Giveaway: Microscope from Imagine Childhood (2 Winners!)

This giveaway has ended and the winners will be announced soon!

Welcome to Back to School week here at Simple Homeschool! This week I’m bringing you reviews and awesome chances to win–perfect for back to school planning time.

For this week’s final post, Imagine Childhood is giving away a microscope to two lucky winners!

Imagine Childhood is a unique online store filled with eco-friendly, high-quality, creative items that children love. I’ve known about it for a couple of years now, and it has become one of my favorite spots to browse for my kids’ birthday presents.

My six-year-old son absolutely adores their lifelike plush animal collection. (We gave him the great horned owl for his last birthday!) And I recently bought this adorable birdfeeder, which hangs outside our dining room and has provided both entertainment and nature study opportunities.

Imagine Childhood is a lovely place to browse for homeschool supplies because nearly everything in their store is both educational and fun. Older kids would enjoy their selection of outdoor nature kits and little ones would love the variety of building blocks. They also carry art supplies and imaginative books as well.

The staff at Imagine Childhood believe interacting with nature and their own imagination allow kids to simply and powerfully discover and learn about the world. They also write a popular blog sharing books, crafts, nature walks, and recipes.

Find out more about Imagine Childhood and how you can win.

For this giveaway, Sarah from Imagine Childhood sent me one of the microscopes they carry in the optics and navigation section of the store. The microscope is made by the Italian optical and sport company Konus. It arrived with the accessories in its own carrying case, which most kids will likely enjoy just as much as the microscope!

The microscope comes with over 80 accessories. You can even create your own slides using the enclosed microtome, a tool that slices food items into slivers so you can examine them. Magnifications go from 100 up to 1200.

It comes complete with a viewer, wall projector, and a projector on paper (for drawing). You can illuminate the microscope using either a mirror or a battery powered light. The body of the microscope is extremely durable, making it a good choice as a first microscope for younger children in your homeschool.

Two Simple Homeschool readers will receive a microscope from Imagine Childhood!

How to win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: What type of scientific discovery is currently most interesting to your children? (If you are reading this in an email, you must click over to enter your comment!)

2. ‘Like’ Imagine Childhood on Facebook. Then — this is importantyou need to come back and leave an additional comment here, telling me you have done so.

Imagine Childhood is also offering all Simple Homeschool readers 10% off any items in their store between now and August 8th. Get an extra 5% off after liking their page on Facebook, for a total of 15% off! Just use the code ‘simplehomeschool’ at checkout.

This giveaway has ended and the winners will be announced soon!

About Jamie Martin

Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She is the co-founder and editor of Simple Homeschool, where she writes about mindful parenting, intentional education, and the joy found in a pile of books. Jamie is also the author of a handful of titles, including her newest release, Give Your Child the World.


  1. Trish White says:

    My girls love to investigate bugs right now!

  2. My daughter is interested in stars, planets, & bugs!

  3. Liked imagine childhood on FB!

  4. My boys are very interested in studying bugs as well!

  5. Great microscope! My children like to look at all kinds of stuff under the microscope, but as we are studying the colonial period in history, they are interested in medical practices during that time, specifically the use of cultures to innoculate against diseases (i.e. smallpox). Many revolutionary soldiers died of Smallpox at Valley Forge.

  6. My kids are so in to Space and the Solar System

  7. Shannon Coleman says:

    My son has a new found passion for birding. He has spent hours learning about the different species in our area.

  8. My little guy is currently way into dinosaurs. Thanks!
    Annette’s latest post: Where have we been?

  9. I’m still trying to get my children into science. Neither of them really seem to enjoy it at all.

  10. I just liked Imagine Childhood on FB. Thank you!

  11. Liked Imagine Childhood on FB (Annette FR)
    Annette’s latest post: Where have we been?

  12. My kids are interested in all the bugs they are finding outside (lots and lots of June bugs!). They love finding little treasures and looking at them up close.

  13. Like Imagine on FB

  14. Shannon Coleman says:

    I like Imagine Childhood!

  15. I ‘Liked’ Imagine Childhood on Facebook too.

  16. Hi! I just entered the contest for the microscope and “Liked” you on Facebook.
    Cheers!! Lupe Tucker

  17. my 6 yo daughter is SO interested in bugs right now! 🙂 She cried at the pool yesterday that there was a butterfly but it flew away “before she got a chance to examine it’s markings)

  18. Nicki Green says:

    My son is really into nature studies. How plants grow, how they produce seeds, what seeds look like.

  19. I like Imagine Childhood on FB! 🙂

  20. Nicki Green says:

    Like Imagine on Facebook.

  21. Deanna K. says:

    This will be the first year of homeschooling for our girls – 4 1/2 & 7 1/2.

    Right now they are overcoming their fear of bugs by developing a fascination for them. This morning, it was a moth that they found. They were so excited while they were telling me about it and held about 2 inches from my face while I was weeding. I can say that I am gradually overcoming my fear as well, by trying not to be grossed out and attempting to share in their fascination 🙂

  22. Deanna K. says:

    And I “Like” the Imagine Childhood Facebook page! 🙂

  23. my 9 year old is fascinated with the details of different grasses, as well as the wings of different insects….

  24. My girls are liking all of the tadpoles and frogs that are out in our yard and in the area surrounding our pond right now.

  25. Annie DeCoteau says:

    My kids are really into rocks, leaves, and creepy crawlies right now. Just about anything you can find on a nature walk. The collections around here are outrageous! I “liked” imagine on FB. Pretty neat store.

  26. i liked the fb page too!

  27. I “liked” Imagine Childhood on Facebook.

  28. My kids are really into sharks, thx to discovery shark week!

  29. My 5 year old wants to be a doctor. Currently, he is fascinated with the respiratory system and is reading all about it. He wants to look inside his body to see what he can see in the books. I love to help his curiosity bloom! He would love the microscope!

  30. My son is really interested in how things work and bacteria.
    Joey’s latest post: The curriculum follow up post

  31. I liked Imagine Childhood on facebook, too! Thanks 🙂

  32. I liked it on fb!

  33. I liked Imagine childhood on facebook. Thanks!
    Joey’s latest post: The curriculum follow up post

  34. After a week at the beach, my boys are now very into ocean discoveries! It’s one of my favourite areas as well, so it’s been a lot of fun. 🙂
    Cynthia’s latest post: My Parenting Wish: Through A Child’s Eyes

  35. My three boys are completely into anything that flies right now. Okay, anything *mechanical* that flies, lol. They’re obsessed with military aircraft and how modifications have evolved and the resulting changes to flight and performance. I’m working on introducing more nature studies to our homeschooling, though it’s slow going as they’re all about technology. 😉 (Yes, they’re geeks like their father…they certainly didn’t get it from me, lol!)

  36. My children find plants and bugs very interesting right now.

  37. I just “liked” Imagine Childhood on Facebook. 🙂

  38. I Liked Imagine Childhood on facebook!!

  39. Christine says:

    My 8 year old loves physics projects.

  40. Ana Galván says:

    My son is interested in space and dinosaurs.
    Thank you!!!

  41. Ana Galván says:

    I liked Imagine childhood on facebook.

  42. Our children are really into studying bugs right now.

  43. My son is fascinated by the fish, turtles, eels, and such that he catches in the river. He loves to examine them and learn all about them. My daughter is very interested in cell biology, much to her (and my!) surprise. She’s been fascinated by it. The microscope is a cool giveaway!!
    Charlotte Mason in the City’s latest post: Shakespeare on the rocks

  44. My six year old is into bugs – especially the worms in our compost bin!

  45. with the end of the shuttle era, my kids are learning about space x and it’s very interesting!!

  46. My 4yo is currently interested in galaxies.
    My 13yo has been studying landforms…

    Neither really need a microscope for their current interests. But I guarantee that those interests WILL change. 🙂


  47. I like them in FB, too!

  48. my kids are really into nature right now. Today we studied a caterpillar that we came across while outside and decided that we will get a butterfly garden to study, we also want to get a tadpole to raise to a frog this year as well. This microscope would really add a lot to our science studies!

  49. My children are fascinated by anything to do with our natural world—today shark teeth, and dinosaur bones are at the top of the list. : )

  50. I liked Imagine Childhood on facebook as well

  51. My son loves anything about space.

  52. I liked Imagine Childhood.


  53. My boy is obsessed with snakes right now.
    Alice’s latest post: "I’m Bored" Cure #279

  54. I liked Imagine Childhood.
    Alice’s latest post: "I’m Bored" Cure #279

  55. My kids are interested in animals, human bodies, nature, astronomy, pretty much anything.

  56. I liked Imagine childhood.

  57. My oldest boy is all about outer space right now and the youngest loves all things that live in the water/oceans.

  58. My ten year old has recently become very interested in studying human anatomy and physiology

  59. I “like” Imagine Childhood on fb.

  60. I like Imagine Childhood on FB

  61. My daughter is fasinated by anything having to do with the human body, cells in particular. This would be an AMAZING tool for her and I know she would be thrilled!
    p.s. I ‘liked’ you on FB! 🙂

  62. My boys are currently focused on anything that lives in or near the creek behind our house. We can spend hours out there investigating.
    Erin @ Mama in Progress’s latest post: Sewing a Kindle Cover

  63. My two boys LOVE science and are constantly experimenting! 🙂 They are into astronomy, animals, and magnets right now. We just finished up Apologia Astronomy and are about to start Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. It’s so fun to discover new things each day!

  64. I liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook!

  65. I liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook. 🙂
    Erin @ Mama in Progress’s latest post: Sewing a Kindle Cover

  66. My children are loving learning about astronomy and geology.

  67. I liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook!
    Melanie’s latest post: New School Year, New Fashion Statements

  68. My kids would LOVE this!!!! Awesome giveaway!

  69. We are in a severe drought and have giant grasshoppers all over. My son has been fascinated with them.

  70. I “liked” Imagine Childhood 🙂 Thank you for introducing me to another awesome site.

  71. This summer we have been learning about volcanoes! We even went to Mt St Hellens!
    Hallie’s latest post: It all started when….

  72. I liked them on Fb!! My girls would flip to have this!!
    Hallie’s latest post: It all started when….

  73. Right now my oldest is interested in all things space and “doing experiments” which normally equals trouble! 🙂 My kindergardener is enjoying digging in the dirt.

  74. Snjezana says:

    My girls like insects – any type! We have many insects in our house. 🙂

  75. Liked on facebook. Thanks!

  76. My children are exploring cause and effect. LOL!

  77. ashley vladiff says:

    My kids are obsessed with bugs! Butterflys, dragonflys, ants, bees, spiders, anything you name it!!! My oldest is also embarking on understanding the earths makeup and layout, moon, planets, stars etc! They love anything new to their world 🙂

  78. My daughter loves nature. She enjoys collecting rocks, leafs, etc and drawing pictures of them.
    Jenny’s latest post: Wordless Wednesday: Watching TV

  79. Jennifer says:

    It’s all about horses as far as my kids are concerned!

  80. My kiddos are interested in seeing how many different cool things they can do with vinegar and baking soda.
    Amy’s latest post: Creative Writing Templates

  81. ashley vladiff says:

    liked imagine childhood on FB

  82. Jennifer says:

    I *liked* Imagine Childhood on FB, too!! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  83. My kids are soaking up whatever science they can right now. We spent a week in the mountains, so forest ecology was big on the list, along with river systems and the mining history of the area.

    Thanks for this incredible giveaway!
    Jennifer’s latest post: Vacation and Reentry

  84. aimee c. says:

    definitely animals. my son is so into them right now, it’s amazing! thanks for the chance!

