Giveaway: Fairy House & Solar Construction Kits from Imagine Childhood

This giveaway has now ended. Thanks for entering!

Today is the final day of our Home for the Holidays week! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you’ve gleaned a few gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season as well!

Since this is the third year in a row that I’ve highlighted the online store Imagine Childhood, I don’t have to tell you that I’m a fan.

I have reviewed, and purchased, items for birthdays and holidays there for a quite a while now, and have been incredibly pleased with the quality of the toys–as well as the heart behind them.

Sarah from Imagine Childhood has created the most beautiful virtual holiday catalog, showcasing many of the items in their shop–it’s an excellent way to get an overview of the toys and other creative goodness they offer to customers.

Last year I bought many of my kids’ stocking stuffers here–and I appreciated that they made it easy for me by putting the smaller sized gifts together for easy browsing.

Continue reading to find out more about the two toys being offered to a lucky winner today!

Fairy House Kit

My nine-year-old daughter is into all things dollhouse-related at the moment. Remember the wooden treehouse I reviewed two years ago? That toy has been played with hard, on an almost daily basis, and is still going strong.

Trishna has turned the entire floor of her bedroom into a “neighborhood,” confiscating many cardboard boxes as houses for her dolls. She will be thrilled to add this fairy house to the neighborhood–and to create it herself!

The kit has everything you need to make a multilevel fairy house like the one you see above–with tons of items to make furniture and decorate with afterwords: birch bark, moss, driftwood, wire, seashells, stones, pine cones, bark, feathers, twine, silk flowers, and small branch sections. AND–your own glue gun! (I’m thinking the glue gun may be Trishna’s favorite part.)

Imagine Childhood also keeps in stock a wide variety of sweet fairies you can purchase to keep that house full of magical residents once it’s been constructed.

European Solar Construction Set

Eight-year-old Jonathan has really gotten into building kits lately, so this solar construction kit will be under the tree for him this year.

An awesome introduction to solar power, the kit contains pieces to make an airplane or helicopter. It includes over 188 parts and instructions to create the models–my husband’s head swooned when he saw them, but I think Jonathan is up for it!

The company specifies this as a kit for ages eight and up, and looking at all the small parts, I would agree. Your older kids will love it!

Once the model is built, you place it under direct sunlight and watch it power up! (No, it doesn’t fly, but the rotors spin.) Plenty of environmentally friendly play–and no batteries required!

Special Offer: Use the code ‘simplehomeschool’ to receive 10% off at Imagine Childhood through December 5th!

One Simple Homeschool reader will win a fairy house kit and a solar construction kit from Imagine Childhood!Β 

How to win

Use the widget below to leave a comment on this post, and you’ll be entered to win! (If you’re reading this via email, please click over to the main post to leave your comment.)

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This giveaway has now ended. Thanks for entering!

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  1. Christina P. says:

    I have a little girl that loves all things fairies and two boys that love to build, so they would be a hit in our house! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. My girls would love the doll house kit! They play with their little polly pocket dolls almost daily!
    Shirley’s latest post: Boy Scouts and Pirates have something in common…

  3. My children LOVE to use their imaginations – especially outside. My girls, especially the middle one, loves fairies. She is convinced that they are real. My sons love to build – with anything from rocks to sticks to paper to paper clips. What a wonderful Christmas gift these would be!

  4. Our youngest proudly tells everyone that she is a scientist – she would enjoy the solar kit. She and sister would both enjoy another imagination toy too.

  5. My daughter loves all things little and a fairy house would so tickle her imagination. : )

  6. My daughter would love the fairy house, as she’s just starting to branch out into more imaginative play. We’re still a few years away from using the solar kit, but we’d happily save it– my husband is a huge science geek and would love doing this kind of project with the kids!

  7. I have three boys who love building things, so I know they would love that!

  8. so cute, my littles would love these. πŸ™‚

  9. Our 4yo daughter is very much into all things fairy and loves natural materials and my 7yo son loves building machines….he’d love to give the solar plane a whirl. Thanks for the chance!

  10. These kits are designed with my kids in mind. Both would love them.

  11. My little guy lives building so these would be perfect for him!

  12. Here’s hoping for a win, and I’ll have 2 very happy little girls!

  13. My little girl asked for a solar building kit for Christmas and I think that wooden treehouse would be used by army men and dragons by my boys. What great toys! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Susan’s latest post: a quick and easy advent calendar

  14. We have two little girls who love to play make-believe and build things…. training up future engineers!

  15. My littlest guy loves to build, so he’d have a great time with the fairy house. My older son likes to build too and I’d give him the plane.
    Wendy’s latest post: The Week in Bentos: November 19-23, 2012

  16. My daughters LOVE to create things. They turn just about anything into a “doll” and are currently drawing lots of fairies. They would love these kits especially since they get to use their imaginations and make it like THEY see it.

  17. My son is still to small to play with these toys but my older nephew would love to thinker with the solar kit. He just has such an inquisitive mind.

  18. Oh my! Perfect for my fairy loving little girl and my invention making little boy. I love how both of these kits involve the kids making their own design. My creative kids would love them!

  19. My Lego-lovin’ 8yo boys would love putting together the airplane and watching it rev up in the sun. And my daughters play with their doll house daily and would enjoy the fairy house. I can see the four of them working together to construct the house – the younger girls directing and the older boys gluing!

  20. My kids would love the fairy house and they also love anything construction, so they would find a way to play with both toys at the same time!

  21. Carrie Anderson says:

    we would all love to build that fairy house

  22. My kiddos would go wild for this! They love to build!

  23. I’ve got a serious 7 year old builder (imagine LEGOs all over our house) and a young girl who’s one wish last year was to meet a real fairy, so I am SURE these would be a hit!!!

  24. My daughter loves fairies and my son wants to learn how to build EVERYTHING! This is a wonderful giveaway!

  25. My daughter loves to use her imagination.

  26. heather m. says:

    Would love to win. My boys would love these.

  27. My youngest son has loved “tinkering” and building things since he was really little. He would love the solar kit!

  28. My daughter loves all things fairy, she also happens to have been asking for a helicopter….

  29. my engineer-in-training would love the helicopter…

  30. My little girl would love one of the fairy houses, as her little ‘imaginary’ friends need a place to live other than her dolls’ ‘Townhouse’ …

  31. My 3 year old loves to arrange things (and re-arrange and re-arrange). She would love the fairy house!

  32. I think the biggest thing about these toys is they are open ended. We buy so few toys for our kids, that we’re able to really curate quite a wonderful, solid, and well-made collection for them. A doll house or ‘fairy woodland house’ is the exact same idea—years of open ended play with imagination! (and my son would LOVE LOVE LOVE the building toy!)
    Sarah M
    Sarah M’s latest post: December Photo Project

  33. My granddaughter would love the fairy house. She loves girly and fairies are pretty girly. πŸ˜‰ My son, who is 10, loves anything he can build. The fact that this powers up makes it that much more fun. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Southern Gal’s latest post: Wordless Wednesday

  34. Both gifts are great especially the solar construction for my eight yr old.

  35. My 6 year old son would ADORE the solar plane. He loves building things so much!

  36. My 3 year old son would probably love both these sets – he is really into these small wooden gnomes we bought handmade at an arts + crafts show. And I’m sure his dad would love helping build with the construction kit.

  37. I think my daughter would like both of these gifts. She loves all things make believe! But just recently came to me and said she was going to be a builder when she grew up – I think perhaps because she enjoys playing with her legos so much!
    Heather’s latest post: Turkey Stock

  38. My oldest daughter LOVES fairies. She juts discovered them this year. Both my boys would LOVE the solar kit. The oldest loves helicopters and the youngest loves putting things together.
    Modern Mia Gardening’s latest post: I Spy With My Little Eye

  39. My kid loves building and would love both of these kits!

  40. I love Imagine Childhood!! I am going to order the minerals and rocks for my son this year—and a snuggly stuffed animal for my other son. They would love these items!! Even the fairy house! : )

  41. What a great gift guide! Thanks also for the discount – will be putting it to good use soon.
    Mary Jo, Five Green Acres’s latest post: Remembering a Rooster

  42. My 5 year old has been completely absorbed in imaginative scenes right now. This would be a great addition to give her many hours of creativity! She also loves to play with Tinkertoys and I could imagine her really captivated by the plane engineering.

