Giveaway: Binocular Adventure Package from Imagine Childhood

This giveaway is now closed. Stay tuned to find out the winner this weekend!

Welcome to Simple Living Media’s Home for the Holidays! We’ve got 15 giveaways across the entire network this week—all great gift ideas, perfect for the holidays.

Today I’m excited to be giving away a prize that my kids will love receiving this Christmas, and I think yours will as well.

It’s this binocular adventure package from Imagine Childhood–full of goodies to help your children both play and learn as they go about their outdoor adventures.

This gift comes ready to stimulate hours of creative, educational exploration.

Learn more about what is included in this prize and how to win.

This package includes the following 12 items:

With this kit your child will have all he needs to head outside and begin exploring. My family and I recently moved to a home on two woodsy acres, complete with plenty of new birds to observe in the trees on our property. So I was excited to try out the binoculars in this package.

Made by the company Konus, this pair is compact for little hands and the rubber covering makes it easy to hold while also adding extra durability. It’s simple to focus and the magnification brings the trees and their inhabitants up close and personal. (I think we might also take them when we see the Nutcracker in a few weeks!) This is a solid starting pair of binoculars for a beginning observer.

Being a fan of bags, I especially love the backpack that is a part of this prize. It is clearly made to last and extremely sturdy. Crafted from organic cotton, it also features non-toxic dyes, sustainable wood and recycled plastic components, and adjustable shoulder straps. It’s also PVC free.

The nature cards included in this set have already been put to good use in our home. They have been helping us identify the flora and fauna in our local area. I’ve personally learned so much from having these on hand. We also like the poster versions.

The founders of Imagine Childhood believe that “children should experience the world through their own eyes, ears, fingers, and toes. That direct interaction with nature is the best way to learn about the world, and that open-ended imaginative play is the best way to learn about what it could be.” The quality toys that fill their store reflect this belief in the beauty of childhood.

I often visit Imagine Childhood when birthday or holiday time rolls around and I need a gift for one of my little people. Check out their online holiday gift guide to gather more ideas for the children in your life.

One Simple Homeschool reader will win a binocular adventure package from Imagine Childhood!

How to win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: What child in your life would most enjoy this prize?

2. For an extra entry, follow both Simple Homeschool and Imagine Childhood on Twitter, and tweet about this giveaway. Make sure you include both our Twitter handles and this post’s URL. Your tweet can be something like this:

Win a binocular adventure package from @barnstories on @simpleschool ! #Giveaway #Christmas

After you tweet this is importantyou need to come back and leave an additional comment here, telling me you have done so.

This giveaway is now closed. Stay tuned to find out the winner this weekend!

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  1. My oldest (10) would love this adventure kit — she is my explorer and lover of th outdoors! Thank you for the opportunity!
    Mary’s latest post: Intentional Giving In Our Home

  2. I just tweeted this giveaway, too! (@marymakesmusic)
    Mary’s latest post: Intentional Giving In Our Home

  3. My nephew is full of questions – a gift like this will help him find out some of the answers for himself!

  4. tweeted from hedremp

  5. My 4 year old daughter would love this! She loves the outdoors and nature so much. She actually received two really low grade binoculars for her birthday and has been quite disappointed in their performance…

  6. I have been looking for this very thing for our 6 year old!

  7. I tweeted too!

  8. My 6 year old daughter would love this adventure package. We spend a great deal of time in the woods and would put this to great use! Thanks for the contest.

  9. My 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son would LOVE this set…if we won one, I’d probably have to buy another! 🙂

  10. My almost seven year old, Caden, would adore this! He’s my nature explorer. 🙂

  11. Two little ones would have a blast with this.

  12. Great for the grand kids.

  13. Fun, fun. fun!

  14. I was actually thinking it would be fun to gift this to all my kids as a “group gift”. They all LOVE being outdoors and discovering new things!! My 5 & 6 yo would definitely get the most use out of it!

  15. My oldest daughter would love this!

  16. My seven year old son goes on backyard adventures almost every day. He would love this adventure package.

  17. My youngest son would love it.

  18. My daughter would love this set! She loves exploring and collecting outside!

  19. My 7 year old son would love this!! He loves to spend many hours a day outside exploring.

  20. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Amy’s latest post: autumn

  21. My 4 year old, Hadassah, would love this. She enjoys catching butterflies and going on nature walks anytime of the year!
    Jo’s latest post: First Snow Fun

  22. We just started homeschooling this year. My 5-year-old daughter has declared that she wants to be a scientist when she grows up…and we’ve moved up to cold, snowy Canada while my husband does some training in mission aviation. So, this would give us something to look forward to…when it thaws out.

  23. You know my 9-year-old would still love this, but I’m sure my granddaughter who is 17 months old would love to receive it when she’s just a little older.
    Southern Gal’s latest post: The Attitude of Gratitude

  24. My oldest child would very much enjoy this. Great giveaway!
    Sara’s latest post: Sea of Galilee

  25. My 4-year-old daughter. She might be a little young for some of it, but she loves being outside and finding treasures. If I don’t win, I may just buy one for her for Christmas!

  26. All three kids would love it!!!

  27. Jeanette Albright says:

    My son Ethan is just now enjoying discovering nature!

  28. My four kids would share it!

  29. Stephanie Lavan says:

    My outdoorsy girl would love to receive this package! We have a bald eagle in the area, but it soars too high for us to get a good view. She would love this package. I can just see her exploring the park – her perfect homeschooling activity!

  30. Martha Mason says:

    Oh my loving all the giveaways on the Simple Network! I know my nephew Liam would adore this!

  31. My older boy would love the compass and my younger one would probably never let go of the binoculars. I have two very enthusiastic nature boys and they would so enjoy every bit of this kit! I unfortunately know nothing of twitter, so I’ll have to go with just one entry…

  32. My oldest boy!

  33. The youngest has the biggest spirit of adventure
    Melitsa’s latest post: 75. TRUCE your first stop to choosing toys

  34. My son would absolutely flip over this package.

  35. Jolene in Michigan says:

    My oldest (10) would love this but sh’d have a hard time getting rid of her sister (7) who would love it just as much. 🙂

  36. Rose Linhardt says:

    My son, Elijah, would love to explore with these things – thanks for the giveaway.

  37. This is our first year of homeschool and so far my 8-year old’s favorite subjects are science and history. She’d surely love this kit! Thanks.
    Jenn’s latest post: Five on Friday: A Week to Give Thanks

  38. This is SO great! We hike a lot and my son would love to take this along 🙂

  39. My 9 yr old son would love this. He loves looking at birds in our yard and going on Nature Walks. He would love to be able to view with binoculars and have his own Nature Backpack.

  40. All my children would enjoy this–all LOVE the outdoors and adventure!

  41. I have been struggling to come up with a good, non-junk gift for my 9yo boy. Even if I don’t win this giveaway, you have given me a great idea! Thanks so much.
    erika’s latest post: Advent ~ We Need a Savior

  42. My 7 yr old son would love to have this kit. He is always outside, in the woods, investigating and learning and has to have his stuff ‘just so’ in his bags. This is something he would really enjoy and would like to call it his own (esp. since he is one of 7! :))
    —Mary F.

  43. My sweet 7 y/o, Ethan, would go nuts over this!!

  44. Nancy Mosley says:

    This would be a great gift pack. I would give this to my 11 year old daughter. She loves nature and doesn’t have her own set of binoculars yet. She would love this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. both my daughters would love this

  46. Allison Fambro says:

    My Son (9) would LOVE this as he is always on the lookout for wildlife on our walks. Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Both my 8 7 6 year-olds would love this package. They both love exploring nature. Thanks for this offer!

  48. All three of my nature-loving sons would love this. I’m sure it’d be great crossover from nature explorer to secret spy. Multifunctional package!
    erica’s latest post: New Things

  49. All three! I think it would be a fought after toy. So great!

  50. My daughter, Ila, loves to use binoculars. She brings them in the car with her so she can use them everywhere!

  51. AmyLyn Reynolds says:

    Wow, all three of my kids would LOVE this package! I can see our oldest son allowing his younger brother and sister to tag along on a fantastic exploring adventure the next time we go camping. Thanks for sharing!

  52. My oldest child, Ella would enjoy this gift so much! We have owls that nest in a tree on our property every year and she would LOVE to watch the owlets (among many other outdoor things) with her very own binoculars. 🙂

  53. My almost seven year old would LOVE this!

  54. My 5 year old would love this set! She is a nature lover!

  55. My youngest son would enjoy this the most. He is our little outdoorsmen. 🙂

  56. I don’t think there is a child in my life who would NOT love this. But if I have to pick one, then 4yo boy. He loves “real” things, not toys.
    Pam’s latest post: Happy New (Church) Year Daybook!

  57. AmyLyn Reynolds says:

    I just followed Simple Homeschool and Imagine Childhood on Twitter and tweeted about this deal!

  58. My 7 year old son actually has binoculars on his Christmas wish list. He would love this whole pack!

  59. My firstborn, Caleb, would be head over heels for his own set of binoculars. I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate more nature study into our homeschool. This looks perfect! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  60. Ana mansilla says:

    My 4 years old have just asked for a similar binoculars and outdoors kit to be included in bis Santa’s letter. His very outdoorish 😉 . We live in Mexico City so outdoors activities are difficult.


  61. What a really great prize! I have at least three children who would love to get this (and a couple of older ones who would be interested!) But I think it would go to my 10 year old! Thanks

  62. followed both and tweeted on both

  63. My daughter (11 yrs old) has just developed an interest in birds. It is wonderful to see her get so excited about them. She would be able to expand her interest with this kit.

  64. ALL of my boys would love this. I think they would live outside if they could! Would be great to win!

  65. Wow, what a great prize! I have 2 boys who would both love this prize!!

  66. I have twin boys, so it was a hard decision, but it would be the firstborn of the two. He loves the outdoors1

  67. Sorry, forgot tweeted on both @Lisa89T

  68. My son would go crazy over this set. His favorite outside game is playing ‘explorer’, and he’d be totally equipped to explore with these goodies!
    Mary Beth’s latest post: never forget to be thankful

  69. My son Noah would love that set!
    Janel Janes’s latest post: Frightening conversation

  70. My son Nate would love this, although I’m sure Elliana would enjoy too! Thanks!

  71. This is a great item! My 8 year old sonwould love this pack for his outdoor adventures!

  72. My youngest son, Jack, would love this set!

  73. I would get this for the wonderful homeschooling family who lets my child carpool with them in their one empty seat. 🙂 They would love it.

  74. hmmm, we’ve got 6 kiddos in our family and it’s a tough call to say which would love it most!
    shana’s latest post: multitude monday

  75. My daughter. She loves exploring!!

  76. My 8-year-old Cub Scout would loooooove this set! But his 6-year-old sister would be dying to join in on the fun, too!
    Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy’s latest post: The Thanksgiving Dresses That Were Nearly My Undoing

  77. Either one of my kids would love this pack.

  78. This is such a wonderful prize! It brings back memories of my childhood…tramping about… 🙂

    My son, West, would love this. And I would love exploring with him!