  85. Biology for sure!

  86. Stephanie says:

    We are loving Anatomy right now. What a great way to continue to discover this subject deeper!

  87. J Engelland says:

    My daughter is all about animals right now.

    This is an awesome giveaway 🙂

  88. We already like Imagine Childhood, well frankly we love them! 🙂

    What my little girl would love to discover more right now is dirt and water and what’s in it. 🙂 Rocks are included in that.
    Kim White’s latest post: Plans for 2011-12

  89. This is a fantastic giveaway! My boys are interested in insects and the solar system right now.

  90. My daughter is fascinated by the human body. She wants to know anything and everything about blood and how it “stays and works” in the body. She is 3. Hopefully she will study medicine.

  91. I liked Imagine Childhood on fb.

  92. My kids are into fruit trees right now. Tis the season!
    Rebecca’s latest post: Vacations are da best

  93. Kirsten Kilcup says:

    Bugs and the solar system are popular around here…although I have to say that I get asked so many questions about so many science-related things that I have a hard time keeping track of what they’re most fascinated by!

  94. Kirsten Kilcup says:

    Like IC on FB…and had never heard of them before, so I’m quite excited!

  95. We’ve been exploring baby salmon (fry) and the difference between silvers and reds.

  96. I liked Imagine Childhood on facebook too.

  97. My daughter is interested in snakes and bugs.

  98. And I Like Imagine Childhood on Facebook. 🙂

  99. type of scientific discovery – maybe just being outside and exploring with their senses (they are still quite young)

  100. Christie says:

    My DS C is 5 and loves being “quizzed” on whether something is solid, liquid, or gas. His other “scientific discovery” is that he just learned that hot water is lighter than cold – loves telling family members all about it!

  101. Christie says:

    What a find! I’d never heard of this website before but have perused it and am now a fb fan!

  102. My daughter loves discovering and studying animals of all kinds – learning the difference between frogs and toads, for instance, and then adopting a couple of frogs. She also is interested in human anatomy – what cavities are, etc…
    Mozi Esmes Mom’s latest post: Random Stuff

  103. Well….his most exciting discovery right now is magnets. He has 3 that have drawer pulls/knobs as handles and he goes around testing them on all kinds of surfaces.

    He recently enjoyed playing with corn starch and water goop. I need to get another box of corn starch for that one!
    Kelly’s latest post: Operation Christmas Child-Gearing Up

  104. Pam in Missouri says:

    My kids are pretty fascinated by any wildlife we find in our yard: cicadas, moles, squirrels, bees, worms, etc. Thanks for the chance to win the microscope.

  105. I love and adore Imagine Childhood and right now just getting out into the cold wintry weather is enough of a scientific adventure for my little kids… My big guys have been doing lots of bubble science – hours of fun!!! I am hoping this GiveAway is worldwide, but if it isn’t no problem… I would like to shout and dance and sing about Fabulous Imagine Childhood anyway!!!
    se7en’s latest post: Colorful, Camoflauged Chamelions…

  106. WOW!!!! We so want one!!!!
    So, discoveries….BUGS! Bugs everywhere!!!! I started bringing pill-bugs and snails and keeping them in jars for a day or two. Now, he just asks for the jar. And, we do read a lot about them too. This would be AWESOME! Thank you!

  107. LOVE Imagine Childhood on Facebook.

  108. Michelle says:

    We would LOVE this! My kids are into learning all about gemstones right now.

  109. Thanks for the link! What a great site. We are all set to study animal habitats this school year. We had a quail’s nest in our backyard earlier this summer and it was fascinating for them to study the mama bird’s behavior and to watch for the hatchlings. We’d love to win this microscope.
    Libby’s latest post: :33:

  110. Liked Imagination Childhood on Facebook!
    Libby’s latest post: :33:

  111. My niece loves everything there is to love about animals! This microscope would help her discover the unseen!

  112. Sunshine says:

    My 4-year old daughter loves to draw fishes and butterflies, I collected all her drawings. I hope she could win this microscope. 🙂
    Sunshine’s latest post: game angry birds

  113. What are my boys not studying in the realm of science would be the better question 🙂 They are studying tigers, lions, sharks, insects, spiders…..and they would pay just about anyone to let them mix up chemicals to see what they do 🙂

  114. For my son he is really into death Right now, as creepy as it is. But dead bugs, why and how they died. El huh but when your 5 everything is a giant wonder! And I liked the imagine childhood on fb!

  115. I’m so excited to be introduced to this resource! Currently my son loves learning about bugs, but he loves the great outdoors!

  116. I “like” Imagine Childhood on fb (and I wish there was a ‘love’ button!)

  117. Watching the caterpillar/butterfly metamorphosis is one of our family’s favorites, as well as anything that has to do with bugs or animals. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  118. I like Imagine Childhood on Facebook.

  119. My boys are all about bugs right now. My 4 year old likes the flying sort and my toddler, the ants in the driveway.
    Robyn’s latest post: Some days

  120. I liked Imagine Childhood on FB. Thanks for the opportunity!

  121. We love to explore at the beach and find little creatures and shells, then try to figure out what they are.

  122. Samantha says:

    Oh I do hope this giveaway is worlwide as we would love to win!!! We just joined a homeschool nature club and the kids love being in
    the outdoors, learning about plants, bugs etc and running around to see what they can find. Off to ckeck out their website now. Thanks

  123. Wow! How awesome! My toddler is very into taking things apart and figuring out how they work. (That’s good scientific discovery, isn’t it?) 🙂
    He also loves action and reaction with pushing things with buttons!

    Thanks for this great opportunity!
    Caroline’s latest post: What Happens When You’re Sick

  124. My daughter loves to examine bugs and pond creatures.

  125. My 3 year old daughter has become obsessed with anatomy as well as outer space. She LOVES to sit and look through my husband’s medical school books! 🙂

  126. what a FABULOUS giveaway. right now, my child is very interested in geology – volcanoes, rocks, minerals, planets, how the earth formed….

    we’d love to add this beautiful microscope to our home learning! thank you

  127. Kimberly says:

    My girls, age 4 and six, just got caterpillars in the mail and were just fascinated to watch them turn into butterflies. My toddler even got in to the action, pointing at them with wide eyes and yelling “Bug, bug” again and again!

  128. We are studying the human body and would love to look at some blood under a microscope!

  129. liked on FB

  130. My kids are fascinated with dogs and water right now!

  131. My boys are into animals….cicadas and toads specifically in the last few days.

  132. Right now, natural science. We currently have a butterflly in chrysalis!

  133. The human skeleton. We have a small skeleton model and they all seem very interested in it.

  134. My kids love examining anything and everything in nature right now (the oldest are 3 & 6). Whether its checking out mushrooms or making wildflower rubbings, they just like to discover. They would seriously love this microscope to aid in that!
    Paula @Motherhood Outloud’s latest post: An Uncomplicated Life: Cleaning

  135. And I liked them on facebook : )
    Paula @Motherhood Outloud’s latest post: An Uncomplicated Life: Cleaning

  136. my son can’t get enough information on astronomy right now! switching the focus from the vastness of outer space to the finite reality of what lays beneath the microscope lens wold be a fun transition.

  137. Leighann says:

    My daughter has been talking about evolution a lot lately. She’s very curious about how organisms, plants, and animals can adapt & change…she’s 7!
    Leighann’s latest post: {From the Archives} Everything’s Fine!

  138. Lisa Palmisano says:

    My twin girls are fascinated with nature. We had a nature birthday party this year for their ninth birthday. Our current nature fascination is snakes. There are many in our yard and our cats catch them and we have rescued the snakes that we can, but have spent hours watching our cats interact with snakes and lizards. We also love butterflies, caterpillars and locust or giant grasshoppers. We are studying biology Nd anatomy this year and would love a microscope to learn more about cells.

  139. My son picks up twigs, bugs, leaves, acorns, pinecones, and anything he can find that he can sit and look at. I have to keep a sack with me for all his ‘collectibles’.

  140. My son loves science. It’s a tie between natural science and magnetism right now. This is such a great piece of equipment! Thanks for the chance.
    Southern Gal’s latest post: The Beach

  141. Right now my son is fascinated by lightning. We have several books from the library on the subject and read about it frequently as well as observe it first-hand when we have an afternoon thunderstorm.

  142. Elizabeth says:

    My 7 year old is fascinated by anything having to do with nature. She loves to collect flowers, seed pods, and nuts and take them home to dissect.

  143. My kiddos are currently into the crickets found in our backyard. We are in need of a mircoscope for our Biology curriculum this year. Great giveaway! Thanks for the link.
    Sara S’s latest post: Recent Flowers

  144. Kim Estell says:

    My 7 year old is interested in chemistry and “potion making” [not Harry Potter, more like mad scientist]. We’re going to use Nebel’s Foundations of Scientific Understanding this year with a heavy dose of chemistry and “potions making” [and cooking!]. 🙂

  145. Kim Estell says:

    “Liked” on Facebook! Thanks for this opportunity! If I don’t win, does anyone have any suggestions for a USB microscope?

  146. What a great website! Thanks for Sharing! The microscope would be perfect as we’re just beginning anatomy this year and need to look at skin cells, etc!

  147. My kids are into kitchen science right now….we checked a book out of the library by that name and had a lot of fun with all the experiments….but I know they would LOVE a microscope. Thanks for the chance!
    Susan’s latest post: feeding the chancho

  148. Currently my kids love to explore discovering the different rocks and bugs. Thanks for letting me know about this website!

  149. This year we are focussing on exploration and discovery. My oldest is starting preschool (at home) and we’re very excited! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  150. I’m a new Facebook fan.

  151. bridget stevens says:

    currently the kids are learning about plants, even growing things in containers in our tiny yard. they have loved planting and watering and watching things grow. They are really into the whole process.

  152. Rachel C says:

    My daughter is so into biology. Fascinated by her magnifying glass we spend hours outside looking at different bugs, leaves, sticks, textures; I think she would love to get her hands on one of these!!

  153. My daughter loves learning about bugs. She’ll spend 10 minutes looking at a strange bug, comparing it to other bugs she’s seen and asking me questions about it.
    Jeni’s latest post: I Love McKay

  154. My son is currently playing with sink and float, and lots of wind exploration. So much fun!

  155. Liked on FB

  156. My girls are learning about life sciences – bugs and plants! This would get a LOT of use at my house.
    Becca’s latest post: What we’re studying 2011-12

  157. Samantha says:

    My kids are really into the moon right now.

  158. Laura Strong says:

    My two girls LOVE being outside and exploring the yard. The microscope could take their learning a step farther by being able to see the things they find close up. 🙂

  159. Laura Strong says:

    I also clicked like on their fb page! 🙂

  160. My daughter is enjoying bugs. She has a little bug house that her grandma gave her for observing bugs.

  161. Lisa Palmisano says:

    I love the imagine childhood webpage. I “liked” their facebook page. Love their items-the fairy houses are so cool and the butterfly net is awesome. Thank you for letting me know about them!

  162. We have had a great time exploring the many different types of rocks we’ve discovered at Vermont State Parks this summer!

  163. Currently, the areas of fascination for my soon-to-be kindergarten son are dinosaurs, space/astronomy, and all things to do with the ocean. He thinks germs and “little” things sound interesting too, so I can see him really getting into this!

  164. I just liked on Facebook! Just checked out their website too! So many awesome items to explore with!

  165. My kids would LOVE to have that microscope! The love any kind of experiment and are often creating nature clubs and collecting things for their nature journals 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  166. We have been very into tracking animals in the woods and discussing habitats.

