Giveaway: Fairy House & Solar Construction Kits from Imagine Childhood

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Today is the final day of our Home for the Holidays week! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you’ve gleaned a few gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season as well!

Since this is the third year in a row that I’ve highlighted the online store Imagine Childhood, I don’t have to tell you that I’m a fan.

I have reviewed, and purchased, items for birthdays and holidays there for a quite a while now, and have been incredibly pleased with the quality of the toys–as well as the heart behind them.

Sarah from Imagine Childhood has created the most beautiful virtual holiday catalog, showcasing many of the items in their shop–it’s an excellent way to get an overview of the toys and other creative goodness they offer to customers.

Last year I bought many of my kids’ stocking stuffers here–and I appreciated that they made it easy for me by putting the smaller sized gifts together for easy browsing.

Continue reading to find out more about the two toys being offered to a lucky winner today!

Fairy House Kit

My nine-year-old daughter is into all things dollhouse-related at the moment. Remember the wooden treehouse I reviewed two years ago? That toy has been played with hard, on an almost daily basis, and is still going strong.

Trishna has turned the entire floor of her bedroom into a “neighborhood,” confiscating many cardboard boxes as houses for her dolls. She will be thrilled to add this fairy house to the neighborhood–and to create it herself!

The kit has everything you need to make a multilevel fairy house like the one you see above–with tons of items to make furniture and decorate with afterwords: birch bark, moss, driftwood, wire, seashells, stones, pine cones, bark, feathers, twine, silk flowers, and small branch sections. AND–your own glue gun! (I’m thinking the glue gun may be Trishna’s favorite part.)

Imagine Childhood also keeps in stock a wide variety of sweet fairies you can purchase to keep that house full of magical residents once it’s been constructed.

European Solar Construction Set

Eight-year-old Jonathan has really gotten into building kits lately, so this solar construction kit will be under the tree for him this year.

An awesome introduction to solar power, the kit contains pieces to make an airplane or helicopter. It includes over 188 parts and instructions to create the models–my husband’s head swooned when he saw them, but I think Jonathan is up for it!

The company specifies this as a kit for ages eight and up, and looking at all the small parts, I would agree. Your older kids will love it!

Once the model is built, you place it under direct sunlight and watch it power up! (No, it doesn’t fly, but the rotors spin.) Plenty of environmentally friendly play–and no batteries required!

Special Offer: Use the code ‘simplehomeschool’ to receive 10% off at Imagine Childhood through December 5th!

One Simple Homeschool reader will win a fairy house kit and a solar construction kit from Imagine Childhood

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This giveaway has now ended. Thanks for entering!

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  1. We try to emphasize creativity in our home, and provide opportunities to use creativity. My two youngest would love these two sets, especially the plane! Thank you for the discount code!

  2. Like it

  3. My daughter absolutely adores all things fairies. She would go crazy over a *real* fairy house.

  4. My son and daughter would love these sets! They love to build and create their own things!

  5. Both of my daughters love fairies! They have been making fairy rings in the yard since summer. They also use anything and everything to make fairy houses, and this kit would be just wonderful for them! Also, my son loves to see how things work and build models.
    Fran’s latest post: Consigned, Collected, and Re-rearranged

  6. Wow, these both are so fun! My little boy would love the plane!

  7. These would make great gifts!

  8. Jessica Brammer says:

    Our kids would love the imagination needed for the fairy house. They tell stories all day long already.

  9. Jennifer H. says:

    What an amazing giveaway!

  10. Shelley R. says:

    I’ve already been ‘browsing’ through Imagine Childhood’s site for ideas, this is perfect timing! Thanks for the chance to win a few unique kits!

  11. My sons and daughter are builders. They would love this!

  12. Thank you for this opportunity!

  13. I am in love with that sweet fairy house construction kit.
    Angie’s latest post: hacking life and challenging norms

  14. Amary Right says:

    My children, too, would love this.

  15. My son would love the boy’s prize because he is very kinestetic and loves to construct and work with electronics.
    Mayra – Estilo Familiar’s latest post: Arrancamos la navidad con el Navidad Blog Fest

  16. anything to take apart and put back together again!

  17. the fairy house kit would fascinate my little grandson. It’s adorable!!!

  18. Those gifts would be perfect for my kids! My daughter would love the fairy house, and the solar construction set would fascinate them both!