  79. My daughter Ava would love it!

  80. My daughter would love this!
    Lawana Gray’s latest post: Name Changes

  81. My son would love this! He is 4 1/2 and loves bugs, birds, and exploring in the woods out back!

  82. My daughter Evy would love this, it’s fantastic!

  83. Some of these items are already on my daughters wish list so I know she would LOVE this. Thanks for the chance to win. We love Imagine Childhood.
    Dawn Suzette’s latest post: Let it snow… Let it snow… Let it snow…

  84. My kids favorite thing about this package would be the extra reason to be outside more! We have a lovely park near us that we don’t go to often enough. The binoculars would be such a hit I would probably have to buy three more for the other children. The 10 year old would love the knot kit and they would all enjoy the family time using all of it!

  85. Which child? All three of mine would love this – ages 10, 8, and 7. We are on 50 acres, 10 of which are wooded, and they practically live out in the woods when given the chance. Anything that makes them more of “woods explorers” is the greatest gift my children could imagine.

  86. I followed and tweeted
    Lawana Gray’s latest post: Name Changes

  87. My five year old, Eli, LOVES everything bugs. He can get lost in the backyard for hours watching and catching them.

  88. oh! this is wonderful! my five year old adventurous daughter would enjoy this so much! thank you for the wonderful giveaway! happy holidays!

  89. This would be great for our family. Both of my children would love it. My son especially is interested in nature and enjoys learning about plants and animals in our world. Thanks.

  90. My grandson would be thrilled. But I think his Pop and I maybe more so — what fun to take him on exploring excursions!

  91. Living less mom says:

    My oldest son is really into binnoculars right now, he loves exploring and learning…..this would be perfect for him!

  92. Shelley R. says:

    Our second born daughter bloomed when we introduced nature sketch books into our rhythm of learning. At six, she already wants to be an artist and live in the country and run a farm. This would be a great way to encourage her!

  93. Okay this would be great for my son. I think dad would want to play too.

  94. This would add so much to our walks for every kid, including me!!!

  95. My 9 year old would love this set! She is my little nature girl and loves to be outside exploring and writing poetry about nature! Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

  96. My son would love this – especially the knot-tying book! (Although, judging by the things tied together in my house, I’m not sure he really needs it!!)
    Roxy Schow’s latest post: my sweetie pies

  97. This would be perfect for middle one, almost 8 years old. She loves to borrow Papa’s binoculars when we go out. We have gone to look for a birds a few times and she really gets into it.

  98. My 5yr old would LOVE this. He is always wanting to borrow his dad’s expensive binoculars to view the critters around our property. 🙂

  99. Faye E. Hunt says:

    My son would love this package! He is a nature hound and our nearby, local park is creating a nature play area for the community which we’ve already frequented in its beginning stages because we just love exploring nature! This is an amazing giveaway and he would surely love it! Thank you for the opportunity!

  100. My five year old daughter would love this set – she’s into discovery and exploring and loves nature. Of course her little brother would put up a fight…but she’s probably win out.

  101. Living less mom says:

    Following both on twitter and I tweeted!

  102. My 8 year old would love this backpack. Please enter me in the giveawy.
    Carol J. Alexander’s latest post: Deer Meat without the Gamey Taste

  103. My six year old son would love this! Thanks!

  104. My seven-yr. old is an exploring/knot-tying fool and would love this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. My son would love this. He loves to explore in the woods and by the lake near our house.

  106. Love this prize! Spending time outside is so important. I’m sure my future child would love this!

  107. I followed you on Twitter and Tweeted this post. Thank you.
    Carol J. Alexander’s latest post: Deer Meat without the Gamey Taste

  108. My 9 year old son loves binoculars and is studying about birds this year! He is also a Cub Scout and likes to tie knots!

  109. oh my 7yo boy siah would LOVE this… he’s so SO into noticing nature!

    amy in peru
    amy in peru’s latest post: Folksong: The Ash Grove

  110. My daughter would love it!

  111. Amy Hunter says:

    My 6 yr old daughter Faith would go crazy over this set! What an amazing gift idea for the child who LOVES adventure!! Thanks for this opportunity!

  112. My daughter would absolutley love this gift. It is right up her alley.
    Michelle’s latest post: Books by Covers

  113. Either of my boys would LOVE to have a pair of binoculars all to themselves!

  114. My oldest daughter would love this.
    Marci’s latest post: Halloween Fun

  115. i tweeted. 😉

    amy in peru’s latest post: Folksong: The Ash Grove

  116. My oldest daughter who is almost 6 would love this! She is really into nature, exploring and adventures. This would be awesome for her!

  117. My six-year-old nature-loving son would think this was pretty cool! Thanks for the chance.

  118. My 6 y/o son would *love* this set!
    Dee’s latest post: Yarn Along

  119. my youngest daughter would definitely appreciate this gift the most. She’s a loyal companion on nature hikes, and my one most likely to be still and wait.
    thank you!
    and blessings.

  120. My nature loving 8 yr old would absolutely LOVE this!! Thanks for the chance!
    Diana B’s latest post: Thank You, Veterans!

  121. My 5 year old daughter would love this! So cool!

  122. My 5-year old boy is just really getting into nature exploration and all things science. this would be perfect for Christmas. And I have two younger ones to pass it down to, so we’d make good use of it all…

  123. Oh my goodness! I have a boy who is such an adventurer!! He would LOVE this!

  124. Lettie Kendall says:

    I would love love love to have this for my 7 year old son!! He is a bug boy and spends hours exploring. This would be perfect for him!

  125. My oldest boy who will be 8 soon would LOVE this! What a cool giveaway! Thank you!!

  126. My 6 year old son would LOVE this! What a great gift!!

  127. My 7 yr old adventurer would love this kit. He would be outside on all different kinds of adventures.thanks

  128. My son Luke would love this!

  129. my eldest son would love this giveaway, though he may have to hide the binoculars from the younger siblings 😉

  130. Oh, my! My two little explorers would LOVE this! We live right next to a wooded park with hiking trails and both of them love to have adventures almost daily!

  131. I am following both, and tweeted!
    Diana B’s latest post: Thank You, Veterans!

  132. I have 6 grandchildren who would love to come to “Nana & Poppie’s house and go adventuring outside exploring!

  133. My 4 year old twins would love to share this prize. Actually, they adore binoculars and have been wanting some!

  134. This kit looks so wonderful. My 8 yr. old and almost 4 yr. old would enjoy this very much. Thank you.

  135. My 9 year old son would just love this set!

  136. How awesome! I have a 9 1/2 year old daughter who still loves to climb trees and talk about fairies. This is RIGHT up her alley. I’m crossing my fingers for her!

  137. My 7 year old son would love this!

  138. My son in becoming a budding adventurer right before my eyes and would LOVE this set!!!

  139. My son would love this!
    Jen’s latest post: thanksgiving snapshots

  140. My son–the adventurer (who at 4, can start a fire and loves to camp in 30 degree weather like this dad!) would LOVE this gift. What a beautiful set of items for little ones to explore with!
    Sarah M
    Sarah M’s latest post: Visual Monday: Hello, December

  141. My five year old is a definite “explorer”. He would LOVE these. Thanks for the opportunity.
    kristy’s latest post: A Day in the Life of Nyabwire

  142. My seven-year old twins would love this set!

  143. My 6 year old would LOVE this! She is a self -proclaimed scientist and explorer!

  144. My oldest son would love this set! We’ve just started homeschooling this year and started going on nature walks. I’ve been wanting to get some binoculars. Thanks for the giveaway!

  145. Though I would share this with my kids, the child in me would like this the best!!! Tweeted and twittered!!!
    se7en’s latest post: Saturday Spot: Se7en + 1 Visit Charly’s Bakery… Again and Again!!!

  146. Nikiya McDonald says:

    It is hard to say which of my children would enjoy this set more! I would expect that my 14 year old and my 4 year old would have a special bond in learning through the adventures a set like this would inspire!

  147. My 10 year old son loves nature and science and would love this!

  148. I follow you on facebook

  149. My youngest would love this! She is all about exploring!

  150. My daughter would be so thrilled with this set! We spend quite a bit of time at the nature center in the mountains near our home and this would make the perfect addition to our nature walks!

  151. Lauren Brown says:

    My son would love this! What a cool set.

  152. My almost 7 year old daughter would love this!
    Jill Foley’s latest post: Final Donation Count

  153. Binoculars are one of the three things my 4 year old girl asked for this year. She would love this!

  154. Our youngest daughter Abby, who is our nature girl. All of our kids love to be outside, but Abby enjoys exploring the most.

  155. My son would love to receive this. He loves to explore outside!

  156. I tweeted.

  157. I have two boys who would LOVE this!

  158. Lori Santimaw says:

    My 4 year old son would love this. He has been taught to pretend he has binoculars to look for things outside. Thanks for a chance to win!

  159. This is cool. My 4 year old daughter would love it. Thanks!

  160. My 5-yr-old son would love this.
    We’re incorporating nature study in our lesson plans and he is particularly interested in bird watching.

  161. My son would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this set!!

  162. My 3 year old, who has an adventurous old spirit, would love this. Unlike his mommy and daddy, he loves bugs, dirt, being outside, etc. I’m thankful he does….as long as the outside stays outside!

  163. Melanie Martin says:

    My daughter, Serena, would absolutely love this backpackers and nature package! She loves the outdoors, loves exploring, and being from rural West Virginia, there’s definitely plenty of plants and animals to see. The notebook would definitely come in handy because she loves to draw everything she sees.

  164. My 6 year old son Cason would love this prize package! We have a nature reserve nearby where eagles nest all winter, the binoculars would be great for bird watching.

  165. My daughter would love this – I know my son would too!

  166. If I won this set, I would probably give it to all of my children to share. However, to answer the question my middle child (6 year old Jonah) would enjoy it the most. He would love every part, and the green backpack is perfect because it’s his very favorite color. 🙂

  167. follow and tweeted

  168. Anna Van Bonn says:

    My 7 y.o. would have so much fun with the whole pack (because of where we live) — he would especially enjoy the sighting compass. We were just talking about this tool!!!

  169. Amber Walters says:

    My daughter would love this! My son would love it too but he still has a lot of trouble making binoculars work.

  170. My so absolutely loves the outdoors – he would adore this!

  171. My youngest son would love this!

  172. Kristina Best says:

    I think both of my boys would love this.

  173. My 7 year old scientist would LOVE this! She is so into exploring, and would share all of the treasures with her 4 year old sister!

  174. Tweeted from @myshadeofgreen
    Jill’s latest post: Laminating My Way to Green Living

  175. My eldest would love this with her detail-oriented style. Thanks for the offer!

  176. Anna Stoltzfus Kauffman says:

    My daughter Kirsten would LOVE this set. She not only loves nature, but becomes a part of it.

  177. Probably my oldest son, but all of my kids would enjoy it!

  178. My oldest daughter would absolutely love this!

  179. My little girl would love this kit. From the bag it comes in (she a fan of bags, too) to the binoculars. She would have so much fun with this.

  180. Suzanne Ruckman says:

    Our 8yo son would enjoy this. We are all nature lovers!

  181. Ahhh, what a WONDERFUL package! Thank you so much for the giveaway! *All* my children would love this, and thankfully, they are very good about taking turns! 🙂

  182. My daughter would love this set! She loves stuff like this. Thanks for the chance.

  183. My son would love this!

  184. My son would love these binoculars.

  185. my 8 yo son would adore this!