  167. I “Like” Imagine Childhood on Facebook

  168. My daughter is not quite 2, but she loves to be outside and to watch for animals. When she’s a little older this would be great for her!

  169. My kids are interested in dinosaurs, anything to do with dinosaurs.

  170. Since it is summer time we have been studying bugs and the stars. My oldest daughter is tracking the north start readying herself to build a sundial in the yard…. my other two girls have been analyzing caterpillars (I am trying not to kill them, really!)

  171. Just liked Imagine Childhood…. now to browse and take advantage of the discount!

  172. Kerry Wick says:

    What type of scientific discovery is currently most interesting to your children?

    Right now they really like looking at insects, butterflies and spiders. We have have caught a few giant moths, we observe them, identify them write down our discovery and let them go. They have seen other moths that they have caught and they remember what they are called and where they live etc.

  173. Just “liked” on FB.

  174. My son is interested in gears right now.

  175. I like Imagine Childhood on fb 🙂

  176. Julie Herrington says:


  177. Kerry Wick says:

    Just liked Imagine Childhood on facebook. Very interesting!

  178. My three littlest ones are loving dinosaurs right now and my oldest has just started learning about genetics.

  179. Vicky Bates says:

    My kids are really into the animal kingdom and how all the animals are related!

  180. Already a fan of Imagine Childhood on FB!

  181. My favorite “toy” as a child was a microscope. I love sharing that kind of curiosity and investigation with my son and his friends.

  182. Vicky Bates says:

    Liked on Facebook!

  183. Right now, we are growing mushrooms. We just got done with butterflies.

    This looks really awesome!!! thank you!

  184. definitely bugs…:)

  185. liked on facebook

  186. Liked on Facebook!
    Sarah Smith’s latest post: Real Food Kitchen Tour on CHEESESLAVE

  187. My boys love exploring all types of things. I don’t think I can pick just one!

  188. I liked on FB

  189. Planting seeds and gardening are my daughter’s favorite scientific discovery right now. Oh, and having pet roly polies, and picking flowers, and dinosaurs, and taking nature walks in the desert.
    Sarah Smith’s latest post: Real Food Kitchen Tour on CHEESESLAVE

  190. Trish Widell says:

    We have been doing nature studies. Most recently the life cycle of a butterfly. Would love to win a microscope. Thanks!

  191. My kids are currently loving learning about planets and many, many kinds of animals. Our yard and surrounding area offer a plethora of animals to observe. My eldest would love, love, love this microscope!

  192. My boys are into bugs and plants right now. We spend hours every week looking for new specimens, cross referencing in our books and on the Internet. So fun!

  193. r becklehamer says:

    My kids love bugs, worms and spiders!!! I liked Imagine Childhoods fb page=).

  194. Sea turtles and outerspace are huge areas of interest in our house right now.

  195. Amber Walters says:

    My kids are into Butterflies right now. Like really into them. Catching them, identifying them, making up stories about how their wings got injured, watching them in the garden. I am sure they would love to add “looking at them under a microscope” to the list!

  196. Sara Gallaugher says:

    Animals, plants, and insect. Wonderful giveaway!

  197. Sara Gallaugher says:

    I have liked imagine childhood on facebook! Wonderful wonderful site!

  198. I “liked” Imagine Childhood on Facebook!

  199. Amber Walters says:

    Thank you for introducing me to this company, their stuff looks great! I liked them on facebook.

  200. Wow – thanks for showing me this awesome company! We will definitely be getting some goodies from them:) My son has been discovering the life cycle of mosquitoes lately – catching larvae and raising them. Granted, I am a little perplexed as to what to do with the adults….
    Teresa’s latest post: Chillin’

  201. Julie Capp says:

    My daughter loves all living creatures. She takes every opportunity to study them and learn about them in there natural habitats which can be a bit challenging in our urban environment. She managed to turn a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad lice infestation into a pretty cool science experiment. Science rocks around our house!

  202. Thank you for the introduction of a new to me site for amazing items. My son is very much into butterflies and birds.

  203. My 5 year old daughter is SO into the human body right now! We are both learning so much on this exploration together! Thanks for the chance!

  204. Julie Capp says:

    I have gone on Facebook and LIKED Imagine Childhood’s page.

  205. I like them on fb too!

  206. Rebecca Daulton says:

    My kids are all about nature exploration right now. Think of all they could learn about bugs and plants with a microscope!

  207. My kids are enjoying finding and examining all the cicada skins that have been shed and abandoned in our yard.
    We would love a microscope!
    Hannah’s latest post: Summer Coffee Deliciousness

  208. Bugs! A microscope would be very exciting for my girls!

  209. Natalie E. says:

    My girls have been fascinated with butterflies this summer.

  210. My little boy is really into weather right now. I think he’s probably cleaned the library out on tornado books! He’s also really big into dinosaurs so we’ve been to the nearby natural history museum a couple times in the past week.

  211. I liked them on FB too!

  212. My son is really enjoying learning about bugs and what things are composed of.

  213. Kristine says:

    I “liked” you on facebook! What a beautiful array of products..glad to have found you!!!!

  214. OOOHHH would love this microscope!!!!

  215. Liked on Facebook too!! 🙂

  216. I’ve just “liked” you on Facebook!!

  217. The children are doing an open-ended exploration of the human body. Our son was recently in the hospital for an illness, and the spark of learning that came from his experience have been an unforeseen positive outcome of the hospitalization. He is fascinated by all things human body, and is eager to study cells and particles. The microscope would be an amazing tool for this life-study.

  218. Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

  219. I liked on Facebook! Great company!

  220. And I have liked Imagine Childhood on fb
    Cortney Ophoff’s latest post: Nature Thursdays—wading the lakeshore at Independence Lake

  221. Snakes!!! My son just got a corn snake and she is all the rage at our house. Even the children that were intially afraid are now in love! We have learned so much about reptiles! She just shed her skin!

  222. liked you on facebook 🙂

  223. My children have become very interested in learning about the different ways bug contribute to nature. They always ask what each bugs ‘job’ is. 🙂

  224. trisha sheehan says:

    I liked your facebook page!

  225. Find dead bugs and using the reference book to figure out what they are.

  226. I like you on facebook.

  227. Elizabeth says:

    Anything prehistoric is big right now at our house! I have a budding Anthropologist, and everyone loves dinosaurs and Ice Age megafauna. We would make really good use of this microscope!

  228. my 5 yo loves anything to do with space….stars planets …’s cool because i wanted to be an astronaut at his age!
    Becky @ Sowing Little Seeds’s latest post: The First "Official" Homeschool Order

  229. trisha sheehan says:

    We are fascinated with mummies and the whole mummification process right now.

  230. I liked imagine childhood on facebook
    Becky @ Sowing Little Seeds’s latest post: The First "Official" Homeschool Order

  231. My son and I read the Magic School Bus book and the Science Fair Expedition and he loves the idea of looking at small things under the microscope. And my daughter is into butterflies this summer. They would love a new microscope!

  232. I “Like” Imagine Childhood. 🙂

  233. I have liked Imagine Childhood on fb.

  234. Elizabeth says:

    Just liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook. Glad to have another great resource for our homeschool.

  235. My kids are still a bit young for anything microscopic, but we are gathering caterpillars for observation and trying to identify frogs!

  236. My son is currently fascinated by anything technology based. Computers are his specialty. He’s beginning coding at age 10. He’s wanted a microscope forever!

  237. All things magnetic and electric in our home!!
    Corli’s latest post: character sheet ~ benjamin & bj

  238. Beth Brown says:

    My son LOVES bugs! He calls them his friends. My daughter has been asking for a microscope, so this would be a great win!

  239. I “liked” Imagine Childhood on Facebook!

  240. My daughter is enjoying nature study.

  241. Michelle says:

    My daughter is fascinated by letters, leaves and baby frogs

  242. My 2-year old son loves investigating any bug he can find, and my 6-year-old loves seeing what happens when she mixes various liquids together (making all kinds of “magic concoctions.”

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway contest opportunities!

  243. Michelle says:

    I have ‘Liked’ Imagine Childhood on Facebook

  244. My boys love anything they find in the back yard but their current interest is whales.

  245. My son is currently reading about the fact that they believe there were two moons. Love the giveaway!

  246. Liked Imaginine Childhood on FB!

  247. We are currently excited about flight experiments and just how cool the magnifying glass is.

  248. My children are currently fascinated by space exploration.

    My 6yo just informed me that she loves to discover in nature – how to use nature items for practical purposes (like washing your hands with sand, or writing with ash). Can you tell we’ve spent a lot of time on the beach this summer? 🙂

  249. Currently, we are eating up learning about the human body!
    Love that site, btw!
    Jena’s latest post: Road Trip 2011

  250. We just like Imagine Childhood on facebook. Great site! Thank you for featuring it.

  251. My sons scientific interest is electricity.

  252. Beth Brown says:

    I “like”-ed on FB!

  253. I like’d Imagine Childhood on FB.

  254. Katherine A. says:

    My son loves bugs! Anything creepy crawly on the ground…

  255. Liked them on FB!
    Jena’s latest post: Road Trip 2011

  256. Katherine A. says:

    Liked on Facebook

  257. Bird study and trees have been our nature study for the summer!

  258. Marianne says:

    Metamorphosis!!! The kids are fascinated by this process and we love saying the word too!!! All that God has created is fascinating!!! Hope I win, thanks for the opportunity.

  259. My 7 year son old loves chemistry!

  260. Have just like you on Facebook. (And I like you off Facebook too!)
    Corli’s latest post: character sheet ~ benjamin & bj

  261. My daughters are very involved with nature study. This summer they have enjoyed catching and releasing all kinds of bugs as well as frogs and toads in our backyard. We are currently waiting for two moths to emerge from their cocoons. The girls would be thrilled with a microscope!

  262. Marianne says:

    I just liked you on facebook. Woooohoooooo!!!!!

  263. Right now my kids are loving physics (in a 6 and 7 year old kind of way 🙂 and creepy crawlies of any kind. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  264. also like on FB!

  265. My 4 year old is really into planting and insects this summer. I would love to win a microscope! I have very fond memories of “playing” with the microscope I had as a child. I think my parents might still have it stashed in the garage somewhere!

  266. I love Imagine Childhood and I “like” them on Facebook!

  267. My kids are loving science in motion. We’ve been making and playing with handmade pendulums, catapults, pulleys, etc.
    Kimberly N.’s latest post: Sticker I Spy

  268. I also like Imagine Childhood on Facebook!
    Kimberly N.’s latest post: Sticker I Spy

  269. Leigh Ann says:

    I liked on Facebook

  270. All my kids like to learn about science with experiments. The messier, the better! Also through just exploring outside.

  271. My children are enjoying learning about seeds using a light hut. We all would love to win!

  272. “Liked” Imagine Childhood on Facebook.

  273. Elizabeth says:

    We had a bird nest on our porch a few months ago and just built a hummingbird feeder, so we are having tons of fun learning about different types of birds. I am so excited about that bird feeder with the magnifying glass! That is definitely going on my wish list!

  274. Elizabeth says:

    I liked Imagine Childhood on FB….wish they had a “love”!

  275. Anna Lea says:

    My 4-year old daughter is currently intrigued by “very tiny animals”, “what the inside of our human guts look like”, and identifying wild edibles.

  276. Leigh Ann says:

    Anatomy! We were just talking about cells yesterday. He was a bit skeptical that we could know something about things so_o very tiny. This microscope would open his eyes to a whole new world. Here’s for hoping! 🙂

  277. Anna Lea says:

    And I’m now a fan on FB!