  19. My son loves to build and my daughter loves to imagine and to play with sets of little things! Winning these would be perfect for my two kiddos! :)
    deborah’s latest post: Christmas Shopping

  20. Our daughter loves all things fairy and Tinkerbell is her penpal! 😉 She would adore the sweet fairy house kit! Thanks much!

  21. These would be loved because my kids love imaginative toys that have them actively doing stuff! These kits look great.
    Jennet’s latest post: Artisans’ Market

  22. Stephanie T. says:

    My daughter and HUSBAND would enjoy putting the model together and my daughter would enjoy the rest of the items!

  23. My seven year old son is very creative and loves to build for hours so he would be thrilled to receive the solar powered kit for homeschool enrichment class. My five year old son and my six year old daughter would love to play together using their imaginations to make the Fairy House “come to life”! Thanks for the chance……

  24. My daughters cannot get enough fairies. The LOVE to gather items from the forest and build their own fairy houses or “gnome homes” as we call them!

  25. My son would love help from his older cousins building the model together! My niece would enjoy the fairy house, but I’m sure even both my boys would imagine turning it into some type of tree house for their superheros!

  26. Ah! These gifts are both so perfect! My daughter would play for hours and my son would be thrilled to death with the solar power…
    Michelle’s latest post: Adoption – The Rest of My Brother Story

  27. My little gil is also very into doll houses and I love the idea of a non traditional one in that fairy house

  28. my kids and i love any toy that does not require batteries because they don’t get aggravated with the batteries running down all the time and i don’t have to change them all of the time. toys without batteries also require creative thinking which i love for the kids. they also love anything outdoorsy and anything that they can build. great giveaway!

  29. My children LOVE to use their imaginations! The love to build and pretend! This would make a GREAT gift for them!
    Katy’s latest post: Latest Knitting Finishes….

  30. We do a lot of small world play around our house, so the fairy treehouse would be a huge hit. Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Rachel McC says:

    My son is fascinated by how things work. At 9, the plane would be a perfect project for him. And my daughter, the fairy treehouse is beautiful & would fit her artistic style so well!

  32. This would be perfect for our house – one for the girl and one for the boy! Both love making and make believe and they would enjoy playing with both toys together.

  33. Laurie Larson says:

    Would love to win either one!

  34. My 3 girls would love to win either one of these! My younger two love to create fairy homes outside with things they fun to have one inside too:) My eldest is my inventor

  35. Trina Miller says:

    My youngest son loves to build things, so kit-type gifts are some of his favorite.

  36. My son would love the solar kit. He is into tinkering and going crazy building stuff.
    Creative2xmom’s latest post: 5 Must See Christmas Movies

  37. Amy OConnell says:

    my kids love all things engineering and these are beautiful!

  38. Both of these prizes are awesome! I have two girls and know that they would enjoy the fairy house just as much as the solar plane! I love seeing them challenge the gender stereotypes! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  39. My daughter loves all things tiny and all things fairy. She has just started using her imagination to pretend and the fairy house would help her to keep doing that. She would love it.

  40. My oldest son would love the fairy house kit. He and my niece are very imaginative and have created other fairy houses together. My middle son loves to construct things–the solar set would be a perfect project for him and dad. :)
    Heidi @ Mt Hope’s latest post: Favorite Christmas Books ~ Pioneer Edition

  41. I’m guessing because they’re just that cool isn’t the type of reason you’re looking for?
    Ticia’s latest post: Freebie: The Christmas Storybook

  42. Both of my kids are big on imagination and would love the fairy house to pieces.

  43. My sons love building already so I think they’d love that!
    Christy’s latest post: Seven Quick Takes vol. 25

  44. Jenna Smith says:

    Having 5 young sons and daughters these would make PERFECT Christmas gifts. Love them!

  45. Love it! This would be perfect as I have a little girl and a little boy!

  46. My daughter loves building stuff with dad. Both of these would be right up their alley for some daddy daughter afternoons. Love it!

  47. My kids love anything to do with building, and the solar element adds a bonus interest. They are also just starting to think about fairies…great imaginative play for years to come!

  48. We would love to have these in our home. I can see hours of endless play. Thanks for the contest!

  49. My niece and nephew have incredible imaginations, nurtured by their mother and dad. They would love these gifts.

  50. My 8 year old daughter LOVES playing with our dollhouse. She would spend hours with the fairy house.