Jamie recommends:

The items below helped grow a love of learning in our family, and I hope our personal recommendations help you and yours as well!

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for ages 0-8:

such a special way to start the day

teach your kids to tell time AND when to get up

I adore this whole series for babes & moms

a classic, imaginative toy to keep littles busy

playfully teach addition & subtraction

a sweet story for your shelf

my daughter has loved these for years

introduce classical music through stories

a visual feast of hand-drawn maps

a visual schedule

this sparked math play in my son for over 5 years

such a favorite, & FREE on Amazon Prime!

sturdy favorites powered by imagination

count & exchange $ on your way to the finish line

supplement for ages 4+

Excite your young Star Wars fans

practice math facts alone or with others

develop narration & critical thinking

cooperate while learning addition & subtraction

an around-the-world memory game – love

practice place value, adding, & subtracting

my kids spent many happy hours with this

for your budding young musicians ages 6+

global rhymes, crafts, games, & recipes


for ages 8-12:

fun for Anne with an “e” fans

history through comics for ages 7+

dress Anne & Diana in puffed sleeves

we used these to create our own US timeline

best microscope for tweens

fun for your reluctant writers

beginner’s sewing kit for ages 7+

my favorite fun activity workbooks

my kids have spent hours with these

dive deep into one poem at a time in this lovely series

get your kids giggling & writing at the same time

series for ages 9+, many FREE on Kindle

geography through art, love this series

comes with patterns kids can follow on their own

7 different ways to play for ages 7+

look for “illustrated junior library”

improve your kids’ multiplication speed

make math fun by practicing on the windows

like Bananagrams, but for math

for ages 9+, helps kids master multiplication

bond & encourage handwriting skills

customize this game to different age ranges

so much better than fidget spinners

all you need to know in one fun book


for ages 12+ (including Mom & Dad!):

Lots of color

and fun diagrams

make this entire series

a must have on your shelves

for all your tweens/teens

my fav journal series

simple & inexpensive spelling

actually STOPS sharpening when pencil is ready

the best pencil, after years of trial & error

inexpensive, but w/ rave reviews for teens

ideal alarm clock for teens/parents

color & personality brings the periodic table to life

all the Basher titles

have become favorites

on our shelves

become the best mom you can be

for when your attitude needs adjusting

expand your kids’ world through books

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