Weekend giveaway: $200 kindergarten curriculum from Lavender’s Blue Homeschool

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This giveaway has now ended; thanks for entering!

Welcome to this weekend’s giveaway, sponsored by Lavender’s Blue Homeschool:

From Kelly at Lavender’s Blue:

“My goal is to support parents as they create a peaceful and connected family life.

I write about peaceful parenting, magical childhood, and homeschooling from a holistic perspective on the blog, where I also enjoy sharing favorite songs to sing and stories to tell. You can also connect with me on my Facebook page.

Most of us have more opportunity to create peace in the world through our parenting than through any other means. And homeschooling provides a powerful balance point in a world which is increasingly disconnected, rushed, overstimulated, and out of sync with the needs of children.

I think homeschooling parents are amazing. We’re taking on a big job with love and gusto and I think we deserve tremendous support!”

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“I’m excited to offer a Waldorf-inspired kindergarten curriculum for parents who want to inspire their children’s learning through play, nature, art, song, and story.

heart 2This curriculum is for parents who want to have a joyful Waldorf-inspired kindergarten without having to plan it all out themselves.”

One Simple Homeschool reader will win the full Lavender’s Blue Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum package (worth $217)!

This is a complete Waldorf-inspired curriculum in digital format with all the circle times, stories, painting (color) stories, crafts, and modeling ideas parents need for kindergarten.

It also includes audio recordings of all the songs and verses, and group consulting in a private facebook community. I’m also in the process of creating a 1st grade curriculum, which will be released this summer.

How to Win

This giveaway has ended; thanks for entering!

To be entered for a chance to win, leave a comment on this post answering this question: “Why are you interested in this kindergarten curriculum?”

(If you’re reading this via email or reader, you must click here to leave your comment on this post at Simple Homeschool. Comments left elsewhere don’t count as entries.)

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Special offer:

Lavender’s Blue Homeschool is offering 20% off the full-year curriculum package through Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14th! Use the coupon code “VALENTINES” at checkout.

This giveaway has ended; thanks for entering!

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About Jamie Martin

Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She is the co-founder and editor of Simple Homeschool, where she writes about mindful parenting, intentional education, and the joy found in a pile of books. Jamie is also the author of a handful of titles, including her newest release, Give Your Child the World.


  1. I am interested in this curriculum because I think it would be a great curriculum to try with my daughter! Drawn to the waldorf-inspired and need some direction and help!

  2. I am really interested in this curriculum. My youngest child doesn’t seem to be adjusting well to structured learning. I’ve been overwhelmed trying to find a curriculum that will appeal to her creative side without breaking the bank. I want her to love to learn, not dread it.

  3. My daughter would love following this. She has watcher her older brother get to ‘do school’, and I know she’d love all the crafts!
    Sarah M
    Sarah M’s latest post: Ani’s Christmas Sweater….a month later

  4. I would love this for a friend!!

  5. This sounds wonderful for our daughters who we will soon be homeschooling. This creative approach to learning is much more appealing than some other methods I’ve been reading about.

  6. I would like to try using this curriculum with my four and seven year olds. I also have two younger ones who would enjoy this a few years from now. Looks so creative and well laid out.

  7. I have actually been eyeing her website! I would love to win this because our family has been through a lot in the last six months and we need to step back, get into a better routine that is peaceful and joyful. We need to connect with each other again an enjoy our time

  8. My son and daughter would love the kinds of activities used in this curriculum.

  9. I am interested in this curriculum because I am struggling to find ways to connect with my kindergartener and a peaceful creative approach gives me hope.
    Sarah Scott’s latest post: What We Sent Our Compassion Kids… February

  10. I would love to try this curriculum because I have three little people who would just LOVE it, I think! 🙂

  11. I have twin boys who would truly enjoy this next year! My friend has 2 kids in a Waldorf school, and she can’t say enough great things about it. We can’t afford Waldorf schools for our 5 kids, and this is definitely the next best thing.

  12. I spent 15 years teaching public school high school. Now I’m home teaching my own two preschoolers. I want something different for them. They are bright and funny, and while so far unschooling has worked for us, I would like to find a happy medium… something that will challenge both them and me, that will help me teach the whole child. While Charlotte Mason is a possibility, Waldorf is intriguing to me, and I’d like e to give it a shot.


  13. This curriculum would blend into our rhythm of life beautifully.

  14. I am a mama to 2 babies, and I plan on homeschooling. I have begun teaching my almost 3 yr old ds and he’s thriving. I am always looking for new ways for him to grow. This would be a great addition, not to mention new learning/teaching techniques.

  15. We have a four year old that I think would do wonderfully with the Waldorf method. In fact, I just checked out a library book on Waldorf education to learn more about it! A peaceful and connected curriculum sounds wonderful! Thanks for the chance!

  16. We just made the decision to homeschool our children.
    It’s mostly exciting with a dash of scary 🙂

    Our oldest, who is currently five, will start kindergarten next fall.

    Having this would be an amazing guide. Actually, I’ve prayed several times about if we’re making the right decision. Enjoy the weekend, and thanks for the chance to win!

  17. I would love to try this curriculum!

  18. I’d LOVE to win this and have a more holistic waldorf based resource for my daughters (I have 3!)

  19. I am interested in this because it is a complete package that my little ones will love
    Thank you
    Gae’s latest post: Easy Felt Pencil Holder

  20. AND I can’t wait to see yhe first grade one soon! I have two young ones ,but an older girl as well!

  21. Jessica Brammer says:

    I am interested in this because it is different than anything we have done. Plus it’s all planned out.

  22. My four year old daughter has been asking to “do school” like her big brother. This would be a wonderful way to begin!

  23. I’m interested in your curriculum as our only school option for our children is religious-based and with a lack of population there is little offered outside of the usual maths, reading, grammar. Plus, I live in rural Ireland with few resources around – this would be hugely beneficial to me and our children.

  24. Simply because it looks lovely.

  25. Jonna Brixius says:

    I would love to use this curriculum with my daughter as I think the creative and holistic approach would be a great fit.

  26. It would be so lovely to win this- I have a ‘split’ between my bigs and littles and I’ll be starting kindergarten all over again next year with my littles. When we first started homeschooling I didn’t know anything about Waldorf, but this last year and a half I’ve tried to learn everything I could get my hands on. I still feel a bit lost and how wonderful it would be to have it all organized for me! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Joy’s latest post: Yarn Along, Feb 5

  27. Ashley P. says:

    I’m interested in this curriculum because my 4 year old is really drawn to Art and music!

  28. Now wouldn’t that be a wonderful treat, gently celebrating the seasons, living, learning within mother natures arms. Holding the every day as a wonderful gift, my son would love that x

  29. I have always wanted to try Waldorf curriculum but have been intimidated. My third is going to be of kindergarten age next year, and I’d love to have this resource to try with him!

  30. I’m interested in this curriculum because I think it sounds like an amazing way to learn. My 4 and 5 year olds would really enjoy this.

  31. Both my kids love the outdoors I have a PreK and a 3 year old. I by nature and not very good with outdoor ideas and incorporating learning in teaching, so this would be so helpful for me and wonderful for my children.

  32. I have been looking at this curriculum for my son, who starts kindergarten in the fall, and would love to win it! It looks wonderful and I am sure would be a great fit for us. Thanks for the chance.
    Jennet’s latest post: Recent creations pt 2: Peg Dolls

  33. Melissa Ferguson says:

    I would love this curriculum because I have a four and a half year old who will start kindergarten homeschool soon and the Waldorf style would fit her personality and our family life very well. We also have a two year old boy who would love this in a few years!

  34. Waldorf is such a peaceful method. I am implementing many aspects of the Waldorf lifestyle into our daily lives and this curriculum would be a wonderful addition.

  35. My middle son was in k-garten last year–our first year of homeschool and I tried traditional curriculum. I wasn’t 100% pleased. With my next in line being 3 I’d love to see what this is like for him, and having it handy is no better way to do it!

  36. My little guy is four now and we have been doing a preschool program that I put together myself. I focus heavily on good childrens literature and lots of play. I think this curriculum would be a natural transition for us to Kindergarden.

    laprochaine at gmail dot com

  37. I am interested in this curriculum for my kindergarter because i love the Waldorf inspired style. Its goes great with our farming lifestyle!

  38. I’m interested in this curriculum because we’ve been enjoying the circle times Kelly posts on her blog so much.

  39. Looks like a beautiful, creativity-fostering, empowering curriculum!

  40. I’d love this because I’ll be teaching my son kindergarten next year and I really think he’d respond to the Waldorf approach. Since I’ll also have a first grader, a two-year-old and a newborn at that time, having something already planned out would be great!

  41. I have been very interested in Waldorf education. There are not many local resources available where I live (co-op or community) so I would love some direction. Thanks for your terrifically inspiring site.

  42. I’d love this to try with my youngest. He’s so different from my older two and I’m finding that I likely have to change how we do school with him.
    Thanks for the chance.

  43. My youngest is 5 and, even though I’ve never used a Waldorf-inspired curriculum with my other three children, I think this is something that will especially appeal to her.

  44. Terri Kennedy says:

    We’re just beginning our homeschool journey. I am not very creative. In fact, I love worksheets and structured learning. My kindergartener is not like me, though. She learns so differently than I do and I’m looking for tools and help that will teach her the way she learns instead of the way that I do. The Waldorf approach seems to be a natural fit and I would appreciate the help!

  45. I think this could be a great curriculum to try with my 5year old son.

  46. I love so many aspects of Waldorf but have no idea where to start. This would be great!!

  47. Amy LaRue says:

    My daughter doesn’t like our current kindergarten curriculum. I’m a former kindergarten teacher on our 2nd curriculum and she still doesn’t like it. I throw in games, fun activities and she grows tired of it quickly. My next child is very care free and I can definitely see her needing more hands on m material. I am tired of trying to reinvent the wheel to keep my older one involved. I need help.

  48. Hi,
    I am interested in this curriculum because I am homeschooling a grades child and feel that my little one is left a bit by the wayside and I would love to have a set plan for her and me to work from, as I feel I can not spend as much time as I should on her ‘work’.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  49. I am interested in this curriculum because my baby is going to be ready for Kindergarten next year and I would love a curriculum that will be peaceful and beautiful and fun for her and I to work on together! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  50. Meggan Larson says:

    I would love this because the thought of homeschooling is overwhelming and I have a 3 & 1/2 year old, 2 & 1/2 year old and one coming in 3 weeks. It would be wonderful to know I already have a starting point!

  51. My daughters would just love this! They respond really well to different learning styles.

  52. charlene stevenson says:

    My two little ones would love this!

  53. Sarah Frank says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. My oldest son will start kindergarten next year, so I am a new homeschooling mom. That is why I am interested in this curriculum. I love that it contains crafts and songs especially because my son love crafts and learns through song so easily. I am excited about home schooling but a little overwhelmed with where to start so this curriculum would be a great help, and I love that it also includes a parent group for help, advice, and encouragement. Thank you so much!

  54. Amy Rochelle says:

    In the coming months, I will be beginning my homeschooling journey with my 4 year old daughter. She is energetic, creative and loves music, stories and just doing anything outside. She truly loves learning new things. I think this curriculum would give me a great way to inspire her love of learning even more and begin to lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

  55. Angela Anderton says:

    Hi! I am a mom of four (7, 5, 3, 1) and oh yes it is fun! And I love having my kids home with me. Right now I am in the process of figuring out what works best for my family and each child. My three (almost four) year old is going to be starting school this fall with us. Although she already is. She isn’t “of age” according to the standards, but she is ready. I would love to have this for her. Not only would it be great for her, but am positive I can also cooperate it into all my children’s learning as well. We have had fun with school, but I think this will add something special to it. Thanks for this opportunity and I am hoping to get a chance to explore your curriculum.

  56. I would love to win because we are researching kindergarten curriculum right now and this one looks great. I love the waldorf inspired and how it is brojen into seasons.

  57. This is how we want our kiddos to learn! Thank you!

  58. Jennifer Vasquez says:

    My youngest is a preschooler, and I have been having a hard time finding a curriculum that I like for him. This would be an awesome opportunity to get him a K curriculum! Thank you for the giveaway.

  59. We are adopting a preschool age son from China. This looks like a wonderful curriculum for him in a few years!
    Sherri@ The Well Floured Kitchen’s latest post: Homemade Spelt and Flax Tortillas

  60. This curriculum is something that would
    Not only help my child learn,
    But help me to connect with my child. This curriculum would be great because it inspires learning through love and life. I want to learn to slow down and enjoy the little things and I feel that not only will my daughter benefit from this curriculum, but I will as well!

  61. To connect better when learning

  62. Chelsea W says:

    I would love to be able to incorporate more Waldorf principles into our schooling.

  63. I love the peaceful nature of the curriculum, plus having it all planned makes executing the ideas so much easier and less stressful.
    Thanks for the chance to win it!

  64. I will have a 5 year old in a few months, this would be perfect.

  65. I would love a circ that is all set up…my biggest struggle is planning esp since I am new to hs this year

  66. My daughter would love this! She loves hands on activities and arts and crafts!

  67. I’d love this for my two girls 5/4 to help start us on our gentle schooling!

  68. I would love to win because I have twin girls that are 5. They are so different and I would love to be able to teach them both at the same time. Both of the girls love to paint however, one will paint all over herself and the other doesn’t like the paint to touch her! Thanks for listening!!

  69. Katy Gowen says:

    My daughter is not quite ready for Kindergarten yet but I have been incorporating Waldorf principles into our home already. I would love this! I have been thinking about what we would do for Kindergarten and I had never heard of this. It sounds awesome!!

  70. I would love to win this as my son is just the right age to start. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  71. I would love to have this to use with our son! What a lovely curriculum.
    Thank you do much!

  72. Rachel Ritter says:

    I will be homeschooling my daughter this year as she begins Kindergarten (I homeschool my two older sons this year for the first time, 1st grade & kindergarten- and my younest won’t begin until the year after next.) I would love to have a curriculum that would suit her so well and give us a chance to do more than average seatwork.

  73. This would be perfect for my little one!

  74. I would love to win this. My son just turned 5 and I have been researching different curriculums. I love the waldorf philosophy and am having a hard time choosing what path to take!

  75. Rosalie Coray says:

    I’m very interested in this curriculum, We have started my daughter in a Waldorf inspired manner and are really enjoying our pre-k experience. Thank you for this opportunity!

  76. I am interested in this curriculum because my daughter will be in Kindergarten soon and this looks right up her alley!
    Tammy’s latest post: ~Teal + Red, and Snow~

  77. My creative, energetic daughter would really benefit from this curriculum and I would live the support getting started on our homeschooling journey!