  278. love this giveaway. We had one as a kid and found so many things to look at. Thanks for the chance!
    Amy’s latest post: this moment

  279. greengardeninggirl says:

    Bugs and snakes in our backyard. Every time we find something, my 3 yo runs for the Audubon Field Guide.

  280. My children are really into space right now – astronomy rules.
    Kim Monaco’s latest post: Our Garden

  281. Danielle says:

    My daughters current interest is animals. We are studying dolphins for our upcoming vacation and hope to see some.

  282. My son loves chemical reactions, and making things happen!

  283. I liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook.
    Kim Monaco’s latest post: Our Garden

  284. Danielle says:

    I liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook

  285. My kids are loving birds this summer — and hating bugs! I’d love to get that birdfeeder, too!
    Melissa D’s latest post: IA: my Bruce Wayne existence

  286. And I liked them on FB. THanks.

  287. My kids have been enjoying nature studies this summer. We’ve been using Nature Portfolios from HomeSchool Journey.

  288. My kids love water. They love studying all the critters that keep an aquatic eco-system running. They would love to see the microscopic ones too.

  289. Just liked IC on Facebook! I’m buying that birdfeeder with my coupon code. 🙂

  290. My boys are loving bugs of all kinds… ick. 😉

  291. and I like imagine childhood on FB!

  292. My child loves exploring the beauty of nature.

  293. I liked on FB.

  294. My daughter is definitely into earth science. She has collected MANY rocks, leaves, pinecones, etc and loves to investigate where they came from and how they were made.

  295. My kids are enjoying scientific discovery in the kitchen right now. They enjoy mixing up concoctions such as baking soda and vinegar and seeing the result. Awesome giveaway!

  296. Kirsten W says:

    My twin boys (8) both love science, one is into chemistry and the other loves nature (birds and foxes).

  297. Jennifer Colburn says:

    Our daughter’s recent scientific discovery is a Polyphemus Moth which landed at her eye level on our back door. She seems to be fascinated by the huge wings and furry “face”. I can’t even imagine how magnificent the wings must look under a microscope lens!

  298. I like Imagine Childhood on FB!

  299. jennylark says:

    My 3 year old is looking at things through the magnifying glass. And we have all enjoyed a summer study of seahorses. We even got to see some live ones at a salt water aquarium store!

  300. Ruthie Sheppard says:

    Nature Studies are our favorite but specifically bugs and butterflies.

  301. My daughter loves anything having to do with bugs, birds, and animals!

  302. Jennie G says:

    My older son is into animals (particularly owls) and my youngest is into chemistry.

  303. Ruthie Sheppard says:

    I liked them on Facebook too! So excited.

  304. I now “like” Imagine Childhood on Facebook!!

  305. PRIYA DESIKAN says:


    I “LIKE”d IMAGINE CHILDHOOD on Facebook!

    I am unschooling my 6 year old son in India.
    To him, science is part of his everyday life! He ponders over many things like:
    1. why does “smoke” come from the refrigerator, every time I open it?!
    2. why does the wind blow?
    3. what happens to the scab – where does it go? – that forms when I get hurt…

    Besides this, we look for worms in some fruits and vegetables, and then put them in the bug box to look at them closely……
    watch earthworms in the garden pot……
    go looking for spiderwebs and spiders…..
    and many many more wonderful discoveries……

  306. What a great giveaway! Thanks for hosting. Our oldest loves looking at “invisible” things. 🙂

  307. My children are loving anything to do with nature right now! We are planning on doing the magnifying glass and sun experiment soon!

  308. bridget stevens says:

    liked imagine childhood on FB

  309. Catherine says:

    My children are most into growing things right now. This week we harvested sunflower seeds from our giant sunflowers, and they marveled at the hundreds of seeds produced by just one sunflower!

  310. Mostly due to the season and the things we see in our yard, the kids are all about frogs, toads, insects, and birds right now.

  311. My boys are always into finding new things outside on nature walks. Currently, however, they seem to be interested in sea creatures…so much so I think we are going to study them this year instead of the physical science I had planned for them.
    Phyllis at All Things Beautiful’s latest post: This Beautiful Moment and Snapshot Summary August 1-7: A Week of Water Fun

  312. Catherine says:

    I already like Imagine Childhood on Facebook. 🙂

  313. My kids are all about OBSERVATION! They love to observe birds, bugs, our dogs, how something works, etc. And we could REALLY use that microscope this year! Talk about the perfect way to observe.
    Nicole @ Journey 2 Excellence’s latest post: Problem Solving ~ Blue’s Clues Style

  314. Great company! I liked them on Facebook and can’t wait to see if we win! It would be great to have a microscope for homeschool science this year.

  315. I have “Liked” Imagine Childhood on Facebook.
    Phyllis at All Things Beautiful’s latest post: This Beautiful Moment and Snapshot Summary August 1-7: A Week of Water Fun

  316. My kids love learning about animals and their habitat. We live in a rural area and have amazing bird watching opportunities from our kitchen window!

  317. Kristy Luke says:

    My children love exploring our local creeks. I have them wear water shoes and we tromp around in the creek playing and exploring. With a microscope we could bring home water samples and observe all the fun things in the water we are walking in.

  318. My little one is very into the natural world. She wants to know how EVERYTHING works!

  319. Ooh! I know a pair of kids who would love this very much!!

  320. Oh this would be an amazing addition!!! (to any classroom, but no-so-secretly hoping it is in MINE!!)

  321. And I have now “liked” them on FB!!

  322. Kristy Luke says:

    Have “likes and look forward to reading the blog on the Imagine Childhood facebook page!

  323. Right now, we are all about BOTANY! Plants, Bugs, Dirt!
    Deven’s latest post: Disappearing Fairy Dust: Can I Live without Walmart?

  324. Karen H. says:

    We have actually been looking for a microscope. My kids can’t wait to put just about anything under it. We are studying the Body right now, and I think skin cells or blood cells would really be neat for them.

  325. I liked Imagine Childhood on FB! YAY!
    Deven’s latest post: Disappearing Fairy Dust: Can I Live without Walmart?

  326. What a great giveaway. My daughter loves exploring and all things nature. Right now she is really enjoying all the butterflies that have been in our flower garden.

  327. Andrea Gardner says:

    Son #1 is really into robotics and studying animals (odd combo, but I go with it), Son #2 is into all things botany (happily he has a very green thumb!) Daughter #1 loves Chemistry right now (why can’t they all like the same thing????) and the Baby loves to bug her siblings, she has it down to a science 😉 Heehee

  328. Karen H. says:

    I have like “Imagine Childhood” on facebook!

  329. I like imagine childhood on facebook

  330. Andrea Gardner says:

    I like Imagine Childhood on FB 🙂

  331. My daughters are in love with anything to do with bubbles and light- rainbows; soap; reflection; wind. It’s so cool to watch their play develop and educate. Beautiful

  332. With two boys 5 and 9, right now we are into dirt and bugs, and looking at them with a magnifying glass. We start biology this fall, and a microscope would really ad depth to our studies!

  333. We are all about nature. Going on walks and exploring to see what we find.

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Melissa’s latest post: Displaying Kids Artwork

  334. Liked on Facebook! The store looks great! Thanks for the discount.

  335. What an awsome giveaway opportunity! Thank you!

  336. Julie Sanchez says:

    Lately it’s been sharks…it’s shark week, you know. 🙂

  337. Kathleen K says:

    Right now we are studying botany–my boys love anything to do with plants!

  338. My 7-year-old son is very interested in bugs right now – he loves finding them and indentifying them with a magnifying glass. Also, cells…our daughter is a microbiology student doing cancer research, and has sparked his interest, taking him to her research lab to look at them through the microscope – he would love to have his own!

  339. My daughter is very into learning about the human body. We bought her a human body model kit for her birthday, and she spends hours with it. Not something most 5 year olds would do!
    Christina Pilkington’s latest post: Why is Self-Directed Learning a Difficult Concept to Grasp?

  340. My boys are into rocks and dirt and bugs!

  341. Tori Palmer says:

    My boys are all about Chemistry right now. (Next year is physics). They learned about Marie Curie yesturday and have been talking about her ever since. They also love the periodic table and making rocket fuel with their dad.

  342. My kids are most interested in nature right now. They are constantly collecting things they find on nature walks to their “treasure”.

  343. Tori Palmer says:

    I liked imagine childhood on facebook

  344. I liked Imagine Childhood on FB.

  345. I liked imagine childhood on FB! Woo-Hoo!

  346. What type of scientific discovery is currently most interesting to your children? Right now? ANYTHING! We’re doing first grade this year, and Science is his favorite subject. Anything and everything remotely related to science is utterly fascinating to him! 🙂

  347. I “liked” Imagine Childhood on Facebook several days ago – LOVE their philosophy and their website 🙂 We look forward to using their ideas and products in our homeschool.

  348. I just liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook. Looks like an awesome new resource to add to my list. Thanks for sharing!
    Christina Pilkington’s latest post: Why is Self-Directed Learning a Difficult Concept to Grasp?

  349. My son loves anything to do with bugs right now! He would really like this win!
    Missional Mama’s latest post: A Trip Down Blog Memory Lane

  350. Currently my kids are interested in anything nature related! Thanks for such a great give away!

  351. I like IC on FB now!
    Missional Mama’s latest post: A Trip Down Blog Memory Lane

  352. liked them on FB : )

  353. We have a great horned owl feasting on our roof outside our bedroom window every night. And every so often it leaves a pellet on our back porch for the kids to dissect. We are positively fascinated!
    Pamela’s latest post: {this moment}

  354. My son is very interested in chemistry. This would help alot!

  355. My 5-year-old would LOVE this; he told me recently he wants a microscope for his birthday. Currently scientific discoveries involving animals are most interesting to him – he loves studying them and learning about them. Thanks for the chance!
    Nicole’s latest post: Little Weirdos

  356. I liked Imagine Childhood on FB.
    Pamela’s latest post: {this moment}

  357. I already “like” Imagine Childhood on Facebook. 🙂
    Nicole’s latest post: Little Weirdos

  358. Wow! Just pick one? Right now we are LOVING learning about flowers in the garden, and while we are out there, any bug that is found is fair game! Thanks for the opportunity for this giveaway!
    Christina’s latest post: Third Day of Kindergarten

  359. Ashley Taylor says:

    My daughter is really into animals, edible wildlife, and space right now.

  360. and I have ‘liked’ Imagine childhood.

  361. We would love a microscope for our home. My kids are interested in plants and animals at the moment. We have been doing a lot of camping this summer and nature walks have taken on a whole new meaning to us. Thanks too for sharing this company. I can’t wait to explore their website.
    Rana’s latest post: Catching Up…

  362. Heather J says:

    Our kids have been finding bugs that haven’t been surviving our Southern heat and humidity, especially ones with wings. They bring them inside on a plate and have been examining them with a magnifying glass. We’ve had to warn visitors not to eat off of or wash the random plates from the counter, to not disturb “the flying ones”. Fun times!

  363. My son is really into freezing things and seeing how they change and how long it takes to melt.

  364. Fan of Imagine Childhood on Facebook
    Brooke’s latest post: Colton’s Birthday Party

  365. I Like Imagine Childhood on Facebook 🙂

  366. Alicia Taylor says:

    Oh, I have been wanting a microscope! My kids are interested in anything to do with bugs and bird feathers. This would be awesome to win!