  186. My 7-year old son would LOVE this. As the youngest of four boys, he often lands in “baby land.” This would help him feel “grown up.”
    Jessica’s latest post: Easy Food Gifts to Make (& FREE Printable Instructions)

  187. My 7 year old would love this set. She is always going out on her little adventures to her secret spot to spy on nature.

  188. Brenda Torres says:

    My daughter would LOVE this!!

  189. My boys would love the binoculars. We live next to a river and there is ducks they like to observe.

  190. I’ve followed both you and imagine childhood and tweeted about it. Thanks again.

  191. My son would love this set. We had a cheap pair of binoculars that were used so much that they broke. We are always looking out our big front windows for wildlife and I know he would get a ton of use out of this set.

  192. My 6-year-old daughter is my nature child. She would LOVE this set!

  193. My oldest daughter would love this…she loves to explore nature!

  194. Our son would be delighted with this set! He’s a nature boy through and through, and he’s the perfect age (nearly seven) to use all of these tools!
    Allison’s latest post: An uncanny resemblence

  195. My 6 year old son would love this kit!

  196. My daughter sure would love this!

  197. Tori Palmer says:

    Both my boys are in scouts and would LOVE to win this!

  198. My daughters would love this!
    Robin (noteverstill)’s latest post: Curatorial

  199. My son would be tying knots in no time, while my daughter would be heading out to identify things on the nature cards!

  200. My son asked for binoculars for Christmas, this would be perfect!

  201. My son, Brayden, who is 4 would absolutely LOVE this set! He would be busy for hours with something like this. He is always outside with a magnifying glass looking for stuff! Thanks for the giveaway!

  202. Tori Palmer says:

    I am following simple homeschool on twitter

  203. Chase, my 4yr old/almost 5 grandson – was born for the outdoors – he’d love to be outside exploring all the time!

  204. Tori Palmer says:

    I am following imagine childhood on twitter.


  205. Tori Palmer says:
  206. My five year old twins would probably fight over this. lol

  207. my 5 year old son would be THRILLED! he already has the compass on his “wish list”

  208. Oh, all three of my kids would love this. And they’re good at sharing ; )

  209. My son Josiah who is 6 yrs old would love it…as the outdoors is his playground. We do nature study once a week and this would be a great addition!

  210. my daughter would love this

  211. My son Ben would love this. He often leads us on “nature adventures.”

  212. Both my little guys would love this set… double bonus!

  213. My daughter is an avid naturalist and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this kit!

  214. This would be perfect for my 7 year old daughter. Binoculars are a hot commodity at our house!

  215. Heather Jurison says:

    My 5 1/2 year old boy William LOVES nature and he would adore this package!!

  216. My 5 y.o son is a budding scientist! He would LOVE this!
    Heatherly’s latest post: Thanksgiving at Our House…

  217. My youngest daughter would love this .We live close to the beach and several parks.This would get used all the time.

    Thank you both for the giveaway.

  218. I tweeted and followed you both on Twitter.
    Heatherly’s latest post: Thanksgiving at Our House…

  219. My husband would have so much fun with this with both our son and older daughter.

  220. My 4 yr. old son would LOVE this! What a great giveaway!

  221. Hanna DeMaster says:

    I think both my son AND my nephew would love this. What adventures they could have together!

  222. Both of my little explorers would love to play with this backpack!

  223. I tweeted the giveaway!
    Amy’s latest post: snapshots {downtown}

  224. My 6 year old son would love this gift! He’s a real nature boy!

  225. My twin adventure girls would *love* this!

  226. This is an awesome giveaway! I would save this for my daughter, to enjoy when she is older.

  227. my granddaughter is really in to nature walks. she would love this.

  228. My son would love this–especially as he gets a little older. He loves being outside–regardless of the weather:)
    Ashley’s latest post: Breather…

  229. Definitely my boy. Being in a house full of girls this would be right up his alley.

  230. My homeschoolers would love this set! Especially Hayes! Super cool gift idea!

  231. Either of my 2 young children would LOVE this. My son loves small crawling creatures and my daughter loves flying ones! It would be a blessing to our family 🙂

  232. My 6 year old son would love this. He loves to be outside and explore. THANK YOU!

  233. My son or my daughter would love this.

  234. wow- this would be awesome for either of my older kids (ages 3 and 5). we love to play “nature bingo” up in northern minnesota. and in a previous life i was an avid bird watcher. would love to pass that long to my kiddos!

  235. My five year old loves our binoculars and it would be great for him to have a pair of his own 🙂
    RaisingZ’s latest post: Making Memories….

  236. My just turned 9-year old son would love, love, love this!
    Elizabeth’s latest post: Life-giving

  237. My daughter, 5, would love this. She’s a big nature girl. She has her own “treasure box” filled with things she’s found outside.

  238. Our oldest son would love this, but he would have to fight off the younger two!

  239. my seven year old is a quiet and reverent observer of nature and would love this gift.

  240. My oldest child (5) would love this.

  241. My middle son would absolutely love this!

  242. My 8 year old daughter would love this, and her birthday is coming up soon!

  243. What an amazing gift idea! Our family spent some time on the coast of Maine this summer and my 5-year-old son carried binoculars with him everywhere–he would love this!! Thanks so much for the chance!

  244. My middle son, who is 9, would adore this set. It’s totally up his alley!

  245. My son would really like this.

  246. My 7 yr old daughter would love this! All my kids spend hours outside exploring in their Adventure Clubs, but the 7 yr old specifically asked for binoculars for a gift this year.

  247. My 8 year old son would enjoy this!

  248. My 8 year old son would LOVE this! He’s a nature lover who can’t wait for schoolwork to be done each day so he can get outside and explore. He’s bird crazy and bug crazy. Perfect. Thanks for the giveaway.

  249. it’s hard to say whether my daughter or son would enjoy this more. they both love being in the woods and looking up mushrooms and birds (and more) in field guides. but probably my son would like it most — he’s the more patient bird watcher of the two. such a great giveaway — binoculars! knot kit! squeal!

  250. My daughter – she is so inquisitive!!

  251. And, I now follow both accts on twitter AND I tweeted. Thanks again! 🙂

  252. Hmm, I think all three would have to share because each one would love this gift!

  253. Elizabeth F says:

    I have 2 sons that would love these.

  254. I tweeted!! twitter kellyring

  255. Oh, my second son Daniel (age 5 1/2) would LOVE this, he is very interested in nature right now, he especially loves to use his dads binoculars when we are camping. It would be great to have an entire kit for him to explore with.

  256. Our family has been geocaching since April. We love exploring all around to find those hidden containers! Our boys, ages 4 and 6, would love to use the binoculars, backpack, notebook, etc while we are hiking around the woods. Thanks!

  257. My little cub scout would love this!

  258. Elizabeth F says:

    I am a follower on twitter and I tweeted about this giveaway.

  259. Beth Spencer says:

    My son, Jason, would be the child that would like this best. He has PDD and ADHD but loves being in the woods and exploring for hours. He loves figuring things out.

  260. My son would love to have this package for Christmas–he loves the outdoors!

  261. My youngest child, who just turned 6, would love this! He loves bugs and animals and this would be right up his alley! Thanks!

  262. This would be a toss up between my 9 & 7 year old boys. But I think the 9 year old would get more out of it.
    Thanks for the chance!

  263. My 5 & 7 year old children – whether in the backyard or on a hike in the forest, they would lap this up!

  264. This would make an exciting gift for my 12 year old daughter. She loves nature walks and looking up the flora and fauna she finds along the way. She just learned about maps and how to use a compass last week from her curriculum.

  265. at our place i’m afraid we’d need two! we’d all want to use it at the same time 🙂
    kort’s latest post: advent :: again

  266. My daughters (5 and 7) would love this binocular set for Christmas!

  267. My daughter Kalissa would absolutely LOVE this set. She is such a nature girl, and this would provide hours of fun for her!

  268. I think all my kids would enjoy this, but my oldest is able to read the best, so he might get the most out of it at the moment.
    Cori’s latest post: Marvelous Maple Trees

  269. My almost three-year-old little boy would lose his mind over this! How cool!
    Haley’s latest post: GIVEAWAY! Beeswax Candles from Local Apiary: Full Moon Farm

  270. My 5th grader, Sam, would love this gift! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Jennifer@TheHighHeeledHomeschooler’s latest post: Does Over-Scheduling Cause Depression and Anxiety in Our Kids?

  271. I am now following Simple Homeschool and Imagine Childhood on Twitter and I tweeted this give away!

  272. My daughter Emmaline, 4, is such a curious girl – this would make her Christmas very special indeed! Awesome giveaway!

  273. My 2 oldest sons (7 & 5) would love this. One of their favorite things to do is spend time outdoors with their sketchbooks drawing birds, trees and bugs, then trying to identify them with field guides.

  274. My middle daughter would love this! We live in the woods and I would love to give them more reasons to spend time out there. Thanks!

  275. i have been searching for kid-friendly binoculars! These would be for my daughter, who shares a love of birds with her grandparents.

  276. oh my daughter – she’s nearly 5 and would LOVE this. thank you!

  277. Joanna DeWolf says:

    My 8 year old daughter would enjoy this. I think it would make her quite independent for some backyard exploring and discovering!

  278. My oldest daughter would absolutely LOVE this! And, she has both Christmas AND her birthday on the 23rd to possibly receive this! What a blessing that would be. 🙂

    Love & Light,

  279. I am sure my 5 year old would put this to great use (along with her siblings), especially when they head out to the trees to play in their fort next spring.

  280. I follow you both on Twitter and I tweeted about this giveaway.

  281. My 4 year old daughter would love this gift! She’s always sneaking our grownup binocs off the windowsill for a peek outside. This would be perfect!

  282. My son would love this set. He is already a nature boy finding fascination in all of the world around him. He is constantly tying things up, even though he is making up the knots, and pretending he is doing something or trying to make something work. The knot book would be nice to teach him proper knots. His dad is a commercial diver too, and then he could tie knots like his daddy!

  283. My six year old son would love this. He routinely packs up an “adventure pack” with paper, pencils, etc… He loves animals and nature, so this would be right up his alley!

  284. My 5-year-old would love this. His kindergarten teacher told him that he had seen wild turkeys sleeping in trees, but that one needed binoculars to get a good look at them. We have been looking for turkeys in the trees ever since, but I think his teacher was right about the binoculars . . . .

  285. My son, Sam, would Love this!! He always plays with a broken pair of my husbands old binoculars. I love that it all comes together where you can store it and put it away, then grab it and go. Fun!

  286. Hi, Both of our sons would enjoy this kit a lot…
    Thanks, Cindi

  287. My oldest son would love it (though his three younger brothers would be itchin’ to look, too)!

  288. Both of my boys ages 3 1/2 & 12 would love this! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  289. My nature-loving daughter would have a great time with this!

  290. My middle son would love this so much. Such a natural explorer and curious about everything. He loves using the binoculars at mimi and papas house to watch the birds. Great gift!