  78. I am a homeschooling mom of 7 including 4 kids age 6 and under that could use this. I struggle to figure out curriculum for my 4.5 year old.

  79. Becca Saylor says:

    I would love to win this because my 5 year old will be starting kindergarten this year! I would love to be able to use this curriculum for her!

  80. I would love some free curriculum for my son for next year!

  81. This would be great! We homeschool our son and have been searching for a new curriculum.

  82. Chelsea S says:

    I’ve got a four year old and two year old and I desperately want to homeschool them. While we’ve already informally begun, looking for curriculums online has been sooo overwhelming for me. And money is very tight. A Waldorf inspired curriculum is ideal for our family and I would be so incredibly grateful to win this curriculum and get a head start on a beautiful education for my oldest child. Thank you!

  83. Alex Hopkins says:

    Ooh! New homeschooling mom. Would really love to try this curriculum. I’ve had my eye on it for awhile now 🙂

  84. Because with the attention span of a 4 year old, we go through A LOT of crafts and curriculum and this mom only has so many great ideas for our day. 🙂

  85. Marilyn Whitfield says:

    As a grandparent suddenly raising 2 again, I could really use this. I homeschooled all of my older children successfully, but that was years ago. Starting over there are so many options…. I need help! Thanks for this blog!

  86. My energetic spirited little girl would absolutely adore this (along with her Mommy). We have done Oak Meadows with our older daughter and now are doing Waldorf and Montessori most of the time.

  87. Just in the thick of kindergarten right now with my first and will be embarking with my second next year. Have been improvising a great deal this year to save money and would love to have some “ready made” ideas and materials to work with. Love what I’ve seen of Lavender Blue’s materials!

    Thx for the opportunity!
    Jen’s latest post: My Interview with Kat Lee @ Inspired to Action

  88. I’m just getting started and this would set me off in the right direction!

  89. This curriculum seems so gentle & easy on the child’s spirit. Such a beautiful & happy way to learn.

  90. With having 8 children with different learning styles….this looks really appealing! Thanks for the give-away!

  91. I have seen this program advertised previously, and it looks really good! My kiddos would all love doing this curriculum. I have a soon-to be first grader, kinder kid, baby and pregnant with 4th. I think my first grader would enjoy joining in my kinder’s lessons! We could do this together as a family. And as each kid grows to kinder age I think they would all enjoy the memories made during their kinder “school” year. 🙂

  92. The curriculum we were using is not working. We need something more calming, natural and play based.

  93. I would LOVE to win this curriculum! It is (sadly) out of my budget-range as a mom of four but my soon to be kindergartner is a perfect fit for it. She struggles with sensory issues and has a mind that sees the world through a beautiful but different lens…having a curriculum that embraces and supports that from the start would be a dream!

  94. i have a 5-year-old son who just started at a montessori preschool in august. this august, he will begin montessori kindergarten and i supplement his education at home. this prize would be wonderful!

  95. My kiddos would love this for Kinder! I would love to teach them in this way and have fun with the whole family while doing it!
    Thank you!!!

  96. I would be honored to win this as I embark on my little one’s educational journey, by not only nurturing the academics but her mind, body, and soul as well. Thank you for the opportunity!

  97. Reading the book Simplicity Parenting really sparked my interest in Waldorf education. This curriculum looks perfect and I have two little boys that would have a fabulous time using it!
    Erin K.’s latest post: Love, Puppets, and Attitudes {Week in Review-2/7/14}

  98. Steph Wakeem says:

    We start Kinder next year and need a curriculum. This would be a tremendous blessing!

  99. How beautiful and sweet! I’d love to use this with my son or Kindergarten.

  100. I love Waldorf but don’t have the time to pull it all together myself. This would be perfect for my daughter!

  101. I’m just starting out with homeschooling and my daughter would love this! She is very hands on and loves music so I think this would work perfectly for her.

  102. I have seen this program advertised , and it looks really good! My kiddos would all love doing this curriculum. I have a soon-to be first grader, kinder kid, baby and pregnant with 4th. I think my first grader would enjoy joining in my kinder’s lessons! We could do this together as a family. And as each kid grows to kinder age I think they would all enjoy the memories made during their kinder “school” year. 🙂

  103. Because Waldorf is beautiful!

  104. After doing tons of researching, I’m planning to begin this homeschooling journey. It’s really exciting but honestly a bit scary. My oldest will be going into 2nd grade. I will also have a kindergartner, a very active preschooler and an infant. I love the Waldorf philosophy but it’s also more hands off than what I’m used to. And let’s not get started on how overwhelming it is to choose a curriculum. I know my future K will benefit a lot though from it. It’d be great to have this curriculum to start off this journey. 🙂

  105. Awe, the pictures of those little projects just make my heart happy. The Waldorf method is so appealing to me. We are doing TJED as a family and I think this program would be a lovely addition to our “kid school”. Thanks!
    Jennifer B.’s latest post: Freaking Out (Update on the No-Spend Month Challenge)

  106. We’d love this curriculum! My son has grown to love and learn through songs and playing in nature. He (almost 4) is just starting to ask to do crafts as well! This curriculum seems to be right up his alley!

  107. Lyndsey L says:

    This would be perfect for us! I’m new to homeschooling and currently researching curriculum for my little guy.

  108. This curriculum looks wonderful and I’d love to use it in our house. We are still looking into what options are available and it’s a little overwhelming.

  109. The reason I’m interested in this curriculum is because I’ve been looking to use the Lavenders blue preschool curriculum for my daughter when she starts next year. I’d love to also be set with the kindergarten curriculum as well! The Waldorf approach is a wonderful fit for our family, our child and in line with my own theoretical orientation of development as a therapist (former,

  110. This curriculum looks wonderful! I’ve been eyeing it for several months. I have a cognitively impaired child that I think would respond beautifully to this methodology.

  111. I tend to shy away from curriculum in general. But at the same time I’m drawn to Waldorf curriculum and this one sounds great.

  112. We’re starting kindergarten in the fall and this would be a lot of fun!

  113. We are researching what it looks like to get started homeschooling with our little and this looks like a great resource!:)

  114. I have a four year old with whom I have been trying to incorporate Waldorf approaches, but would appreciate a more organized curriculum to help. Thanks for the opportunity!

  115. Kathy lower says:

    My daughter just turned 5 and we are scouring the internet for a waldorf based kindy curriculum. This sounds great!!

  116. I Am New To The Wonderful World Of Homeschool. However I WaS Quick To Find Out That My Children Learn In Very Different Ways! My Son Is Going To Be 9 This Year And My Daughter Is Turning 4. This Curriculum Just Fits Her Personality To A T!

  117. I have been wanting to homeschool my daughter (who is starting kindergarten this fall) for some time now but didn’t think we would be able to manage it financially. With such a long list of reasons that I did not want her in public, we recently decided to just go for it and figure it out along the way! I’d come across the Waldorf schools just a few months ago and fell in love with the curriculum and what the children were being taught. It is just the way I want my daughters raised ( I have a one year old who I will also be homeschooling when the time comes) and the values I want to instill in them! I would love to win this curriculum package! 🙂

  118. My girls would love this

  119. This will be our first year homeschooling and my little girl would LOVE this curriculum!!! We don’t have any idea where to start & this would be such an awesome blessing to have a ready made curriculum to use with our little girl!

  120. We are gearing up for homeschooling our 4 year old and 2 year old, so it would be amazing to have this curriculum! Love, love the Montessori/Waldorf approach, too.

  121. Very excited about this curriculum! Planning to homeschool our 3 1/2 year old son and have been looking for a easy to use education system!

  122. I love how this curriculum centers around activities for each season. What a wonderful way to celebrate and bask in each time of year!
    Candice’s latest post: Smell

  123. Sarah Calvert says:

    My Olivia is doing kindergarten in the fall. What a great give-away, hope I win! Yay for Olivia!!

  124. Bylle-Jean Loper says:

    Oh my goodness! This looks like exactly what I want for my daughter. My husband and I have decided to homeschool and my daughter will be in Kindergarten this Fall. We have been researching for a curriculum similar to this.

  125. Haidee DeLuca says:

    We would love this! I’ve looked over your curriculum before and think it is lovely! My son and I would enjoy this so much!

  126. While my kids are older, I have a bunch of friends who could benefit from this. It would certainly help their budget!

  127. I’ve been homeschooling my 4 year old preschool by piecing together assignments that I find through searching Pinterest. It would be nice, and less stressful, to have a compiled curriculum to start kindergarten with!

  128. Ashley Flowers says:

    We would love to try this! I’m so excited to find your blog and curriculum!

  129. I am homeschooling a very creative kindergartener right now who would love this!

  130. This looks like it would be wonderful to use.

  131. Corrine Corbett says:

    I started homeschooling when my oldest was in first grade. Now #2 is going to start Kindergarten next year, so Kindergarten will be new for me. My oldest is very analytical, as am I, but #2 is very creative and imaginative, and this kind of curriculum would be right up her alley. She loves to make things, sing, and use her imagination!

  132. I was hoping to use a Waldorf-inspired curriculum with my oldest child but it just doesn’t suit her learning style. My youngest, however, is coming up to kindergarten age and would love this.

  133. This is so great!! If I won this it would be the perfect way to start out our homeschooling adventure especially since lately I’ve been bugging everyone about “where to start” and all that. My second oldest will be starting kindergarten and then I’ll have 2 more kiddos to homeschool, too! I’ve read about the Waldorf schools/curriculum and I’d love to win this! 🙂

  134. We are an avid outdoors family! I believe my children would thrive on Waldorf materials. Right now we are doing preschool and tot school with them through a variety of methods.

  135. Sarah Bernard says:

    I currently homeschool my daughter who is in 2nd grade and will be starting my son on a kindergarten program in the fall. I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few weeks gathering info and preparing to choose a curriculum. This would be a wonderful win for me!

  136. I am currently homeschooling 3 of my 6 children, grades 3-9, and this coming fall will be adding my 4.5 year old. This curriculum would be perfect for his kindergarten year. And I love the fact a first grade curriculum is coming soon.

  137. Kristina Morris says:

    Am interested in this curriculum because it seems to go well with my homeschooling journey so far. I am a newbie to TJed, and I think it would be great to pair these two together with kids ages 4 and 6.

  138. Margaret Krebs says:

    I would love to teach my son this way…he loves music, he loves hands on activities and this curriculum seems like a good fit for his learning style. Thanks!

  139. Lindsay Blewitt says:

    My Daughter Would Love ThIs. She Loves Crafts And Singing And Learning This Way So Far Has Been Great

  140. I had not seen your program but thru looking at it, it looks like a great way to teach the joys of school to little ones.

  141. Aubrey Sanchez says:

    My daughter will be starting kindergarten at home this fall, and this is the curriculum we’ll be using. I love the way that waldorf nurtures the imagination and love of learning of children at such an impressionable age. I’ve been trying to learn the rhythms and create that environment in our home, but it is so different than how I grew up, abd there is a lot for me to learn. This curriculum will provide me with the songs, stories, and activities so that I can focus on sharing them with my children and creating that rhythm instead of searching for materials. Thanks for doing this give away!

  142. Hilary Boyer says:

    I will be starting this fall as a first time homeschooling mom. My oldest will be starting kindergarten and I would love to win this curriculum to teach my little guy. I need all the help I can get since I am new to this and will be super busy with a 5, 3, 1, and newborn to start our school year. All boys may I add. 🙂

  143. Amanda Stewart says:

    I have 5 children and will be homeschooling all of them. We love to learn through nature and art. We would live this.

  144. I would love to win this curriculum, I am inspired by the seasonal, gentle, and creative methods of this curriculum.

  145. I have heard about this curriculum and I think this would be a great fit for our family.

  146. Looking for curriculum for my soon to be 5 year old!

  147. I went to school to a teacher. When I graduated something told me to not get a full time job. So I listened. It turned out that my father was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. He had no wife. So I took care of him. Life happens. I ended up caring for him, my grandma, and my in-laws. I am so glad that I was able to do that for them. Through it all, I saw how the public schools were changing. I didn’t think I wanted to teach in that environment. I LOVE play based learning and love science and nature! I then thought, why would I want my children to learn in an environment other than that? Duh! All along, I was being led to homeschool! I love your curriculum! And would love to teach this to my daughter who will be going into kindergarten.

  148. Melanie W. says:

    We will begin kindergarten homeschool in the fall. Would love a curriculum to follow to organize us. Now following your blog. I’m inspired! 🙂

  149. Such a beautiful curriculum. I will officially start home schooling my daughter this fall and I have had my eye on this curriculum for over a year now. She would love this, I would love this, and it would be an amazing start to our home schooling journey 🙂

  150. Dina Klein says:

    I am homeschooling a kindergardener and this looks like a great boredom buster. We are stuck, in a sence, and these projects look like they would be a great help for my daughter as she loves hands on projects and activities for learning.

  151. Elizabeth Peterson says:

    Wow, this is an awesome giveaway! We are in the planning stages of homeschooling, and would like tostart this summer. I have a 2, 1, k, pre k, 2 yr old and baby so I’d get lots of use out of this program:)

  152. After raising 3 daughters (youngest is now in 10th grade) ,I am starting over with twin boys that we have custody of! Teaching boys will be So different than it was with my girls. I would love this curriculum as a “fresh start” for us!

  153. I think this set would be a perfect way to start homeschooling my boy/girl twins. They each learn differently – one is very hands on and the other is very auditory. This curriculum accounts for each plus adding in the joy of singing that each child loves!!

  154. Caitlin W. says:

    I recently read about how Waldorf kindergartens work, and I love the way they sound. My daughter will be starting kindergarten (homeschool) in the fall, and I would love to use this curriculum!!

  155. My wife and I have loved the concept of Waldorf learning. We have three little boys, the oldest of which is five years, the youngest 5 months . Homeschooling is our way of raising well adjusted and smart kids, while strengthening the bond of the family unit. This curriculum would be most welcome and cherished.

  156. I am interested in it for my son, who is 5 and homeschooled.

  157. Jessica Gramkee says:

    I plan on homeschooling my daughter and since this will be my first time at it I am always looking for helpful tools in getting started. I would really like to try this curriculum, because it would fit her style of learning.

  158. Our son is so curious, so inquisitive – I think this cirriculum would be a fantastic base to his life long journey of homeschooled learning.

  159. My daughter would love this

  160. I bought the Winter one to try it out at the beginning of the year and I would love the rest of the collection! She does amazing work!
    Becki’s latest post: Ordinary Days

  161. I’d love to use this with my two little girls… one’s kindergarten age and one’s preschool, but I think they’d both love it. We’ve used the sample circle times from her blog and have really enjoyed them!