  367. Physics experiments are currently most interesting to my four year old. My 8 year old loves chemistry and causing reactions. My 11 y/o is currently really into biology (bugs, animals, etc.) and my 13 y/o loves viewing things under the microscope (though we don’t have as high of resolution as this one!).
    Magic and Mayhem’s latest post: Latest HS pins

  368. My son really wants a microscope this year! I love what IC has to offer

  369. My son loves dinosaurs and learning about bones. He would definitely love a microscope, though!

  370. My 5 year old daughter is discovering animals, specifically the creepy crawly kind 🙂 But, also all that exist near our country home.
    As she has spent much of her life in and out of the hospital she is also very fascinated with blood, and all things inside the body. This would be helpful in showing her blood the way that the doctors look at hers 😀
    Amber’s latest post: Dear Friend, When Life Is Hard….

  371. I like IC on FB!

  372. My younger ones (ages 4.5) are enjoying insects and spiders. My oldest (age 10) really enjoys learning about rocks. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  373. Alicia Taylor says:

    I liked Imagine childhood on Facebook. Looks like a really neat company.

  374. I liked Imagine Childhood on FB!

  375. I liked them on Facebook
    Amber’s latest post: Dear Friend, When Life Is Hard….

  376. My kids are loving their own version of wildlife biology! Even in our small backyard they have been finding animals and trying to help them. They’ve found a baby bird and dragonfly and tried to figure out a safe place for them to be moved to, and a ton of bugs and worms.

  377. We live in the woods and currently there are tons of frogs out and about this year. Every night they cling on to our windows and doors. The other night when it rained we had a “frog party” on our front porch. Thanks for the giveaway!

  378. Hmm… our current favorite scientific observations are about weather.
    Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  379. My daughter loves trying all of the experiments from her history books to see how “stuff worked back then!”
    Natalie Norman’s latest post: Life in the country

  380. I liked them on FB!
    Natalie Norman’s latest post: Life in the country

  381. My son is 6 years old and one of his most favorite subjects is Science. My husband is a nursing student and he loves asking him questions about “germs” bacteria, viruses and why people get sick. He’s interested in learning how cells, bacteria and viruses multiply.
    This would be a wonderful gift to advance his curiosity!

  382. Our current favorite is nature exploration- discovering bugs, digging in the dirt, making compost- you name it! Thanks for the chance.

  383. I liked them on FB! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  384. My son is three, but a very inquisitive kid, so everything is amazing (especially bugs). I loved looking through a microscope when I was young (and still do), and would love to show him all manner of cool stuff (bugs’ legs, tree bark, onions, pond water) as he grows and we learn about the world. Thanks for the chance to win!

  385. sarah zblewski says:

    What type of scientific discovery is currently most interesting to your children? My son is currently really excited about using the sun to make or do things. He has discovered magnifying glass and likes to explore with those as well.

  386. I’m not sure science interests my girls, which is why a good friend is going to to a science co-op with us this school year. Lots of fun experiments to get a taste for science!

    I would love to add a microscope to our homeschool resources! Going now to drool over all the wonderful stuff at ImagineChildhood!!

  387. sarah zblewski says:


  388. I Liked Imagine Childhood!

  389. Thanks for this opportunity! My little ones, (6,4,2) were just asking if we could get a microscope to look at various plants. My little ones are really into animals and all things found in nature. A microscope would be just another way to get deeper into viewing the world we live in. A deeper connection. I love it.
    Lauren’s latest post: Gluten-Free Store Bought Pork Rinds

  390. My kiddos and I have always been fascinated with birdwatching and identifying all of the nature in our neighborhood.

  391. I just “LIKE”d them on FaceBook.
    Lauren’s latest post: Gluten-Free Store Bought Pork Rinds

  392. I “liked” them on FB…thanks for this giveaway!

  393. I just liked them on FB too 🙂

  394. My daughter is currently really interested in outer space and grasping the concept of gravity, or “grabity” as she calls it 🙂
    Barbara Smith’s latest post: foster ave beach

  395. Laura Benson says:

    Of late, my children have been very excited in discovering the little creatures in our lives: Bright blue eggs in a robin’s nest, a baby bunny, and then a tiny grey mouse stuck in the window well, a swarm of dozens of dragonflies resting in our trees on their migration. I love it!

  396. Okay, have “liked” them on FB as well now… What a useful giveaway!!
    Barbara Smith’s latest post: foster ave beach

  397. Laura Benson says:

    Also – just liked both Simple Homeschool and Imagine Childhood on facebook! 🙂

  398. My daughters are currently interested in identifying flowers and insects. We love to take hikes and explore the outdoors. We would certainly enjoy adding this microscope to our activities. Thank you!

  399. We are currently interested in dinousaurs and whatever they come across outside. 🙂

  400. Nancy Mosley says:

    My kids have been wanting a microscope for several years now. This would be an awesome thing to win. If you ask each of my children, they’d give you a different answer, but they all fascinated by the animals that God has created and enjoy discovering more about them all the time.

  401. We have been enjoying looking at the insects this summer. We had a beautiful, shimmery beetle on our back screen door a few days ago. We would love to study smaller things on a new microscope when its too hot to go outside!

  402. Our favorite form of discovery is observation. I have several “critter keepers” in the garage and when my kids find creepy crawlies, they catch them, watch them, and we google them. They would LOVE a microscope now that they’re getting older!
    Scooper’s latest post: Note to Younger Self

  403. Shawn Catlow-Sidler says:

    Our current science project is a microbe biosphere. We love watching the colonies grow and journaling about the progress.

  404. Shawn Catlow-Sidler says:

    and we like on facebook

  405. I “liked” on FB. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Scooper’s latest post: Note to Younger Self

  406. Ours discoveries are flowers and butterflies 🙂

  407. foxbrooken says:

    We love to observe and discover every thing in nature, and we use a magnifier on our walks. This microscope would be a wonderful extension to our discoveries.

    Thanks for the offering this!

  408. we’ve really been enjoying the cycles of nature this summer. Both children are also pretty keen on the insects that are visiting our garden these days.

  409. My kids are loving all the info we are discovering about the human body!

  410. I also ‘liked’ imagine childhood on FB for another entry, fingers crossed 🙂

  411. And I “like” them on Facebook!

  412. My children like nature discovery and my eldest likes Mythbusters and science experiments. Would LOVE to win that microscope. 🙂 I liked you on FB. Thanks!

  413. Current scientific interests are turtles (one living right outside the door in the bushes!), dinosaurs, and birds – feathers, nests, and habits. What a great addition this microscope would make to our investigations!

  414. illya gonzalez says:

    The way thunder and lightning work.
    What and amazing microscope, we’d love to win it.

  415. I like Imagine Childhood on Facebook!

  416. illya gonzalez says:

    We just gave Imagine Childhood a Like on Facebook.

  417. Jessica Wohld says:

    Currently, my two year old and four year old are so excited about discovering birds, animals and plants in the woods surrounding our home. They are wild about anything involving animals.

  418. My children love to study about fish,animals and nature. This week they are thrilled that it is SHARK WEEK!!!!

  419. Shelley R. says:

    As of this last week:
    the detail on the back legs of grasshoppers: I love to catch them for my son who is four and then he holds them and watches their eyes, back legs, and how quick they spring before they jump away. We’d check out the detail from a grasshopper’s leg if we found an unfortunate sample by the road and won the microscope!

  420. I liked Imagine Childhood on facebook.
    Heather Borchert’s latest post: Pirate Party!

  421. Definitely nature discoveries! Like finding a butterfly or a bird! 🙂

  422. The current discovery in our house has involved lots of volcanoes! I am learning a ton, and I know my kiddo is too. I learned that Mt. St. Helens was the first time we observed a sideways erruption. He learned that lava on Hawaii flows like honey, but lava in the Ring of Fire flows more like peanut butter.

  423. Our six-year old is currently fascinated with anything related to the human body. He loves studying bones and the different systems in the body. I’m sure he would love to look at skin or blood cells under the microscope. The three-year-old love anything that crawls. He would love to look at anything bug-related!
    Heather Borchert’s latest post: Pirate Party!

  424. And I like this on FB.
    Taylor’s latest post: Wordless Wednesday: Tie-Dye Hat

  425. This is an awesome give away. My son would love to examine the many bugs he’s been collecting up close and in person.
    sandra’s latest post: COCONUT WHIP

  426. I just ‘liked’ Imagine on facebook. Thanks so much!
    sandra’s latest post: COCONUT WHIP

  427. We have enjoyed watching the garden bloom! Tending to the garden and picking our
    yummy veggies! Thanks for the chance to win!

  428. Christina P. says:

    My boys are so interested in insects right now. Thank you for the chance to win!

  429. This summer we have had fun learning more about mushrooms, moss, and many different insects. We watched butterflies from their larvae stage through adulthood.

  430. Christina P. says:

    I “like” Imagine Childhood on Facebook. 🙂

  431. We would love to win this for our homeschool. We are studying Biology this year. Could come in handy when we get to bugs. =)
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Jen’s latest post: "Training Up"…A Godly Man

  432. Liked Image Childhood on Facebook! =)

  433. We love to observe animals – their habits, diet, and communication.

  434. We are doing a unit study on our lake and it would be wonderful to look at the microorganisms in our lake. That would truely enhance our unit!

  435. I liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook.

  436. I “liked” Imangine Childhood on facebook.

  437. My boys are currently excited about chemical reactions and animal science. They would love this microscope!
    Amanda Morgan’s latest post: August First Friday Q&A

  438. My kids have enjoyed seeing the results of 3D printing utilized for prosthetics and robotics – amazing things are being produced!
    Diahn Ott’s latest post: Lord of the Regatta de Blanc

  439. And I’ve liked Imagine Childhood on facebook…
    Diahn Ott’s latest post: Lord of the Regatta de Blanc

  440. My son is fascinated with seeing how fast different objects can go down slides.

  441. My five year old seems intrigued by all things science… she never tires of examining bugs, spiders, worms and other creepy crawlies (not squeamish at all!) while my 12 month old just loves to TASTE everything! We take our nature journal kit with us everywhere. You never know when you might come across a moment of discovery! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    Tori’s latest post: Homeschooling in Central Oregon

  442. I “Like” Imagine Childhood on Facebook. Great company!
    Tori’s latest post: Homeschooling in Central Oregon

  443. My kids love to observe nature and also they like to see chemical reactions between items found in the kitchen. I really think that they would LOVE to have a microscope in order to look at things more closely. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win 🙂
    Dawn Marie Perkins’s latest post: New Theme: Next Saturday

  444. We’ve liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook and can’t wait to take a closer look at all they have to offer 🙂
    Dawn Marie Perkins’s latest post: New Theme: Next Saturday

  445. Both my kids – nearly 6 and 2 yrs. old – love studying bugs. I make a point of showing them any insects I find in the garden. They study them there, then we go inside and read up on them. My almost-6-yr. old is also fascinated by weather; our favorite project this summer was to make our own greenhouse (with a plastic bag) and watch how it collected up water and then “rained.” 🙂 Thanks for this giveaway; my daughter has been asking for a microscope for a couple of years!

  446. “Liked” Imagine Childhood, too.
    Kristina’s latest post: Update on the Garden & Chickens

  447. We have been observing the insects, plants & fungus that is growing in and around our home. Thanks for the chance to win. I am very excited about this giveaway.

