Giveaway: Wooden Treehouse from Imagine Childhood

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Welcome to Simple Living Media’s Home for the Holidays! We’ve got 25 giveaways across the entire network this week to give you plenty of chances to win a great gift, just in time for the holidays.

Today I’m giving away a Wooden Treehouse from Imagine Childhood. This is the perfect toy to spark the imagination of your little one.

Valued at $150, this treehouse creates a lovely spin on the idea of a traditional dollhouse–its branches invite fairies, gnomes, and dolls to spend hours having adventures with your child.

I’m completely thrilled to have the chance to review it, as it will be my seven-year-old daughter’s gift under the tree this Christmas. She’s going to love it!

Learn more about how you can win this sweet toy.

I fell in love with this treehouse while unpacking it from the box, before I even put it together. The wooden pieces are crafted from 100% reclaimed ash and walnut and the house contains three levels for playing.

Yes, assembly is required, but you don’t even need a screwdriver. The pieces slot together, like a puzzle, very quickly. Once assembled, this toy is incredibly sturdy. I also love the extra little touches–like the rope ladder, bamboo basket on a pulley, and the tree swing.

This toy appeals to both genders. The natural wooden color doesn’t scream “girl,” and I know both of my sons will want to take turns playing with it as well.

Years ago, before I even started blogging, a neighbor on my doorstep said, “There’s this blog I read that I think you’d enjoy. It’s called Imagine Childhood.” I’ve been a fan ever since my first virtual visit. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an item in their store that I didn’t like.

The owners of Imagine Childhood ask themselves five questions before adding a new product to their store:

  1. Does the product promote exploration, creativity, and/or unstructured play?
  2. Is it fun and exciting?
  3. Is it Fair Trade and made of sustainable or eco-friendly materials?
  4. Can it be reused again and again, and in varying applications?
  5. Does it provide learning opportunities?

Their commitment to quality toys shines through loud and clear as you browse all their categories, including indoor play, outdoor play, optics and navigation, and family field guides.

Once you enter the virtual space at Imagine Childhood, plastic, tacky alternatives seriously lose their appeal. If you’re hoping to find an open-ended toy to inspire hours of creative play, look no further than this sweet store.

One Simple Homeschool reader will win your very own Wooden Treehouse from Imagine Childhood!

How to win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: What is currently one of the most imaginative toys in your home collection?

2. For an extra entry, subscribe to the Imagine Childhood blog. Then leave an additional comment here letting me know you’ve done so.

This giveaway will end tonight, Friday, December 3 at 11:59 p.m. I hope you win! We’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways tomorrow!

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  1. the most imaginative toy in our home right now is the cardboard boxes we have painted and set up animal villages, native american, and currnetly a winter wonderland scenes.

  2. Melissa N says:

    The most imaginative toy in our home at present are a basket full of acorns from my parent’s lake house.

  3. Melissa N says:

    Just subscribed to the blog, thanks for passing it along, and thanks for the WONDERFUL giveaway!

  4. The most imaginative toy we have in our house right now is 3 nose suckers (the things that suck snot out of a baby or young child’s nose). There are 3 of them – 1 smaller white one and 2 larger green ones that all have sweet faces drawn on them with sharpy marker. They are of course an elephant family (long noses and all)! :) I was cleaning out our bathroom pantry when she saw them and asked if she could have them. My daughter not only imagined them up and created them herself. She adores playing with them. haha. I would have never thought.

  5. our most imagination inspiring toys in our home are our play silks. We made our own, and they are quirky and imperfect and tattered and stained and beautiful. They are so many different things in a single day.

  6. Joni Heredia says:

    I think the most imaginative toys we have are a good set of wooden unit blocks. We have them out constantly even though we rotate through most of our other toys. I cannot imagine my three children not having them, they g`et so`

  7. The laundry basket, it can be a sled, a pirate ship, and Siena the mini-van.
    Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith’s latest post: Week of Joyful Hope and Sorrow

  8. Joni Heredia says:

    I subscribed to the blog for an additional entry! THank you, I’m so excited!

  9. I subscribed to the blog. Loved browsing the different store sections. Great stuff!
    Tammy’s latest post: Naked I came Swaddled I live

  10. I think our play silks are our most imaginative toy right now….we’re sharing space with another family so there is lots of imaginative play going on right now.

  11. A cloth tepee

  12. Wooden blocks, legos and tinker toys.

  13. Cardboard boxes for sure, every single one that comes into the house is hijacked for some use or other … axes, swords, skeleton keys, boats, a pretend tv with multiple screens, ice cream carts, cars, trains … all things my (I’m sure you can guess) Boys have made in from them in the last couple of months!
    Bethany’s latest post: Friday Roundup

  14. Kristine Rohm says:

    I already subscribe to imagine childhood’s blog :)

  15. I would have to say just the random magazines and catalogs we have around b/c my daughter loves to cut things out and play and imagine w/ them for hours on end.