  162. I have been following Lavender Blue’s blog for a little while. I love the art based learn that Waldorf uses. So beautiful! It would be helpful on our budget to win this program. Also I would like to find a program that is gentle for my young learners.

  163. Janet Backer says:

    Our oldest child currently attends a private Lutheran School. She struggles terribly to keep up. Our second child is in kindergarten at a public school(because he was terrified of the teacher at the private school) where he is struggling to keep up and finally is getting the help he needs from a resource room. Our third child is attending preschool. I have prayed about home schooling and struggle with feeling like I’m qualified to teach my children. However, it is so painful to take my children to school and watch them struggle with the “one size fits all” curriculum. The very things that I love and adore about my children are criticized at school. I have looked into different home school curriculums but frankly am overwhelmed by number to chose from! This would be a wonderful gift to get us started! Thank you for this opportunity.

  164. just looking at these images makes me want to start planning and thinking about my son’s upcoming kinder year!
    kortney’s latest post: learning all the time :: 6 february

  165. This sounds like it would really helpful.

  166. I’ve loved what I have seen of her stuff, most recently her first grade math, and would love to have this for my nearly 3 year old.

  167. I’m so excited this is the giveaway!! I actually clicked on your site two days ago and began reading posts on Waldorf education as I have a 5, 3, and infant and am currently homeschooling my oldest. I’d love the opportunity to incorporate the creative style of Waldorf into our daily learning.

  168. Ashley Wier says:

    Helping my children in the creative aspect has been harder lately. My oldest is 7 and enjoys her schooling more from a tv or computer than me. My 2.5 yr old wants to be like her sister in almost every way. By having this program it would help me connect with my children’s creativity. We would keep my 2.5 yr old on track for going forward in learning, as well as help my 7 yr old to hopefully feel confident in herself with what she’s doing.

  169. This looks like a fun curriculum for my daughter who requires hands on instruction.

  170. Allanah St. louis says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! We just started homeschooling our daughter (JK) this year and love the waldorf aporoach. This would be a blessing to use with my eldest now and my 2yo in the future! Thank iu for the opportunity!

  171. I would love the opportunity to teach with this curriculum for my 3 and 4 year olds. Thank you in advance for your consideration and for providing this opportunity.

  172. The idea of homeschooling hit me like a ton of bricks. Seriously, it just dropped out of the sky-lol! Since then I have been feverishly combing through enormous amounts of material to find a curriculum that would work for my family. This Waldorf inspired curriculum is right up our alley!

  173. Cindy Bailey says:

    I would absolutely love to win this. We have started homeschooling our granddaughter because she has medical issues with her liver. She just had surgery on Thursday. This would be so extremely helpful to us. She loves to do her work at home, she is doing wonderful. This would just help me out, so that I would not be spending so much time planning, and we could spend more time learning. She also has a younger brother and sister that we will be able to use this with next year. It would be a such a blessing for us to win this.

  174. My sweet four year old son would THRIVE using this curriculum, and his equally sweet little brother would benefit a couple of years later, too. This is just the curriculum that I’ve been looking for as we head towards Kindergaten!!!

  175. I would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway to use with my son! His personality and learning style are so much different than my older daughter (who has a very type-A personality). I’ve been searching for a curriculum to nurture his learning needs and celebrate his playful, whimsical spirit. This looks like the perfect fit!

  176. My son will start kindergarten in the fall. I love the idea of teaching in the Waldorf method. My son is all boy so it’s hard to keep him still to learn. I would love this curriculum because I need guidance.

  177. I am just starting out homeschooling my daughter. I am looking for a hands on curriculum to teach her.

  178. I have very active 2.5 and 4.5 year old boys. This would be a great way to inspire their love of learning.

  179. Wow! What a great curriculum! I’d love this package because I love the Waldorf method and find the peaceful and creative hands-on approach is best when teaching my son (who has special needs). Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome curriculum!

  180. This just looks lovely. We are just beginning our homeschool journey and embrace the Waldorf lifestyle. It has brought so much peace to our family and love raising my son body, mind and spirit.
    Thank you for the chance, good luck to all!

  181. We would love to have some direction in our first year of homeschooling.

  182. I’d love to use it with my son 🙂

  183. This curriculum would be fantastic to win! I’ve been narrowing down curriculum to use for my now 4 year old. I love this Waldorf inspired curriculum. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  184. I would love to use this curriculum with my 5 year old daughter. I’m starting homeschooling with her this fall, and I think this would give us a great start! Thank you for offering it!! =)

  185. We are about to embark on our homeschool journey this year. My daughter’s learning style leans towards music/art. I think this curriculum would suit her very well.

  186. danielle drown says:

    I will be starting kindergarten in the fall worth my soon to be 5 year old! I am really drawn to the Waldorf model and would love a curriculum to help show me the way!

  187. Hello!
    thank you so much for the opportunity to win this great package!! I am a mom to 2 wonderful children. My son will be starting “kindergarden” this year (5 in April). I was on the fence about homeschooling as I am a single mom and it is quite the undertaking! After my separation from my husband I didn’t think I could do it. After reading blog after blog and talking to many moms, I was 90% convinced I could do it. I work from home, so would just need to do some re-organizing. The final decision was made for me when my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabeties. Here in Alberta, the schools are not allowed to assist in caring for that when they are in School due to liabilities etc, so homeschooling it is! I am not going to take the risk with my angel in public school. I also have a 3 year old daughter who will benefit from such a program. Please consider us for this amazing giveaway! There are so so many different programs out there and I am drowning in choices. This would make our start on our homeschooling journey so much easier!
    Thanks! Jacquie, Jacob and Jaycee 🙂

  188. When I first started homeschooling, I wasn’t really prepared. It took us by surprise so I went into it based on what someone else was doing. And although I have liked it, enjoyed it, the longer I homeschool, the less I want it to imitate traditional school. Introducing more play, more songs, more crafts, less book work, more fun. Especially when we are in the early elementary years! Would love to win this…Thanks!

  189. Everything I read about this curriculum sounds like the environment I am trying to create in our homeschool – beautiful and peaceful.
    Amy M’s latest post: Do Everything Without Arguing or Complaining – Free Printables

  190. This curriculum would work perfectly for this family of six!! We have been home schooling for 4 years now.

  191. Thank you for having this giveaway! I am interested in this curriculum because after almost a year of researching homeschool methodologies, Waldorf is the one that “speaks to me” and that I feel will work best for my daughter. I love every aspect of it from the arts to the emphasis on imagination to the drawn out academics to the beautiful and natural materials. The only thing that would delay or prohibit me from using the Waldorf method is the cost. Between the curriculum itself, the beeswax crayons, the wooden and wool toys and manipulatives, and other natural materials, having to not worry about the cost of curriculum would be immensely helpful and a wonderful gift. Thank you again for offering this giveaway.

  192. Niki Miller says:

    I am interested in this curriculum because I believe learning kindergarten information should be fun, exciting and special for my soon to be kindergartener!

  193. After three kindergarteners, my fourth needs something different, something new. I might actually need it more than he does! We need something to get us excited again.

  194. I want to infuse our homeschool days with joy. I think this curriculum will do that for my little guys

  195. We started homeschooling this year and next will have a preK, K, 5th and 3rd. This is a great giveaway!

  196. My son is going to be starting kindergarten this fall. His brother both went to public school for kindergarten and they both I feel have had to be ” broken” to fit in the systems mold. I have started homeschooling my oldest this winter and I am quickly realize how much better it is for my son. I know when my youngest goes to school they are going to do the same thing they did with my oldest and want him to be put on medication because he is a spirited child. I think it would be amazing to be able to homeschool him using this curriculum. Thank you for putting an opportunity available to win this out for parents, like myself , who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise.

  197. I would love this homeschool curriculum. We are also a family that practices peaceful/connected parenting. This would be a great addition to what we are already trying to teach our children everyday without a curriculum. My oldest will be 5 in April. We also have a 3 year old and 17 month old twins. We are planning to start homeschooling fall of 2014. 🙂

  198. This would be great for my third. I need something planned out, so it gets done. Thanks for the chance!

  199. How timely! I have been hearing and reading about Waldorf education. I have a young 5 yr old who is interested in creativity and arts, which I lack. My art teacher in High School suggested that I take music instead of art for the following years after having his class one semester! I obviously need help!

  200. I love that it is all planned out for me and has hands on activities. With homeschooling two older kids, I don’t have time to plan out many activities for the youngest one.

  201. I’m new to homeschooling. I have a 5, 3 and 6 month old. My oldest is using the horizons curriculum and we struggle with it everyday. I’d be VERY open to try a different program and a new approach but I really don’t know where to start. This I believe would be a new opportunity for my family to get off on a better educational start.

  202. This is my first year homeschooling. I have a 13,9,6 and a 3 year old. I am very nervous about doing it right. This would help the cost add well as the planning for our new journey. Thank you

  203. Kayla cook says:

    I’m so nervous to homeschool my firstborn, I will need all of the help I can get, with this it will help me get started so I have an idea on how to plan ahead for other years. I want to get it right.

  204. We are excited to start homeschooling in September, and this curriculum looks like it could be a great fit for our family’s values 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  205. My first is five so she could enter kinder this or next year. We are not schooling formally and using a Waldorf curriculum would be right up our alley. I haven’t found one that I’m wiling to take the plunge on yet though! I’d love the ideas!!

  206. I will be starting over with this stage of homeschooling this fall with my youngest. I have 2 older kids (one graduating this year and one in middle school) who homeschooled throughout. Lavender’s Blue looks wonderful and since we didn’t keep kindergarten material (thought we wouldn’t need it again 🙂 I’d love to win this 🙂

  207. We started homeschooling this year and my youngest will be I kindergarten next year. I love the sound of this curriculum!

  208. My daughter is 4 and I believe that she would thrive with this curriculum – to the point that it wouldn’t even feel like work to her – just fun!

  209. Elizabeth says:

    I have a quiet soon to be kindergartner who loves to find “thinking” spots and observe. This seems like a perfect fit.

  210. I’ve been reading anything and everything Waldorf inspired lately. This giveaway couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for my family.

  211. I love this approach to homeschool! I am looking forward to starting Kindergarten with my very strong-willed second child, and the idea of a more peaceful approach is very appealing, as hopefully it will keep us both engaged and learning (and calm). 🙂 I have a rising second-grader, and an 11 month old, as well.

  212. It would be wonderful to win this curriculum! We live on a farm and my kids (6, 4, 4 months) would rather be outside no matter what the weather. I have been struggling to home school because it is my first year and i didnt know what to expect and we are used to always being outside because it is much more fun to be outside. I think this curriculum would be perfect to help us achieve both fun and academics outside.

  213. Heidi Cummings says:

    We just pulled our Kindergartener and pre k out of school last Friday. Tho the school is an amazing place it just didn’t fit the needs of our boys. I would love a chance to explore this curriculum with them so they can see and feel the LOVE of learning! This curriculum sounds and looks amazing and feel like it fits so perfectly with our family’s motto!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

  214. I would like to give this as a gift to my niece. She’s 3.5 but is really into all the cool things I see in this curriculum. Daddy during the day mommy at night.

  215. Sara Staker says:

    I’m new to homeschooling this year. I had to take over running our family business around the same time we started homeschooling. I’ve been taking a piece meal approach because of cost issues, putting it together myself, not following a curriculum. We’re definitely more on the side of unschooling. Winning the package would be a huge blessing!

  216. I have a curriculum I used with my son but this looks like something my daughter would really like. I’ll be starting with her next year.

  217. I would love to have this for my upcoming kindergarten er.

  218. I have learned (the hard way) with my older two that kindergarten needs to be a fun, hands on learning experience. I’m ready to put that new knowledge to use with my youngest!

  219. Right now, I’m looking ahead to September when my firstborn will be 5, starting school. I also will have a 2 and 2 month old. Homeschool both draws me and intimidates me. I love the Heart behind the Waldorf style approach and would love to start out with it.

  220. Kristine Rohm says:

    My daughter will begin kindergarten next year! I’ve heard great things about this curriculum and it’s been pinned on my Pinterest for at least a year! Haha! I especially love that it includes the stories, circle time and activities all in one place! And I love that it is learning through play!

  221. I was a public schooled child until my parents pulled me our at the end of 4th grade. We homeschooled the rest of my schooling. I became a public teacher as an adult. Now that I am a mom and married a fellow homeschooled guy, we want to give our children that blessing. As a teacher, and now as a mom who is about to start homeschooling I feel like I have researched every choice. I think play should inspire children. Creativity should be the goal. My understanding of teaching styles is that Waldorf does this and is the core of its teaching style. I love it!

  222. Preston humbard says:

    My wide has been talking about this program for months now and I believe this would be such a perfect fit for our daughter

  223. Jacinta Zavier says:

    I am new to homeschooling and would be embarking on this wonderful and exciting journey with my daughter. I believe the Waldorf method of respecting the child and engaging them through various structured means to be compatible with my parenting style (Attachement Parenting). As a stay home mother living on a single income receiving this would be a great blessing. I am sure my little one will gain much from the programme given her personality. Thank you.

  224. Ashlee Klemm says:

    Ah! I love this curriculum! I have the Winter and would be thrilled to win the full package.

  225. We started Waldorf this year. Because we found many second hand copies of Oak Meadow, we gave it a try, but didn’t like that it isn’t broken into blocks and inspire like first headscarves kindergarten. We would like to try something that is seasonal and more Waldorf in nature, but can’t afford to do another curriculum purchase right now.

  226. I would love this as a first time home school mom. This would be wonderful as my daughter and I begin this new adventure together.

  227. Buddha, my 5 year old, is very music centered- everything has a song to him and he loves the outdoors. Bubbie, the 13 month old loves when I sing to him and likes to color everything. We would love to have Lavender Blue’s curriculum to enhance our life.

  228. This would be a wonderful fit for my special needs son.

  229. I’d love this for my kindergartner — she’s the middle child and we need more time together doing fun stuff at home!
    Melissa D’s latest post: Recent Work: BBDO & SCJohnson

  230. I have researched this curriculum but was waiting for my little one to be older. I love how it is Waldorf style with stories and art work. My kids learn so much from that style of learning. We are on a tight budget and I use what we have… But a girl can dream:)

    Thanks for the chance!

  231. I am teaching my daughter preschool right now. She is very bright and quick. She will be ready for Kindergarten material soon and Lavender’s Blue Homeschool would be a great curriculum to try.

  232. After alot if thought, my husband and I have decided to homeschool our daughter. She officially begins kindergarten this fall. I have scoured the internet to piece together my own curriculum. After many many hours I have a drawer full of ideas, but none of it is organized into a set curriculum. This would help guide me in teaching my daughter what she needs to know in Kindergarten. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to get our homeschool year off to a good start.