  43. My daughter loves to make things and pretend with anything and everything! My nephews also love to build.

  44. Jeri Thurber says:

    My daughter loves all things fairy and building things – a fantastic giveaway!

  45. Meredith C. says:

    My two kids would love these toys–thanks!

  46. Leah Hinds says:

    I have a 10 yr old daughter and an 8 yr old son, and both items would be loved in our house! Thanks for the chance to win – holiday giveaways are awesome. πŸ™‚

  47. My daughter is really getting into dollhouse stuff and is completely obsessed with anything fairy related-she would love this!

  48. My kids love to build and imagine almost anything. So fun!

  49. Love great interactive toys!

  50. My son loves to build, he would love the solar powered kit!

  51. oh I love these! the fairy house is way too cute. My little girly would love it!

  52. christina.vd says:

    Perfect for my little cousins!

  53. My daughter would love the fairy house–she most often uses her imagination and creates “lovely” places for her toys rather than using premade houses and such.
    My middle son would love the solar set–building things is right up his alley. It would be nice to have something other than plastic Lego sets to keep him occupied.

  54. Amber Walters says:

    My daughter would probably love BOTH of these prizes. She loves all things pretend and girly but she is really getting into engineering. The number 2 item on her Christmas list this year was rope so she could build pulleys and zip lines in the back yard.

  55. These look like awesome toys that will inspire creativity.
    Anne’s latest post: Mrs. Smith’s Signature Deep Dish Pies Review and Giveaway

  56. My kids would love these!

  57. These would be great to spark the imagination in my kids. Thanks for the giveaway.

  58. I have a “fairy” girl who would be thrilled with the house! My three boys would enjoy the solar kit as well!

  59. My boys would go nuts for the solar set!

  60. My kids love building both of these. My girls would love the fairy house, they love anything fairy related. And my son and youngest daughter would have fun with the solar airplane kit, my son to build and my daughter to play with.

  61. Katie Miller says:

    my 4 year old son, malachi

  62. LOVE IT! this one would be great for my three woodland creatures! thanks!

  63. My daughter, Samantha, would love to make the fairy house and airplane. She has been interested in Lego kits, and these would take her creativity to a whole new level!

  64. My son would love this b/c he LOVES putting things together (and taking then apart!)

  65. would love this perfect gift for my daughter fairy lover and son the builder, perfect

  66. Because it lets them think and create.

  67. My son is into all things construction related, and would love the challenge of building the model. My older daughter LOVES fairies, and has already attempted to build her own fairy house. This would be perfect for her. Of course, if I win, I’ll have to go back to the site to pick something for my younger daughter… πŸ˜‰

  68. Ashley McRea says:

    My 9 year old son loves to build, so he would love the airplane and I would give the dollhouse away to a favorite little girl. My daughter is 18. πŸ™

  69. Love your gifties! What a wonderful offer!

  70. My kids are just to the ages where gifts like this would delight them. They adore imaginative projects along with science based ones right now.
    Mama B’s latest post: Salted Caramel Sandwich Cookies

  71. My daughter loves fairies and would love the fairy house!

  72. Those are great toys. My sons would love the building kit. And I would love the fairy house and do my best to get them to play with it. They would probably turn it into a construction site.

  73. The fairy house is adorable. Love the magic and whimsy of it!

  74. My kids love building and get so excited when they get to use tools. The solar kit would be an amazing gift for them!

  75. My son would love the solar building kit!

  76. My sons would love the building kit. I think they would love the fairy house as well but it would probably turn into a construction site of some sort. They love everything having to do with nature. Thank you for sharing this site. I had not yet discovered them and they have the kinds of toys I like to give to kids.

  77. Oh these are perfect for my oldest two kids. My oldest son loves to construct things and this solar power kit might be useful as a Scout project. And my oldest daughter loves all things fairy. These would be awesome Christmas gifts.

  78. My kids would love both of those fun toys! πŸ™‚
    Lisa H’s latest post: Splash Kingdom-Shreveport

  79. Oh my kids would love these because they can construct them and create cool things. They love being creative!
    karen’s latest post: I Think I Took a Blog Break and Happy Thanksgiving …late!

  80. I think my son and my daughter both would love the fairy houses. They adore playing outside and using their imaginations and this would be played with for years, I believe!

  81. Very cool play things! I like that for my son πŸ™‚

  82. My oldest niece and nephew would love these!

  83. My kids would love these. Thanks for the pointer to the Imagine Childhood site; what beautiful products!

  84. Oh my goodness Ivy would love the fairy kit- we dabbled with making a little fairy land before but had a hard time finding many pieces for it. And my son would love the construction set so much- he’s a builder.

    Stephanie Precourt’s latest post: Open to Close

  85. My daughter would love the fairy house because she likes to create stories in her own little world. My boys would enjoy working with Daddy to put together to the model!
    Heidi’s latest post: A Journey of Thankfulness – wrapping it up

  86. I’d love to win anything from Imagine Childhood, they have fabulous products!

  87. My son who likes to build things from lego’s or other buildable toys would love this. Thank you for these great giveaway.

  88. Oh my – my daughter absolutely loves anything with fairies and my son would do anything to build with this set. They are perfect!
    Roxy Schow’s latest post: proof

  89. emma taylor says:

    We’d love to win these!

  90. My 8 year old would love the solar kit. He loves building, design and is a big fan of sustainable energy thanks to the Primitive Pursuits program he’s involved with in our town.
    Hillary’s latest post: Why I Chose Midwives (Video)

  91. My boys would love these. Thanks for the tip about Imagine Childhood; what beautiful things!

  92. Melissa L. says:

    These sound great!! I like Imagain Childhood.

  93. My boys would love them both. We could just call the fairy tree house a plain tree house! πŸ˜‰

  94. They allow for creativity and imagination!
    Jessica’s latest post: "Just a Story" = Valuable Moments

  95. We have five girls who would adore the fairy house since they love to set up little play areas inside and outside and a couple of boys who, although older now, used to love constructing things. I think this set might tempt them, too.

  96. They are both so cool. That fairy house. WOW.

  97. The fairy house is so sweet. My daughter would love building it and making her own fairy glen!

  98. My 5 year old daughter would love the fairy house because she is fascinated by all things fairies these days, and my 7 year old son would love the solar construction set because he builds things all day long!

  99. The fairy house is amazing! My girls would love this. Thanks for the chance to win!

  100. Believe it or not, my daughter would love BOTH of these toys. I’m sure our son would love the solar set… one day. But he is only 3 months old. lol But my daughter loves helping Daddy with stuff like yard work so I bet she & Daddy would have an awesome time putting the solar set together.

  101. Amanda Brighton says:

    My degree is in Physics Education and I’m still wondering if it’s not just genetic because my son loves to experiment and make things. I’d appreciate a break in coming up with my own things and have a quality kit for him to use.

  102. My daughter would love the fairy house, and my oldest son would love the construction set

  103. My son is all about science so he would love the solar kit. And he even loves fairies (he wants the new Disney Tinkerbell movie and we’ve agreed to get it, only we’ll tell his friends that his mom really loves fairies and Tinkerbell).
    Dee’s latest post: Life as a Lamborghini

  104. Becky Jones says:

    My oldest child-a junior in college {journalism major} just told her professor that her favorite memory from childhood were the summer nights sitting on my lap watching the landscaping lit area while I told fairy stories…she said “I like to think just maybe some of those little fairies were real :)” Well, this would MAKE her Christmas to have this sweet kit..a visual reminder of such a happy time…and my son is currently in a robotics class and I am sure he and his dad would enjoy putting the construction set together! Thanks for the awesome week of giveaways!

