Making sure YOU fit into the homeschool plan

making sure

Written by Kara Fleck.

I see you. You’re armed with planners, color coded lessons, book lists, and a calendar that has been filled in, scheduled, and sectioned off.

I spy the empty coffee cups, rainbows of sticky notes, and highlighted office supply store fliers: a new school year is dawning and you are ready for it.

Your learning spaces are practically humming with life as you prepare to give your children the tools they need for a bright, beautiful, habit stacked, loveliness cultivated, minds well-trained, all systems GO! academic year.

You’re rocking, you’re rolling, you’re ready! You’ve left nothing and no one out.

Or, have you?

Friends, did you remember to put your needs into the plan? Did you think of yourself?

You matter, homeschooling parent. And experience has taught me that nothing runs this whole train right off the rails like a burnt out educator.

With that in mind, here is a list of ideas to ponder as you plan the year ahead, a few brush strokes I think are worth picking and choosing from when painting the big homeschool picture:


  • Medical appointments: you take care of these things for your kids, but please schedule them for yourself, too.
  • A  personal retreat: will you attend a conference? Take a planning weekend?
  • A family vacation or staycation: even the most dedicated homeschooling families need a break.


Something else to think about:

  • What are your top 3 goals as a homeschool teacher for the year ahead?
  • What are your top 3 personal goals for the year?
  • How will those goals affect your planning the year? Example: I want to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). What will that mean for our school schedule this November?


  • Do you need a date night? Mom’s Night Out? Visit with a friend?
  • But don’t fill in every square on the calendar: allow for downtime.

Something else to think about:

  • What are your top 3 goals as an educator this month? Examples: this month I hope to 1) attend the online Read Aloud Revival Master Class events, 2) read some of the Pinterest lesson plan posts I’ve been collecting, and 3) work on lesson plans
  • How can you improve your space? This can be as major as finally tackling a home improvement or organizing project, or as simple as buying yourself flowers or some new pens.



  • Do you have at least one evening per week with no activities, meetings, or sports?
  • Put some of your own picks on the library list and indulge in the time to read them. I find ignoring the laundry, pretending I don’t see any dust bunnies, and letting the dishes sit in the sink for an afternoon gives me extra reading time, but your mileage may vary.
  • Give yourself a night off in the kitchen: an older child or spouse can be in charge of a meal, go out to dinner or order take out, or meal swap with a friend.
  • Is there a day you can shut off the alarm and sleep in? Or get to bed extra early?

Something else to think about:

  • Be mindful about the life you’re creating and think about your senses. What would you like to taste, see, hear, smell, feel this week?

Examples: a family recipe you’ve been craving, a hike at your favorite park, reading poetry aloud, burning incense, cuddling up with your favorite soft, cozy blanket while you read or crochet. How can you treat yourself?


  • Are you getting enough sleep?
  • Are you getting exercise?
  • What about time outdoors?
  • Are you drinking enough water?
  • Are you doing something you LOVE every day?

Something else to think about:

  • How comfortable are you? Is your desk chair comfortable? Do you have comfortable shoes for all of those nature walks? How can you improve your physical comfort level for the tasks you do each day?
  • Is there a point during the day you can have a pause, or even a “full stop, rest” if you need to?

A full stop = a point where, if the day is looking crazy i.e. kids wake up sick, there’s an emergency, or just an “off” day is happening, as long as I get to this point, the rest of the day can go as needed and I’ll get back to normal tomorrow.

Those are my ideas as we head into this new school year. But, I’ll be honest and tell you I’m writing as much to myself as to all of you.

So, here’s the part where I want to pick your brain: what else would you add to this list?

How can we make sure we’re taking care of ourselves during the homeschool year?

About Kara

Kara is mother of four, a caregiver, and a striped sock knitter. Uncomplicated and unconventional, you can find her sharing simple living tips at K. Elizabeth Fleck.


  1. I’ve got to say that being a relaxed homeschooler definitely has its benefits in this area. I have one lesson plan book for 7 kids and one for the older 3. It’s not very detailed because at this point in our homeschool journey, I realize how often stuff comes up that makes it impossible to get everything done, and I’m okay with that. Even though my husband and I don’t get nights out, and I don’t get any time alone, I always make time for reading- my all-time favorite pasttime. And as for nights at home? We have more of those than nights away because I am a firm believer in not overscheduling kids and allowing them time to just play. 🙂
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  2. Britany says:

    Thank you so much, Kara, for your post! Caring for myself as I embark on homeschooling my 5 . Yr old with a 3 & 18 mo old has been top of my priority list. You give thorough and creative suggestions! I appreciate your posts!

  3. Super post! I love all these ideas and no, I don’t usually figure myself into the equation when it comes to planning the new school year.

  4. I love all of these great reminders. Truly, if Mom is running on empty, it’s hard to help others fill up on what they need.

  5. I loved a post you shared a while ago about taking a class on something that interested you…….that is on my list for this year 🙂 ’cause otherwise, I’m getting swallowed by picture books and toddler do it yourself paint projects 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. I loved a post you shared a while ago about taking a class on something that interested you…….that is on my list for this year 🙂 'cause otherwise, I'm getting swallowed by picture books and toddler do it yourself paint projects 🙂 🙂 :).

  7. Great post. Love this.

  8. Cathy Marie says:

    Best advice that was given to me, and I stand beside it: buy yourself gift cards, and when asked “what do you want for ‘x’ holiday?” answer, gift cards. Not gift cards to Walmart or for gas…the kind that takes care of you as a Mom. Haircut gift cards, spa day, manicures, pedicures, tickets to a show or concert, movie tickets, meals at that restaurant your kids hate, clothing stores that don’t sell kids clothes, things that won’t let you spend them on anyone but you. And to hold myself accountable, I write a thank-you note to the person who gave it to me when I use it, this way, I’m not likely to spend it anyone else. I’ve been known to write myself the thank-you note as I journal, when it is one I’ve bought myself.

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