  16. Kristine Rohm says:

    Except puzzles, I’d say all of my 20 mo old daughter’s toys are open-ended. I even have baskets of non0toys like pinecones, acorns, feathers, etc.

  17. The most imaginative toy we have in our house is our wooden blocks. The children make anythung from castles to lemonade stands. They love them!

  18. I subscribed to Imagine Childhood!

  19. Now a subscriber via email!

  20. That is SO CUTE! I can imagine my kids playing with that for HOURS!

  21. I would have to say my daughter’s book collection. She is constantly exploring new worlds through the art of words. :)

  22. i believe my son’s love for the cardboard boxes we have from moving would prove to be the most imaginative toy. they’ve been everything from a rocket ship and a playhouse to a hammock and a pet box that he trained to sit and follow him.

  23. Sticks. Yes sticks from the ground… We have them in our car, in our house, in pockets, down pants… Yesterday we fished with a stick at the dog park… Reeling it in catching various items sitting on a bench in the sun while our dog played…often they are swords., one recently was a phone
    Nina’s latest post: 6th grade

  24. just subscribed to the website. kind of cool, too, as i had no idea what feeds were. thanks for offering a great product and getting me to know what a feed is.

  25. jenleahlynn says:

    probably the kids…with 4 of them age 7 and other, they are constantly coming up with new ideas, and pretend games to play

  26. Our blocks (wooden and Lego) have been the building materials for so many different types of structures. They’re out almost every day and are used in conjunction with many other toys — they become zoos, train stations and towers.

  27. our dollhouse from Lakeshore gets lots of use & this would go perfect! Of course they can also entertain with a box & a stick!

  28. I hit subscribe here and on their site and it takes me toa Mac reader, is that right? So um yes I’m a subscriber :)

  29. I suscribed – oh I love the stuff!!!
    sam’s latest post: Review and Giveaway- L’Equip 524 Dehydrator

  30. Currently, the 2 most creative toys we have are the Duplos (my girls are 3 & 1-1/2) and the wooden barn full of animals. Of course, that’s just this week. My 3-year-old has a vivid imagination & can turn just about anything into a toy!
    Terri’s latest post: If I Had More Time

  31. I had to think about this question for a while, because many of the most imaginative toys in our home aren’t toys at all! Outdoor play figures large in our lives, so my two little ones can spend lots of time exploring our world – rocks, twigs, leaves, trails, gardens, and dirt road.

    But if I had to pick a “toy” that they can spend hours of uninterrupted, imaginative play at, it would probably be something made of wood. Wooden train sets come to mind as top-of-list. Blocks a close second. There’s just something about the feel and texture of wood that seems to invite creative, comfortable play.

    Great giveaway, terrific blog. Thanks!
    Heather’s latest post: Tracking Down Allergens

  32. I’ve subscribed to the blog. What a beautiful tree house!

  33. The most imaginative toys we have are my girls’ baby dolls. My daughter has a complete parallel universe set up for them in her imagination.

  34. I would say markers and paper. My kids love to draw pictures and act out what they just drew or take their pictures and cut them out and use them in play.

  35. For the younger kids, it’s wooden play food – mostly Melissa and Doug, and Plan Toys.

    For the older kids, it’s definitely Legos. We have *thousands* of them, and they get used All. The. Time.
    Karen’s latest post: One Last Christmas

  36. And I subscribed through Mail, in my RSS feeds folder. 😀
    Karen’s latest post: One Last Christmas

  37. My daughter uses her imagination with all toys and household items… even the number blocks from her Melissa and Doug clock become cookies, train tokens, you name it! She would love this tree house because she has literally been hugging trees since about 18 months old!
    Danielle’s latest post: Advent 2010- Day 2

  38. Bernadette Britt says:

    Our couch cushions! They are turned into forts, beds, trampolines, you name it!

  39. Dolls

  40. Oh, I was just looking at these in a wonderful toy catalogue! I would love to have one for my little piglets. :)
    Our best imaginative toy is our collection of dress up clothes in a great big trunk. It’s tucked in a corner of the playroom decked out with a huuuuuge mirror to the floor for the kids to admire their hilarious get-ups.
    The best fuel for the imagination.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  41. Shelby Lessary says:

    My mixing bowls and wooden spoons get quite a work out these days.

  42. I subscribed. 😉
    Mrs. B.’s latest post: A Day in November

  43. we have a number of play tools that my son loves to pretend with.

  44. i’ve subscribed to the blog.

  45. We have a wooden puzzle of the nativity that is sparking all kinds of fun

  46. ASagastume says:

    I think one of the most creative, imaginative toys we have right now is our wooden train set. The boys will spend hours putting together a track, running their trains on it, playing around, tearing it down, and then building another. :)

  47. Shelby Lessary says:

    Subscribed too!

  48. hmmm…..couch cushions. It drives us crazy when they’re all over the house, but the kids have so much fun.

  49. A dog?

  50. my son and daughter love to play shop! so right now, the popular toy is the play food!