  233. I am interested in this curriculum because I have a 3 year old girl who needs this type of instruction for her kindergarten years. It looks so perfect for her!

  234. Amanda Dailey says:

    I am a single mother of two. Three 1/2 and one. I am planning to homeschool, weve started lessons to get my three year old used to the idea, and shes very responcive, but i dont have the means to pay for an expencive curriculum, and was trying to figure one out for myself, which turns out is harder than it sounds. I am very interested in seeing whats out there, but again, everything is so expencive… please help!

  235. Miriam England says:

    I am the mom to a rising kindergarter and a 10 month old and am eager to test the waters of waldorf homeschool this next year. Having a curriculum like this one could be just what I need to give me the confidence to fully committ to homeschooling for the duration.

  236. This curriculum looks like so much fun! I’ve got 3 boys who are not yet in Kindergarten and could use it 🙂

  237. I have been following Lavender Blue for a while now, and I would love a chance to try out the kindergarten curriculum! I firmly believe in play based education at this age and so many curriculums do not offer this. I love that Waldorf does.

  238. I’ve got a kindergartener now and two more boys coming up on that age. This would fit the gentle rhythm of our days nicely.

  239. Sky Trease says:

    Would love to win this!!! Have all the info to this program already bookmarked on my computer and am planning on buying once had replenished my curriculum fund:) I homeschool my 9 y/0 and up until now the younger children participated when they could with that but I want to do something more just for them now (they are 3 and 5). I already read my 3y/o one of the stories from the sample lesson the other day and she loved!! Such a great giveaway!

  240. Trisha Gaffron says:

    In the last 12 months, my husband and I have been able to pull our 3 children (5, 2, & 1) from daycare and I will be homeschooling starting this Fall. I am very excited to watch them continue to blossom as we discover all the wonders of God’s creation together. We’ve been so blessed with these angels and where I never would have considered homeschooling 3 years ago, I’ve had the priveledge to have my eyes opened to all the social constructs I was tied to. It’s been difficult financially because I was the maim bread winner in our home but we wouldn’t change it for anything. I am eager to learn as I teach and would be thrilled to have this curriculum.

  241. Brandy Davis says:

    This curriculum would definitely be put to use here. I have a 7, 8, and 2 year old that I am homeschooling. I love the Waldorf philosophy!

  242. I would love to win this curriculum, because i have a daughter on tree who is born premature, and i therefore decided to homeschool both my girls ( and hopefully more children 🙂 but but but in Denmark where im from homeschooling is rarely and i really need all the support i can get. This curriculum seems to be fitting my daughters needs. Anyway, Thank you for sharing your knowlegde with us. Its appreciated!

  243. Aubree walker says:

    This sounds like it would be perfect for my 2 little guys and I would love to be able to do it with them! Would be amazing to win!

  244. Our family is prepairing for our oldest to start kindergarten in the fall. We have decided that we are going to homeschool. I am very nervous about not giving him everything that his growing mind needs to explore the world around him to be able to come up with the questions he wants to ask. This curriculum seems to fit our lifestyle. And would be an amazing way to jumpstart our adventures! Thank you.

  245. Cynthia Watkins says:

    Oh wow what a great opportunity thank you so much! I am interested in this curriculum for my 3 year olds. I absolutely fell in love with the way the circles really weave a story for our children. Although there are many wonderful Kindy resources available, the themed circle times really spoke to my story teller heart. How magical! Best of luck Mamas I know whoever wins will love it!

  246. I’ll have a Kindergartener in the Fall. He’s completely different from his older brother, so a different curriculum would be great for him.

  247. Claudia Matthews says:

    I would love to integrate the peaceful nature of Waldorf education into our homeschool life. I currently have a 7, 4, 2 and 3 month old.

  248. I feel that I am being called to homeschool my son, but am intimidated by the prospect. I have been looking for a curriculum that would guide us in a peaceful, inspiring way, with more than just pages to read through. My son is a hands on learner who loves to sing, create, and interact. This program sounds wonderful!

  249. I love he simplicity and appropriateness of this curriculum and would love to share it with my two children.

  250. This would be so helpful! We are just starting out homeschooling, and this looks like a wonderful curriculum! 🙂 I hope I win!

  251. This is the perfect curriculum for my family, especially since I am not very creative. I have twins who are 7, a 5 year old and a 3 year old, this is our first year homeschooling. I love the hands on, interactive approach to learning. I can see us creating these fun activities together. This curriculum will help us bond and create memories.

  252. I want to homeschool my son for kindergarten at least and this type of curriculum would be something that I could adapt to include his younger siblings as well. I love the Waldorf philosophy and would love to use it at home.

  253. This September will be my first year homeschooling my son, Lucas. He will be in kindergarten. I am SO overwhelmed with all the different curriculum and where to even start so this would help me tremendously!!! Thank you!

  254. Crystal Jenkins says:

    Love this curriculum! Looks like this is exactly what we have been needing to add to our routine this year. Being a SAHM military mom/wife it’s sometimes difficult to afford all of the resources I would like to test out for my daughter. This looks like it would be right up her alley. Thank you!

  255. This would be perfect for my daughter! We are using Charlotte Mason and this would fit in perfectly with my daughter’s learning style! Love this!

  256. Our family would love this as we start our homeschooling journey!!

    • We are interested in this package so that we can start on our journey of homeschooling. Thanks so much!!

  257. I’m not completely happy with the curriculum I’ve used with two of my children and am interested in something different for the next two.

  258. This looks like it would be a wonderful fit with our family. We are excited to start Kindergarten with 2 kids this fall. Both are very “hands on” so that’s why I feel it would be a good fit.

  259. I would love to use this curriculum since I am not naturally creative and need lots of ideas to home school my 4 boys.

  260. Alia pierson says:

    Starting my first child this fall in kindergarten. I am new to homeschooling and this would be a great start for us! Thank you for the opportunity:)

  261. Sheri Lieffring says:

    We have a 3 year old and 18 month old and have recently decided that we are going to homeschool. I am overwhelmed by all the curriculum choices and don’t know where to start. I do, however, know that I want some centered around nature that is play based. This curriculum seems like a perfect fit! I have always been drawn to Waldorf and I would be so excited for the opportunity to use this curriculum!

  262. Heather Van Galder says:

    We are going to start kindergarten with our oldest (5 1/2) in September and want a very hands on, play encouraging curriculum! We are excited to start planning and I think this curriculum would be a great fit!

  263. We are preparing to start homeschooling our soon to be 5 year and this would be perfect for us.

  264. Dana Crowe says:

    I would like this curriculum because I love the way its set up! Super easy and looks so fun! I will be entering the world of kindergarten homeschool here soon and it would be a blessing to have! Thank you for giving us all this fun opportunity .

  265. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!
    I have 4 little ones ages: 8, 6, 5 and 3.
    This would be wonderful! It would allow us to become more creative and have a new curriculum to follow. Looks like great fun 🙂

  266. We are starting to homeschool this fall and with all the materials out there one can easily get overwhelmed. We have been looking into Montessori and /or Waldorf.

  267. I have a son turning 5 this month and this seems perfect for us.

  268. Ooh, ooh, pick me! My four-year-old has been wanting to do more and more craft and school-type activities, and it had been hard to plan those out with a newborn and two-year-old also in the mix. I think she is totally ready for something like this.

  269. This curriculum looks lovely! We will be doing kindergarten next year and would love to try it.

  270. Thanks for a great giveaway. This is my first year homeschooling. Next year I will begin teaching my 5, making my day a little busier since I will be homeschooling 4 children. I would love to win this curriculum. Not only will it make my school year easier, but it will also save on my homeschool budget.

  271. I would love a chance to win this. I have a 4 year old and 2 year old and I love the Waldorf philosophy but I have no idea where to start.

  272. I would really wish to win this so that I will know how I can help homeschool my son. I dunno where to start and I had been doing with him without any lesson plans, all over the place. This is be really very helpful to me.
    Lim ting’s latest post: Ways to Keep Baby Awake When You Have To

  273. Mariza Akins says:

    I would love to use this curriculum for my children. They love to have story and music time right now and I think this would be a perfect fit for our family!

  274. We have jumped right in recently into this new homeschooling adventure. I am feeling empowered and also a little overwhelmed. A bundle like this would be perfect for my family as we begin Kindergarten homeschool this fall!

  275. I love the Waldorf approach, and have always wanted to incorporate more of it into our homeschool, but don’t know how to start. I have two little ones left, and this curriculum would be such a help – it looks absolutely wonderful!
    Corli’s latest post: for our crazy grandfolkies

  276. This curriculum would be a great help to my family and I as we start our homeschooling journey over the next few months.

  277. I love this! It is exactly what I need for homeschooling my kids : )

  278. Tammy Green says:

    This would help Blaine in school tremendously. Great ideas.

  279. Heather Doyle says:

    This looks like the perfect fit for my youngest 2 who will start homeschooling in the fall!

  280. Deirdre Jansen says:

    I have been drawn to the Waldorf philosophy for a while now. My daughter would benefit from a structured yet peaceful curriculum next fall!

  281. I can’t wait to integrate Steiner’s practices into our home. I feel honored to have the opportunity to homeschool my son, Milo, in this gesture. I think my favorite thing about Waldorf education is it’s emphasis on a daily reverence for childhood. These handwork photos are lovely!

  282. Kat Anderson says:

    I just began homeschooling my 5YO son in mid January and am a bit frazzled at all the curriculum that’s out there and the overwhelming amount of information on the web. I have been interested in the Waldorf type of curriculum since I first discovered it but felt it was out of reach for us economically. I have two other younger sons who are also wanting to “play school” with my 5YO so many of the elements in this curriculum could easily be adapted to include them as well. I’m also thrilled to see that it has music/singing- which is a weak point for me. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the giveaway! Blessings.

  283. This would be awesome to have for my son. Next year will be our first year and he loves all things fun!!

  284. I would love to have the program for my special needs twins! They are very hands on and this looks right up their alley. Thank you for doing this!
    Blessings to you!

  285. Daisy Hamory says:

    Getting ready to start homelearning with my little one and the only curriculums we are able to find are so traditional and look so boring. My son loves yo play and create and think outside the box. He would enjoy this and so would I.

  286. I would love to win this curriculum. It looks like a beautifully laid out, easy to follow curriculum based off of Waldorf and simplicity.

  287. I’m interested in this for my daughter since I’m not very artsy. I would love suggestions on creative projects to do with her.

  288. I have tried several approaches to home school with my older son and have settled on the Waldorf approach. I just pulled my kindergartener from public school. You had me at the word magical!

  289. I am starting Kindergarten with my oldest! This curriculum looks like a great place to start. I love that it’s planned out and hands on!! My four year old is a very hands on learner and with a 2 year old and newborn in the house also, my creativity and planning are lacking! This would be a huge help! Love following you on fb!!

  290. My son will be starting kindergarten in the fall and we would love to incorporate more Waldorf into our year.

  291. Carrie Duncan says:

    The creative ideas would work so well with our rhythm. Thank you for the generous giveaway! <3

  292. Michelle Haight says:

    I want to homeschool my daughter but my husband is unsure as he wants to make sure she gets the best education possible. Being that this curriculum is planned out, I can adapt it to my daughters needs (and eventually my son as well) it would be ideal and bring a sense of peace to my husband and all of his concerns. In addition, there are so many options and ways to homeschool your children this would be the best start to find out how they learn best and how I can teach them best. Thank you for the opportunity!

  293. This looks like a beautiful curriculum. I have twin 4yos. My daughter did one year of ps kindergarten before starting hs in 1st grade. I am debating whether to homeschool the twins next year.

  294. I have looked at this curriculum so many times and just hadn’t taken the plunge yet because of needing to adjust our budget. I love all of the nature elements involved in it as well as the crafts and circle time activities. I currently home preschool my just turned 5 year old daughter while her twin brother who had a delay (but doesn’t anymore, yay!) has been in our public school Pre K program. Next year marks the beginning of homeschooling both and this curriculum seems like a wonderful, gentle way to ease into it.

  295. Alexandra Howard says:

    I would love to win this curriculum because we have a sweet little man that is struggling with focusing and I think this hands on approach would really help to foster a love of learning in him.

  296. I would love to have this! My daughter is extremely into music, painting, games, and crafts that’s how she learns the most and learns the best she is very much a free spirit and this seems like a curriculum that would fit her personality just right!

  297. I would love a gentle curriculum for my son. I’ve always been interested in this curriculum!!

  298. Though we are an eclectic & unschooling family to a large extent, I find a lot of value in Waldorf curriculum and this one in particular aligns strongly with my educational and family values, from what I’ve seen. My middle girl will be 5 in August and I think this would be a really good way for her to begin schooling with a bit more structure and an amazing way to help us all incorporate more nature focus into our daily lives. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  299. Cathy Reid says:

    Our eldest child, now twelve, had the opposite of a Waldorf-inspired kindergarten experience, and I still mourn that. I would LOVE to use this with my youngest, who just turned five. I have a lot of motivation and good ideas, but having a nice framework like this one would be such a blessing!

  300. I would love to give this curriculum a try. We will officially begin our homeschool journey this August. It sounds like the perfect curriculum to help me get out of my school teacher mode and out of all the shoulds that have been ingrained in me. My almost 5ye old would love it! Thanks for doing this!

  301. I would be so happy to win this prize for Verity, my fifth child, she’s one and a half (the tots are all homeschooled) We are returning to England having lived in France for most of her life. We been following the very academic French curriculum for my other children , it’s not really me. I love art and craft and appreciate a less compartmentalised, competitive style. I feel excited I might win and receive an inspiration injection for not just me and V, but the whole family. Whatever happens, thank you for a wonderful blog.
    Lydia Wallace’s latest post: Au Revoir Mes Amis

  302. I recently decided I was going to homeschool my children and I am a little overwhelmed figuring out where to start. This sounds wonderful!

  303. Carrie Widdison says:

    The word peaceful caught me. I am trying in my life to SIMPLIFY. I have four children 5 and under and I am recently diagnosed with cancer. I am trying my best in life to make it about what is real and good and peaceful. Living with the flow of nature I s’pose! This cirricullum looks perfect!

  304. Ohhhh. how wonderful. My 5 and 3 year old would love doing the art projects. This would be a great addition to our homeschooling.

  305. Would love this as I took my 5 year old out of Kinder and she is at home currently.

  306. I would so enjoy thks lovely program with my little boy!

  307. This will be my attempt at a second year of homeschooling with 5 children. Things are especially tight trying to juggle just losing my husband and their father and want to try to stay on this journey of homeschooling. Love love the hand on approach, I find the children are more interested with what they are doing and enjoy it more. I know for me it has always been an easier way of learning.

