away :) and especially with friends.

  4. Our children are aged 5 and 7.
    We have been crafting together from a very early age.
    Our favourites are nature craft (finding Mother Nature’s gifts from the outdoors), dry & wet felting and hand-sewing. But really, we’ll attempt anything. We draw in the evenings before bed to ‘get out’ what might be cluttering our minds. We light a candle in the centre of the table, are quiet and enjoy our own head-space, together.
    Green Kid Crafts sounds like a wonderful idea. I must admit, I can lay in bed at night, wondering what activities to do with our chidren, the next day!
    Aleta @ Hinterland Mama’s latest post: Sand Pit Volcano – I couldn’t resist

  5. Am happily a new fan to both your facebook pages.
    Please feel free to come visit mine and say hello!
    We are a friendly bunch ♥
    Aleta @ Hinterland Mama’s latest post: Sand Pit Volcano – I couldn’t resist

  6. kristie says:

    Liked both pages (liked yours ages ago)
    My girlie monsters are 10 and 3, arts & crafts are generally a glitter storm of scissors, glue and flying bits n bobs. My oldest is very artistic and if given some materials (& a bit of peace n quiet) she comes out with some beautiful pieces.

  7. Our little ones are 1 & 2 and arts and crafts often look like a whole lot of unstructured lovely mess.
    Jess’s latest post: A Lazy, Shady Balcony Garden {Low maintenance veggies and herbs that survive with less sun}

  8. Misty R. says:

    My girls are 5 and love crafts. I keep a box of miscellaneous materials and often find them going through it and creating their own creations.

  9. Syd Holliday says:

    My kids are 1, 3, 4, and 6. We really do a combo of leaving things out for spontaneous creativity, as well as planned Pinterest-inspired crafts according to what they are “into” at that moment.

  10. Syd Holliday says:

    I have officially liked both pages as well!

  11. My kiddos are 2 and 4, and our “crafts” are generally pretty basic, play dough, coloring, painting, etc. I would like to do more “art” with them and am needing some inspiration and motivation.

  12. I like both pages on Facebook!

  13. My kids are 5, 3, and 8mths. We find ideas on the Internet. Usually not many nature ones but I am trying to do more of them….this sounds like a great idea! And it’s all in one place!!! Oh the love , all materials delivered to my door with instructions!! Yes please!

  14. I keep a good stock of craft supplies at the ready for my kids and they have at it when the mood strikes…. we typically only do more ‘formal’ craft activities around special holidays.

  15. My littles are 4, 6 and 8 yrs old. We have a plastic cart on wheels with 7 drawers full of craft stuff and they have free reign to do what they want, when they want. We occasionally do a craft together but I’m usually trying to keep my 4 yr old son busy while my girls create, which is daily, they LOVE making things. My son would rather be outside in the mud. :-)

  16. I liked Green Kid Crafts and have been a fan of your page for quite some time!

  17. Ali Federwitz says:

    2, 5, 7

    Crafts are generally available at all times in my house. I shop the sale racks at craft stores to get good deals. Often, they are seasonal so I stick them away for the next year. However, it’s kind of a free-for-all and I would love to have more focused times for crafting.

  18. Our kids are 5, 4, 2, 8 months and one due in December! We love writing and drawing in our house. Our arts and crafts room is an open free for all and the kids go in and create what they want, whenever they feel like it. They all love art! Our art usually centers around the books we’re reading. Last week, after reading the stories of Robin Hood, my son went out and found a stick and constructed a bow and arrow.
    Heather Doyle’s latest post: More Grace

  19. Jacquelyn O says:

    My kiddos are 5, 2.5, and 8 months. In our house, arts and crafts are always accessible – we have kid-friendly arts and crafts supplies within reach for whenever the inspiration strikes.

  20. Jacquelyn O says:

    I have liked both pages on FB.

  21. We have an arts and crafts cabinet for our 3 and 6 year old, with most supplies available to them for when the artistic mood strikes. We collect and save all sorts of things to add to the creation station. Right now fairy houses are huge, so we are making lots of dough trinkets to add to the house. We would love to get new ideas to add to our repertoire, and anything that comes in the mail is a huge bonus!

  22. I have liked both pages on Facebook as well.

  23. My girls are 18 months and 4 years (just turning 4 this month!) We normally do an art project each day. Sometimes we go to Jo-Ann’s and just see what is on sale, but mostly we go to Pinterest and see what interests me. We have an art center where we can pick out art projects as we’d like. We’ve used a project in a box system before but it wasn’t this many crafts! I’m definitely interested in this!
    Ashlee’s latest post: Happy 1 Year to my Blog!!!!!