  105. My daughter would love the fairy house and my son the construction set!

  106. Sorry if this is a duplicate comment…I got an error message the first time I posted, then I was told I already posted that yet…I don’t see my post. Anyways, my daughter would definitely love both of those. She may even love the solar kit best because it’s something she can do with her daddy. And when our son is old enough I’m sure he will love it as well.
    Amanda’s latest post: Pumpkin Pie Parfaits (Gluten & Dairy Free) A Pin-Respin

  107. Brandi Marsolais says:

    My daughter doesn’t have a dollhouse, or anything of the sort, as of yet but LOVES all things tiny, and spends many hours every day in pretend play with her little dolls and animals. She also loves to build and put things together. I think we would have fun doing these both together πŸ™‚

  108. My 10-year-old daughter LOVES dollhouses, and we both love natural creations. Both my daughter and my 3-year-old son would enjoy the wonders of learning about solar energy. Thanks for offering the prize drawing.

  109. My son would love both items. He is really interested in both magical worlds and the world of science so both are right up his alley.

  110. My girls would LOVE the fairy house! My husband would love the solar set. πŸ™‚

  111. My daughter (also 9) has loved fairies for a while, and I love that she still enjoys and believes in them. She (and her little brother) would love to build and play with this. Little brother would love the building kit, when he gets a bit older, or as a fun project with Daddy. And both kids would be interested in the solar-powered part. Thanks for the chance to win!

  112. My girls and theid daddy would love the solar construction kit!

  113. My girls and their daddy would love the solar construction kit!

  114. This is such a great giveaway!! My son is a real nature boy and we read a lot of books about gnomes, fairies,… so he would love the fairy house. He’s got the science and inquisitive gene from his dad, so they would love to work on the helicopter kit together πŸ™‚

  115. My five year old twins & 4 yr old are always looking for “fairy signs” – building our own fairy homes and setting out treats – we have drooled over this exact thing many times. It would be such a gift to them!!

  116. my son loves all sorts of construction kits. I think I’m the one that would love the fairy house kit.

  117. My son LOVES science. He’s had solar kits before and they kept him occupied for hours. He would love this!

  118. My 5 year old is super mechanically minded and has a pilot grandfather…this would be perfect!
    Laura’s latest post: {food} butternut squash coconut curry

  119. I have an imaginative niece who would love the fairy house and my construction-minded son would just eat up the solar kit. Such great toys!

  120. What a great company. Both my kids would enjoy the solar kit. They love constructing and seeing how things work.

  121. Isabel Wende says:

    My nephew/godson would love the solar kit; he’s fanatic about connecting, fixing, and building. My daughter would love the fairy house; she’s charmed and entranced by fairies.

  122. I have a girl and a boy that would like to have these. Looks like lots of fun!

  123. My daughter is such a nature girl!!! She would love the fairy house!!

  124. My niece would like the fairy house – she’s very crafty! And the solar kit would probably amuse my son and husband, too! My husband is very mechanical and wants to pass that skill along so this is a great project for them.

  125. Carol F in New Mexico says:

    My son is all about building and creating. Our house, too, is crowded with cardboard “houses”, “offices”, and everything else he can imagine. He would love the fairy house so much. And the airplane kit would send him over the moon!

  126. Carol F in New Mexico says:

    My son is all about building and creating. He would love the fairy house so much. And the airplane kit would send him over the moon!

  127. What I love about this giveaway is that there is such a great learning potential for my 3 children and both sets are boy or girl friendly, which is a bonus. I can see all of my sweeties loving these!

  128. Lawana Gray says:

    My daughters love fairies and playhouses! That’s an easy sell. My older daughter is just getting into building things and learning how things work. The airplane would be a great learning tool for her.

  129. my boys love to build, so both of these would suit them so well!

  130. My daughter has always loved to build and create and these are a wonderful change from the usual connecting blocks etc.

  131. My oldest son would absolutely LOVE the construction set! How cool that it’s solar too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. This is a great giveaway! My 6 year old daughter would LOVE the fairy kit and my 8 year old son would love to work on the solar construction kit with his 16 year old brother. Thank you for the opportunity.

  133. My daughter has so thoroughly enjoyed learning about Orville and Wilbur Wright. She has drawn multiple model airplanes on paper and built a few with blocks. I know she would thoroughly enjoy the solar construction kit, especially since both her and my younger daughter have a tender spot for animals. They are always trying to find ways to protect the environment and animals’ habitats. I also know the fairies would be a big hit with my niece who is 6 and adores anything connected to fairies.

  134. Sarah Cooper says:

    My son would LOVE the construction set. He’s only 4, but has blasted through all “age-appropriate” sets already. I think he would really, really enjoy this set for his 5th birthday, with supervision he would rock it! I would save the fairy house for my daughter for a couple of years (she’s still pretty little, but as soon as I saw imaginative play, we’d bring it out). Thanks for the chance to win!!

  135. Faye E. Hunt says:

    My daughter would love the fairy kit because I think it would capture her imagination when she’s of age (she’s 8 months now!) and my three year old son would love the solar construction kit because he’s really into building things right now! He has his own tool set and loves helping his father fix things up around the house and do wooden constructions at Lowe’s so I think he would really dig this kit! Thank you for this amazing giveaway.

  136. My daughter would love the fairy house, but she probably would use it for her little animals – LOL! What a wonderful thing for her little tigers, elephants, giraffes, hippos, etc. to have a “woods” of their own. Thanks for the giveaway!

  137. My 7 yr old is so well rounded that she would find great enjoyment in playing with either of these awesome imaginative play toys.

  138. Susanna Joy says:

    I have 2 kiddos in my house who LOVE to play fairies! πŸ™‚

  139. We recently bought land that we will be building our home on and my oldest daughter is planning a fairy garden πŸ™‚ my youngest son would love the solar kit, his big brother has been teaching him a bit about solar power and how it can be used in our new home πŸ™‚

  140. My boys would love the creativity aspect of the kit while my little lady would adore the pretend play aspect. So fun!

  141. My daughter would LOVE the fairy house as she is really into fairies. We’ve read pretty much every fairy related book at the library!

  142. Amy Griffith says:

    you find such treasures out there!!! love all the new places to shop for creative gifts for kids!!!

  143. leigh anne h. says:

    my boys would love to play with both. My 2.5 year old likes to play with figurines and this would be a perfect gift. The airplane I think both of my boys would enjoy building. They like building and creating.

  144. What fun things! My daughter loves to make little doll houses and play w/ any little thing – cut out paper figures, dolls, animals, rocks. My son is zoo into the contraction phase right now. These are such great ideas!

  145. These are amazingly perfect for my imagining, small things loving girl and builder boy! Thank you for the giveaways!

  146. These are such unique, creative things for a child to play with. My daughters love fairies and I know they would have fun with a solar construction kit as well. πŸ™‚

  147. My sons. They love to create structures and are always trying to figure out how and why things work!

  148. I also have an eight year old son who not only loves to build things, but is very environmentally aware. He would love the kit. The fairy house would be perfect for the garden fairies that live in our backyard. They have never had anything so deluxe!

  149. They both look fun! I love that neither of them requires batteries!

  150. Liberating to hear we are not the only ones! We go to bed early but we start our days S L O W L Y. Funny, but I think most homeschooling parents are afraid to admit that they have tendencies like this – we are so trained to follow social \’norms\’ and letting your children sleep until they wake is not one of them! So glad I am not the only one….. πŸ™‚

  151. Both my kids would love the solar kit. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  152. My kids would either of these! Thanks for a great giveaway-

  153. My oldest two boys are in cubscouts. One loves the technology and engineering stuff. The other loves to build with wood and tools. They have a little sister that they dote on and they would love to build that fairy house for her to play with and my little engineer would love that solar airplane. He loves airplanes …. That would be perfect for him.