  291. I’m now following Simple Homeschool on Twitter!

  292. My oldest daughter, Jul, would love this!
    Deven Vasko’s latest post: Gardening with children

  293. I am now following imagine childhood on Twitter. If you would like to follow me back, it’s CandleKY. Thank you!

  294. My daughter Anna would love this package! She loves the outdoors and watching the birds at our bird feeder and around our neighborhood. This would be so much fun for her.

  295. I’d love this for my daughter who home-schools my three grandchildren. I can imagine how much fun they would all have. What a nice giveaway! Thank you!

  296. I follow you both on Twitter…
    “Tweet” ~!/cmh512/status/141186662943293440.
    Thanks, Cindi

  297. I just tweeted about the giveaway! Thanks again! I also blogged about the giveaway on my site,

  298. My daughter would love to explore with this.

  299. Julie Krukemeyer says:

    My son Alex!

  300. all three of my kids would love this but I think my oldest would win out he love “exploring” and doing anything in nature 🙂

  301. What a great gift! I think I would either keep it and give it to my daughter, or give it to my niece for Christmas. I think either would enjoy it! Maybe if I will I will have to get a second one so they both can have it!
    Heather’s latest post: long weekends are awesome!

  302. My daughter ( aged 8) would love this. She spends a lot of time studing nature.:)
    Tracy’s latest post: Wow the last 3 months have flown by!

  303. My little daughter would LOVE these science exploration tools! How fun!!

  304. Our middle kids would love to share this !! Thanks for the give away!

  305. My daughter would love this!

  306. All 3 of my children would love this kit: my oldest would totally dig the binoculars and the compass. My middle would be all about the Knot making kit and my son…well, he would just enjoy looking at everything. Being outside is his favorite thing in the world – except for eating, that is!

  307. I would need 8. My kids would love it, my sisters’ kids, my neighbors kids…. It’s a great idea and looks so sturdy!

  308. Aww, my son would love this! He wants to be an explorer!
    Christy’s latest post: Seven Quick Takes vol. 10

  309. My son, Mason, would LOVE this! He loves the outdoors! This would really help him in his education of our local outdoors!


  311. My five year old son. Everything is an adventure when our are outside. Now he can have his tools with him. 🙂

  312. Sara Gallaugher says:

    This is exactly what I wanted to order for my daughter and son from Imagine Childhood. I love her store and her post. WONDERFUL giveaway!

  313. Laura Benson says:

    My 9-year-old son, Hunter, would love this. He is a naturalist at heart. 🙂

  314. I tweeted and made sure that i was following both sites. 🙂

    I would give this binocular gift to my daughter. She loves God and all of His creations. She loves birds butterflies and bugs, bugs and more bugs!! This would bless her and all of her cousins, too! They love to go on nature hunts! Thank you!! God bless!! 🙂

  315. christina.vd says:

    My little nieces and nephews would love this!

  316. My son would love this!

  317. my youngest daughter Eme would enjoy this the most!

  318. my oldest daughter would love this!

  319. Brooke Gustafson says:

    My son would really enjoy this… he is really into discovering how things work and really inquisitive about nature! Thanks for such a great giveaway. Love Imagine Childhood!

  320. follow you both on twitter and just tweeted from:!/robynoakenfold
    robyn’s latest post: two.

  321. All my kids would love this!! It would definately have to be a gift that goes to all three.

  322. Kristi Cornell says:

    My son would LOVE this gift. He is always looking at the birds and enjoys having outdoor adventures.

  323. My older daughter wants to be a scientist when she grows up!

  324. My son would love this he is so into nature. His favorite toys are bugs and lizards that he catches in the yard!

  325. I have 3 very adventurous children that would all love this present. I think we would have to share it.

  326. My younger son is a real nature lover, so he would have a blast with this, although I can see my older guy having a lot of fun with it too.

  327. Jessica Stoffer says:

    Both of my girls, 4 and 6, love exploring and being outside, so I’m sure they would both get a ton of use from this pack!

  328. Out of all 5 kiddos, our 5 year old would be using this 24/7

  329. My eight year old draws every day and loves to be outside. She would put the eco-notebook to use quickly! And, maybe she’d be able to use the binoculars and spy the “wild” green parrots that fly around town 🙂 Thanks! -Jeanne

  330. This would be a truly perfect gift for my 4.5 year old son who is an explorer at heart!

  331. My son! We just participated in a nature exchange and he loved it so I know he’d really enjoy this.

  332. My kids would both love it!

  333. My 4-year-old friend Luke, who loves to investigate everything.

  334. My 9 year old daughter would LOVE this! She loves to watch birds and is always grabbing our big binoculars. She loves Science too so this would be a good addition to our homeschool. Thanks for the opportunity.


  335. My daughter would love this! 🙂

  336. Wow, what an incredible learning toy. My kids would love this!

  337. Donna Moore says:

    any of our six would love this gift, but our third daughter is definitely our outdoor girl. She loves exploring outside and finding new insects and birds.

  338. My 6-year-old nature journalist…

  339. Megan Miller says:

    My son Tommy would LOVE to have this for Christmas!

  340. My oldest daughter, Sophia, would love this!

  341. My first grader, Benjamin, would LOVE this! He is so into investigating life and figuring out how things work. This would be awesome!

  342. My little Lena

  343. My daughter, a budding birder!

  344. That package looks amazing! My 5-year-old would LOVE it! She’s always going around outside with a magnifying glass to look at things. I think a pair of binoculars would make her head explode!

  345. My daughter would love this set. I am following Simple Homeschool and Imagine Childhood. I also have twitted about the giveaway on my twitter as well. I really hope that I win.!/yellowstar10

  346. Sorry don’t “tweet”…but would love to WIN this great nature study kit for my daughter because she would love to have her own nature study kit to match her bigger brother’s (which we assembled). We’re big fans of nature study and LOVE to identify species.

  347. My nephew would love this. He is very into imaginative play and has specifically asked for costumes and such for Christmas!

  348. I would love to win the binocular adventure package for not only my four children but my four nieces and nephews as well. We vacation together at a camp every summer and this would be a highlight for us to use together!

  349. I’m following Simple Homeschool and Imagine Childhood on Twitter and tweeted the giveaway!
    Tamara @ this sacramental life’s latest post: Happy Advent Eve!

  350. My son, who is a born explorer would love this set. It would accompany him on all of his adventures, I’m sure.

  351. All 3 of my children (ages 6, 4 and 3) would love this. They love anything to do with nature!

  352. My son Oliver would love his very own pair of binoculars, and he’d go crazy for the whole explorer kit.

  353. My son, the intrepid outdoorsman that he is, would love this set!

  354. What a great giveaway! My 6 yr. old daughter would LOVE this!
    Kristina’s latest post: Food is Less Nutritious Than You Think!

  355. My daughter would really enjoy this!

  356. My 8yo would love this!
    cellista’s latest post: Advent

  357. I also tweeted about the giveaway, and am following Simple Homeschool and Imagine Childhood.
    Kristina’s latest post: Food is Less Nutritious Than You Think!

  358. My daughter would really enjoy this. We’ve taken her camping and backpacking several times and is always exploring around her. The other kid in the house (my husband) would also enjoy this. 🙂

  359. My girls LOVE being outside and exploring God’s creation! The binoculars would be a huge hit.

  360. My daughters Raine and Breeze 🙂
    Rheea’s latest post: Review: Vocabulary Spelling City

  361. I have an eight year old and seven year old who would love this. We have a small wooded area around our house that would be perfect for this.

  362. holley dumond says:

    My son would love this. He delights in birds, and just lately we’ve started learning about knots.

  363. My daughter would adore this! She’s constantly exploring and having adventures outside. 🙂 She collects different types kof nature everyday and we use it for projects. She would love to have this, she’d probably call it her adventure kit haha. Thanks for having this!

  364. My daughter would love this!

    giggedy geekmum AT gmail DOT com
    GM’s latest post: I’m Still Alive!

  365. Julie Gonsalves says:

    my 4 year old outdoorsman of a son would LOVE this gift!

  366. I tweeted:!/giggedygeekmum/status/141206116444020736

    giggedy geekmum AT gmail DOT com
    GM’s latest post: I’m Still Alive!

  367. My youngest son, Brett, who is 6 years old, would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this package!!! He has very inquisitive mind and LOVES anything animals!!

  368. We just got back from a 2 and 1/2 hour exploration walk through the woods… all that was missing is this wonderful pair of binoculars. My three children (10,8, and 5) would love it.

  369. I have a 4 year old that would love to explore and spy with these binoculars!

  370. My almost 6-year-old son would love this set. He likes nothing more than binoculars and the great outdoors. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  371. My daughters love exploring the outdoors, and would be thrilled with a new bag of tools to help them out!

  372. My son. He’s always stealing my binoculars.

  373. My son would love this!!

  374. What a fun prize! My nearly-five-year-old son would love it!
    Cynthia’s latest post: Weekend Reading

  375. Shannon Moorman says:

    My youngest daughter would love this – it’s right up her alley! She’d be delighted!

  376. My oldest son loves all things living. This would become his new go everywhere explorer kit! Thank you for the chance to win =)

  377. My son, Dakota, would love these!

  378. Oh, that prize looks wonderful! My son, Pedar would absolutely adore this set. He’s such an adventurer at heart and has made up his own little adventure bag, so this would feel like christmas and birthday all at once! thanks!

  379. My son would love this!

  380. Kelley Johnson says:

    My 6 year old son would love this package. He is always taking his grandma’s binoculars to watch her humming birds.

  381. Kelly Beckmann says:

    My 8 year old would love this kit! She has just started a nature walk journal.

  382. My 7yo would love this! He’s such a curious explorer and loves all things nature!
    Pamela’s latest post: A horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day

  383. My nephew who lives in the country. He’s always out and about exploring the world around him.

  384. I love this package — and I think I’d give it to my nephew Ben, who always, ALWAYS has some form of wildlife in a terrarium on the deck or in his room.
    Melissa D’s latest post: Getting social media right

  385. Laura Meyers says:

    My daughter, Anna Lee would love this. She and her Daddy are bird watchers and she is always wanting to borrow his binoculars. I’d love to see them both using them looking at our birds here in the Pacific NW.

  386. My 10 year old daughter, Piper, would love this kit!

  387. Laura Meyers says:

    I tweeted!

  388. Kelly Marriott says:

    My twins – boy and girl – would both love it! They love nature, birds, exploring, hiking…

  389. I have a three year old boy – going on tweendom 😉 that would so enjoy this. He is a wannabe paleontologist – or budding entomologist 😉

    Thank you!

  390. My 9 year old daughter would love this kit. She loves exploring, all animals, plants and everything outdoors!

  391. My 6 year old son would LOVE these. He loves to be outside.
    Erin’s latest post: Pumpkin cranberry muffins

  392. I am following both of you on twitter, and also tweeted on the giveaway.

  393. What child in your life would most enjoy this prize?

    My child would enjoy this very much, after receiving a Swiss Colony book this year, my son noticed its not all goodies and seen a set of father & son Binocular. Right now though we just cannot afford to buy them. He is always telling me how he could see so far if he had some. We live in a beautiful rural area will miles of farm one way, woods another way. I just really think he would love this prize!!