  24. Like both on FB :)
    Ashlee’s latest post: Happy 1 Year to my Blog!!!!!

  25. I have a six year old boy. We usually let his interests lead us in doing arts and crafts, and if there is ever an opportunity to incorporate nature all the better. I love his imagination :-)

  26. Michelle Baesler says:

    Hannah is 6 and Eli is 2. I have an art center. I haven’t done specific craft since Autumn Equinox when we painted outside. Usually, we draw, use do-a-dots or play with stickers. The Green Kids box sounds really great! I could use some help in the area.

  27. Sara S. says:

    I have an almost 4 year old and a 1 year old. My oldest loves drawing, cutting and creating her own ideas. I am really bad at actually setting up time to craft but it just seems to come naturally to her!

  28. Sara S. says:

    Like both on Facebook!

  29. My kids are 4,5, and 6 months. My 6 month old watches while the older girls and I do themed crafts based on what else we’re learning about.
    Jessica’s latest post: Transitioning from Working to SAHM

  30. My kiddos are 20, 17, 13, 11, 8, 6, 5, 3, and 18 months. My approach to arts and crafts is to have basic supplies in the house and let the artistic big sisters lead the way!

  31. my boys are 2 & 3. I try my best to let them guide me:) they want to paint….sure! Glitter….sure. thank you:)
    Heather P’s latest post: Amy Waltz Designs Jewelry {Giveaway}

  32. My kids are 6, 3.5 and almost 2. My 6 year old is a prolific art creator who usually comes up with his own projects daily so my job is to help him reach his goals rather than help him find them! 😉 My 3.5 year old and 2 year old love to draw and use stickers, as well as paint and play with dough. We rarely do organized crafts other than as gifts for family members for holidays or special occasions. We mostly unschool with a touch of Waldorf so this fits well with our approach and kids\’ personalities.

  33. Fan of both Simple HS & Green Kids Crafts on FB!
    Lisa Fox’s latest post: Strengthening Sibling Bonds

  34. Rebecca says:

    I have four, ages 1, 7, 9, and 12. The extent of my craftiness is a chalkboard wall in the bathroom. Fun for everyone!

  35. My daughter will be three in a months time. We love doing art, we try and have our Saturdays dedicated for some kind of artwork.
    Billy’s latest post: play

  36. I already like you on Facebook, and now added Green Kids Craft to my “liked” list!
    Billy’s latest post: play

  37. My children are 12, 10, 7, 4, and almost 2. We draw, water color paint, and other things. I teach a co-op class for our homeschool and right now we are making nature journals, my 10 year old is in this class. Whenever we work on our journals my other kids always want to join in. In the winter I made animal masks with my 4 year old. I find that when I have something in mind to “make” them do they don’t want to do it. But when they see me doing something they always want to join in. I also find they do better when I am with them vs when I am not. If I just tell them what to do and leave they get bored and end up painting the floor. I am encouraging myself to do more art and let their creative juices flow more than worrying about messes.

  38. I have already liked you on fb. And now liked green kids.

  39. My kids are almost 9, 4.5 and 6 months. Lately, we have been focusing more on specific artists by reading child friendly biographies and then doing a project to reflect their work. Last week we visited the Art Institute in Chicago to see some of the art we have been studying. My kids have really been enjoying this but they also really like crafty things and I am horrible at coming up with ideas, so this would be right up my alley. Thanks!

  40. My children are 5 and almost 7. We don’t do “crafts” a whole lot, but they love to paint and draw. When we do something more crafty it’s usually an idea I found on Pinterest. This looks great and I’m sure we would all love it.

  41. I “like” both pages on Facebook.

  42. My girls are 3 and 9 and I approach crafts with fear and trembling! Thanks for the opportunity.
    Cari’s latest post: A Life Reflected

  43. Tammy Jones says:

    My kids are 10, 9 and 2 1/2. I am really bad about arts and crafts, but I do get out the paint for them. I know I lack in this area.

  44. Tammy Jones says:

    My kids are 10, 9 and 2 1/2. I am really bad about arts and crafts, but I do get out the paint for them. I know I lack in this area. I also liked both pages on FB.

  45. Art with my children is an ADVENTURE! My 5 year old has always been cautious about messiness and is careful in his art. Forget trying to encourage spontaneous creativity! My 3 year old – avant garde! And a big mess to go with it! So for working with both of them, I just present the medium(s), maybe an idea and let them go for it in their own style!

  46. Jennifer Kuhlman says:

    My kiddos are 5, 3 and 1. My 5-year-old especially loves crafts. We try to do something crafty everyday.

  47. My kids are 6, 3, and almost 1. The kids love crafts so they often tackle those projects on their own, and then we’ll do bigger things together when we see something interesting. Browsing through craft books is a popular pastime here.
    Cynthia’s latest post: Weekend Reading {vol. 98}

  48. my kids are 5 and 1. My son does not seem very crafty and I certainly am not! So I’m always on the look out for more ideas on what I could possibly do. Thanks for the giveaway.