  448. My son is so excited about science! Often, I hear him hollering “Mom, I found science!!” Which means he has found an interesting leaf, or a fly caught in a spider web, or that the sugar snap peas are ready to be picked. Lately, he has expounded and explored inventing rocket fuel (out of our recycling), making a backyard pool, gliders, leaf collecting, interest in dentristy, interest in the innerworkings of the human body. He has said to me “Mom, I have so much to learn if I am going to be ready for whatever God has me do when I grow up. Lets start learning”

  449. I “liked” you on facebook and now I’m headed to your website to window shop.

  450. I’ve wanted a microscope to enhance our nature study. I’ve long admired this one at Imagine Childhood. Thanks for the giveaway.

  451. I’m already a facebook fan of Imagine Childhood–I hope that counts:)

  452. heidi sink says:

    My boys are both still pretty small but my 4 yo is full of questions about everything. He has really been asking questions about how things are made or what they are for. We told him that we are going to have a baby and he is extremely intrigued about how big the baby is each week.

  453. Currently my kids favorite thing to do is break open rocks. . . every rock they find. It has led to lots of discussions on types of rocks, how they are formed, etc. And a small rock collection is starting. It’s been fun!

    They are also extremely interested in germs and bacteria. We love Bill Nye’s “Great Big Book of Tiny Germs”.

  454. Just ‘liked’ the blog on facebook 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  455. been dreaming of a great microscope for our home classroom 🙂

  456. just “Liked” imagine childhood on facebook! (first time i’ve done that, hope i did it right!)

  457. christy schlegel says:

    My children love so many things! My seven year old daughter is fasinated with insects! Ladybugs in particular…
    I think they would be so into looking at a variety of nature items under a microscope!!!

  458. My oldest loves everything scientific, so its hard to narrow it down to one thing, but I suppose his longest-lasting favorite is how things work. He loves the show “How Things Work” and the book “The New Way Things Work” by David Macaulay. He loves to take things apart. But Physics, Biology, Astronomy, you name it, he loves it!

  459. I’ve “liked” Imagine Childhood on Facebook!

  460. The scientific discovery that would thrill my oldest is a new bird she has never seen before. The youngest would be amazed by anything science. She eats it all up; biology, astronomy, physics, and chemistry (mostly experiments involving vinegar and baking soda). This would be a wonderful addition to our science stash. Thanks for sharing!

  461. My seven year old daughter loves to catch bugs, like lady bugs and grass hoppers and keep them as “pets” for a few days, until we make her let them go before they die!

  462. I like Imagine Childhood on facebook.

  463. jeannette says:

    Nina loves everything about nature right now. She is three and the world outside the door is amazing to her.

  464. jeannette says:

    liked on facebook!

  465. My children LOVE anything science. The more science the better. If they could do science all day long they would be happy campers. And I love that they love science. The one thing that we would love but have not purchased yet would be a microscope, I can only imagine the things that they would make slides of. I don’t think that I would be able to get it off the table to set the table for dinner (and that would be okay as I would probably be right there beside them examining the world.

  466. I liked IC on FB.

  467. I liked Imagine Childhood on FB.

  468. I like IC on FB. What a Cool Store!

  469. My littlest is in love with “wormies” and other “buggies” in general. He makes it difficult to keep them out of the house!

  470. My kids are very interested in anything to do with outer space right now.
    Dawn’s latest post: 15

  471. I’d love to add this to our classroom.

  472. Last year my daughter started Kindergarten. We were using a curriculum that shall remain nameless, but about halfway through the year she came up and whispered to me, “I hate that stupid Science!” Needless to say, we started paying more attention to her natural interests and she is now much more of a science lover! She is currently very interested in creepy-crawlies: bugs, spiders, worms…reading about them, drawing them, telling us all about them. My son is going into 3rd grade and he is very interested in germs and space.

  473. My children are younger, so our most interesting science discovery this summer has been Cicadas. Not only do we enjoy the noises they make, but we found a dead one and placed it in our critter cage! We were able to study their body parts and the kids LOVE to share their finding with everyone who will listen. It’s so cute to watch them explain the anatomy! Of course our critter cage has collected many other bugs (all dead!) for studying and learning. I can’t tell you how excited I am to learn about Imagination toys. This is right up my alley! We were just talking about getting a microscope to study bugs that are microscopic – like chiggers. Oh do those bites itch!

  474. I liked Imagine Childhood on FB.

  475. My boys are way into anything and everything from nature right now… a microscope would be perfect for us!

  476. I am not a member of Facebook so I could not ‘like’ Imagination toys. However, they are now on my favorite bookmarks! Thank you for sharing this site.

  477. my toddler is most interested in ant nests right now!
    Anastasia @ Eco-Babyz’s latest post: NB Fluff: Thanks Mama Review

  478. I like Imagine Childhood on FB
    Anastasia @ Eco-Babyz’s latest post: NB Fluff: Thanks Mama Review

  479. I really want to add a microscope to our homeschool this year. love all the simple mom blogs!

  480. my kids are loving all things nature right now!
    andie’s latest post: another favorite

  481. and it’s now officially liked on facebook 🙂
    andie’s latest post: another favorite

  482. My son is currently into astronomy so he is all about star gazing!
    Amy-Cutting Coupons in KC’s latest post: FREE Download The Chronicles of Narnia Audiobooks

  483. DNA – my daughter took a biotechnology class for 4-H this week and is fascinated! This would be an awesome way to start the school year! Thanks for the opportunity~
    Monica’s latest post: Using Photo Books to Supplement Your Child’s Education {Giveaway}

  484. I “Liked” Imagine Childhood on Facebook.
    Amy-Cutting Coupons in KC’s latest post: FREE Download The Chronicles of Narnia Audiobooks

  485. I liked them on FB!
    Monica’s latest post: Using Photo Books to Supplement Your Child’s Education {Giveaway}

  486. my daughter is fascinated by how skin wraps around our bodies and is ‘wrinkly’ at the elbows and ‘lines’ on the hands.

  487. facebook fan now of imagine childhood

  488. Right now my kids are most into scientific study involving birds (oldest) and flowers (youngest). My oldest got really really into birds after doing a unit on them. She just keeps learning and learning! Its great.

  489. Bugs, bugs and more bugs!

  490. My girls love everything about animals. They pour through their children’s encyclopedias and mammal books on a daily basis so that the books look like they’ve been used for years and years. They love learning all about the small details. They love nature and we do our best around the garden to encourage little critters to come visit us.

    feralmoon at gmail dot com

  491. my boys love to watch, feed and chit-chat with our pet fish, Mudge. they are also fascinated with bugs, living or non-living 🙂

  492. i like imagine childhood on FB!

  493. How wonderful & exciting! Thanks for a giveaway to help our children discover!

  494. My kids are all about bugs right now. Thanks for the awesome blog!
    Kristen’s latest post: Using Preschool Games to Learn a Foreign Language

  495. Right now the cat is providing most of our scientific excitement by catching a bird a day and devouring it in the backyard. But really, if it can be examined–whatever it is–my daughter wants to know about it. Lots of leaf collections, rocks, dirt. Anything. Can only imagine how awesome it’d be to really examine things with a microscope.

  496. What type of scientific discovery is currently most interesting to your children?
    My boys loved seeing what kind of germs were growing between their toes=) YUCK!
    christa schoolfield’s latest post: Cleared for TRAVEL!!!

  497. I ‘liked’ Imagine Childhood on FB =)
    christa schoolfield’s latest post: Cleared for TRAVEL!!!

  498. my kids are currently most interested in how the body works and any animal bones. my 7 yr old is wanting a dissection kit. : )

  499. i’ve liked imagine childhood on facebook!

  500. My children are always interested in anything scientific- especially if it involves a microscope! We recently went to Padilla Bay and got to look at our beach findings under microscope. It was a lot of fun!

  501. Right now we are doing astronomy – it is my first year homeschooling so we are discovering so many things!

  502. My kids are most interested in rocks & crystals! Fun to look at through a microscope!

  503. I liked Imagine Childhood on FB and told them you sent me!

  504. I’ve liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook as Jenine Herrell.

    feralmoon at gmail dot com

  505. My kids are interested in looking at molds and mushrooms!

  506. Great question! My 7 yr old is BIRD CRAZY right now. He can’t stop reading, studying, or learning about every type of bird out there.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    cam’s latest post: 2011-12 Curriculum, with Cost Analysis (just for fun!)

  507. “liked” Imagine Childhood on FB, also. Thanks!
    cam’s latest post: 2011-12 Curriculum, with Cost Analysis (just for fun!)

  508. Electricity! Great giveaway, thanks!

  509. Heather Gratton says:

    My 5 year old is obsessed learning about the human body right now! He can tell you how your body works better than most high schoolers. lol

  510. Heather Gratton says:

    I “liked” Imagine Childhood on FB. Thanks! 🙂 Thanks for highlighting such great resources!!

  511. Michelle Wulf says:

    My daughter is loving learning about all things outdoors! She currently has a fascination with bugs–that sometimes turns into a screech. 😉

  512. Michelle Wulf says:

    I like Imagine Childhood on facebook.

  513. Always an interest in birds, bird nests, etc. So excited when they say a hummingbird nest in the crepe myrtle tree!

  514. StephanieK says:

    My oldest is currently fascinated with clouds and being able to predict the weather based on cloud patterns. And both my girls are always interested in any animals or bugs they might find outdoors!

  515. I “liked” Imagine Childhood on Facebook!

  516. StephanieK says:

    I just “liked” Imagine Childhood on Facebook 🙂

  517. My daughter thinks that bubbles are amazing. How it’s possible to make them really big! Don’t know if this is really a scientific discovery but for her it seems amazing!

  518. Hi! We will be studying all Life Science this fall and my kids love to see plants, rocks and other living things.

  519. My kids love exploring the natural world…this microscope would be a huge hit to see their collections “up close”!

  520. I liked Imagine on Facebook.

  521. My younger children are currently interested in animal metamorphosis. This coming year we will be studying God’s Design for Life: Plants, Animals, and the Human Body, and I can’t wait to see what piques their interest.

  522. I liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook 🙂

  523. Our boys had a wonderful time watching butterflies emerge from their chrysalis. They are also fascinated with rocks right now.

  524. I “liked” Imagine Childhood on Facebook!

  525. Oh, my word! My family would LOVE LOVE LOVE a microscope!!! What a wonderful giveaway!!! My kids and I are really excited to start our new chemistry book this year.

  526. I *like* Imagine Childhood on FB. 🙂
    HopiQ’s latest post: Novel Destinations: Library Summer Reading Program

  527. We just finished astronomy and no the kids want to lean about the ocean 🙂 thanks for the great give away
    Teresa Matz’s latest post: Next Year……..

  528. Liked them on Facebook 🙂
    Teresa Matz’s latest post: Next Year……..

  529. Molly L. says:

    This microscope is amazing! We would love to have this for science. Currently, my son is loving Sharks and everything that has to do with sharks. My daughter is having fun making homes for all the bugs she finds in our yard.

  530. Jessica Wohld says:

    I’ve just “liked” Imagine Childhood on Facebook

  531. My daughter is fascinated with the human body, and learning about nutrition… and it’s not anything I’ve done! She just loves to know what is in her food. Hope this continues as she gets older!

  532. I liked imagine childhood on facebook!

  533. Yvette Parsons says:

    My son is enamored by insects right now! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  534. Yvette Parsons says:

    Also, I liked Imagine Childhood on facebook!

  535. My son is extremely interested in cells right now.
    Lynda’s latest post: Peace, be still… a new song

  536. I have “liked” Imagine Childhood on FB
    Lynda’s latest post: Peace, be still… a new song

  537. I like imagine childhood on facebook
    Robin (rsislandcrafts)’s latest post: More Aprons

  538. We’re currently crazy about anything space-related, but are interested in going micro, too! This microscope would be an answer to prayer!

