Giveaway: Laser pegs light set & globe from HearthSong

This giveaway has ended and the winner will be announced soon!

Today is the first day of our annual Home for the Holidays week! Welcome to what will be a fun five days of giveaways, charity spotlights, and helpful holiday link round-ups from around the web.

I love HearthSong’s tagline–toys you’ll feel good about giving.

The company specializes in toys that encourage kids’ creativity and imagination–qualities desperately needed at this time of year–when we’re often bombarded with ads for tacky gizmos that seem enticing, but often don’t last very long.

HearthSong began in 1983, when founder Barbara Kane was struggling to find appropriate toys for her own children. I love her perspective:

“Earlier is not necessarily better. It’s important that children learn basic skills, but at the right developmental age. Most of all, children need time for creative, imaginative play. In fact, it is through play that children learn most readily.”

Continue reading to find out more about the two toys being offered to a lucky winner today!

Illuminated Earth Globe

I plan to give this globe to my geography-buff son Elijah–he’s into all things world-related at the moment!

I wasn’t sure what an illuminated globe would be like, but the light inside makes it easy to notice features that often get missed–like details in relief and the boundaries of countries.

The base of the globe is made of thick plastic, and appears extremely sturdy. I think it will hold up well to the not-so-delicate usage of my typical seven-year-old boy.

Laser Pegs Light Set

My daughter Trishna loves everything related to electricity and light bulbs, and she is going to flip with joy upon opening this laser pegs light up building set on Christmas Day.

The set includes 72 pieces your child can use to build whatever his or her heart desires–with directions included to create a tractor, dune buggy, or a mini bug.

I had a good time experimenting with the laser pegs myself–amazing fun! After constructing, your child can use the enclosed battery pack (requires 3 AA batteries) and cord to light up their creation.

One Simple Homeschool reader will win this laser peg building set and an illuminated globe from HearthSong!

How to win

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This giveaway has ended and the winner will be announced soon!

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  1. My son would love the laser pegs.
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  2. Love Hearthsong!

  3. We’ve enjoyed many things from Hearthsong. My son would like both of these things. Thanks.

  4. All of my kids would love these, even me!

  5. Melissa Jenkins says:

    Hearthsong sounds so neat! Thank you so much for sharing. I love being blessed to homeschool my children! Happy Holidays to everyone!

  6. what a great giveaway! my kids would be thrilled with either of these gifts!!

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  8. My kids were so excited for me to enter this giveaway!

  9. How cool are these! Thanks for the great giveaway

  10. I’d love to give this to my daughter

  11. Both my boys would love the globe! My 5 year old has a world map hanging in his room and he loves to learn the names of the countries.

  12. XXfingerscrossedXX esp. on the globe! LOVE globes and my kids would, too!
    The light up pegs are super! esp. during this dark time of year.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Um, me! I would love that globe! My daughters would, too. :)

  14. My science oriented kid and my outdoor loving one would both love these and we LOVE Hearthsong!

  15. My little guy, age 4, will be getting these if we win. I know he will be so excited!!

  16. Brianna Ponio says:

    My oldest daughter would LOVE both of these things! She is just getting into geography and learning about other cultures, and the lighted pegs are a no-brainer, who wouldn’t love those?!?

  17. My two young nephews and also my fourth-grade class would all love these!

  18. My daughter would love the laser pegs!

  19. Those laser pegs are quite cool. But I think my 4.75 year old would love, love, love that globe!

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  22. Our JJ would LOVE the globe and the laser pegs would be enjoyed by both our 12 and 11 year olds.

  23. My science and geography oriented 8-year old daughter would go bananas over these!
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  24. Carla Reed says:

    My three year old son and my five year old nephew!

  25. My 5-yr-old son LOVES the light pegs — and so would love more, and we’d all enjoy (and use) that globe.

  26. My eight year old son loves to travel the globe searching for far off places to investigate with his lego minifigures. This would be awesome for him!

  27. Wow, these are SO COOL! My kids would love them. Grandma did all of her shopping from a Hearthsong Catalog this year – she focused on outdoor toys and art supplies though. We love their stuff!

  28. My son would love these, especially since we broke the stand from our globe.

  29. Looks like something our nephew would love!

  30. Love both! But have been looking for a globe for a long while.

  31. My oldest son would love the globe and my middle child, the engineer, would love the laser light pegs!

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  35. My 4 year old son would absolutely love these! He always gets excited about interesting things.

  36. The globe is so cool. It would be a great tool for talking about missions and where mommy and daddy have been on mission trips and sponsoring kids.

  37. My oldest boy would live putting these together.

  38. Susanna Joy says:

    We love Hearthsong! I’ve followed them on Twitter as well!

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    Our globe is probably 10 or so years old, so our daughters would probably enjoy learning on an updated globe, with the correct country names :)

  44. My daughter Sophia would be delighted by either of these, probably the globe would be the favorite.

  45. Wow! They look like awesome fun. Please, please tell me this give away is open to internationals… My boys would love this.

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  47. That globe totally rocks! I have a budding geography-nut myself.
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  48. My son would love them!

  49. Looks like wonderful fun, I think my whole family would like this!

  50. My son, who is 8, is a giant Hearthsong fan. I hide the catalog from both him and my husband…. but always go to it for a special birthday and Christmas gift!