  308. Bethany Hudson says:

    This sounds perfect for my son who will be ready for kindergarten next year!!! I’m really interested in the circle times and incorporating movement.

  309. My five year old starts kindergarten at home this fall. I feel confident teaching her, but not so sure about the order and sequence of things. I like a calmer, more relaxed approach to learning and would love this curriculum!

  310. I’m loving everything about this curriculum. It looks peaceful and thorough!!

  311. I really like the idea of a curriculum that promotes a sense of peace and harmony within the family, as well as with the natural world! Looks like a great program!

  312. Stephanie Lewandowski says:

    Thank you for sharing about “peaceful learning”. This is my first year homeschooling a 6 year old and a 4 year old. At times I find it stressful trying to keep up with the curriculum. It seems like more days than not we aren’t having fun together. I would LOVE the opportunity to do this right with my little angels. Thank you for considering me for your giveaway.

  313. I would love to use this curriculum with my active hands on 4 year old. I also have 11, 8 and 6 year old children and while we have homeschooled all along the curriculum being offered is what I’ve wanted to find all along! Thank you for entering me in your contest.

  314. I’ve always felt like homeschool was not an option for me, but as my son is getting close to kindergarten age, I’ve been looking into it a bit more. Has always seemed overwhelming, but blogs like this one are helping me realize it may be possible. Having an awesome curriculum to begin this journey would be so helpful, especially in the Waldorf tradition. Hoping I win!

  315. Jennifer B says:

    My LO will be two in a few months so winning this would be great! However, I thing whoever wins this great prize would be blessed to have it.

  316. My husband and I are stepping out on faith and homeschooling our children. I would love to be chosen to win this curriculum because I am completely overwhelmed with where to begin with my first child. He will be starting in the fall. Thank you for your consideration!

  317. My son is almost 2 1/2 but already can spell and knows 100+ site words. I want to keep challenging him because he is hungry for it and I don’t want him to get bored. I would love to get started with this kindergarten pack!!! I also have a 6 week old newborn so this would help me get organized tremendously!

  318. Monica Beijens says:

    I would love to win this to teach my son! We are just getting ready to take the plunge into homeschooling and this curriculum sounds perfect!

  319. Kalpana Digiambattista says:

    I would love to win this because I have a toddler entering kindergarten and I am completely lost on where to start with her. I know what she needs to learn but not how to get her there. On top on that my family went through a major family change so that I could home school my first grader. We made all these major changes and I would like to stay homeschooling on a very tight budget.

  320. I have been considering this curriculum for sometime so thank you for this generous giveaway! With two boisterous boys to homeschool, one of whom is approaching kindergarten age, our goal is truly a peaceful and connected family life! It would suit our boys’ sensory needs and developmental stages so perfectly. Thank you!
    Sue Lim’s latest post: Annyeong – the Universal Language of Hello

  321. We are going to be enrolling my son in a school that offers a classroom two days a week and is then supplemented by home school three days. This would be such a beautiful addition to our homeschool days! Love it!
    Shalene’s latest post: When Mothering is Hard and No One Sees

  322. I love that everything is right there ready to go and even though I only recently learned about Waldorf I think this seems like a fantastic introduction to that style. Would love to work on through this well thought out curriculum with my son next school year.

  323. Diana Stone says:

    I think this would be an ideal curriculum for an only child!

  324. Mandy Smith says:

    I would absolutely love this for my almost 5 year old, and I’m sure my 3 and 1 year old would love it, too! I’ve been praying about homeschooling, and truly feel like this is best for my family. However, overwhelmed with where to start, and it doesn’t help that my husband does not agree with homeschooling in the first place. A curriculum like this would hopefully get him on the same page! Thank you so much!

    Mandy Smith

  325. I am just beginning my homeschooling journey and this would be great for my 5 year old son now and his two younger siblings in the future!

  326. I’m interested in this curriculum as it would allow me to try an entirely different approach to our homeschooling. I feel like my current Kindergartener is missing out on some things that I was able to focus on with his older brother and perhaps a change would be a good thing mid-year. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  327. We have two children, both with special needs. The peacefulness of Waldorf is perfect for them, but there are not really any resources for it in our community. This would be such a blessing to our family.

  328. Jessica Johnson says:

    Would love this for my soon to be kindergarteners!! Hands on play is the best way to learn! Just love it!!

  329. I am new to homeschooling- I will be starting my 4 year old this fall. I have been a public school teacher all of my professional life, and when my kids were born, I knew I couldn’t send them to public school. Having taught high school, I feel pretty out of my depth in planning a curriculum for young children, so any help I can get will be appreciated. I have also read a few blog posts about the Waldorf curriculum, and it interests me for numerous reasons. Thank you for this opportunity!

  330. This curriculum was recommended for my son! We tried a Mommy & Me preschool, but spent more time outside in the ‘penalty box’ for not being able to fit in to the structure. I think Liam was on to something, as walking laps around the building got him out of a stressful structured environment and into nature where he feels safe. That experience is what brought us to homeschooling. He is going on 4 years old and has had more challenges in those 4 years than most people will in their entire life, but he shows such great wisdom for life and instinctively is drawn to music, art , and the natural world for the harmony they bring him. I know he would love this curriculum! You can read his story here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Liam-the-Lionheart/214803728615870

  331. This would be great for my little one entering kindergarten next year. I struggle with coming up with creative ideas on my own – this would make it so simple!

  332. I’ve gone through Lavender Blue’s site – and her thoughts on Waldorf and parenting resonate with mine, and I’m inspired by what she says on her blog. I would love to explore her work and make it work for our family. Thank you.

  333. Sarah Cramer says:

    I have been interested in Lavenders Blue since I first heard of it and would love to give it a try! I haven’t really found Oak Meadow to be a good fit for us so far. Thanks for the chance!

  334. Preparing to start homeschooling our oldest next year and this curriculum looks like a great way to start!

  335. I would love to have this for my 3 year old Maya. She is at home with me and is such a curious child, and loves to learn and explore, as many children do! I have been to the Lavender’s Blue Homeschooling site many times and wished in my heart to start, but to win it! My Goodness that would be a push for me to just start already- and not to procrastinate any longer. My 2 older children are at a Montessori school, but after 4th grade I am considering homeschooling them, but am feel VERY overwhelmed with all the information.. this would be a very cool opportunity! 🙂

  336. Michele Villano says:

    I LOVE this curriculum! We actually had a very traumatic experience when I was pushed into starting our 4 year old into Transitonal Kindergarten this past Fall. We ultimately removed him from public school after the damage had been don to him and our family. As Kindergarten registration draws closer, I am full of anxiety as to what is the best choice for our son, and our family. I was actually up several hours during the night mulling it over. What a blessing it would be to have this curriculum to use in our home.

  337. Brandi Magsaysay says:

    This program and approach would be a perfect fit for my very active, imaginative, hands on little bug.

  338. I currently homeschool my two older kids, and our third is getting ready to start kindergarten. This would be a great program for him, and he would really benefit from this style of learning! Thanks.

  339. I would love to try this amazing curriculum. we have homeschooled for years and would love a chance to use this for my younger girls.

  340. I’m a first time parent making the choice to start with homeschool with my now 3 year old daughter. Even with a BA in Early Childhood Development I still get a bit overwhelmed with the curriculum building process. I feel like I end up spending too much time planning and researching and not enough time one on one with my daughter.

  341. I have heard wonderful things about how fully comprehensive the Lavender’s Blue curriculum is for the Waldorf spectrum and am very interested in taking a closer look and hopefully implementing some of it with my 2.5 year old.

  342. Lawana Gray says:

    I’d love to win this for my younger daughter, I start kindergarten with her this fall and thus far, she has shown no interest in any of the other school I do with her older sister. I think something play based would be perfect for her. Perhaps she won’t run screaming whenever it’s mentioned. 🙂

  343. I would love to win this for my kids ! By far my biggest challenge with homeschooling is finding the time to plan the lessons, art projects, and stories, as I am also a student myself. I have heard wonderful things about Lavender ‘s Blue, and can’t wait to learn more about it.

  344. Have heard such marvelous, marvelous things about this curriculum, would love to have it for Kindergarten next year! Many thanks to you and Kelly for the generous offer!

  345. This is my very first week of homeschooling. My lil man does not fit the mold one bit. I never dreamed I would honeschool, yet here I am making the best and bravest choice for us. I say bravest as I am the most disorganized person. I have no idea what to do or where to start. This would be my dream education for my family (4,11 and 14). I always attend the open days and fairs-but a Steiner school is out of mt budget. Love and congrats to the winner no matter what. Thank you.

  346. I am very passionate about Waldorf education and am quite interested in using this package with homeschooling my three young ones. Especially the seasonal songs and poems. I struggle with coming up with new songs that are age appropriate and seasonal.

  347. I would love to win this curriculum! Before I had even heard of Waldorf I used an all literature based kindergarten curriculum. I would love to use something like this with my second son who is way more active.

  348. I really enjoyed reading Kelly’s blog and information on this curriculum. We are intrigued and love the “playtime” involved with learning aspect. I love that Kelly’s heart is to offer inspiration and encouragement in the journey – a really wonderful aspect. I hadn’t heard of this program before today, and now I am very intrigued and can’t help but want to learn more. I’m sure this offering will be a blessing to a Kindergarten child & family!
    Whispered Abundance’s latest post: Creating new rhythm to form habit

  349. Meydo cooling says:

    My first homeschool experience will begin in the fall 2014. Wanting it to be positive. Wish we had done homeschool with our older kiddos ( 24, 19, 17), now we have a chance with our younger ones (5, 2).

  350. I LOVE this philosophy for curriculum. We are starting to homeschool our oldest and are exploring different curriculum for her as we begin this exciting adventure. I find myself gravitating again and again to the Waldorf style!

  351. My daughter starts K in the fall. I am in grad school and overwhelmed by the idea of homeschooling her while I’m in school, too. The mindset this curriculum promotes is just what I need!

  352. My daughter is starting K in the fall. I am in grad school. The mindset promoted is JUST what I need!!!
    H Stilwell’s latest post: Weekend giveaway: $200 kindergarten curriculum from Lavender’s Blue Homeschool

  353. Oh, looks so peaceful and wonderful. I love crafting with my kinders; some fresh supplies would be scrumptious.

  354. We are excited to be beginning the homeschool journey with our two older children in the fall. Our youngest would love to have her own amazing curticulum to learn with.

  355. I am interested in this curriculum because I am looking for a more hands in curriculum that will help me connect with my son even more! Only homeschooling can do that!

  356. I will be a first time homeschooler with my son. We are on our youngest of our split generation children. The oldest being 36 this year and youngest 4. I am looking forward to the adventure!

  357. Oh Yes! This would be wonderful for my littles!!
    Thanks for the give away!

  358. Kelly’s curriculum looks like a wonderful fit for our Waldorf inspired home. We’ve reached the age where more is needed, but with a new baby and a military move coming up I just don’t have the time to plan things out myself. Thank you for the chance!

  359. What a wonderful giveaway! I am homeschooling both our kids. My daughter is currently in K and my son is 3 years old. He picks up so much from his sister and this curriculum would be so fun for both of them! Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  360. Bethany Hart Rizer says:

    My son starts kindergarten in the fall. I have been looking into Waldorf inspired homeschooling this week, so I was excited to receive this email offer!

  361. Elizabeth King says:

    I am starting home school with my 4 yr old and this looks right on track for what I am wanting to teach him. 😀 I am sure my 2 yr old can benefit as well. 🙂

  362. It sounds like a perfect match for my youngest daughter. She loves hands-on, crafty materials, etc.

  363. Both of my daughters are hands on and I been looking for the perfect curriculum for my youngest. Thank you for posting the link as well….and I loved the “what this package doesn’t include”; each family is truly unique. Best of luck to all the families participating.

  364. Erin Jorgensen says:

    I am currently feeling the need to homeschool but am quite nervous of the idea and where to start. My oldest will start kindergarten next year and I am very interested in trying a curriculum for her. It’s time to just jump in with both feet!!

  365. Ashley Dunn says:

    I am starting to home school my 3 year old daughter soon and this curriculum sounds exactly like what I want to do!

  366. rachael null says:

    Hi! I am a preschool teacher who is homeschooling my almost 5 yr old princess who has spd ( and technically my 2yr princess as well :). I have struggled finding a curriculum that I believe my daughter will love and enjoy full hearted vs. Forced and dwindling the desire and passion for learning! With kaylas spd (sensory processing disorder) playing is crucial (sensory play, dance, song, touch and smell especially) for her fully grasping material, especially with enthusiasm. she loves art as I (I do art on side: painting,crochet, and photography) so a curriculum that embodies that is a dream!! Also, because kayla has spd she is more tuned to emotions (hers and others) so having a curriculum that is peacefully run without rushing and stress, I fully believe, will help on her and my anxiety! We are low income so winning this in all honesty would be only way to gift this to my daughters: please and thank you so much!

  367. Rachel Joshua says:

    I’m very interested in this curriculum because I adore art/nature/craft/music/play based activities for my 5 year old. This type of program keeps childhood magical and sweet, as it should be!

  368. This is my first year to homeschool and my 4th of our five children will be in K next year. He is charming, and challenging due to his energy level and need for hands-on learning. This would be a most helpful tool for me to teach to what he really needs!

  369. Lindsey Woolard says:

    Our little girl will start Kindergarten in the fall and loves art and music anything! This would be awesome to have to use with her.

  370. I am a stay at home mom of three, under the age of 4. My oldest will start school this coming semester, and I am overwhelmed at homeschooling. I don’t know where to start, and do not want to put my kids in public school. My husband works shift work, and I am over children’s ministry at church. I am looking forward to a peaceful and exciting learning experience with all of my children, I just don’t know which curriculum is best for my child. After reading through this curriculum, ease came to mind. I may have found something that is suitable for my girls! I know that God will show me exactly what to use and how to use that best fits our families life style. I love how easy this curriculum seems and how positive crafts can bring the entire family together =)

  371. My family would love this ciriculum! We are all hands on learners, this would be a perfect fit!

  372. I actually looked at this curriculum a few days ago and thought it would be great for my daughter!! I just wasn’t sure if I could afford it, I am going to be homeschooling both of my children for the first time and working with a limited budget. She loves arts and crafts and is constantly drawing and doodling on anything she can find. 🙂 I feel this will suit her perfectly!!!