  154. Both these things are right up our alley. We build fairy house all the time just using things in nature but this would be something different and fun. Building things is what my youngest is all about. He is always coming up with some new creation. These are great. And even if we don’t win I will be using the discount code. I was planning on ordering a few things from them anyways. Great !
    Rosemarie’s latest post: being pampered

  155. My boys would absolutely love the solar construction set!!!!

  156. My son would absolutely flip at that solar kit, and I think all my kids would have a blast making the fairy house. We made mini fairy houses during a special event at a public garden once, and they were absorbed in it for much longer than I expected them to be. The workers even convinced my teenage niece and myself to make one, and it was so much fun!
    Lorinda Davis’s latest post: Blackberry Apple Pie

  157. our fairy gardens from this summer were destroyed by a storm. We’d love to rebuild them…
    Melissa D’s latest post: A fun Vera Wang piece

  158. My oldest daughter would love both toys! She is our little creative scatterbrained engineer. I think the building set would be a project she and my oldest son could work on together and would build cooperation between them.

  159. I have a three year old and a seven year old. I KNOW these would be loved:) Good luck everyone!

  160. My son is totally into building things. He’d love the solar kit for sure!

  161. My kids love to pretend and create so these would both be so fun to have around.

  162. These would be perfect gifts for my daughter and son.

  163. Both of my girls would love these gifts. Fairies are huge in our house and my oldest loves to tinker and build things.

  164. My daughters are always creating little houses for their Playmobil animals and people. They would love the fairy house kit!
    Marianne @ Abundant Life’s latest post: Homeschooling Through the Holidays

  165. Kristin Thomas says:

    My daughter would LOVE the fairy house becauseshe is into all things FAIRY! How cool would it be if she could have a fairy house to go with all of her “fairy play”? But the MOST exciting part of this giveaway would be the solar kit for my son! At Thanksgiving, he was talking with my brother about solar power and to combine that new interest in it with his ABSOLUTE LOVE for planes…. it would just make his Christmas! Thanks for this opportunity to be entered in this drawing!

  166. My daughter loves building things. She would like both projects!

  167. Both my kids are using their imagination more as they play, so these toys would be another outlet for their creativity.

  168. My boys would have so much fun with the Solar plane and my nieces would love the fairy house!

  169. I admit my kids are probably a smidge too young now (and the nieces and nephews are even younger), but they look so nice that I’d happily tuck them away for a year or two!

  170. My four year old daughter loves all things fairy. She would be thrilled to receive this Christmas morning. My oldest son would enjoy the building kit. Thanks for the giveaway, hope to win!

  171. Jennifer Cashin says:

    My son would LOVE to solar construction kit because he loves to construct things and he loves science! He would be fascinated with that!

  172. These are great projects!

  173. My children love to create. My dear 9 year old loves all things nature related and would have an amazing time creating a new fairy house. Right now she just uses what nature provides: twigs, grass, bark . . . you have to start somewhere!
    Heather Mac’s latest post: FREE Resource for Serving as a Family During the Holidays

  174. my nieces would love the fairy house to play with outdoors & my boys the solar kit! They’ve been learning about solar energy πŸ™‚

  175. My boys would love this!

  176. Brandi Hansen says:

    These are the perfect gifts for my kids! My little fairy girl would love the house, and my son and older girls are all builders. I think I will be doing some shopping for these items as well! Thank you!

  177. Oh my goodness – all my kids would love doing something like this! what great ideas!!

  178. I love imagine childhood!! They have such neat stuff πŸ™‚

  179. All my kids love building and the Solar Construction Kit looks like a great present to work with dad on. My girls would love the fairy house set too. It reminds me when my oldest would build houses for squirrels around the base of trees for them to come to live in once she was gone.

  180. Michele Villano says:

    So great! I love them!

  181. We already leave gnome homes where ever we hike, fairy houses would allow us to expand our real estate opportunities for the wee folk.
    ~Heather’s latest post: thanksgiving jam 2012 playlist

  182. The solar powered plane looks amazing. I think our 9 year old son would love this. He is into building and likes to figure out how things work. The fairy house could prove an interesting play area. We have a some great fairies that currently have no home to live in. Again the building would be a great chance for the kids to create from their own imagination.
    Cynthia I’s latest post: Abstract Art Session

  183. This is great. I love Imagine Childhood!

  184. Sarah Leoni says:

    Great giveaway!

  185. My seven year old daughter would LOVE this fairy kit! Thanks for info on this company. I’m excited to go to their site:)

  186. perfect for my 9 yr. old daughter and 7 yr. old son!

  187. My kids LOVE creative gifts!

  188. My girls love anything involving crafts and building. They love to show everyone what they make and display it around the house.

  189. my 3yo daugher would love the fairy kit as she’s just getting into that sort of thing. my DH is sorta still a kid and would love to play with the solar set and get my 3yo involved in that too. my 8mo is too young yet for this stuff but enjoys watching her older sister do anything!

  190. My kids would love these kits- we make our own fairy houses, but it would be fun to have an all inclusive kit! Great gift idea! The solar project would be a great science lesson…
    Tori’s latest post: Fun With Worms- And Other Invertebrates!

  191. Every toy in my home becomes a plane and then lands at a castle where the people play. Every.toy. No matter what it is, these both already fulfill those roles s already!

  192. My girl would LOVE the crafting of putting together a fairy house and all the fun play afterwards, my older boy is a builder and would love to work on this project with Dad and my younger boy loves helicopters and airplanes and would have just as much delight in the finished product!

  193. My daughter loves anything fanciful and fairy tale-ish, and my two older boys love building anything!
    Teish’s latest post: True Love

  194. My boys would love the solar kit.

  195. My daughter katarina loves to read and so therefor is always imagining the world of her books and what it would be like

  196. My boys love building stuff and knowing how things work.
    Kristina Best’s latest post: Understanding Theology in 15 Minutes a Day – Daryl Aaron ~ Review

  197. My 3 year old son loves dollhouses and tree-houses. He’s bee really into imaginative play lately. My 5 year old nephew is a little engineer and would go nuts over that plane.

  198. My daughter loves fairies and pretends she is a fairy all the time.

  199. My three children would love the kit! Two of them are “hands-on” learners – and this would be perfect!

  200. My little one has a wonderful imagination and these would add to the worlds she creates everyday.

  201. My kids love anything real that works, and they are also big time into imaginative play.

  202. We’ve got a household of curious children here who love to discover and learn. These kits would be perfect for them!

  203. Our boys love to build with anything. Great for the imagination!

  204. My older boys are fascinated with building and using their imaginations! They (um… and me) would love these!

  205. Dahlia O'Neil says:

    I love these! Imagine Childhood is wonderful, isn’t it?! πŸ™‚

  206. My niece would love the imagination-meets-building of both these toys.

  207. I would love one of the building kits for my grandsons. They are totally into the lego world and I would love to give them something that is fun and educational that we could do together.
    Pattyann’s latest post: 31 Days of Hope – Day 31

  208. Thank you for doing the giveaways!

  209. our kids love building and are extremely imaginative. they would love these kits!

  210. My son loves anything hands on and the construction set would be great for him, and my daughter loves anything fairies!

  211. My daughter loves creating out of found things!

  212. My daughter is such a curious & creative child. I know she would enjoy these, especially the Fairy House Kit. Thanks!

  213. fairies are very big at our house so they would love the fairy house and they are both fascinated with building things. what a fun giveaway!
    Danielle Drown’s latest post: Goodbyes

  214. anything that involves a challenge for my son!