  539. My Son has always been a lizard watcher but lately he has been watching the spiders and ants.
    Robin (rsislandcrafts)’s latest post: More Aprons

  540. I liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook – thanks for the great resource!
    Joy’s latest post: Live the Journey

  541. The boys are very interested in insects.

  542. Gems and Crystals.

  543. I “like” Imagine Childhood on Facebook.

  544. Jen Burns says:

    We were just discovering things about gravity… dropping different sized items, timing them.. FUN!

  545. liked Imagine Childhood… thank you for the chances for these give aways..

  546. Right now my kids are into bugs, bugs, and more bugs!

  547. My kids love zoology!!!

  548. My 5 yr old is very fascinated with the human body, my 6 yr old in the way plants grow and, my 10 yr old is interested in building and robots.

  549. I liked Imagine Childhood on FB.

  550. right now they are loving all areas of natural sciences: plants, animals, weather, exploring bugs, dirt, clouds, etc!

  551. Bugs. My kids are currently obsessed with trying to catch butterflies, fireflies, worms, spiders, any bug. They like to look them up online and watch them for a bit before I have to force them to release them.

  552. My oldest is really into botany right now. This will be our first year homeschooling so this microscope would be fantastic!
    Amy’s latest post: reflection

  553. Like on facebook!!!

  554. Bugs are the thing around here! Thanks for the giveaways!

  555. Melanie Rudd says:

    My kids are really into nature study-my son is fascinated with the animal kingdom and my daughter loves all things nature!

    Thanks for the great giveway!

  556. Heather Mattison says:

    My 11 year was just learning about circuits and electricity. We did a great project of creating a quiz for our local 4-H club using electricity.

  557. Heather Mattison says:

    Like on Facebook!

  558. Definitely bugs. 🙂 It’s a great summer time science activity!
    Andrea’s latest post: Our Newest "family member!"

  559. Like on facebook
    Andrea’s latest post: Our Newest "family member!"

  560. Right now, my kids are really into astronomy and the Mars Rovers that JPL sent/is sending to mars. But, I’m sure a new microscope would inspire them to look at the local flaura and fauna as well. Thanks for the chance!
    GinnyO’s latest post: { The Dirty Dozen and Other Foods }

  561. Just hit “like” on FB. Didn’t realize they had a page there!
    GinnyO’s latest post: { The Dirty Dozen and Other Foods }

  562. Jennifer says:

    My boys love bugs, and anything else that crawls around outside! How much fun would it be to look at their wings and legs under a microscope!!

  563. Jennifer says:

    Like on Facebook!


  565. Christine says:

    He loves geology. The crystal growing kits woul be a great birthday gift for him.

  566. Christine says:

    I ‘Liked’ Imagine Childhood on Facebook.

  567. Lindsay Sledge says:

    Worms!! We started our own worm bin this summer, and my kids find them very interesting.

  568. Lindsay Sledge says:

    “liked” on facebook!

  569. Andrea H says:

    Gooey science experiments, our little growing garden, and bugs.

  570. Jennifer Jones says:

    I liked Imagine Childhood on fb. 🙂

  571. My kids are very interested in exploring and learning about bugs these days.

  572. I like Imagine Childhood on Facebook.

  573. Jennifer Jones says:

    My kids like anything to do with dissecting things. They are also interested in learning about sea life. 😉

  574. I think I would have to say my youngest daughter is enjoying watching the apples and pears grow in our backyard.
    Renee Alam’s latest post: Letter #253 from California

  575. My kids are really into bugs and insects right now. I’m sure they love looking at some of the small bugs they find under the microscope!

  576. My son is very interested in nature. He loves exploring with a magnifying glass and is just itching to look at things even closer! He’s nine and ready to look at things in further detail…..would really enjoy the microscope. Wishing myself luck!!

  577. I like Imagine Childhood on FB!

  578. I have “liked” Imagine Homeschool on Facebook! Looks like a great company!

  579. Oops……I meant I liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook!! Thinking about Simple Homeschool at the same time as I typed……

  580. My child loves anything to do with bugs! We spend quite a bit of time outside watching them 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  581. I also liked on Facebook!

  582. OUr current fascination is looking at bugs up close and personal – with a lovely magnifying glass received at Christmas from Imagine Childhood.
    And, I love the store so much I would like them on Facebook, I don’t subscribe.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway.
    Karen’s latest post: Dog days

  583. Anything astronomical. My daughter loves to tell me the names of stars and recount anything bigger than our sun.

  584. Germs! They’re apparently the most exciting things that ever existed. Who knew?

  585. Liked on FB.

  586. Oh my….what aren’t they into?! The solar system currently takes first place, and we are absorbing details and images as fast as I can dig up the resources.

  587. Jennifer Collins says:

    My children are currently most interested in Technology Science- how people are discovering ways to do things faster, more efficiently, smaller, more easily… Computer Science, Automotive Science, Rocket Science, Marine Technology… these are the fields that entrance them.

  588. Rhiannon says:

    My children are most interested in plants and how are 6 foot tall sunflowers grew from half inch seeds. They love science of all sorts. The garden provides a lot of opportunity to study.

  589. Jennifer Collins says:

    I liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook!

  590. my little guy just said he likes planets & volcanoes:)

  591. I liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook. 🙂

  592. What a wonderful opportunity for some lucky kids to peek into a whole new world through the lens of a microscope.

  593. My son just finished a summer camp through the parkd istrict so he’s all about bugs and beaver damns! We would love a microscope- I bought a cheap one, not worth it…

  594. Oops – I forgot to tell you that I liked on facebook!

  595. Stephanie l says:

    We discovered a dead dragonfly the other day and my girls were fascinated to see it up close. Would love to win this to explore more up close nature and bugs!

  596. That’s a tough question! Everything is so new and exciting to toddlers. Pretty much everything we do is a scientific experiment. 🙂
    Crafty Mama’s latest post: Homeschooling Soon

  597. Nature study is big at our house. Just simply observing nature, chronicling what we find inour nature journals and using various field guides to help us identify what we’ve found. I’m sure a microscope would be a fascinating addition/next step for us.

  598. Liked Imagine Childhood.

  599. My daughter is obsessed with farm animals, I actually found a book that the FFA use so she can learn about livestock this year

  600. Added myself to the like list at Imagine Childhood.

  601. We are in to nature (specifically whatever we see on walks) and the digestive system.

  602. What type of scientific discovery is currently most interesting to your children?

    my oldest is really into rocks and minerals, and my youngest 2 like anything that has to do with animals!

  603. Just liked Imagine Childhood on facebook 🙂

  604. Kristi F. says:

    My little one is a preschooler, so pretty much any discovery is exciting to him! He is currently fascinated with animals and dirt though.

  605. What a great giveaway–I want it for me! (er, uh, I mean, for my daughter). She, by the way, is most interested in the many treasures she gathers as she walks–sticks, feathers, leaves, etc. Wouldn’t it be fun to examine some under this new microscope? Thanks for the chance.
    Lise’s latest post: Yarn along, after a long absence

  606. my daughter is very fascinated with insects and spiders lately. We watched a spider catch and wrap up an ant, and then discussed how spiders are really helpful as they get rid of the pests(ants) that are in our house.

  607. I just like Imagine Childhood on FB.

  608. We’ve spent the summer planning Bug Safari VBS and all things bug are her focus at the moment!

  609. Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! Both my boys love to get a close look at insects and all crawly things this summer.

  610. Just liked Imagine Childhood on facebook!

  611. Jelinda P. says:

    Their current science interest is involved with water, since Texas is in such a drought. We are examining evaporating water, soil water absorption, plants’ reactions to water (and the lack thereof). Trying to turn the drought into a learning opportunity

  612. Our kids are mostly into experimenting with mixing everything. Food, water/dirt, you name it. They’re excited to see what the outcome might be with each concoction.

  613. I’ve like the page on facebook.

  614. Bugs! My little guy got a bug collecting kit for his birthday and he loves catching the bugs and observing them.

  615. My little ones are fascinated with roly polies and most any creepy crawly things right now. They would have have a blast if we win!

  616. Bugs are the fascination of the moment! It could be because we are having mysterious appearances of tiny black ants in various places around our house. Just when we think we’ve gotten rid of them, they turn up somewhere new!
    Tracey’s latest post: Time to Pick Up the Pace

  617. marta suarez says:

    My daughter is really into insects. She is fascinated by the four stages of life. She loves caterpillars, spiders, and……big cats.

  618. marta suarez says:

    Went of Facebook and now I “like” Imagine Childhood. Thanks.

  619. My daughter loves reading science magazines and reading about new inventions, especially robotics.

  620. I’ve got three boys who are very interested in bugs these days. It would be amazing to win a microscope!

  621. how lightning was discovered! thanks for the great giveaway.

  622. Charmaine Balmer says:

    My kids love to inspect bugs and insects and anything strange looking they might discover!!

  623. Mine are still pretty young, but they love animals and bugs and LOVE dirt and water!

  624. we are studying states of matter right now

  625. I like Imagine Childhood on FB

  626. nopinkhere says:

    My son is learning about the circulatory system. He’s fascinated by white blood cells. Mostly because of a They Might Be Giants song called The Bloodmobile.

  627. James likes the plants in the back yard!

  628. My oldest has been leading the middle child on a hunt for interesting nature artifacts and is particularly interested in seeds.

  629. It’s time for our beach vacation, so my kids are interested in anything that lives in the ocean right now!
    Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy’s latest post: The Modern Mrs Darcy is Now on Pinterest!

  630. My kids have been wanting to dissect every dead bug they find (gross!!!).

  631. Just Like Imagine Childhood on Facebook.
    Sheau’s latest post: Feet Painting

  632. I “liked” Image Childhood and thanks again for introducing me to yet another awesome store 🙂

  633. We spent time in our yard and outdoor play kitchen a lot. My little one likes watching little insects that appear in the garden. Cooking in her outdoor kitchen. Recreating what she learned in her real life. These are what she made today:

    It will be cool to look at flowers, leaves and insects in details.
    Sheau’s latest post: Feet Painting

  634. Science interest? BUGS! of course. Thanks for this opportunity

  635. Right now, my little guy is interested in dinosaurs. Fun stuff.
    Andrea’s latest post: Live Those Teachings

  636. My children love animals, we currently are studying in detail one teddy bear hamster, a betta, and 5 painted lady chrysallis, and a guinea pig in addition to the usual backyard creatures. They love finding food for them right in our yard and pantry!

  637. Liked them on FB… what a great opportunity. Our bug viewers are always full!

  638. Anything about bugs and worms!

  639. Liked imagine childhood on fb
    Tauna’s latest post: Will the "Princess" Thing Make Little Girls Spoiled Brats?

  640. Jennifer H. says:

    Our current favorite mode is exploring Everything with the five senses. Thanks for the giveaway!

  641. My almost-four-year-old is fascinated by bones and skeletons. We recently finally took her to see the dinosaur bones, and she was “explaining” to all her older cousins that the dinosaurs were dead and that when we die, we will leave our bones behind us too!

  642. Currently my kids are most interested in the earth sciences: rocks, minerals and space.

  643. I *liked* Imagine Childhood on FB.

  644. We’ve been studying about Benjamin Franklin. Electricity seems to be catching everyones attention right now.
    Suanna’s latest post: Sundaes for Supper

  645. My kids love to dig in the dirt right now and look for worms and bugs.

  646. Jessica M says:

    My kids are learning all about the ocean right now and really enjoying it!