  373. I have heard of Waldorf and I have forgotten to go back and look it up. After reading this post I am really curious to this approach. Thinking about my daughter and how she learns, she loves art and hands on and she loves stories and song. Maybe this approach would be a good match for her. I am really excited to see that a First Grade Curriculum will be available in summer.
    Stacie’s latest post: A Big List of Homeschool Blogs

  374. I would love this for my little one! We love Waldorf, but I am a student and need to have a curriculum that is all planned out for me 🙂

  375. I fell in love with this curriculum when you last posted about it. I am planning to purchase it for the fall, but I am on a tight budget (who isn’t?). It would be GREAT to win it instead! This will be my first venture into homeschooling and I would love teaching materials that are fun and creative to guide me as I figure out what works best for my family.

  376. Amanda Robinson says:

    I am a first time home school mom this fall. I am scared, nervous and very excited. I will have 2 children with homeschool this fall, both is very different grades, a 4th grader and kindergarter. So this would help me so much and put my mind to ease some if I was to win it. I’ve had so many questions about curriculum and what to teach, when to teach it, how to teach it. So it would be a blessing to get this.

  377. I just ‘officially’ started teaching/homeschooling my kindergartener, even though ‘learning’ began from day one of her life 😉 Like most parents, we are always on a tight budget and currently have no actual curriculum to follow and so to be offered a chance to win a Wardolf-inspired curriculum ( I LOVE the Wardolf educational approach) is awesome and exciting! Thank You! 🙂

  378. I’m interested in the Waldorf homeschooling curriculum for my 4 yrs & 2 mos old son that has a developmental delayed disorder. I’ve tried homeschooling him with other curriculums, but he just wasn’t interested. Last spring, we decided to enroll him in an early education program that would provide special instruction, occupational, physical, speech, and adaptive physical education therapies to help him. He was interested in the beginning and enjoyed attending his new school, but this spring has led to excessively wetting himself, while awake, on a daily basis at school. I understand that he has Down’s syndrome, but this behavior is unlike him. He never demonstrates this behavior at home not even at bedtime. I’m sure that he is rebelling or acting out because he isn’t happy there. I began researching other programs to assist him in a successful journey of education. My husband and I have decided that this will be a great opportunity for Luke. He loves crafts and to have a successful curriculum, which incorporates creativity/art with learning math, reading, and science, would be a treasure for Luke and us. My son, Luke, who has Down’s syndrome, is the reason why I have chosen a Waldorf homeschooling education.

  379. Cynthia Trejo says:

    I have just started looking into homeschooling and will be starting this coming fall. This will help with my family to start transitioning to homeschooling and a move out of country. Thank you.

  380. My daughter starts kindergarten in the fall so I would love to try this.

  381. I’m interested in this curriculum because I’ve tried many different ones throughout my homeschooling years, but none have really been right for us. Now with child number three quickly approaching her school years, I’d like to give Waldorf methods a try.

  382. Hi!
    I would love to try out this curriculum with my third child this coming September. My older children I didn’t use anything for first year, but with four children I think it would be best for him to have something “of his own”, and this looks like just what we need! Thanks so much for the opportunity! 🙂

  383. I am a new (and hopefully permanent) stay at home mom, about to give birth to daughter #3! (The others are 3 1/2 and 2) We are new to the world of homeschooling, but are excited to try! We are starting with preschool, and would love a Kindergarten curriculum for reference and to start with next year. Anything we use now will be used for all three girls, so it’s a great investment!

  384. My daughter is in public school pre-k now and they are already telling me she will most likely be repeating kindergarten. Why are they planning on her failure a year and a half away instead of helping her now? She will be coming home next year and we couldn’t be more excited to enjoy this journey with her. We are new to this and need help putting a curriculum together, but can’t afford to buy one now.

  385. We currently homeschool the traditional way but we are very interested in Waldorf style and this would be a great beginning for us.
    Nicole’s latest post: Zucchini Cakes

  386. I studied Waldorf when getting my ECE degree and fell in love with it. My son is due to start kinder next year and this would be perfect!
    Missy’s latest post: Faith, Football and Jesus

  387. Would love to use this curriculum with my 4.5 yr, and incorporate some into our time with my young elementary children, too!

  388. Valerie Valdez says:

    I see myself winning this and doing some awesome activities with my little one. 🙂

  389. I will be home schooling for the first time next year. My child will be entering kindergarten and this would be an amazing curriculum to start off with!

  390. This is our first year homeschooling our 3 children, 10 yrs., 8yrs., and 4 yrs old. This looks like it will be a perfect fit for our soon to be Kindergartener and me! I am just beginning to learn more about Waldorf, and will be looking for ways of incorporating more of a Waldorf style into our days! 🙂 I am so excited about this!

  391. I’ve been drooling over this curriculum for months!! Would love to use it with my three-year-old (today is his birthday!) 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!
    Courtney {A Life Sustained}’s latest post: Montessori Practical Life: Juicing Oranges

  392. I could really benefit from having activities, crafts, and lessons laid out for me for a preschool/KG curriculum. I know my two daughters would love it.

  393. I need it for my daughter. She has a peanut allergy and I do not like how the public education system handles her allergy in our state. It’s unsafe to send her to public school especially when she takes things from people that they give her to eat. I am trying really hard to figure out where to begin with teaching her and this would help so much.

  394. Kelly writes about this approach being “gentle.” The Waldorf way is appealing in and of itself and the way Kelly has thoughtfully put her curriculum together makes Lavendar Blue a highly desirable method!

  395. Sarah Lamb says:

    Thank you for doing such a spectacular giveaway! Me and my brood of six (2-10 years old) really appreciate all the encouragement and information that you bring! P.S. We’d love to win too! 🙂

  396. My oldest will be in K next year and I want something that will help me focus without loosing site of the education in daily living.

  397. *sight

  398. My youngest boy is just the right age to enjoy this curriculum! It looks wonderful!

  399. My son and I have been homeschooling for a year. He will be four soon and is loves school at home. I think that this curriculum would help him enjoy school even more through play and exploration!

  400. Homeschooling bigs and a little, the little sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. This seems like just the ticket to remind me of all the ways to incorporate beauty and rhythm into our days . Thank you for a chance at a giveaway!
    Sarah’s latest post: Lollygagging

  401. This looks like a lot of fun! I would love to have it to use with my two youngest!

  402. My daughter will be ready for Kindegarten very soon and I would like something fun, different, and inspiring!

  403. Adriana Hook says:

    I have been following Simple Homeschool and Lavender Blue since we were forced to leave Austin to follow my husband’s work. Our little treasure is 5 and I am so happy that I can homeschool him but do not have the resources available to make each day an opportunity to nourish his peaceful character through our activities. We miss the Austin Walfdorf school that put together activities and shared ideas with homeschoolers. Our new home is located in a small very remote petroleum town where people have never heard of Waldorf and this curriculum would not only help me guide him but we could talk to other homeschool mothers here about creating a more peaceful home and a better experience for their children. I’d like to make a difference not just in the life of my son but also inspire some mothers to look into Waldorf so they too can make a difference. It is amazing what a child can do to create peace and build joy, your curriculum would be a beautiful foundation!

  404. I have two very creative pre-K’s who thrive on music and stories. Waldorf is a good fit for us and this curriculum would enhance our days no end.

  405. Valerie Reinhard says:

    I was homeschooled growing up, so when I began thinking of homeschooling my ow kids, I naturally assumed that it would look like my experience. Lots of textbooks, a traditional school schedule, etc. When searching for curriculum for my son, I stumbled upon this idea of Waldorf inspired homeschooling, and then I was inspired! It seems to encompass the very thing I think early childhood should be about, and I love that this curriculum makes it so very possible and offers so many ideas!

  406. My daughter will be starting K in the fall and the would be perfect for our family! I love the idea of a gentle approach and hands on learning. Plus with my husband working full time and working on his masters, having curriculum planned for me would be so helpful.

  407. Because I have a 3 1/2 yo old that won’t stop asking to learn, like his brother!!! And I need help making him feel like he’s learning too. Somehow! Without sitting down to do math and letters! I hope this helps! Thanks!

  408. I’m interested in this curriculum because of its simple, profound goal of “creating a peaceful and connected family life.” This is my personal priority, and I’m grateful to have found a curriculum aligned with my personal philosophies and goals. I seek a curriculum to support my son in a holistic way, because he is more than his academics. He’s a whole person. And, in my busy stay at home mom life, the support given to me through this curriculum as a parent would help me be more present and available to my son in supporting his whole development and education rather than dividing my energies between trying to research and study various ideas and trying to come up with a plan on my own.

  409. I am interested because I’m considering adding my boys to my homeschooling adventure next year!!!

  410. I would love to have this for my daughter! She is so curious, so eager to learn. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have time to search for quality creative things for her to do. Having a curriculum of interesting, creative activities all in one place would be so wonderful!

  411. We are currently looking for the materials we will use to teach our oldest child. I want something child led for this age. I don’t want to bog him down in monotony at such an early age. This looks awesome!

  412. I’ve been interested in Lavender Blue’s Kinder for several months. I think my playful, creative 4 year old would really enjoy Waldorf.

  413. Christina Marlin says:

    I am new to homeschooling this year. I have 2 little boys that I will be “starting from scratch” with in the coming years. My older girls learned how to read and do the basics in public school. I’ve enjoyed homeschooling them this year, but am already nervous about starting my boys in the coming years. I do like a more natural approach so that children enjoy learning. I think this would help me be prepared for starting my boys off on the right foot.

  414. I would love to win! My son will be starting kindergarten in August and I am interested in the Waldorf approach.

  415. I’m interested because our current kinder curriculum left me longing for the magic of learning. I have preschooler who will start kinder this fall. she is eager to learn and I want to help her find the magic & joy of learning!

  416. My daughter will be starting kindergarten next year and i would love to find a curriculum that would go along with her creative nature.

  417. Anne Johnson says:

    Waldorf is such a beautiful way for a child to learn and appreciate the world around them. I have been looking for a curriculum for my son that reflects these ideals, but it is hard to find in a homeschool format. Lavender Blue seems like just the right mix of Waldorf and homeschool. We would love to bring this into our home 🙂

  418. Holly Camping says:

    I think this is great! I’d love this for my son, who will be 5 in July. He is suspect for Aspergers, and he does well with the Waldorf approach. 🙂

  419. I love this gentle, natural way of teaching. I think that the calm anchor it offers is so needed today.

  420. I’m a homeschool mom of 8, from infant all the way to high school, and just discovering Waldorf for the first time. I’m not positive I want to go 100% Waldorf, but so far I see a lot I like.

  421. As a former public school kindergarten teacher, I have taught with many curricula, strategies, and theories. I know that Waldorf-inspired teaching methods are much more child-appropriate than many of the things I was ‘forced’ to teach through my district and state mandates. I know that those methods also fit well with our family goals and dynamics and would be great for the blossoming minds of our two children.

  422. Susan Gibb says:

    I have twin boys with some developmental delays. They turn 5 in January, so a little young for kindergarten in the fall, but just right for the lovely, joyful and gently methods of Waldorf. I have been homeschooling for 17 years, but only my youngest few have had the benefit of some Waldorf inspiration.

  423. Have an upcoming Kinder who I would love to do things different with. I want less stress and more genuine, fun learning. She’s the last one!

  424. My sweet 4.5 year old is raring to go with her learning. This would be perfect for her eager mind and heart, and for this mama who is homeschooling an older sibling at the same time. I hope we win!

  425. This looks like it would be great for my creative 5 yr old!

  426. This curriculum looks amazing! My two girls would have so much fun with it. They are 3 and almost 5.

  427. I have three boys, they are five, four and one…I would love to use this for them! I wholeheartedly believe play based learning is the best way!!

  428. My son has ASD, and a curriculum like this would be perfect for helping him overcome some of the challenges he is facing, while still learning.
    Crystal’s latest post: Wordless Wednesday – Kitty Love

  429. Stephanie S. says:


    I have two sons and my oldest will be five in May. We are new to home education and I would be grateful for the opportunity to see what the kindergarten curriculum is all about. Have a beautiful day!

  430. Beth Flumignan says:

    This fall will be our first year homeschooling–incorporating a lot of waldorf principles. Would love to have my kinder be all set with an amazing curriculum. 🙂 Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  431. I’m currently using virtual school to homeschool my autistic 14 year old child. Having this curriculum would be a blessing for my now four year old and later for my now two year old. The simplest things are so hard when you have a child with special needs. It affects the whole family. I really hope I can get this curriculum.

  432. Savannah Powers says:

    I would love to be given this curriculum. I love the waldorf way!
    There are two waldorf schools near me, and I have tried and tried to figure out how I could afford for my kids to go. I homeschool two of my soon to be four children. my oldest is in third grade and my second is in kinder. I have an almost four year old and will have a newborn in May. Next year I would to start my four year old on the right track with this waldorf inspired curriculum. I love oak meadows as I used it last year in second grade, but I love to try new curriculum to. very exciting.

  433. Kate McClain says:

    I have 2 who will be ready for Kindergarten in the fall, and a baby due in August, so I definitely need something that is already put together and ready to use! I have been looking at Lavender’s Blue for months. A lot of what we do is waldorf-inspired so this would be perfect for us.

  434. My children are 4 and 2, and our third is coming soon! I’ve been doing a simple preschool with my oldest this year and she’ll be ready for Kindergarten this year. I LOVE your curriculum – that the focus is on creativity – my daughter thrives with this kind of thing, but I am not that great at coming up with things on my own. I need a lot of help. 🙂 My husband is currently a full time dental student which means we have NO money. We have no income at the moment, just living off of student loans. I would love this opportunity to give my daughter (and son, when the time comes) a wonderful start to our homeschooling education. Thanks for this chance!

  435. We would love to incorporate the Waldorf Inspired activities into our lifestyle.
    It looks fantastic!

  436. Dawna Young says:

    I have a 5 yr. old that could really benifit from this curriculum.

  437. This would be a joy to have. It is a well rounded nourishing curriculum with more to offer than just worksheets. I would love to include this in my daughters learning she would benefit from it as much as I would and it’s vast resources would make learning fun and full of enrichment for her.

  438. rebeca nelson says:

    This curriculm would be a needed addition for my daughters homeschool.

  439. This would be a joy to have! I would love to start my son off with this wonderful inspiring curriculum. This would be wonderful start for our homeschooling journey.

  440. Britney Cooper says:

    I have two girls, 5 and 3, that I could use this curriculum with! It looks like fun. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  441. Carla Bennett says:

    I want to homeschool my youngest from the beginning because my older children started in public school and it hasn’t worked for us.

  442. I’ll be doing the second year of Homeschool kindergarten and would love more guidance. Thanks for the offer!

  443. Philippa Gaywood says:

    I am on a homeschooling journey with 2 little angels – this site looks amazing and super helpful on our quest for fun, freedom and joyful learning. My fingers are crossed

  444. I am not super organized. I would live this curriculum to help with our homeschooling journey.

  445. Holly Blevins says:

    I have been looking for a Waldorf inspired homeschool curriculum for over a year now. I have searched the internet and couldn’t find anything. When I came across this curriculum it fit every criteria I had been looking for, play based, lots of hands on learning and no boring worksheets. When I came across this curriculum on your blog a few week ago I felt like I had finally found the perfect fit for our family of three rambunctious boys under 4 that could be used for years to come!!