  215. Both my husband and I are engineers so I think these would end up being a joint project with our children. πŸ™‚

  216. My nieces love fairies, so that would be a perfect present for them. My boys love anything that they can manipulate and put together. My “big boy” (DH) would love to help them! Thanks again for all of the fun giveaways! Heather

  217. Wow, what awesome gifts these would make! I have three girls who would adore the fairy set and my oldest son is totally into gadgetry and all things electronic. How fun for them! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  218. My son loves to put things together. That plane would be awesome.

  219. Amanda Medford says:

    It would build imagination and creativity. So much fun!

  220. Blessed Mom says:

    Thanks for the gift ideas. I’m searching for different kinds of gifts this year and these would be perfect.

  221. My oldest daughter (9) has been begging for woodcarving stuff for Christmas–she would love this!

  222. Leslie M.P. says:

    My son absolutely loves building things. He enjoys anything like that. Thank you!

  223. These look fun and educational

  224. I have a son and a daughter that are both VERY creative and curious! They love toys that don’t limit their play!

  225. We try and encourage friends and family to look for educational and non-electronic toys for our child. I don’t like toys that just require the push of a button.

  226. These look PERFECT for our friends who are 8 and 10! Love the imagination and science involved!
    Lynda’s latest post: The Girl in the Glass by Susan Meissner

  227. Marie Delaplace says:

    He’d love it because he enjoys playing with his hands.

  228. My husband would love the plane- my son would love it too- when he got a little older. πŸ˜‰
    Alaina’s latest post: Let the demons tremble

  229. My oldest LOVES fairies, she’d love building a fairy house
    Ashlee’s latest post: Day 28 {30 Days of Thanks}

  230. Oh my…my kids would love these items. Thanks you.

  231. They love building, pretending, and fairies. PERFECT!!!

  232. My kids would be able to use their imaginations with these toys!

  233. My son loves building things and cars, and my daughter is in love with faries! They would LOVE these!

  234. Love toys that require creativity & imagination….not batteries. My kids would love to play with both of these. Thanks for the cool giveaways!

  235. Beth Gillespie says:

    Our two eldest are so FULL of imagination – they love make play and pretend play. My son also loves anything that he can build – the solar element would be so exciting for him!

  236. My 11 year old daughter still very much loves crafts, nature, and miniatures. This fits all those categories! My 9 year old son would be in heaven building with the solar construction kit!

  237. Our oldest loves building things, especially things with parts that move. Another child loves make believe.

  238. We are going to make a fairy house outside come spring… It would be fun to make one inside and be able to play with it.

  239. Would be perfect for my DS to build with dad and my two DDs to build with me. Perfect family together time!

  240. Another amazing giveaway, wow! And we are fairy obsessed over here, in particular. Thanks for doing this!
    Megan’s latest post: Stay Tuned!

  241. Heather musick says:

    We love to use our imaginations to make things real.

  242. Rebecca Hastings says:

    They love to be creative!

  243. The question should be why wouldnt a child in my family want one? These are awesome giveaways, something new and unique. We’d all enjoy them!!
    MzBaker’s latest post: Happy Halloween!!!

  244. Both my kids love creative toys and my daughter in particular makes a fairy garden every year, it’s very cute!
    Marie’s latest post: The Great Carrot Decorating Contest (a post by Muffin the Guinea Pig)

  245. We like these type of toys.

  246. My two boys and one girl would love both of these. Looks like a plethora of good Christmas ideas in the holiday catalog!

  247. Alison Minor says:

    My daughter loves fairy houses and my son would love the airplane.

  248. My kids love to build and create!

  249. My boys love playing imaginary games and a fairy house would only inspire them more! My youngest would be especially thrilled with the solar airplane kit.
    Micaela @MindfulMomma’s latest post: New Sponsor: Zenoobi {Win a $50 Gift Card!}

  250. That fairy house is very cool! My 4 yr old would love it!

  251. Both awesome presents! I’m particularly fond of the fairy house.

  252. 2 of mine are so into fairies right now – how fun!

  253. we love imagine childhood!

  254. Sarah Jean says:

    The holidays are always a little tough for us. I have to find the balance between the things they want and the other magical things to introduce them to. These gifts would bring some magic to us!

  255. My kids LOVE to play outside, but lack the “tools” . I love that they foster the imagination and creativity!

  256. My daughter is completely into fairies. She was even one for Halloween. I also love that fairies are associated with nature.

  257. Abby Aberle says:

    The solar set is just the geeky thing my husband would love to do with my son!

  258. Lucy Schramm says:

    My son loves to build!

  259. My kiddos love this sort of play. The girls are into all things dolls too.

  260. Heather Y. says:

    Because my daughter’s best friend who lives far away loves fairies and it would remind her of her. And both of my boys are builders. These would both be a hit in our house.

  261. I know one niece who would absolutely love the fairy house. She would have so much fun with it and all her little fairies. The solar construction kit I would save for my three year old. Once he’s big enough to use and understand it he’ll head over heels with constructing it.
    Melinda’s latest post: Twelve Times Four People – October

  262. Dara Huber says:

    My kids love anything they can build and create stories around. Perfect!

  263. My son would love the solar construction kit because he loves assembling things!

  264. My girls love making miniature things for their little hand sewn mice to use. They would love the fairy house kit.

  265. My little boy loves to build anything & take everything apart!
    Melanie’s latest post: FAF #33 Winners! (Heart warming winner!)

  266. My son is just getting into that age where he is full of questions about how things work and what else he can create with household items. He would love this!
    Liz @ The HomeStyle’s latest post: Truth in the Tinsel

  267. Brianna Ponio says:

    Oh my gosh, I have a daughter that would love both of these! However I think we would keep the fairy dollhouse for her because she is just getting into doll imaginative play on her own, acting out characters. The cool solar construction kit would make a great gift for her cousins!

  268. My daughter loves fairies and anything miniature. Her cousins, though, would LOVE the solar kit! They both love science and construction; they’d be all over this!

  269. Cathy Piancone says:

    A FAIRY DOLLHOUSE!!!! How wonderful!

  270. Beautiful toys. So glad there are options like this out there.
    Danielle’s latest post: Light ‘Em Up

  271. My Barefoot Angel says:

    My daughter loves LOVES fairies and we just went to a fairy house tour in summer and she just simply fell in love with the fairy houses, while my son has just begun having an interest in construction kits. It would be so great to have the lovely toys for them under the Christmas tree.

  272. This reminds me of the doll house my father built for me. What a great gift!

  273. My son loves to build and is into anything with tools. And the fairy house is so fun! My daughter would be sure to like it.

  274. My son is 6 and my daughter 3 – and they are both builders. I know that these would be played with again and again.

  275. My son would love playing with each of these πŸ™‚ Perfect for playing with friends πŸ˜€

  276. My 8 year old has loved all things fairy for a while. Tinkerbell comic books were the first thing that she ever read. She would love the fairy house kit! My six year old loves tools and projects with daddy. Again a great present.

  277. My son would love the building kit. He’s always wondering about how things work. He has a barn that would be awesome with the treehouse for making his little village come to life. Thank you for the toy ideas!

  278. Wonderful imaginative play sets!!! Headed over to the website now!

  279. Jeanette Myers says:

    DS loves building things and these look like great projects!

  280. My little girl would love the fairy house….who wouldn’t? πŸ™‚ My son would enjoy the solar kit since he is into building and the lights would fascinate him I”m sure.

  281. My son just said the other day that he was going to save his birthday money for batteries because our extended family always gives him toys that he require them. Wouldn’t he be excited to get something that didn’t need batteries to be awesome? πŸ™‚

  282. My kidlets would get so much from these toys. Such lovely quality!
    Deven’s latest post: Pumpkin Coffee Cake Muffins

  283. We have adopted a family this year through our local holiday program & our little 3yr adopted girl LOVES all things fairy!… Her mother requests that we think of all things “Waldorf” style… I’m thinking this fits that desciption!!… This would make a great add-on to her Christmas present πŸ™‚

  284. They love putting things together!

  285. Tabitha Zehner says:

    Oh! My kids would love these! I have to very hands on learners. One of which is in love with fairies and princesses, and the other that is constantly asking how things work and would love to get his hands on the solar power kit. This would be amazing to win!