    MzBaker’s latest post: Early Thanksgiving Dinner @ My house November 20th Saturday 3pm

  394. Probably my friend’s daughter, Hannah.

  395. Both of my kids would enjoy it! We’re part of a nature group that goes out weekly and this would be fantastic. 🙂

  396. Both of my kids would love this, but my daughter would go nuts. She is our supreme hiker.
    Casey’s latest post: Candy Science

  397. Also went tweet, tweet! 🙂
    MzBaker’s latest post: Early Thanksgiving Dinner @ My house November 20th Saturday 3pm

  398. My daughter would carry this around all summer!
    Sarah’s latest post: get back to to it!

  399. Kristin Lambert says:

    Any of our five children would love this set! 🙂 Thank you for introducing me to Imagine Childhood and for the wonderful giveaway!

  400. my best friend’s oldest boy – been looking for just the right gift!

  401. This would be a great “share gift”. My son could lead the way using the compass & binocs and my daughter could identify various things in nature. Thank you for the chance to win.

  402. Lisa Lansford says:

    Our 5 yr old daughter would love this! I wish I was a tweeter but sadly I only FB. Thanks for the fun give away!

  403. My nearly 6 year old adventurer son would so enjoy making use of this giveaway.

  404. Kristin Lambert says:

    I follow Imagine Childhood and Simple Homeschool on Twitter and I tweeted the giveaway!

  405. Amanda Medford says:

    My oldest son has asked for binoculars and I know he would love the whole kit.

  406. We have 4 children, but our daughter (almost 9) would probably be the most excited!

  407. My Molly would really enjoy this set. She’s my nature “noticer.”

  408. My oldest daughter would love this!

  409. My son, William would for sure love the binoculars! His little sister would be all over the bag!!

  410. My daughter would most enjoy this gift. She likes watching animals through our living room window.

  411. Minimuppet says:

    My son, Rufus, is always on the lookout for his troublesome older sister – think Dexter and Dee Dee as in Dexter’s Laboratory…so the binoculars would come in handy!

  412. My daughter would love this set! She loves everything nature and being outside! What a great giveaway!

  413. My girl tribe would enjoy this kit immensely.

  414. My seven year old would enjoy this a lot he made binoculars in a building workshop and loves to discover things. He is also in cub scouts so I think some of those items would help enrich that. He’s autistic and any hands on help would be great since he gets a lot from it.

  415. All my kids ages 3-9 would love to use this, but they would have to wait until I had my turn. It looks awesome!

  416. Of my four daughters, I believe my four year old would most enjoy this awesome package. She has a particular ability to focus on detailed work, and loves to frolick around outdoors. 🙂

  417. My son, Kellen would LOVE this! He loves to explore and examine things. Would be such a great gift to unwrap under the xmas tree.

  418. my oldest son (4yrs) would love this and his fav colors is green too 🙂 thanks

  419. My 7 year old is taking a science class this year and loving it…this set would be the perfect encouragement for him!

  420. Both of my older kids would love this!

  421. Our 5 year old daughter–she makes binoculars out of anything possible, paper, toilet paper rolls, cardboard, etc. She would be amazed to actually have a pair of her own!

  422. Our oldest son Jacob would love this. He is coming up on his seventh birthday. Thanks for the chance to win!
    melissa’s latest post: Jumping In

  423. My son would love this! Very useful as a cub scout! 🙂

  424. Just tweeted it to tell the world! (and I am now following both of you!)
    Dee’s latest post: Combining Business with Pleasure

  425. Would love this for my boys!

  426. My guy Peter would love this!

  427. My little two-and-a-half-year-old would love to look at the birds with those binoculars!

  428. Jennifer B says:

    My youngest son – 6 yr – is an animal lover. He wants to be a zookeeper.

  429. Natalie E. says:

    My 2 youngest children would enjoy this.

  430. My boy would love this. The binoculars, the compass, the knot kit…right up his alley!
    Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers’s latest post: Ready for the Week

  431. My middle daughter! She is my outdoorsy child ~ loves bugs and everything nature!

  432. my second-born would love this kit as he already has a mini-one that he put together, but would love all these ‘extras’!

  433. My 8 yo daughter would LOVE this. She’s my little naturalist/botanist in-residence. 🙂

  434. My second boy would enjoy this!

  435. Lindsay Sledge says:

    My daughter Selah 7 would love this!

  436. My son would be thrilled to have this set!!

  437. Abigail Gunter says:

    I would love to give this to my 5 year old very curious daughter or to my 4 year old nephew. They would both get hours of fun from this gift.

  438. My son would love this package, but the child in me would too! We love Imagine Childhood’s products!
    ~ joey ~
    ~ joey ~’s latest post: waldorf christmas fair 2011

  439. All four of our kids would enjoy this addition to our nature walks, but it is probably the oldest, age 8, who would initially be the most excited.

  440. My oldest son would love to have this. He is always exploring something.

  441. Meredith W. says:

    My 3 year old son would LOVE this.

  442. my ever-curious three year old.

  443. my outdoorsey girl, Evie, would love this!!

  444. Melissa Daniel says:

    My son Evan, is a budding scientist! He is 7-years old and loves nature and discovering things. He would love this prize!

  445. Marjorie Peterson says:

    This is exactly what I was thinking about for my granddaughter, who is interested in everything in nature. She reads bird guides for her pleasure reading.

  446. My daughter would love this. She is a real outdoor enthusiast.

  447. My 5 and 8 yo sons would love it!

  448. My 4-year-old son would love this.

  449. oh my goodness! I saw this and immediately thought of how my oldest would just LOVE to spend so much time outdoors with this pack of goodies!!!

  450. My nature loving son would be thrilled with this package of goodies!

  451. By bird lover Elias. He is 9 and we watch birds together a lot, and is learning names and songs of the different birds. Love that kid…

  452. Either my 4 year old little guy who loves to explore or my 7 year old girlie girl who is fascinated by bugs and snakes!

  453. My 6 year old daughter would LOVE this!! 🙂 Thanks for a chance to win!!

  454. Mary Cooper says:

    Either of my two daughters would LOVE this!!

  455. I think the hardest part would be deciding which of my four kids would get to use it first! The toddler would love the binoculars, and the other three are budding naturalists ~ they can spend hours just playing and discovering all things nature!

  456. Both of my guys are outside explorers but my youngest would be the one who would be head over heels for the adventure backpack.

  457. my oldest daughter has been asking for a par of binoculars, but we thought we would wait till her spring birthday, this would be perfect!

  458. Laura Keel says:

    I just started following “Imagine Childhood” and “Simple Homeschool” on Twitter. I love this website.

  459. Laura Keel says:

    My youngest son, 5 years old, would love this set! He LOVES binoculars and looking at creatures.

  460. Aria would love this. Would be great for treehouse fun.

  461. My oldest daughter would LOVE this…the younger one would have fun just being outside with us!
    Brookiej’s latest post: a peek @ halloween…

  462. My son, Logan, would love this the most. Although all four kids would get a kick out of it. Logan, being the only boy, prides himself on what he considers “boy toys.” He likes having “boy” things to himself. Even though this is neutral, he would think of it as boy. This would be something just for him and to share with his sisters. 🙂
    Nora Bucy’s latest post: Sunny and Warm November Daybook

  463. Both of my children will be wanting their turn at this backpack filled with such wonderful outdoor exploration. What a fun gift for your children for Christmas, they will be so excited.

  464. My 4 year old son Sammy would love to get this! He loves his toy binoculars but they don’t really magnify things very much! He is an animal lover and would love these for looking at birds in our backyard!
    Lindsay @ BytesOfMemory’s latest post: Fall Bucket List Update–11/28/11

  465. We would adore this set!

  466. My six year old daughter would LOVE this set! Wherever we go, she always notices the world around her. She has several “treasure boxes” that hold all the special things she finds (at least the ones I let her bring in the house(0:). Being outside in nature is her favorite thing to do!

  467. My daughters would love this. My oldest is really observant so this would be great for her.

  468. My six year old nature lover would adore this, we’ve just moved to the country so we are outside every day and getting to know the nature around us.

  469. This would be perfect for one of our 7 grandchildren!

  470. My oldest son would love that binoculars activity set! He loves to explore and be outside…this would be a great Christmas gift!
    Harmony’s latest post: Why I do what I Do

  471. My oldest son would love this.

  472. Carla Reed says:

    My son! He’s a tree hugger to the core = )

  473. Ok I am following both Simple Homeschool and Imagine Childhood on Twitter. I also reposted this giveaway link on twitter as well. My twitter handle is NSpiritandTruth. Thanks!
    Harmony’s latest post: Why I do what I Do

  474. My son would love this!!!! Or my niece, it would be hard to choose.

  475. My sister-in-law just started to homeschool her two oldest kiddos this year. Her daughter would LOVE LOVE LOVE getting outside to use this kit! The whole family loves any opportunity to learn outside.

  476. My 3 kids would all love this!

  477. Wow…what a great giveaway! My seven year old son would be over the moon happy to win this.
    Dawn’s latest post: Friday Inspiration 11.25.11

  478. I have a nine year old who would love it as well as showing his 2 year old sister all about the nature world.

  479. I tweeted this @ dawnklinge
    Dawn’s latest post: Friday Inspiration 11.25.11

  480. Thanks for the giveaway. My daughter would love this prize!

  481. My middle son, age 7 1/2! He would love this, he is my explorer, nature man, project boy. All of my kids enjoy the outdoors, but this would be his!

  482. Dara Huber says:

    Oh – my eldest 2 kids would both LOVE this set!! Thanks for sharing it!

  483. My 9 year old home schooler, Tony would love this. We often have outdoor school days since we live in the rain forest. This would be a great addition to his field trips too 🙂

  484. My 7 year old daughter would love to receive such a gift. She is always looking for the tiniest of creatures while out and about.

  485. My oldest girl would live outside in a treehouse if we would let her. She would lurve this backpack and all of its contents! Thanks for sharing.

  486. My almost 3 year old daughter would LOVE LOVE LOVE this. She shocks me daily with her interest (and fearlessness) in nature with bugs etc. I love it.

  487. My oldest son would LOVE this – he loves to be outdoors and see all the animals!

  488. This would be best for my oldest although the others would like it too. He is my most outdoorsy kid.

  489. My oldest son would be thrilled with this!

  490. We would love to win this! My 4 youngest children would all enjoy it very much. But I think my 7 yr. old son would like it the most.

  491. My oldest son loves to roam in the woods. He’d enjoy these things so much on his rambles.

  492. My daughter, when we moved somehow her binoculars got misplaced. She would love this so much!
    Jennifer Peterson’s latest post: I am Thankful

  493. My son, Rylan, would enjoy this package.

  494. Probably both of my children. I can just see the fights now! 🙂

  495. My 8 year old daughter would absolutely love this! She loves to explore in the woods year round and love bird watching even in the winter months.