  446. I am interested in this curriculum for many reasons, but the main one is I want my youngest child to be educated differently then we have done it before. We have tried several things with our older child but they never meshed well with the environment and spirit we wanted for our home and family. I feel this would be a better fit and reach my child.

  447. I would so love to have this as a guide for my sweet son.

  448. Katie Kroll says:

    My girl will be in kindergarten next year and this curriculum would be a great fit for her.

  449. I am interested in this curriculum because I believe Kelly is filling a great need by producing something that is secular, holistic, and very detailed for us busy homeschooling parents. In the fall, I will have a first grader, a 5-year old, and a 2-year old. The idea of having these lovely lessons on hand takes a great deal of the stress out of my planning for how to work with multiple ages next year!

  450. Lauren Riordan says:

    This curriculum is inspiring — my children will be able to play, learn, love …and keep it rooted in the natural world. I am so grateful that this was created for us moms to help guide us as we guide our littles!!

  451. I have had my eye on this curriculum for some time. I am presently homeschooling my son at the K level and would love this holistic curriculum to enrich our already holistic lives!

  452. Lavender’s Blue Homeschool curriculum sounds great and we’ve got a daughter going into Kindergarten at the start of the coming school year!

  453. I’m interested in it because I feel normal kindergartens do not provide a solution to what I want to give my daughter and I feel that I don’t have the tools and knowledge to give it to her myself

  454. I’d love to win this! We just pulled the kids out of school and started homeschooling. My kindy guy will love it!

  455. Krystal Weaver says:

    I’ve been interested in the Lavender’s Blue curriculum for quite a while. I have a 6 and 5 year old and a 3 and 1 1/2 year old. We’re doing a relaxed, gradual beginning to schooling with the older ones, and I’m convinced of the value of stories and songs and rhythms in our daily life, but could definitely use help in learning to incorporate these things into a family atmosphere that focuses on connection as the basis for healthy learning.

  456. Jessica B. says:

    I am interested in this because I know how valuable it is to learn through play.

  457. Krystal Weaver says:

    I’ve been interested in the Lavender’s Blue curriculum for quite a while. I have a 6 and 5 year old and a 3 and 1 1/2 year old. We’re doing a relaxed, gradual beginning to schooling with the older ones, and I’m convinced of the value of stories and songs and rhythms in our daily life, but could definitely use help in learning to incorporate these things into a family atmosphere that focuses on connection as the basis for healthy learning.

  458. Our family just started homeschooling two months ago, and we absolutely love our new-found time together. With five children, including a 4 1/2 year old who will be a kinder in the fall, I can’t tell you what a blessing this curriculum would be. Thank you for creating this wonderful resource!

  459. Sounds like a great source for inspiration as we begin our homeschooling journey

  460. Jennifer Heintschel says:

    We would love to win! We homeschool and this looks great for my kindergartner! She is very artsy and just a whimsical kid and would so enjoy this. 🙂

  461. This curriculum sounds & looks great! Our youngest will be entering Kindergarten this Fall & it would be perfect for her.
    Missionary Mom’s latest post: A Humble & Hopeful Heart

  462. I have a daughter going into kindergarten this coming year and have been looking for a gentle, loving curriculum.

  463. This looks wonderful!!! My daughter would really enjoy this approach. Thank you for the chance to win.

  464. We have a couple more years, but I’m already looking for options for home-kindergarten activities to do!
    Molly’s latest post: 7 QTs – Why Catholics Love Doctor Who

  465. We have a few years, but I’m already trying to find a good option for full or part time home Kindergarten activities!

  466. I’m interested in this homeschool curriculum because I’m going to start homeschooling my firstborn next year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  467. I have two little ones who will be starting Kinder in the fall, two older home schooled kiddos, plus a 1 y/o, and another on the way. I love hands on activities my little ones can do while sitting next to me. I also love how the activities engage so many different parts of their brains- much better than sitting with the ipad and an app. 🙂

  468. This will be our first attempt at homeschooling and I would love to start out with this curriculum!

  469. Hello!
    I am always reading, researching and pondering the best way to homeschool my four very unique children. My youngest two are on their way to Kindergarten. My older two attended public school for kindergarten but that wasn’t a positive experience. So when I prepare my kindergarten journey for my two younger ones I hope to inspire my older children to take more of a lead guiding with me as a teacher too. We are always looking for ways to connect as a whole family.

  470. This curriculum looks amazing. My baby is almost two, and I have already seen so many times how much he learns from being in an environment that allows him to explore and see and experience new things. I would love to start him on this when he’s older.

  471. Jessica r says:

    I love this curriculum for the flexible blend of Waldorf for our style

  472. This will be our first year homeschooling. I have been looking at different curriculum and I think this will be great for him as we start our homeschooling adventure.

  473. Stephanie says:

    I have been researching many different curriculums for my son who will enter Kindergarten this fall and my daughter who will enter K the following year. This curriculum looks really awesome, and we would love to experience it in our home. I want learning to be a fun, exciting process!

  474. We’re starting our homeschooling journey this fall and this curriculum looks amazing!

  475. I’m interested in this curriculum because I think it’d be a good fit for our youngest learner.

  476. I love the concept of this curriculum. I plan on homeschooling my little boy and have been intrigued with the Waldorf philosophy of learning. Nature is already an integral part of our family life and I love the way that the seasons and outside independent play are encouraged.

  477. I was really inspired by the “Day in the life of a Waldorf Kindergarten” post here a few weeks ago, and my daughter turns 4 this summer, so Kindergarten is where we’re at! My little boy would probably want to join in, too 🙂

  478. Please enter me for the chance to win the homeschooling package. I’m curious as to how to homeschool and this seems like a great intro. : )

  479. What a way to teach and learn! I am very excited about this curriculum. As a brand new homeschooler, I have this exact curriculum in mind for my high energy, very creative little girl. I feel this is a perfect fit for her and me too!

  480. I’m interested in Lavender’s Blue curriculum because I think my daughter would love it as she begins kindergarten next year. (And I would love to use it to teach her!)
    Hilary’s latest post: Getting an Old-Fashioned Clean with Grandma’s Pure and Natural Products

  481. This curriculum looks wonderful! I will be homeschooling my 5 year old son next year and this curriculum would be perfect for us. It would give me such a great place to start and remove some of the nervousness I have over keeping my son out of public school. Thanks!

  482. I homeschool my 3 and 4 year old children and we would really benefit from the cofidence and guidance your curriculum would offer us. We are quite Waldorf insppired already but to win a whole curriculum really would be awesome as well as a great help pn our low income bdget. Thanks for all you do to help homeschooling parents. You are a real guide to me.

  483. I get overwhelmed piecing together curriculum, especially since my kids are spread far apart in age. This would be perfect for my youngest, and I love the classic look for the projects!

  484. I would like this curriculum for my children because I want them to have an education full of imagination and self discovery.

  485. I’d love this curriculum because I know that it would excite and inspire my daughter!

  486. Meredith hill says:

    I am looking so forward to my youngest beginning his school at home journey and Lavender’s Blue Homeschool is just the path I hope for him. Thanks for entering us!

  487. I just pulled my daughter out of Kindergarten in the NYC public school system. It was not a positive experience in the least for our family. I am really enjoying our new homeschooling journey and am continually drawn to the Waldorf philosophy. This curriculum would be such a gift to enrich our family schooling life. Thank you for the chance!

  488. I’m interested in this because the things that worked for my other kindergartener don’t seem to work for my newest one and I’m not sure where to go from here.

  489. My daughter starts Kindergarten in the fall. I want to make learning very relaxed and enjoyable for her. This package looks perfect. I want her to love to learn for life, not get burned out and hate school at a young age.

  490. I would love to win this curriculum to use with my baby daughter in a few years. I love the idea of a peaceful homeschool.

  491. Oh would just love this! We try to include many Waldorf aspects in our kindergarten homeschool but this is just so inspiring. I love the seasonal aspect.

  492. Oh my goodness thank you so very much for offering this! I pulled my daughter out of school at Grade 3 and now my little guy will be starting Kindergarten in September and I’m so excited to not even have to go through “deschooling” with him. With my daughter, we just kept going with what she was doing and built on that but I regret that we never really STARTED properly. I’m a little nervous about the whole getting started with Kindergarten and having a beautiful curriculum like this would ease my worries and my heart.

  493. My sweet boy will be K age next year. I feel he would really benefit from this curriculum. Thanks for the chance!

  494. I am planning on homeschooling my daughters my oldest just turned 5 and would love to try this curriculum for the fall. I have heard a lot about this type of schooling and think my daughters would love it

  495. I am just falling in love with the Waldorf teaching style… would love to have a guide to begin my kindedgardener & preschooler – and I am sure my older kids would get a kick out of the hands on and crafty style, too!

  496. Corina Kernan says:

    I am interested in this curricula because I have four children, 3, 4, 6 & 8 who are all at the perfect age for this wonderful, Waldorf inspired & super creative curricula. I’m afraid I have been text booking my older two children to boredom, we could all really use a change and Lavendars Blue sounds perfect for my curious, creative, littles babes.

  497. I have been looking at this for a while but I promised myself I would not buy anymore curriculums but if I win it ……… 🙂

  498. I was homeschooled, and have been trying to have children for years. We are finally welcoming our first this summer! I am so excited for the beautiful adventures and opportunities ahead of us. I would love to begin my collection with this lovely curriculum package!

  499. I would love this because I will have a child in K next year! Also, I work at a homeschool co-op and where I teach preK. We actually use a K curriculum now, with some modifications. We will need to use something different next year, since some children are not quite ready for K and will be in the class again. Thank you for offering this!

  500. I am looking in to starting homeschooling my 3 1/2 year old daughter. I think this resource would help us get started.

  501. Thank you for the opportunity to win!! I have a preschooler, 7 & 9 year old. This is our first year at home and I am still trying to deschool the older two. If I have an opportunity to use this with my little one I feel like the older two can join in where they want to and bring back to them that learning is not always at school but everywhere we are and in everything we do. It sounds like a wonderful program and I would love to share it with our co-op as well. The littles are sometimes left to the nursery/kid’s room and this would be fun to incorporate into their day at co-op. Hoping for the winning ticket!!

  502. I’m doing a hard curriculum with my daughter now and would like to do an easier one with my next daughter.

  503. I have two boys who will be four and five this fall, they are so eager to learn, but are really hands on and active. I want to build a creative environment that will unleash their curiosity.

  504. What a gift it would be to win the Kindy curriculum ! I love that it is written by a mom who understands the challenges of patenting and teaching and is Waldorf inspired! I’m homeschooling my daughter right now, but she is going to high school next year for musical theater. My son will be ready for Kindy in the fall and I’d love to use this curriculumn. I want something different for him (used another Waldorf curriculum for daughter) because he is so different from his sister but can’t afford to buy anything new. It would be a dream to have this!

  505. Jennifer Zapien says:

    Homeschooling my first grader and will br homeschooling a kindergarteners this fall. She enjoys art so much. I think this would be perfect for herď

  506. I’ve heard lots of good things about this curriculum and am saving up to buy. I have 3 little ones and think this will be a good fit for us 🙂

  507. Laura Aiuto says:

    I have a 4 year old and I’m increasingly disappointed in our preschool and kindergarten options. The Waldorf philosophy inspires me and would be a good fit with our family. I’d love to win this curriculum to use with her and younger brother.

  508. Nicola Muller says:

    I’d love this curriculum to help inspire my daughter in the first stage of her journey into gentle home schooling, and to inspire me too!

  509. This is a wonderful giveaway! It would be perfect for our youngest.
    Thanks so much!

  510. I’d love to try this with my preschooler next year when we begin K!

  511. I have really loved what I have seen on your website- I’m planning on taking the plunge and homeschooling my Oldest next year for kindergarten. I have 2 daughters stair steps under her that would benefit as well.

  512. I have three children under 5 years old and have been homeschooling since the oldest was 1. Now that we are living in a rural area, they love going outside and getting dirty. It would be really nice to expand their minds further with other ideas beside my own, having a well-round exploration experience.

  513. Hi, my son is age 4, I think he would enjoy this curriculum very much, it sounds fantastic!

  514. I would love this for my kinder beacause I think this would be a great fit. I love the philosophy of not being so rushed and be more connected.

  515. Lizette Bell says:

    What an opportunity, thank you. I have a 4 and 2 year old and as we begin our homeschooling I have heard so much about your curriculum and feel it would be very helpful as we all learn together. I love love love singing through the day but am feeling at a bit of a loss of how to hold them more fully and plan a whole year.

  516. This looks wonderful! I would love it to use with my own children and to share with others at my fledgling home ed group. It would really inspire and spread the word

  517. My daughter is currently four and I’d love to use a curriculum for kindergarten that focuses on learning through play, songs and stories.
    Steph’s latest post: The Word Became Flesh

  518. I have been seeking a curriculum that will light that spark in my children’s eyes — one that they can thrive with. I homeschool a 4 yr old and 7 yr old and we are currently trying to find ways to add in Waldorf-style activities. We started with a more “worksheet-based” curriculum and my heart breaks when I think of how my daughter obediently completes the work, but she doesn’t “thrive” — I don’t see the spark and magic in learning that I know exists …and can exist for her. I’m looking forward to adding more curriculum like this into our day, and I would love to win this!! Thank you!

  519. My daughter is so imaginatively gifted and I struggle with it. I would love to meet her where she is at as we begin her schooling. I think Waldorf inspired curriculum would maybe help.me.

  520. I’m excited to begin homeschooling next year. It’s been a bit overwhelming researching all the options available & this is the 1st outlined curriculum that seems to fit what I’ve envisioned for my family. This would be perfect for my preschooler & later for my baby daughter. I’ll be watching out for your 1st grade curriculum to use for my daughter next year. Now to find something for my oldest, going into 3rd grade. 🙂

  521. Kristina Johnson says:

    Thank you for offering this! I have been homeschooling seven years and have taken my three boys through kindergarten, but feel I could learn a lot from this curriculum about just being with my two girls (who are younger, the elder in K this year). I’m sure they would love it!

  522. Carine Crooks says:

    God has been guiding my search for home schooling toward Waldorf ways for the last 4 months. I am in love with the whole value of teaching my children to love to learn through being connected with our environment, simplifying our lives and home, and implementing art and singing into everything. My youngest is ready for kindergarten in the fall and my oldest is right in the transitional period of 7 years right now entering 1st grade next year and I want to nourish this transition she is in to the fullest not stifle her future. This is a very exciting time and I want her to feel that not frustrated.