  286. All 5 of my kids love imaginative play and the fairy house would be perfect for many of their games. My son would love the solar kit, he loves to build!

  287. Christina B. says:

    These toys do look magical! We would love them!

  288. My children, similar to yours have a village. This would be a wonderful addition to ours!

  289. my girls would adore that fairy house.

  290. My son loves to build things…so he’d love the airplane, for sure!

  291. My 11 year old daughter has been outside for the past 2 hours building her own “fairy house” out of bark, mulch and moss. She would love to have a fun to kit to work with. Great giveaway!!

  292. My daughters are totally into fairies and gnomes right now! They read The Little Grey Men and search for gnomes in the woods.

  293. My girls would love both of these kits! So cool!

  294. Jennifer W says:

    MAddie would love this because she is into fairies and has started doing some woodworking. Perfect combination!

  295. These toys would be an instant hit in my house!

  296. My almost four-year-old loves assembling imaginative things πŸ™‚

  297. My son loves working with tools and building things with his Papa and this kit would be great for that. Both my daughter & son enjoy stories about fairies so the fairy tree house would be perfect for them to play with after one of our fairy or gnome stories πŸ™‚

  298. Both of my children love building things! This would be perfect!
    Amy’s latest post: 10 on 10 {the november edition}

  299. Both of my boys love building things, and I have no doubt they would enjoy the fairy house as much as the solar kit. I love both – creative and educational!

  300. This was exactly the kind of sight I was looking for to shop for x-mas, I love everything and so would my kids.

  301. We love green toys and those seem right up our alley. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the opportunity.

  302. My daughter, Layla, would love the Fairy House Kit – anything small and life-like she loves! And my son would definitely like the Solar Construction Kit!

  303. They love open-ended toys- they love to be challenged and use their creativity! β™₯

  304. Tammy Curd says:

    I personally am fond of the fairy house πŸ™‚ but my Son would absolutely Love the solar powered building kit! Thank you for the opportunity of a chance to win such an awesome give away!

  305. Jessica B. says:

    My kids are so creative and would love to build and pretend with these prizes!

  306. My imaginative daughter would play with the fairy house for hours!

  307. My kids would LOVE to make these things. Have a 9 year old girl and 6 year old boy that these would be perfect for.

  308. My daughter loves house anything :), while my son loves constructing and deconstructing things. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  309. My daughter loves fairies – and I do too! What an exciting giveaway! Good Luck to everyone!

  310. I don’t have any children, but I thought these would be great toys to donate to an organization such as Toys for Tots for Christmas.

  311. With three young daughters, ANY fairy is a winner! Also, the solar constructed toy would be a big hit with Daddy!
    Kristen @ TeachingStars’s latest post: Punk’d

  312. Love this! My children would love this also. Thank you for offering these giveaways!

  313. Melissa Jenkins says:

    Both of our kids would love these toys… my DS (7) is an engineer… he LOVES to build and take things apart over and over again. It’s his number one passion. And our daughter (9) LOVES fantasy and fairies. She once tried to build a fairy house out of old boxes and paper. I know our children would go nuts with fun toys like these. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  314. My son would love the helicopter and my daughter would love the dollhouse. Perfect!‘s latest post: Rhythm of a Year: Holidays

  315. My oldest son sometimes gets stuck with the “little kid” toys. He would love to work on the helicopter model. (And I’m guessing my husband would get pretty into it as well!)

  316. my son and daughter would love these! such nice quality toys.

  317. We are interested in solar energy, so my boys would love the airplane.

  318. Tiffany W. says:

    We have been trying out homeschooling, and my son is SUPER into robots and anything motor realted, this would be an awesome complement for him .

  319. Danielle Rafael says:

    My science minded 7 year old son would love the solar plane! He loves his snap circuits, especially building with the solar panel parts. My almost 4 year old daughter is constantly “flying” around the house with her fairy wings on. She’d love it! Thank you for the opportunity!

  320. This would make a great gift for my niece – I love that they are open-ended creative toys.

  321. My son would love to have the solar construction set. He’s always asking for planes and helicopters! Thanks for the chance to win!

  322. All of my kids love making and building. I think these kits would be perfect for them!
    stacysewsandschools’s latest post: Christmas Homeschooling Activities, Books, Crafts and Printables List

  323. Anna Macdonald says:

    Making things together is our way of connecting as family,

  324. My 4 year old would be over the moon with the fairy house. She so wishes she could be a fairy and this is about as close as you can get to fulfilling that wish!
    Sara R’s latest post: Dear future daughter in law,

  325. My son is still to young for these but I have a niece that would enjoy the fairy house kit. She loves pretend play with dolls and stuff toys or playing house, plus they have a nice big garden.

  326. Sandy White says:

    My grandsons would love playing with these creative toys!

  327. My nine year-old daughter would absolutely FLIP over the fairy house. And my husband would love the opportunity to work on the solar construction set with her. He doesn’t get a chance to do a lot of our lessons with us, but he really loves science and tinkering and this would be perfect for the two of them to do together.

    Meanwhile, I would take advantage of that time to grab the wine and my Kindle…
    Jen’s latest post: Things I Never Thought I’d Say

  328. We are still going strong in fairyland at our house. My 10 year-old would LOVE this.
    Claire’s latest post: Catalog Copy.

  329. Oh, my. a present for my science loving boy and my fairy-loving girl all in one place? We should be so lucky. What an amazing giveaway, thank you for the chance.
    Robin Blackburn’s latest post: Surviving Saturdays and Sundays

  330. My daughters would love both of these gifts. My younger loves fairies and my older is really into building things. Perfect!

  331. My boys would love paying with these beautiful toys.

  332. Both of these gifts would perfect for my son and daughter. We are most definitely a green family, and I love super sturdy and sustainable toys! Thanks:o)

  333. My daughter has such an imagination and is crafty, so I’m sure the fairy house would be a hit. My son has an older cousin who loves to build stuff so I can see this being a good family activity to do together!

  334. My niece has a fantastic imagination and would love the fairy house. My nephew loves to build and the plane would be a new challenge for him.

  335. My boys love anything that requires building. πŸ™‚

  336. I have 3 boys (and a girl, but she is only 5 months old) and they all love creating and building. they’d love this.

  337. Both of my kids would love these! My daugher is so into fairies!

  338. I have 3 boys and their favorite way to play together is imaginative play.

  339. My kids are all about fairies right now so that kit would be a big hit! We are also studying renewable energy sources in our homeschool so the solar energy kit would be a great addition!!

  340. The fairy house kit would be a huge hit with my three daughters, as the middle has a passion for constructing fanciful creations with whatever is on hand, and all three love creative play. Daddy and the male cousins would enjoy the solar construction kit.

  341. Kimberly R. says:

    My daughter absolutely loves dollhouses and dolls and FAERIES! She would have such a great time with that and my son would totally dig the solar energy kit! Such neat prizes for this contest! Thanks!

  342. My son was looking at this post with me and went all gooey over the solar power helicopter, he would just love it if we won.

  343. These would be loved and appreciated here–thanks for the opportunity!

  344. My kids are at the age where magic is endless. A fairy house would be amazing!

  345. They love to create AND play, these are neat toys!

  346. ooo, that fairy house kit is adorable! and the solar kit is super cool- thanks for the generous giveaway:)
    Amber Paris’s latest post: 100% wool felt pizza slice, waldorf, play food by BubbaPicklesMarket

  347. Kristen M. says:

    My kids love to science and they love to create. The solar kit would fit both those needs.

  348. My kids receive few toys so these would be such a delight for them!

  349. Michelle C says:

    Awesome giveaway! My 2 girls would love either of these! Thank you!