  496. My seven year old son Isaac would love this. He is a scientist and a naturalist.

  497. I just tweeted about this giveaway. I am also following simple homeschool and image childhood on twitter.
    Jennifer’s latest post: Culture and Interpretation

  498. My oldest, 6 1/2, would love this!

  499. Just tweeted (as @amyjanie) and followed on Twitter. 🙂
    Amy’s latest post: Supplementing Your Child’s Education Online

  500. Definitely my oldest child, AJ. He’d LOVE to explore with these tools!
    Melissa Jones’s latest post: MommyBee Designs

  501. My son, Silas, would have so much fun with this! He loves camping and being outside!

  502. my son would love it—because he loves being outdoors so much!

  503. My nephew would love this! He also lives in a woodsy area and loves to go exploring.

  504. Crafty Mama says:

    My kids might think it’s cool, but my nephews would LOVE this!

  505. My daughter is too young, but my nephew would be the perfect age to receive this.

  506. Crafty Mama says:
  507. My son Lucas would love this the best, but he’s such a sweet kid that he would want to share it with his brother and sister so they could all go exploring together.

  508. My youngest daughter would simply LOVE these binoculars. She’s the one who gets distracted whenever we are outside. Instead of swinging with her sisters, she wanders around the yard picking up rocks or leaves. She also loves to watch all the birds at my mom’s house further out in the country. She’d adore such a gift!

  509. My oldest boy would love this. He would use it a lot during our science classes.

  510. My son Samuel, age 7, would love this!!

  511. This would be perfect for both of my boys!

  512. It is hard to choose which kidling would LOVE this. I would say . . . my 10 year old daughter. She loves anything and everything nature and have a scientist passion for the outdoors.

  513. Just tweeted and followed on twitter 🙂

  514. Both my kids would enjoy this package! We love getting out and trying to identify what we see.

  515. I have a feeling my 9-year-old boy and my six-year-old girl would BOTH find plenty of uses for this adventure pack! They would love to have it on their explorations in our backyard and on our hikes in the mountains. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  516. My oldest, soon to be 9 year old, daughter.

  517. My third grade boy:) So great!

  518. My nephew Tyler would LOVE that.
    Kristen’s latest post: Cinderella

  519. My big girl (eight) would LOVE this! We live by some ocean bluffs and seals have their pups in the spring. This would be a perfect little set for her to go explore this area.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Cari’s latest post: The Act of Waiting

  520. My youngest daughter would love this–we created a science camp for her and some friends this summer, and she loves tromping and exploring in nature.

  521. My oldest daughter would love this!

  522. My 5 and 7 Y.O. will have to share – they will both love it. So cute!
    Lisa F.’s latest post: Thankful for a New Adventure

  523. My 6 1/2 year old son would love this~

  524. Danae Fuller says:

    My daugther 🙂

  525. Oh, my daughter and son would both love this! Maybe they would share it harmoniously?! Even if it causes a bit of sibling rivalry, it would be a wonderful resource for both my bug- and bird-watchers. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  526. my daughter Maria

  527. My son would absolutely love this!

  528. My 5 year old would love this! She loves being outside and exploring nature. This would be a great prize for her!

  529. Definitely my daughter – her Daddy (and I) both enjoy the outdoors and going on hikes & adventures and she is learning to love it as well. She would LOVE to have her own binoculars & I know she’d dig all the other tools as well. Thanks for the chance!

  530. Follow you on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway!

  531. This would be perfect for my 7-year-old son!

  532. Holly Fish says:

    My daughter would love to win this~

  533. Holly Fish says:

    I follow you both on twitter and I tweeted~ Thanks

  534. Oh, I love this!!! I honestly can’t pick just one of my children who would enjoy using this, they all would! We just set up our first bird feeder this fall we have had great fun getting to know our new visitors.

  535. I think my second oldest child would love to receive this exploration kit…& since his grandma has a bit of acreage, he has a great place to explore! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  536. My oldest (age 6) loves going on adventures!
    Shilo’s latest post: Thankful for Yellow and Brown Swirl Carpet (and a special giveaway)

  537. my 6 yo nature lover would LOVE this!!!

  538. and I tweeted! @leighforpres

  539. My daughter would love this. We go camping a lot and this would be fun to take along.

  540. Both my girls would love this set!

  541. Both of my kids would love this.We live near woods and water and they love to explore!

  542. Jennifer G. says:

    Our 7 year old twins would LOVE this wonderful give-away!!!

  543. My sons will enjoy this gift a lot!

  544. My daughter, Sophie, would LOVE this. She’s not afraid of picking of worms and is very interested in nature and bugs!!

  545. My six year old would love this! It is right up her alley!

  546. My younger daughter (almost 9) would LOVE this. She’s an explorer at heart.

  547. My son would love this package. Binoculars are on his Christmas list, and this pack would be even better!

  548. My 6 year old son will love this! His very own binoculars!
    Kelly’s latest post: A River Runs Thru It

  549. holly allen says:

    I think all 3 of my older kids would enjoy this! They are 9,7 & 5 yrs old! Ty!

  550. holly allen says:

    I am following you both on twitter – @pits2love

  551. holly allen says:

    & I tweeted about the giveaway! Ty!!/pits2love/status/141277929035403266

  552. My 7 yo boy. He’s very outdoorsy!

  553. I actually just ordered the sighting compass from Imagine Childhood for my boy, so I’m going to say he would love it most. But I think all 3 would get good use from it!

  554. First. How did I not know there were other simple websites? How much have I been missing!

    All four of my kids would love these gifts.

  555. A lovely prize. Thank you for the opportunity. I would give this to my little boy but would encourage him to share with his 3 little cousins too.

  556. I believe my nephew, who is 6.5, would very much enjoy this set!
    Billy’s latest post: Decisions..

  557. My daughter would love these for our nature walks

  558. tweeted @kbalman
    kathy balman’s latest post: A week in the life of homeschoolers – Week 17

  559. Lovely gift idea! I would give this to my grandson who just started homeschooling this year.

  560. My 8 year old Taylor would be over the moon with this set!

  561. My oldest daughter would LOVE this!!!
    Leigh’s latest post: Review of The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck by Kathleen Y’Barbo

  562. My six year old daughter would love this! She is a huge fan of birds and butterflies!

  563. My second born would love this!

  564. My little brother!

  565. My 5yo daughter would absolutely LOVE this! She loves her toy Melissa & Doug binoculars and has asked for real ones. Her favorite adventures always involve nature, so this whole pack would be perfect for her. Thank you so much for the chance to enter!
    PsychMamma’s latest post: The Value of Life

  566. I have an adventurous, exploring 6-year old boy who would love this for Christmas!

  567. My 6 year old son who LOVES bird watching would be ecstatic to have that pack full of goodies!

  568. My daughter Harper would love this little set

  569. My exploring daughter, Sienna would love this.

  570. My 4 and 5 year old boys would love this!

  571. I think my 2 oldest children would get the most out of this kit.
    Suanna’s latest post: A Day for Thanksgiving

  572. My almost 7 year old would love this – we’ve been doing a lot of nature journaling lately.

  573. Anibel, my kindergartner is really into science and how the world works. She’d love this!

  574. My son, who is nearly five, would love to play with this!

  575. Both of my boys would love this, but the 8yr old would certainly put it to more use (& keep up with the pieces). Not sure what he would use it for more: our nature study/walks, his “hunting” excursions, safaris, and yes, even secret spy missions.

  576. My six-year-old would love this! He loves to explore!

  577. My two oldest are nature lovers and would love this.

  578. emily soulliere says:

    My son Isa would love this!!

  579. My 10 year old would love this!

  580. Maryanne Romano says:

    My adventurous eight year old Isaiah would love this prize!

  581. My youngest daughter Anna would love this!

  582. I’m not sure which child in my life would enjoy this most. All four of my “big” kids love nature, bird watching, learning, nature, etc. and I’m sure the baby will soon enough!
    Magic and Mayhem’s latest post: Credit Cards 101 & How to Live Well on Less

  583. foxbrooken says:

    Our nearly 8yo would love this.

  584. My son, Henry, would love this!

  585. My daughter would love this, she’s an outdoors girl who loves insects
    Anastasia B’s latest post: Baby Kicks Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway

  586. This would be fantatic for my oldest too!

  587. Wow-what an amazing gift! My budding 8 yo outdoorsman would love this and the 6 yo would love to identify butterflies, plants and birds!

  588. my son would love this

  589. My 5 year old would love this.

  590. My oldest son, 7, would LOVE these binoculars! We love, love, love watching nature at our country home! 🙂

  591. my 6 year old would love this! he just returned from a hunting/camping trip with dad weekend before last and this would definitely had came in handy 😉

  592. My daughter Stella, 4.5 years, would be over the moon to receive such an awesome Chanukah gift– she wants to be a scientist when she grows up!

  593. My oldest daughter would LOVE this!

  594. Amanda Norwood says:

    My youngest son Ben. We enjoy nature shows together and he loves watching and identifying birds.

  595. My oldest Grace!

  596. Sara Suastez says:

    My daughter would love this! She is only two but she loves being outdoors and anything that has to do with that!

  597. I think both my 5 year old daughter and almost 4 year old son would love this. Our bird feeders have been a favorite place for cardinals to feed the past couple of weeks so we would have lots of fun with this prize!

  598. My youngest daughter would love this! She loves nature and loves to be outside:)

    sandy toe
    sandy toe’s latest post: Weekend

  599. This looks wonderful. We do nature study and my daughter would love to use this. Please enter us int he giveaway.
    Diane’s latest post: Change in Mindset

  600. My little guy is a too young, but my nephews would love it! They’re both such curious little boys! What great Christmas gift.
    Angie’s latest post: long weekend loveliness

  601. This would be so wonderful. Great giveaway!! Thanks!

  602. My son, Brandon, who is almost seven would LOVE this kit! He loves exploring and finding new things.

  603. Sheri Anderson says:

    My almost 9 yo daughter would love this! She is a nature nut.

  604. My son would love this set:)

  605. My almost 6 year old nature loving girl. She loves to be outside and explore the world God made for us!

  606. My six year old daughter would love this!

  607. My kids (8, 5, and 3) would LOVE this! Not to mention their friends that like to explore with us! We love looking at and identifying birds, bugs, plants!

  608. my daughter would LOVE this! thanks for the chance!

  609. I just tweeted about the contest as well. Brandon would be ecstatic to get this!
    chrissy’s latest post: cmgrzadz: RT @EcoBlogz: Win a binocular adventure package from @barnstories on @simpleschool ! #Giveaway #Christmas

  610. My little adventure girl, Amelia, would most enjoy this prize!

  611. My nephew.

  612. My DS1 would LOVE this! science is his thing and we have been totally into exploring and animals this year and planing a whole summer unit on it. We would love to win this!

  613. My oldest loves to look out the window and see all the animals outside, binoculars would be so wonderful for her exploring!

  614. Our two little nature lovers have been asking for several of the items you’ve included in your giveaway. Compass, binoculars, knots and more – they would be beside themselves with excitement!

  615. My daughter would LOVE this!
    Kinda Crunchy Kate’s latest post: Dreaming of a Green Christmas Giveaway Winners!

  616. My nephew Jonas would love this gift. :O)

  617. My daughter would love this! She was just playing with my husband’s binoculars the other day.

  618. My sweet little girl! She’s 7 and has a passion for butterflies!

  619. Laura Lane says:

    Amy Beth

  620. My son (almost 6) would love this! We’ve really been working on our nature journals and trying to stay connected to the natural world around us.