  647. Jessica M says:

    I like Imagine Childhood on Facebook!

  648. My grandsons both love everything they can learn about all animals! Thanks!

  649. Adriana Watt says:

    My son wants to mix things up. Chemistry is his interest. But my girls want to know about flowers and insects.

  650. Adriana Watt says:

    I like on facebook as well.

  651. Jennifer says:

    What a great giveaway!!! My daughter loves everything outside.

  652. I just like Imagine Childhood on FB.

  653. Our current science discoveries are different forms and shapes and means of transportation of wildflower seeds, and how the fog comes from the ocean…

  654. I “liked” Imagine Childhood on Facebook.

  655. My daughter is definitely interested in the science behind our garden – what makes the plants grow, what happens when we water them, why bees like to visit the flowers, and so on.

  656. Like imagine Childhood on facebook

  657. My kids love everything science. They are very interested in learning how everything works, and why. Right now, Its solids, lkiquids and gas thats got them thinking. 🙂

  658. Stephanie says:

    I “liked” Imagine Childhood

  659. Stephanie says:

    My daughter and her daddy have been trying things out of the book Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes by Steve Spangler

  660. My daughter lately like to identify the variet of lizard in our area.

  661. My son will soon turn 6 years old. And he asks for a gift microscope. I hope we can find a good one. Thanks for the great article
    Katie’s latest post: ראש השנה

  662. My kids are most into insects right now, particularily dragonflies. They come out in droves at dusk every night, eating the bugs (mosquitoes!) and giving us quite a show!

  663. I liked them on Facebook!

    Thank you!

  664. I do like them on facebook
    karen’s latest post: Homemakers Challenge Guest Post on Joyful Mothering

  665. We are just starting our homeschooling adventure with a 1st grader and 4th grader. I can’t wait to explore science with them and find out what they love!
    karen’s latest post: Homemakers Challenge Guest Post on Joyful Mothering

  666. My daughter is still in awe of the lady bug pupae we found on a tree this spring. We brought a few home and they emerged a few days later. It was a moment where I knew, in my core, that homeschooling her next year will be the right choice. She’d be amazed about the world under a microscope!
    MrsH’s latest post: Making Progress

  667. I “liked” Imagine Childhood on facebook
    MrsH’s latest post: Making Progress

  668. Children are so naturally curious…what a great tool to provide for them to help nurture that! My children are right now curious about small ocean life.
    Monique’s latest post: Nature Crafts

  669. I already “like” you on Facebook. Thanks!
    Monique’s latest post: Nature Crafts

  670. Andrea R says:

    I like Imagine Childhood on FB

  671. Andrea R says:

    My daughter is really interested in how the foods she eats help her grow.

  672. Currently we are really into caterpillars and other bugs! Looking for little creatures everyday… 🙂 we would Love to win!
    Molly L’s latest post: So long summer

  673. My kids are really into the night sky right now.

  674. My kids are obsessed with anything they consider to be chemistry. They go through the pantry and mix things together just to see what will happen.

  675. I just liked Imagine Childhood on FB.

  676. My twins like to go on Safari hunts and look for bugs

  677. My 6 yo is really into “chemistry” experiments.

  678. liked them on facebook!

  679. I liked them on Facebook!
    Pam’s latest post: Late Night Daybook

  680. My kids are really into any kind of kitchen table experiment. This week was density with molasses, water and oil. It was a HUGE hit.
    Pam’s latest post: Late Night Daybook

  681. Wow! That microscope looks so cool! My sons are currently excited about “making chemicals” with vinegar and baking soda and different spices like turmeric and cinnamon. They love the ‘scope!

  682. My son is loving learning about birds. How they fly, different species, just anything and everything!

  683. Cool giveaway! I liked Imagine Childhood on FB.

  684. My sweet little ones just love to explore nature in it’s fullest right night. watching animals is a favorite for them. Thanks so much.

  685. My daughter is currently into plants and growing things! She is so excited to learn about seeds, flowers and all things growing! We also had a discussion about microscopes and what we could see with them if we had one recently! What an amazing give away thanks for the opportunity!

  686. I “liked” Imagine Childhood on facebook!!

  687. I liked IC on FB!

  688. stephanie bender says:

    We love the stuffed animals. My kids are getting ready to study leaves and rocks. They love science! Our latest experiment? How to make ice cream!

  689. I liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook!

  690. Currently my oldest is fascinated with all space related science and my younger ones explore the outdoors with scientific voracity.
    Kimberly Sanderson’s latest post: Join us on Facebook!

  691. The most exciting discovery around here right now is identifying a new (to us) insect or bird in our yard by using our field guides!
    Awesome giveaway!
    Nikki’s latest post: Summer Travels

  692. I liked IC on FB.
    Nikki’s latest post: Summer Travels

  693. My son is really interested in weather these days. We’d love to win a microscope! Thanks for the giveaway!

  694. I liked Imagine Childhood on FB!

  695. A lizard just climbed into our couch, so at the moment that has them fascinated 🙂

  696. What a fantastic giveaway–I am actually in the market for one of these, too! My son loves to do any science relating to nature right now: bugs, water, plants, you name it. We press it, name it, draw it, or capture it on camera 😉
    Sarah M
    Sarah M’s latest post: On Vacation…Back in a Week!

  697. Also ‘liked’ you on facebook! Thanks again for the offer.

    Sarah M
    Sarah M’s latest post: On Vacation…Back in a Week!

  698. Also ‘liked’ you on facebook! Thanks again for the offer.
    Sarah M’s latest post: On Vacation…Back in a Week!

  699. My 4.5 yr old loves exploring our big backyard for metal! It’s amazing how many things he’s found!! Thanks!!

  700. Liked Imagine childhood on FB

  701. Carrie Visceglie says:

    Lately my daughter’s most interesting scientific discoveries have been about bugs. We recently had a cicada in our home and she’s still talking abut it 2 weeks later!

  702. my son’s most interesting scientific discoveries now are all about water and wet — catching and examining turtles, raisin elevators, looking at waterbugs with a magnifying glass, and the like.

  703. yes indeed, I like you on fb.

  704. My oldest is five, and she is currently loving anything to do with nature and the outdoors. I have been been taking advantage of that! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  705. I “liked” Imagine Childhood on facebook – wow what a neat place! Thanks for introducing me to them!
    Tiffany’s latest post: .Homeschooling Goals.

  706. I liked ’em on facebook!

  707. Scientific discovery? One is way into understanding the circulatory system, one is in a constant search for dinosaur bones.

  708. My son is currently enjoying watching a caterpillar change into a moth.

  709. My 3 little girls are loving anything outdoors right now, especially butterflies!

  710. Amy Adams says:

    My daughter has been all about bugs lately. We spent forever outside yesterday just watching a praying mantis!

  711. Amy Adams says:

    I liked Imagine Childhood on FB!

  712. My girls like any experiment that has to do with going outside or cooking!
    Amy’s latest post: Of Church Camp, Attitude, and Laundry

  713. I “like” Imagine Childhood on Facebook.
    Amy’s latest post: Of Church Camp, Attitude, and Laundry

  714. Right now my boys are really into discovering bugs. This would be great for discovering microscopic bugs!

  715. Katie Anne says:

    Right now, my daughter is starting bird-watching. She spends a lot of time reading her books about birds and bird calls, learning about the different size and shape of eggs, nests, etc. My son has recently been fascinated with the ladybug life cycle, getting excited and showing me each time he finds evidence of one of the stages on our paper birch tree. Both are enjoying identifying the butterflies at the local butterfly house.

  716. Katie Anne says:

    “Liked” on FB!

  717. We are really into nature study right now. A Microscope would take this to a different level that the kids would love. Imagine looking at the heart of a sunflower up close!

    Oh it would be so lovely to win!
    Amy Caroline’s latest post: Alphabet All the Time: A Week

  718. Liked on FB!!
    Amy Caroline’s latest post: Alphabet All the Time: A Week

  719. We are currently intrigued by our vegetable garden and bees…great things to be learning about when it’s summer and you’re 5!

  720. The type of scientific discovery most interesting to my children right now is physics and how far an object can be displaced, ie. hurdling the lego starship in the space where it can be overtaking an opposing lego plane.
    Dee P’s latest post: Intro SOTW Logic Stage Ancients Links

  721. Christie says:

    My daughter and son both love the moon and stars right now. My son is 17 months and everytime we go outside in the evening he always finds the moon right away, points and say “look”. My daughter loves taking note of the different moon phases and how the stars are in different positions from when the last time she checked them out!

  722. Yep, I liked the company on facebook and it’s nice to see their products as I begin a year with kids about life science. THanks

  723. Christie says:

    I “liked” Imagine Childhood on facebook!

  724. Insects of all shapes and sizes!

  725. Anna Shearouse says:

    Bugs and anythings with nature and animals.

  726. Sharon horton says:

    We have been watching the grasshopers

  727. Caitlin Loverin says:

    My children are currently engrossed in plant discovery. We are gardening, dissecting, checking out the Botanical Garden, and looking for herbs on our hikes.

  728. Caitlin Loverin says:

    I liked imagine Childhood on Facebook.

  729. We have enjoyed studying birds & my kids love anything to do with animals! We live on a farm so this isn’t hard to study!

  730. I liked Imagine Childhood on FB.

  731. My kids are all about bugs lately. We have recently been invaded by fire ants so they are helping me find a natural killer/deterrent… so far equal is not working (bah!).

  732. I liked Imagine Childhood on Facebook 🙂

  733. According to my 9 yr. old son, “Anything outside, bugs, sticks, leaves, and especially dirt. ” He’s facinated by the creativity of our Creator! Can’t wait to get started with our “Science in the Yard” this fall!!

  734. My girls are currently interested in how plants grow and composting- this year we’re growing our first garden!

  735. Right now we are being vistited by cicadas and they leave their shells everywhere. My son is so fascinated with them and collects them and put them in a jar. He spends tons of time examining them and pointing out the different parts of the body. He loves to run out and try to find more shells.

  736. My daughter is really interested in plants and gardening and we have been experimenting with sprouting avocado pits on our windowsills! What fun it would be to own our very own microscope!
    Pamela’s latest post: A Taste of Classical Education

  737. I like Imagine Childhood on FB!
    Pamela’s latest post: A Taste of Classical Education

  738. My 3 yr old daughter is interested in everything! … but if I have to choose… bumblebees, trees, and the process of planting a seed and then harvesting the fruit/vegetable months later. She’d love to explore another world with a microscope!

  739. Barefoot mama says:

    What a fun giveaway! Can’t believe it’s almost time to start school…YAY!!! I think I have more fun then they do:)

  740. Right now Doodlebug is really interested in animals.

  741. Hmmm favourite science for my three year old is fruits and vegetables and asking lots of questions about where they grow. I like to fill her in on nutritional facts too!
    Terri’s latest post: Let Mothers Jump the Line!

  742. I like Imagine Childhood on Facebook – another fine page to tune into!
    Terri’s latest post: Let Mothers Jump the Line!

  743. I’m pretty sure this isn’t exactly scientific, but my daughter would like to know how fairies do their work! What great products!

  744. Lisa Lindsey says:

    My son and I are about to embark on a journey through biology, beginning with the kingdoms of living things and ending with the human body. He has always loved to study insects, reptiles and animals, so I can only hope he will enjoy delving deeper. The ability to see the bits and pieces living things magnified will be a truly eye-opening experience for him!

  745. I liked them on FB!

  746. Probably something that involves a magnifying and glass, the sun and the power to start fire/ eliminate ants. 🙂

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