  350. I have children that would love this! Great giveaway.

  351. my daughter would love the fairy house. we would probably gift the solar kit to some friends, but i’m sure my kids would love it too in a few years.
    sarah’s latest post: choices

  352. My girls would adore the fairy house!! And I’m pretty sure my husband would love building the solar construction kit and playing with it with the kids!
    Pamela’s latest post: strength and fitness

  353. What fun toys!

  354. My kids would like it because of the imagination it requires. They’re always drawing crazy stories, and this would help them act those stories. out.

  355. My daughters would love to win one of these imagination toys. They both are so brilliant when it comes to make believe play, they are constantly making up stories and playing with each other. They would be thrilled to have a toy to share to facilitate a new playing adventure!

  356. Susan Hall says:

    My grandson loves to build things: birdhouses, buildings and spaceships out of legos. He is always creating. He would love these kits.

  357. My 8 year-old is a builder and loves dramatic play. These gifts would really wow him!

  358. my sons would love the solar building set, and the woodland fairy set. Thanks for the chance to win!

  359. My daughter actually picked this fairy house out of the catalogue!! My son is definitely a young inventor – especially if it involves weather! These toys would be perfect for them!

  360. These look awesome! Our kids would love!!!!

  361. My daughter would love the fairy house…small, cute, doll stuff that her brothers wouldn’t want anything to do with. My boys enjoy putting stuff together model rockets, legos, etc they would love the plane.

  362. This is so cute!

  363. Rhianna is very science oriented and would love the solar kit. Layla would love the fairy house kit.

  364. My girls are also dollhouse lovers! They would love the fairy house and the building set as well (or I have a few nephews…..).

  365. These imaginative toys would be adored by my 8 year old daughter and 9 year old son. Thank you for a chance to win!

  366. My daughter is all about fairies and my oldest Sonia always building contraptions. Would love to win!

  367. My kids would love these because they love playing anything revolved around using their imaginations, as well as building things.

  368. Its not a child in my family that would enjoy these, though Hubby would like the airplane. I think I’d give the fairy house to some friends who’s 5 year old girl would enjoy it.
    Rachael’s latest post: The words abound!

  369. I have a creative son and daughters who would LOVE to make these craft kits! They would love doing them together and making memories:) Thanks for the chance!
    Amy Hoogstad’s latest post: 52 Glimpses in 2012 | Week 46

  370. Rachel Beita says:

    I have a little boy who loves all transportation and also loves building and mechanics. This solar airplane would be perfect!!

  371. My girl’s way too young, but it would be something she could build with Daddy.

  372. My 9 year old son would love the solar set and my 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter would love the woodland set.

  373. My kids love to explore how things work and are put together. These toys sound amazing!
    Caroline’s latest post: Creating in Wonder {Five Minute Friday}

  374. My daughters would both love the fairy house.

  375. my kids love to build and imagine!!

  376. My little girls are nutty over fairies, and they love to build things. That fairy house kit would be perfect for them!!

  377. We’ve been big, big, fans of Imagine Childhood for a while. I just picked up her book this week and am already scheming of the projects I can do with my kids.

  378. My daughter loves fairies and builds fairy houses in our yard with sticks and grass almost every week. My son went to a solar car event at our library the other day and he is so interested. They would love these.

  379. Great for the imagination.

  380. Michelle E. says:

    My girls love to build things and make things! These would be right up their alley!

  381. I have a curious child who enjoys building things and this would be perfect

  382. My son has loved everything we’ve purchased from this shop previously!

  383. My children are always constructing things right now. Just the other day, they were using bendaroos and pickup sticks to create all sorts of things. They would be a little young for the fairy house and plane set, but give them a few years and they would be using the kits to create all kinds of toys.

  384. My daughter would love both of these, she has wanted a fairy house since we first saw them last year and she would love the construction kit because she loves to build things.
    Lisa’s latest post: Five Habits to Help You Sleep Better Naturally

  385. Oh, my son would love these! First, because of the imaginative play and second, the time spent with dad building!
    Jesica’s latest post: MOPS…

  386. I am imagining my kids loving these items!

  387. My son loves to build, and that solar construction kit would make his day!

  388. My daughter is a newborn, but what a great gift to have for her when she is a a little older…and in the mean time my nephew and I can get some joy out of it. My oldest nephew and my Dad would love bonding ove rthe solar kit.

  389. Katherine L. says:

    Both of these prizes would be well loved by my kids — they love tinkering and also natural toys. Both of them enjoy making fairy houses.

  390. Creating and designing is so engaging for kids! Every night my son wants to talk about how things work…a solar panel would make his week!

  391. Kristen T. says:

    This giveaway is perfect! My two girls would ADORE the fairy house kit, and my sister’s three boys would totally DIG the solar construction kit!

  392. My nieces are so full of energy and love putting things together. They are young right now, 3 and 1, but they are learning quickly and love to play.
    Stacey’s latest post: Almond Parmesan Crusted Chicken Strips

  393. My children love to build and create. They would love both of these toys! Thanks for the chance!

  394. my stepson is very creative and is really starting to be interested in building/creating and figuring out how to make things work.
    Tracee’s latest post: Nomad or Missionary?

  395. My boys love all things mechanical and magical, so both items would be well-loved in our home!
    Cynthia’s latest post: What I Am Into – November 2012

  396. Melissa B says:

    Both of my kids love to build fairy houses and BELIEVE! My son also would love the solar kit, as he is mr. take-it-apart-and-usually-gets-it-back-together.

  397. My kids loves to build things

  398. WOW..what a great offer! We.too. have been extremly pleased with our purchases from Imagine Childhood! Please put us on the list of wishful entries!!! THX

  399. My daughter all ready loves building fairy houses out of construction paper, to have new supplies to build with would be wonderful for her!

  400. We are building a solar-powered cabin … so my son would love a kit! And my daughter loves to make fairy houses and would love these amazing pieces!
    Christie’s latest post: Washing diapers (part 5)

  401. We try to emphasize creativity in our home, and provide opportunities to use creativity. My two youngest would love these two sets, especially the plane! Thank you for the discount code!

  402. Like it

  403. My daughter absolutely adores all things fairies. She would go crazy over a *real* fairy house.

  404. My son and daughter would love these sets! They love to build and create their own things!

  405. Both of my daughters love fairies! They have been making fairy rings in the yard since summer. They also use anything and everything to make fairy houses, and this kit would be just wonderful for them! Also, my son loves to see how things work and build models.
    Fran’s latest post: Consigned, Collected, and Re-rearranged

  406. Wow, these both are so fun! My little boy would love the plane!

  407. These would make great gifts!

  408. Jessica Brammer says:

    Our kids would love the imagination needed for the fairy house. They tell stories all day long already.

  409. Jennifer H. says:

    What an amazing giveaway!

  410. Shelley R. says:

    I’ve already been ‘browsing’ through Imagine Childhood’s site for ideas, this is perfect timing! Thanks for the chance to win a few unique kits!

  411. My sons and daughter are builders. They would love this!

  412. Thank you for this opportunity!

  413. I am in love with that sweet fairy house construction kit.
    Angie’s latest post: hacking life and challenging norms

  414. Amary Right says:

    My children, too, would love this.

  415. My son would love the boy’s prize because he is very kinestetic and loves to construct and work with electronics.
    Mayra – Estilo Familiar’s latest post: Arrancamos la navidad con el Navidad Blog Fest

  416. anything to take apart and put back together again!

  417. the fairy house kit would fascinate my little grandson. It’s adorable!!!

  418. Those gifts would be perfect for my kids! My daughter would love the fairy house, and the solar construction set would fascinate them both!

  419. My son loves to build and my daughter loves to imagine and to play with sets of little things! Winning these would be perfect for my two kiddos! πŸ™‚
    deborah’s latest post: Christmas Shopping

  420. Our daughter loves all things fairy and Tinkerbell is her penpal! πŸ˜‰ She would adore the sweet fairy house kit! Thanks much!