  621. My son riley would LOVE this. We have limited christmas funds this year. ( more than usual.) We were hoping to get him a telescope but a decent one seems like it would set us back a bit too much. We have hawk nests I bet he would adore peeping with binoculars!

  622. I think my niece would love this!

  623. My oldest little guy-Zack

  624. I think my 3 oldest would fight over this(the 4th is only 6 months :).

  625. Jaci Shanafelt says:

    Grant, our middle child, spends hours outside! He would LOVE to explore with this kit!

  626. My 11 year old girl would love this! She is a nature lover, and is constantly outside finding new joys to behold-squirrels, birds, lizards, etc.

  627. My neice!

  628. Karen Johnson says:

    My youngest son, Nicky, would enjoy using this, especially when we go to Prairie Ridge Eco-Station and other places to hike and learn about nature. He would also love to share it with a cousin of his.

  629. Maggie Horn says:

    I would love to have this gift for my son and my husband to enjoy, I’m reading Boys Should Be Boys about how much kids benefit from the outdoors!

  630. My daughter Charlotte would love this gift. She has a pretend/plastic pair of binoculars that she wears all the time, and a real pair would be a treasure. All of these resources would be wonderful for our homeschool preschool!
    Pamela’s latest post: imperfect

  631. My girls are still a bit too young for this, but I know they’ll love it when they’re bigger if I win!
    Erin’s latest post: On being inspired

  632. I tweeted! @mommy_stories
    Pamela’s latest post: imperfect

  633. De Arn Foley says:

    My son (4) would love this to enhance his outdoor explorations! His nature collection already includes shells, leaves, feathers & a birds nest we found when pruning the neighbor’s rose bush growing over our side of the fence! Thanks for your generosity!

  634. My 6-year-old son would love this!

  635. tweeted about it as well 🙂!/tnick2
    Tracy’s latest post: Wow the last 3 months have flown by!

  636. my daughters would happily share it!! what a lovely pack full.
    debra’s latest post: small snippets

  637. My 4 year old Chloe, this is definetly up her alley.

  638. retweeted.

  639. My daughter Claire would love this!

  640. My middle son (#2 of 4 kids) would love this! He is such an outdoorsman. We just moved to the country a week ago so he would get so much use out of a gift like this!

  641. Oh, my! I love this! My middle daughter, Haddyn, would probably love it the best but I have the feeling it would be well used by all 3 of them : )

  642. My 2 older kids would both LOVE this.

  643. Heather Young says:

    My first born son, who just today commented to me how much he dislikes learning about science from his textbook at school and would much rather go out and BE in nature in order to learn about it.

  644. My 8-year-old son would love this gift!

  645. My little guy Levi would LOVE this adventure kit!!

  646. My two oldest sons would love this!

  647. My daughter Audri would love this kit. I started staying home this year full-time and she is almost 4. I am always looking for fun ways to incorporate fun and learning. She happens to love binoculars, too! 🙂

  648. My oldest would love this set!! What a great gift idea.

  649. Oh my goodness, both my boys would love this kit!

  650. I think my 3 oldest (5, 4, and 4) would have to share this!

  651. my one & only boy would love this set so much. thanks for the chance!

  652. Both of my girls would equally enjoy this! Thankfully there is enough fun stuff to go around for sharing!

  653. My 9 year old daughter would think this is the bomb. She l;oves to be around nature in any way, shape or form. This is a perfect fit for her.

  654. Wow! Both of my kids would really love this. My daughter would just love the nature cards, but so would my son. My daughter has that same backpack but in a canvas and pink color. 🙂
    erin’s latest post: thankfulness | catching up

  655. MamaFeelgood says:

    My son would love this

  656. My son, William, is such an outside explorer. We recently started doing Geocache adventures as a family, and I know he would live to use a pack like this when we are out exploring.

  657. My daughter Adalie would love this!

  658. My daughter (5) would love taking this set up to Nana’s to watch the birds.

  659. I have a granddaughter who loves science and this would be a perfect gift for her.

  660. I don’t know who would enjoy this more.. my son Hunter or my husband! They’re starting to spend a lot of time outdoors together identifying different animals, and this would be the perfect gift for the holidays :o)

  661. My son, who is soon to be seven, would enjoy this set. He loves to watch the birds and explore. Of course his four year old little brother would want a turn with the binoculars too!

  662. My son, Adam, who can’t get enough of being outdoors.

  663. both of my boys would love this – actually my daughters would too! Especially the binoculars!

  664. Probably my son. Maybe one of my daughters. =)

  665. My son Troy would use the items in this fabulous giveaway. He loves exploring and identifying creatures.

  666. My son loves anything to do with the outdoors (thanks to a nature-loving daddy) and would think this is the coolest thing he has ever seen I’m sure!

  667. It would be great to add this to our school science stuff. My oldest son is 5 and loves exploring.

  668. My youngest would enjoy this a bunch!

  669. My little guys loves looking at birds!

  670. Twitted

  671. Oh my! Any of our six children would love this, but I think my 12 year old son or 10 year old daughter would especially appreciate it.

  672. My adopted Riccia we adopted her from South Africa where she can tell you all about the animal there, she is trying so hard to learn about wild life here, this would mean so much to her and help make Christmas brighter.
    Val’s latest post: Let Us All be Thankful on this Thanksgiving

  673. This would rock my oldest son’s socks!

  674. My oldest son would absolutely adore this!
    nikki’s latest post: Beautiful God ~ Music Mondays

  675. all my children would love this, as we try to be outside as much as possible, getting close-up to nature. thanks for the chance!!

  676. I tweeted
    Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!
    nikki’s latest post: Beautiful God ~ Music Mondays

  677. My daughter would love this!!!!
    Jamie’s latest post: still giving thanks

  678. My son would adore this. We just moved to a farm, and he would have a great time identifying the wildlife around here.

  679. My nature loving 4.5 year old would love this prize and grow into it!

  680. Sally Wilson says:

    Any of my children would love this binocular set, but Ryan my youngest (11yo) would delight in it. His favorite season is right now, he loves to be out in the cold, tromping around the woods and seeing everything there is to see!

  681. My youngest, would love these binoculars – just bought him a dollar store pair to keep him going til we get a ‘real pair’ !

  682. I know that my 6.y.o. son would love all the fixins’ in this kit; he has a huge fascination with bugs, magnifying, and astonishing facts about nature and animals. But my 8.y.o. daughter is the real thinker and explorer of knowledge, and has a very empathetic heart and desire to be the change. Hmm, looks like they’ll have to share 🙂

  683. Well all three of my boys would love this, but I would probably give it to my daughter who is a nature enthusiast.

  684. Our daughter would most appreciate the binocular adventure package. She has a sixth sense when it comes to discovering nature. We love Imagine Childhood around here! They offer great kits for older kids when they grow out of toys designed for younger children…

  685. all 3 are nature lovers- but this would be perfect for 5 year old Caleb!

  686. my little brother would love this!

  687. tweeted.

  688. my youngest son!

  689. My five year old daughter would love this! I can already see it under the Christmas tree… 🙂 Thanks for the great give-away!
    Tori Maurer’s latest post: Small hands, big world

  690. It is hard to pick one of my children who would enjoy this the most. Each one of them shows such an interest in learning more about nature and animals that I think each one would enjoy learning outside with these great learning tools!

  691. I would love this for my daughter, who walks the trail with me.

  692. My 9 year old daughter would love this! She is a huge nature explorer and this would be a great add on to our nature study!

  693. Any of my 3 boys would love this!

  694. Ok, I have also followed and tweeted thy praises! Thanks for the opportunity!

  695. Chris & Scott Seaton says:

    Definitely my daughter Audrey. How clever!

  696. My son is a total nature lover. He just turned 5 and would love this!

  697. Oh my goodness! My budding scientist would be over the moon if he received this!!

  698. My almost three-year-old, Pete, I am so in love with the way nature takes him in.

  699. My 5 year old Collin would LOVE this! He has already put together a “discovery pack” for nature walks with his Superman backpack, a note pad, pencil, toy binoculars and a magnifying glass. This is right up his alley!

  700. My daughter would love this ! thanks for the chance

  701. My youngest son, the one who is always walking bare foot everywhere and has dirty hands would love a backpack filled with these goodies 🙂

  702. My son loves anything where he gets to explore (and being outside is an added bonus!). Thanks for this kind opportunity!
    Caroline’s latest post: 5 Tips for Intentionally Memorizing

  703. My youngest son would love this–he enjoys watching the birds that come to our feeder and learning the names of different animals.

  704. Sara Daniel says:

    AWESOME giveaway! What a fun green backpack to hold all the field-study goods. My son, Knox, would enjoy it and greatly benefit from it and would then pass it on to his nature-loving cousin. Thanks for the chance to win!

  705. Both my kids are nature lovers. They’d have to share it. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Monica’s latest post: MommyMaestra Challege: One Idea for Raising Philanthropic Children

  706. Tracy Guillorn says:

    My youngest son Eli would love this. Plus we are doing a bird study at the moment!

  707. My son Liam would love, love, love this! So would his brother Aidan but Liam would appreciate it a bit more. He’s always wanting to learn about animals/bugs/plants and go on nature walks.

  708. Does my husband count? he loves the outdoors and can’t wait for our son to enjoy it with him. I think this will be great next summer for some day hikes.

  709. Tracy Guillorn says:

    I tweeted! thefloatingcottage. I love the Imagine Childhood website. Thanks!

  710. My oldest son would love this! He’s just getting to an age where bugs are more interesting to him than scary 🙂

  711. I can decide which one of my sons would enjoy it more!

  712. This is so timely. My 7 year old daughter seriously just asked me for a pair of binoculars this afternoon!
    Jenny’s latest post: Homeschool Weekly Review: November 21-25

  713. That’s tough my two oldest (5 &7) are the most age appropriate but I think my 5 year old son Layton would just gobble up the binoculars and all the goodies inside the bag. Hope we win!

  714. I have two daughters who would love this.
    Fingers crossed,
    Melissa B.

  715. I think both my nephew Karsten and my niece Amara would enjoy this!

  716. My oldest son, Ian.

  717. I am sure all of my three kids will enjoy this! Thanks for this giveaway!

  718. Jessica M. says:

    My oldest son would love this!

  719. My oldest son is in LOVE with anything nature! Thanks for the opportunity!

  720. My 6yr son would love this pack (although his little brother might pounce on it first)! I lead a nature study co-op for our homeschoolers and, really, all the kids would thoroughly enjoy this pack. Awesome!

  721. My oldest son Crispin would be the one who would most enjoy this set 🙂 He loves animals and learning about the world around us and finds creatures absolutely fascinating. Thanks for the chance!

  722. My almost-4-year-old is obsessed with binoculars. She’d love a real pair! (When the cardboard tube began to not hold up so well, we switched to a pair I found at B&N. It satisfies for now, but it’s nothing awesome.

    Thanks, Jamie!
    Ledys’s latest post: For the love of yarn

  723. i was actually thinking of getting my daughter something very similar for christmas, so i know she would love this!

  724. My 4 year old son is infatuated with the idea of binoculars and how they give him a “step up” in terms of how much he can see!