  421. These would be loved because my kids love imaginative toys that have them actively doing stuff! These kits look great.
    Jennet’s latest post: Artisans’ Market

  422. Stephanie T. says:

    My daughter and HUSBAND would enjoy putting the model together and my daughter would enjoy the rest of the items!

  423. My seven year old son is very creative and loves to build for hours so he would be thrilled to receive the solar powered kit for homeschool enrichment class. My five year old son and my six year old daughter would love to play together using their imaginations to make the Fairy House “come to life”! Thanks for the chance……

  424. My daughters cannot get enough fairies. The LOVE to gather items from the forest and build their own fairy houses or “gnome homes” as we call them!

  425. My son would love help from his older cousins building the model together! My niece would enjoy the fairy house, but I’m sure even both my boys would imagine turning it into some type of tree house for their superheros!

  426. Ah! These gifts are both so perfect! My daughter would play for hours and my son would be thrilled to death with the solar power…
    Michelle’s latest post: Adoption – The Rest of My Brother Story

  427. My little gil is also very into doll houses and I love the idea of a non traditional one in that fairy house

  428. my kids and i love any toy that does not require batteries because they don’t get aggravated with the batteries running down all the time and i don’t have to change them all of the time. toys without batteries also require creative thinking which i love for the kids. they also love anything outdoorsy and anything that they can build. great giveaway!

  429. My children LOVE to use their imaginations! The love to build and pretend! This would make a GREAT gift for them!
    Katy’s latest post: Latest Knitting Finishes….

  430. We do a lot of small world play around our house, so the fairy treehouse would be a huge hit. Thanks for the giveaway!

  431. Rachel McC says:

    My son is fascinated by how things work. At 9, the plane would be a perfect project for him. And my daughter, the fairy treehouse is beautiful & would fit her artistic style so well!

  432. This would be perfect for our house – one for the girl and one for the boy! Both love making and make believe and they would enjoy playing with both toys together.

  433. Laurie Larson says:

    Would love to win either one!

  434. My 3 girls would love to win either one of these! My younger two love to create fairy homes outside with things they fun to have one inside too:) My eldest is my inventor

  435. Trina Miller says:

    My youngest son loves to build things, so kit-type gifts are some of his favorite.

  436. My son would love the solar kit. He is into tinkering and going crazy building stuff.
    Creative2xmom’s latest post: 5 Must See Christmas Movies

  437. Amy OConnell says:

    my kids love all things engineering and these are beautiful!

  438. Both of these prizes are awesome! I have two girls and know that they would enjoy the fairy house just as much as the solar plane! I love seeing them challenge the gender stereotypes! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  439. My daughter loves all things tiny and all things fairy. She has just started using her imagination to pretend and the fairy house would help her to keep doing that. She would love it.

  440. My oldest son would love the fairy house kit. He and my niece are very imaginative and have created other fairy houses together. My middle son loves to construct things–the solar set would be a perfect project for him and dad. πŸ™‚
    Heidi @ Mt Hope’s latest post: Favorite Christmas Books ~ Pioneer Edition

  441. I’m guessing because they’re just that cool isn’t the type of reason you’re looking for?
    Ticia’s latest post: Freebie: The Christmas Storybook

  442. Both of my kids are big on imagination and would love the fairy house to pieces.

  443. My sons love building already so I think they’d love that!
    Christy’s latest post: Seven Quick Takes vol. 25

  444. Jenna Smith says:

    Having 5 young sons and daughters these would make PERFECT Christmas gifts. Love them!

  445. Love it! This would be perfect as I have a little girl and a little boy!

  446. My daughter loves building stuff with dad. Both of these would be right up their alley for some daddy daughter afternoons. Love it!

  447. My kids love anything to do with building, and the solar element adds a bonus interest. They are also just starting to think about fairies…great imaginative play for years to come!

  448. We would love to have these in our home. I can see hours of endless play. Thanks for the contest!

  449. My niece and nephew have incredible imaginations, nurtured by their mother and dad. They would love these gifts.

  450. My 8 year old daughter LOVES playing with our dollhouse. She would spend hours with the fairy house.

  451. Finally, toys worth your money!

  452. I love how creative these are—my kids could play for hours with some of these toys!

  453. My daughter and I love to make fairy houses!

  454. What cool gifts for boys and girls!

  455. My kids are so creative and imaginative that they would love these toys! They love building toys and toys that you can play with in many different ways. Thanks for the giveaway.

  456. My children love to build fairy houses and this would be such an amazing gift for them. :)And, the solar construction set would be perfect for my oldest science lover. Thanks for the opportunity.

  457. Jeniferr Cantrell says:

    My super genius nephew needs something unique for Christmas and this would be perfect!

  458. My son (and husband) would love the solar construction set. My daughter is just getting into making things, so this would be a great project for us.

  459. Dawn Stribling says:

    My children would love to receive these kits because they are very creative and hands-on learners. I just know these would spark their imaginations!

  460. My kids would love these toys! They love to use their imagination and create things.

  461. I love Imagine Childhood! I have to get my list out for Christmas…

  462. theresesophia says:

    I would love for my daughter to have these because she is super creative and I know these would really tap into her love for creativity!

  463. My kids love to make cozy little houses – and love outdoors, so the fairy house kit looks perfect! I’m sure as my boys get a little bigger (they are 3 and 5 now), the solar building kit would be a hit!

  464. My girls would love to build fairy houses because they are not sure that fairies are real or not and they are very artistic. My boys would love the solar building kit because they love building and are love learning about how things work. Again thanks for some great ideas.

  465. Daniel Bourque says:

    A construction kit for Noah that isn’t LEGO! Plus science to boot!

  466. These would be such a perfect fit for our family. I’ve looked at this company for years, but haven’t taken the plunge to buy anything yet..would love to win.

  467. My children would love these things because we are often outside and they are fascinated by all the little things God has made. i think these would broaden that.

  468. My children would love the fairy house to keep the magic of imagination alive and the plane to show the real magic of the sun!

  469. I have 3 little girls, all deep in the throes of fairy fascination. I love the richer, deeper fairy stories (like the books written and illustrated by Cicely Mary Barker), and this follows in that more natural, authentic tradition. It would be an absolute thrill to add this to our collection.

  470. Our 5yo daughter is an artist at heart and would love to build the fairy house – she has an awesome imagination, and it would be great for her to tell us her fairy stories! Our 4yo son has always been into how things work, and is quite the handyman – the solar construction kit would be a wonderful project for my hubby and I to do with him!
    Amelia’s latest post: Mommy Time Outs…

  471. My girls would enjoy these for hours and hours and hours

  472. My 9yr old son would love the solar building set because he loves building sets that he can do a couple of the instructions models and then use his own imagination to come up with is own plus he’s been really into electricity with projects lately so it’d be perfect! And my 2 girls would love the fairy house set because of the creative possibilities and definitely because of the glue gun, too!

  473. Aimee Goddard says:

    Both my kiddos are so hands on. my daughter would love the fairy house and my son would live the solar kit!

  474. My 7 year old son would love the solar kit and my nice would love the fairy house. Thanks!

  475. My daughter would love both of these!

  476. I have been looking at fairy houses for my 93 year old grandmother in law. So she can have a small graden in the house as a substitute for the outdoor gardens she can no longer enjoy.

  477. What child wouldn’t want these? They are amazing gifts!

  478. I have been intended to do fairy houses with my girls! This would be perfect. And my boys would love the other set. Neat!

  479. All of my kids would love any of these!

  480. My daughter loves to “invent” and create!

  481. My daughter loves making fairy houses and I think new ingredients could inspire her.
    Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen)’s latest post: How To Open A Sealed Canning Jar {Video}

  482. My kids would love to play with these creative toys! Great ideas.

  483. Great finds!

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