  725. My oldest (age 6 1/2) has taken a love to bird watching and has even asked for binoculars for Christmas. He would be *over the moon* to open this on Christmas morning … Thanks for offering such a fantastic gift!

  726. My 5-year-old son would love this!

  727. I am pretty sure my 3 year old and 5 year old would be fighting for it!

  728. My 7 year old. He is a self-declared adventurer!!!

  729. My 6 y/I son would absolutely LOVE this!

  730. Just followed and tweeted, thanks!

  731. We home educate our children and my two boys would enjoy this very much! Thank you!

  732. I just tweeted! Thanks again!

  733. Most of my children are almost too old for this (15, 17, 19 21), but my 11-yr old would like it. If not, I have younger nieces and nephews that I like to gift at birthday time! Thanks for the giveaway!

  734. Our son would love this! He’s always borrowing daddy’s binoculars.

  735. Christina V. says:

    My almost 5 year old would have a blast with this package with his daddy. Sounds like their kind of adventure!

  736. Christina V. says:

    I follow Simple Homeschool and Imagine Childhood on Twitter and tweeted about this giveaway!!/stinav96/status/141463876406493185

  737. My son would most love this…he is very into observing and LOVES looking through binoculars 🙂

  738. My young son Adam would really love this. He is very interested in nature, and when at Gran’s house loves to watch the red squirrels playing in the garden.
    This would keep him amused for hours!

  739. My oldest daughter would love this! She has already asked for binoculars!

  740. Not sure I can choose just one child who would enjoy this adventure package – all three of our boys love to join together in their exploration and adventures!

  741. My middle daughter sophie, we were already planning to get her some bird watching books.

  742. My son Jonathan would love this!

  743. My son would love this. He is an adventurer at heart, and this is right up his alley. Thanks!

  744. Rob Kaminski says:

    Our 3 year old daughter, Reilly, would love this present. We live in the country, which has many advantages, but also means that there are no friends close by. Fortunately she loves being outside and is extremely curious to learn about birds (we keep a journal of all birds seen on our property), bugs and everything else out there. Our second child is due any day, so we are trying to provide Reilly with special activities like this to help her with the adjustment. Thanks for the opportunity.

  745. My 5 year old son, Troy, would LOVE this!!! He’s my adventurer for sure!

  746. My Gillian is an artist and would love this. She has asked for drawing supplies and books to learn to draw animals well. I think this kit would help her study her subjects in their environment.
    Jennifer’s latest post: The Season of Advent

  747. Cool! My daughter and I would use these to watch the birds in our large mountain ash tree!

  748. My son would really appreciate this kit. He is especially into tying knots lately, so the book would be a highlight.

  749. My eldest son is a real investigator, I think he would love this
    Melanie Grant’s latest post: Intangible Giving by Brynne Mack

  750. Both of my big kids would love this!

  751. My oldest two boys would love to play with this during their outdoor adventures.

  752. Both my five year old twins would love this pack! We love to go hiking in the woods, and this kit would be perfect for that.
    Christina @ Interest-Led Learning’s latest post: Nov 2011 Monthly Interest-Led Learning Resource Guide

  753. My daughter Emma would love this!

  754. My 5 year old daughter would love this prize. She is an animal and nature girl all the way. She has yet to pick up a doll, but loves to watch pigeons, robins, and crows when they land on our deck railing. She shushed us when we were talking too loud near a birds nest because she wanted the babies to rest! She loves being outside and building “water systems” (her words, for real) in the mud. She would be thrilled to win this package. Thanks.

  755. My 5 year old tree hugger would absolutely love this, she’d have to share with her little sister but so much fun to explore!

  756. Oh, boy…hard question is, whether this would stay at our house, for our every-curious daughter, or go west to our nephews and nieces in IN…..

  757. My son would most enjoy the binoculars, though my daughters are a pretty close second!

  758. Kimberly Young says:

    My 9 year old son has always been fascinated with tracking things, listening to birds, enjoying God’s creation all around us!! He would be thrilled to receive this!! (And to be honest, the other kids would love it, too!)

  759. I tweeted! (k8brown)

  760. my 8 yr old loves to be outside — by herself or with her sibs….this would make a beautiful gift for her!
    We are even doing a bird unit in homeschooling right now, which would make it a “curriculum based” gift ! {hee hee}

  761. My daughter, Sophie, would love this !

  762. My 5yo son Cash, would love this! He loves binoculars.

  763. I would love to give this to our little friend Cameron, who is just starting his homeschool journey.
    Rachel @ The Travel Pen’s latest post: 3 Things the Chinese Can Teach Us About Relationships

  764. Boy… that’s a tough one. It would have to be one of my oldest two children. My son LOVES to have outdoor adventures, but my daughter is also very into nature. What a great pack!
    Lisa’s latest post: Pomanders: A Simple, Festive, and Fragrant Craft

  765. My son Joseph would love using these out in our woods and by our creek out back!

  766. My son is a nature lover, too! He’d have a GREAT time with this stuff- thanks!

  767. Any one of my boys would have a good time with this, but especially my middle one!

  768. My nephew, Evan, would LOVE this! (I’m sure his younger sisters would enjoy it as well.) 🙂

  769. What a fun giveaway! Either of my boys would looove it! Thanks for the chance to win.

  770. My oldest daughter is already stealing my binoculars, looking through scopes for Tundra Swans, and spotting flora and fauna on our nature walks. She would adore this package.

  771. It would be hard to say which son would love this more but I know for certain we’d love it as a family. Several months ago I returned to work full time and have found our family exploring time cut back to the few and far between. I’ve been making a conscious effort to get everyone out more again and this would be perfect in helping us get back to some of the things we love. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Courtney’s latest post: a little different this year

  772. That’s hard, I think both my kids would love and use this prize. They are both into bird watching, hiking, and we would all use the guides!

  773. My son would love this exploration set!

  774. My oldest son would love this!

  775. I have two Naturalist Teachers in the growing! Both my boys are nature lovers and devour anything outdoor, science, nature related.
    This kit would be loved, loved and loved some more. We are always collecting snails, (we have 7 in a tank in my dinning room right now). Growing caterpillars and thinking of enticing ways we can attract wildlife to our garden habitats. We are always thinking of interesting ways to incorporate the outdoors into our home school curriculum, this kit would help immensely.
    Happy Holidays Everyone.

  776. This looks like a fabulous set for homeschooling kids of all ages. It’s a perfect tool for nature booking.

  777. My 7 year old daughter Courtney would love this gift! She wants to be a naturalist when she grows up, and even now conducts “nature detective” classes with her younger siblings and neighborhood kids. She is always looking for a place to build her nature center anytime we are driving around. She checks out nonfiction books and documentaries from the library. I think she knows more about animals, bugs, and plants than I do!

  778. My Sophia — middle child, free spirit, and nature lover! You should see all of the things I find in her pockets (new additions to her “nature collection”). Only this morning, running for the school bus, she discovered a tree in our yard that bears tiny acorns and she ran to it in her school shoes and got them all muddy (and was nearly late for the bus)!

  779. My son loves exploring new things…so I think he would love this!!!

  780. My grandson

  781. My 4-yr-old son would most definitely enjoy having this kit. He’s in the “exploring” stage right now, drawing maps of just about anything he’s about to do…even help setting up and decorating the Christmas tree.

  782. My nephews just moved overseas and would love the adventure pack to explore their new environment!

  783. Our 4 year old explorer would love love this kit!

  784. It’s a toss up if my oldest or second would enjoy this more. We’d probably learn lots more lessons on sharing and kindness if we win this.
    SaraR’s latest post: Passing on a deal

  785. My daughter would LOVE this!! I’ve got my fingers crossed for a win! 😉

  786. Both my son and daughter would both love this! We live in the country and they are loving exploring their surroundings. Thanks for the chance!

  787. My 2yo would definitely fight his 5yo brother to use the binoculars! But I think the older brother would benefit the most from this giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  788. My sister-in-law could so use this! Just started homeschooling this year her 3 girls!

  789. HollymMead says:

    My little nephew would LOVE this, little Jr. Park Ranger that he is!

  790. My 7 year old daughter would love this set! This summer we moved into a new (older) house in 2 1/2 acres of wooded bliss. C loves to go exploring outside, but her more timid nature keeps her from checking things out up close and personal. An exploring kit like this would help her to bring the wild out doors a little closer to her comfort zone. Thank you for the chance!
    Debra’s latest post: Upload 11/11/11

  791. Candice Wise says:

    my oldest would enjoy this when we go camping which is every weekend in the summer

  792. Just tweeted! I am ATHDolls on Twitter.

  793. My five year old son would definitely love this !
    Chhaya’s latest post: Vegan Mango Muffins from Holy Cow

  794. My son Ben would love this set. He is an outdoors boy who is always looking in the dirt, running his net through the pond, identifying all kinds of animals, birds, and especially amphibians.

  795. My 7 year old niece would love this set! She and her family love to go on hikes.

  796. nopinkhere says:

    My 5yo son! I think I might steal, oops–share, those beautiful ID cards sometimes though.

  797. All of our children would LOVE them, but especially our second son who is determined to run around the world (super adventurous boy). : )

  798. My son and daughter both would love this item! So cool!

  799. Bethany Staats says:

    My son Brantley, who is 5, would love to have such a cool little set! He loves outdoors, mud, animals and bones of any kind. He collects bones, bird feathers, shells, rocks….you name it. He would feel especially blessed by this. Thanks!

  800. Bethany Staats says:

    I have tweeted about this fabulous giveaway and I am now following Imagine Childhood and Simple Homeschool on Twitter! Thanks!

  801. My son Marek would LOVE this! He is Mr. Outside Science Man! Plus he’d share with his younger brother, Levi!

  802. My son would love this – we have a bird feeder outside that he watches and tries to find all the bird types in our bird books.

  803. Whoa! This is incredible. Both my kids would love this!!

  804. Jessica Bressler says:

    My 8 year old son, Jeremiah would love this set.

  805. since i have toddlers i honestly think my husband would like this the most

  806. My 4 year old son would love this gift. He is so inquisitive and he loves the play binoculars his dad made out of toilet paper rolls!

  807. My 7 year-old son. He loves hiking and would be in heaven to have a kit like this!

  808. All of my 7 kids would enjoy this. Okay… the 20-month old might be a bit young, yet… LOL But the rest woul be enraptured – from the 16 year old to the toddlers.

  809. My 6 year old son would love this! We have just started to go on hikes and he would love to have this to observe and record what he finds!

  810. My daughter Kaylee, 4, would LOVE this. My daughter is a nature girl through and through, and my husband and I take our girls hiking as often as we can. Through most of the summer we travel the nature trails in the park behind our house, and Kaylee can already identify a few birds by sight. She loves looking through Daddy’s binoculars, but Daddy is a little afraid of them being dropped.

    What a wonderful giveaway!

  811. Misti Norfleet says:

    My twins would LOVE this!! Ezekiel & Elijah.

  812. My grandson, Jeremy, would really enjoy this. He loves to learn and explore.

  813. Both of my older boys would love this set! We enjoy hiking, and my in-laws live on a large piece of land with lots of woods and lots to see.
    Jamie’s latest post: The highlights of my day

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