  523. Rachelle butler says:

    I would love to have this curriculum package to share with the children and their parents of my childcare!!! I am also a homeschool mom and would love to check it out for my own child! As of now I don’t have the funds to buy it myself! I have recently checked it out and am very interested! Thanks in advance!! Rachelle

  524. I’m going to be homeschooling my 5yo starting this fall and I love the idea of teaching her a waldorf inspired curriculum. I want her to be free to explore learning in her own way but at the same time offer enough structure that she isn’t left directionless.

  525. I will start homeschooling my 4yr old (will be 5) this Fall. I’m looking for fun things he will enjoy. This looks great! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  526. Jamie Dayton says:

    I have 5 children 2 of which are school aged now and I homeschool. My Third and fourth will be ready for Kindergarten next year and I need a good easy and fun curriculum for all. This looks perfect!

  527. Roie Bird says:

    Hi. I have a beautiful boy turning 4 in April, he loves to play. All day every day! I’m running out of ideas. I agree that the best way to learn is by playing and I struggle to vary the activities. (I’m not creatively minded). I don’t want my lack of imagination to limit his excitement and curiosity. Thank you for putting a program like this together for this age group.

  528. I LOVE this curriculum! i am putting in this entry for my cousin who is keen to try this but can’t find the $ just yet, she will LOVE it I know!

  529. I am currently homeschooling 12, 10, 7, and 3. I have never really used a K curriculum, but I am finding now that I have to have a structured day for my 3 year old to really get school done with the others, and I think this program would be perfect for helping with that, and I need help! I think my 7 and 3 year old could work through this together and have so much fun and also open up mind space/time for getting my olders school stuff done 🙂 It looks like a wonderful resource!

  530. I have been learning about Waldorf for the last year and incorporating bits with my older kids. I would love to do more with my youngest when he starts kindergarten.

  531. Vavena Wildhaber says:

    This will be our first year homeschooling the older three of our 5 boys. Our entire family loves art, this would be the perfect curriculum for our new Kindergartener and a great opportunity to get the older boys involved in helping the younger boys. :)Thanks!

  532. Christine says:

    I am interested in this curriculum because I have a son that I will starting kindergarten this fall. I think he would like this.

  533. I would live the chance to try this out with my Kinder next year. I love the Waldorf method and believe it would make for an exciting school year 🙂

  534. I finalized my homeschooling decision just last week and my daughter will be ready for Kindergarten work sometime in the middle of next winter. I’ve been researching which curriculum to invest in, and this is at the top of my list! ! !

  535. I want to change directions with our homeschooling, and my daughter who will be five soon can be the first to benefit from a less intensive approach and change of curriculum.

  536. I’m starting out with my first child in kindergarten this year and I love this style but am terribly uncreative when it comes to crafts etc! I am also having trouble finding enough time to find all the things I want to do and put it together as we are on a busy farm 🙂 would be sooo nice to have a relatively stress free start to our homeschooling career

  537. Michelle Richard says:

    I would like to win this to jump start my two girls in their homeschooling education. They are 3 and 4 but smart and would benefit from this lesson.

  538. jessica allen says:

    I’m very intrested in the curriculum because my oldest starts kindergarten in August and,as excited as I am,no one believes I can successfully homeschool her…my family wants me to put her in public school.I feel they just don’t think I’m good enough to teach her.I have many reasons to homeschool her (violence in schools and a better education being at the very top of the list.) I feel with this type of curriculum my daughter will have fun learning,in turn making her want to learn more,proving to everyone that I CAN teach her with success!

  539. Jennifer G. says:

    This would be such a wonderful gift to win! I have a 22 year old son who went to ps. My daughter is five and I am a first time homeschooling momma. This journey has been a blessing and a challenge for the both of us. Any help I can get would be wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  540. Kira Warren says:

    Your Curriculum looks amazing! After realizing how detrimental public schooling was to my children’s attitudes, spirits, and their will to learn, we started homeschooling. I looked all over for good free curriculums but had no luck with success in the programs we tried. So we ended up deciding to pay for a good one. My children were already in 4th and 5th grade when we started and I have never enjoyed life so much. Now I’m so excited to start from the very beginning with my 5 yr old. But I already have to by a new book set for my oldest child. I reuse her books though for my son and I plan to reuse all of them for my 5 year old. So now I need Kindergarten through third for him. I also have a 1 yr old with Down Syndrome whom I can’t wait to home school too! By the time he is ready, I will have one set of every grade and won’t have to worry about the costs! It would be such a blessing to have a little financial help in our adventure of love and learning with our Little Angels. I can’t wait to try your curriculum! -Kira Warren

  541. Perfect timing! My daughter will be ready to start Kindergarten in the Fall, with two little ones to follow. I really want to start off our homeschool experience well. She loves all elements that make up this Waldorf-inspired curriculum (nature, art, songs, hands-on…). What a blessing it is to have an opportunity to win this curriculum that would tap right into the hearts of my children! Thank you!

  542. My daughter went to a Waldorf-inspired kindergarten before we started homeschooling her for 1st grade. I would LOVE for my son to have the same experience here at home when we start in the Fall. He will be 5 and a half. Thanks!

  543. Joy Nicol says:

    I enjoy your blog and find the information encouraging and helpful. I will be teaching my 4 year old and would love to use this curriculum. Thanks for this opportunity!

  544. Wow – I would LOVE to get this. I unschool my kids…but basically that means I want to allow for anything they are interested in to be a learning opportunity for them. The Waldorf materials always are a big hit, and lately I’ve been struggling with what to provide that I can really do with them. I have three girls – 6, 4, and 1 – and my 6-year-old would be content to spend a full day doing nothing but arts/crafts. The issue, though, is that I have three kids under six and work from home. Trying to plan something to do with the is absolute craziness. I’m completely overwhelmed – my husband is in real estate, so he’s gone a TON, and we’re entering peak season where I’m essentially a single parent trying to work and have all three kids at home. Definitely gets stressful and then I wonder if I’m failing at schooling (and parenting) because any downtime when baby naps is spent frantically trying to get work done – trying to add in prepping for any school stuff just isn’t happening! Having some Waldorf curriculum would be awesome, as I love the style but I’m a complete newbie at it and don’t know what to do or where to start!
    Ashley Logsdon’s latest post: Working from Home

  545. I would love to win this curriculum! It seems like such a natural, inspiring way to guide your child through the kindergarten years.

  546. My 2 and 5 year old and their mama love learning and playing Waldorf style!

  547. We love Lavender Blue’s blog and really resonate with Kelly’s style and approach. It seems this curriculum would be a great tool to use with our boys. Thanks a lot for the give away fun :).

  548. Our family would love to win this curriculum. We have 4 kids 4.5 and under. Our oldest starting homeschool Kindergarten this fall. I know that she would love all the hands on and nature inspired themes and the other kids I know would love to join in on the fun too. I am drawn to the waldorf method of schooling and having a curriculum to help guide me with all the littles at home would be super helpful!

  549. Elizabeth says:

    I have a preschooler right now who will start kindergarten this fall and we do a lot of learning through play right now and I would love to do his kindergarten that way too and a already put together curriculum would be so helpful. I also have three younger children that would be able to benefit from this too! If I don’t win it, I think I will look at buying it.

  550. I want my children to have the best education, and I believe homeschooling is the greatest way to achieve that. I have been looking for a great curriculum to start their learning in a fun an enjoyable way. I believe this curriculum will do that.

  551. Christina Johnson says:

    I am brand new to homeschooling, in fact, our HS date does not begin until the 24th of this month. I have done all of the “newbie” research for my 2nd grader as well as my Kindergartener, and it’s incredibly overwhelming. My son is in Kindergarten, and has been diagnosed ADHD, SPD, and OCD, finding a curriculum for him is proving to be a challenge. The best one I have found for him is the Waldorf style curriculum, however; I’m so terrified to purchase materials and have it not work for him. It would be wonderful to get to try this curriculum without fear of losing out on money. If it did not work for him, we would pay it forward to another family that could benefit.

  552. I am so excited for the chance to get this curriculum! I will be using this for all 3 kids to give them more opportunities to explore and discover their own sense of wonder about the world we live in. Thank you for your blog and this opportunity!

  553. I began homeschooling my daughter three years ago when she was in kindergarten. Looking back, I wish I had taken a different approach to her learning, and now that my son will be entering kindergarten this fall, I’m looking for something more relaxed and natural. A Waldorf-inspired curriculum seems like it could be just the thing!

  554. I would love to win this curriculum because it reflects our heart as parents and homeschoolers. We believe that childhood should be chocked full of vivid wonder, inspiration, imagination and unbelievable fun. When this accomplished, a love for learning begins and continues throughout life.

  555. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am interested in winning as this is our first year homeschooling my grade 2’er and his little sister sits and tries so hard to participate but some things are too much for her. I would welcome starting a curriculum for her to help engage and inspire her. She is an incredibly creative girl and this beautiful curriculum looks right up her alley. Thank you again.

  556. We have twins that are four and are going to be starting kindergarten home school soon. This would be perfect for us!

  557. Elisabeth says:

    I have a 4 1/2 y.o. and we are trying to figure out what to do this fall. While, I don’t think kids this age need a “curriculum” in the ordinary sense of the word, this sounds just about right.

  558. I am interested in this curriculum for a few reasons. Right now I am doing waldorf kindergarten with my kids and will be for a few years. At the moment I am piecing together circles and such from different sources and spending great amounts of time doing this. It would be great to have it all right there. I also don’t yet know how to read music and so the waldorf songs can be a great challange for me and I am limited to singing the ones I can find recordings of (which isn’t very many). So having the recordings to listen to and learn would be fantastic. We have been having money issues for years and so I am not at this time able to spend the money on a curriculum when I can make due on my own but this would be a gift for sure if I was lucky enough to win. I would also enjoy bringing more craft ideas to my kids. I have read some of your blogs and enjoy them and can see they hold a wealth of knowledge about waldorf homeschooling so you will continue to be a resource for years to come. Thank you for your blog and sharing your knowledge. 🙂 <3

  559. I am always interested in new ideas to incorporate into my homeschool!
    Nicola’s latest post: happy birthday to the trees

  560. Excited for a chance to win! This curriculum would be perfect for my 5 year old!

  561. Erin Ellis says:

    I am interested because I have two toddler girls who are both on a fast track to school 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  562. I haven’t started home schooling my oldest yet (he’s 2) but I REALLY want to home school both of my boys. Having this would be absolutely amazing to get me started since I’m a bit overwhelmed when looking up information on curriculum. Having this would definitely give me the extra confidence in myself that I CAN home school!

  563. Tavia White says:

    I’m in my first year of homeschooling using a hodgepodge of methods, but seeing this I know my daughter would love it! And she has 3 younger siblings who will benefit greatly from everything I’m learning with her!!

  564. I would love to have this curriculum as a resource in our homeschool. I’m currently doing home preschool with my almost-5 year old. And next year we’ll be homeschooling for kindergarten as well. I would love the circle time ideas!

  565. Hello,
    I am interested in this curriculum because I am inspired by Waldorf education ideas, and it looks like Kelly has done a wonderful job at creating this. I love her blogs and songs. My daughter is almost 5, and I plan on starting homeschooling her next fall. If I could afford it, I would enroll her to a Waldorf school, but it is simply too expensive (I am single mom and resources are limited).

  566. Rachel Beach says:

    I’ve used Waldorf for years. It would be so fabulous to have something all put together and ready to go. I think Waldorf is the best way to teach children 🙂

  567. I am just diving into the world of homeschooling and next year, my third daughter will be in kindergarten. What a great way to start off the year!

  568. Stephanie says:

    Oh my gosh, this is one of the best giveaways I’ve seen in a long time. I have a daughter that would love this. She loves hands on things and I think my second grader could help her learn with this kit.

  569. I have two sweet nieces this age who would do enjoy this curriculum with me. Pick me! 🙂

  570. I homeschooled my oldest until third grade and middle just until four. I loved homeschooling, but needed to go back to work (worked at their school for a few years though!). They are teens now and I have a toddler too. I am back to doing home daycare and being home more, and considering homeschooling again.

  571. Andrea Rose says:

    I currently home school my oldest in 1st grade and will be starting my middle son in Kindergarten in the fall and he is a hands on learner, so I’m looking for something besides text books to teach him.

  572. My son will be 5 soon and we are looking into different types of homeschool curriculum. This would be perfect to try and learn with!

  573. I would love to win this because I think it would be wonderful to use with my daughter when I start her homeschooling next year. I wish I had done this with my son when he was in kindergarten!

  574. Shelby Jones says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love to use a Waldorf curriculum in our home. Waldorf ideas align very well with our parenting style and this looks wonderful!

  575. I have heard really good things about this curriculum. At this point in our young homeschool adventure I’ve been trying to piece together things for her, I know I could use some help of a curriculum. Thanks.

  576. I would love to win this curriculum. I have a beautiful four month old baby boy and we are looking ahead to the future. Even though he is still young, I am looking for inspiration about seasonal rhythms, crafts, and ideas to incorporate into our lives. I was an assistant at a Waldorf kindergarten for about a year and a half, then earned my teacher’s license with the naive idea that I might be able to bring some of the quality found in Waldorf teachings to the public school arena in underprivileged areas. I taught first grade in public school for about four years until I gave birth to our son, and now stay at home with him. I am looking to reconnect with a home-based Waldorf curriculum but can’t afford to purchase one at the moment. I stumbled across your website through a Waldorf page I’d found online and absolutely loved it! I’ve signed up for your newsletter and am looking forward to reading it and hearing the songs.

  577. Niki Swimelar says:

    Child #3 will start his Kindergarten year this September. I would be pleased to win him a curriculum!

  578. Would LOVE to win this curriculum. I have two boys (2 and 4.5) and we’ve been doing a bit of just unschooling/living life after pulling my son out of Waldorf kindergarten (he had a very bad experience in that classroom) but as he nears 5 and I look ahead to my younger son getting nearer “school age” I feel like a curriculum (or a few) would be great for ideas on fun new ways to learn and explore the world. Thanks for this opportunity!!

  579. Sandra Kimmet says:

    I drool over this curriculum every time an email comes into my inbox. It is so lovely and we will have 4 little ones would would love to use it!

  580. kelsey ruha says:

    Ive always been interested in the Waldorf method and I would love to win this to get an awesome start with the Waldorf method.

  581. Sarah Jean says:

    I have tried many things for kindergarten with my tribe and I am always exploring new ideas. With older kiddos in the grades, kindergarten planning is definitely difficult. I would love to bring this curriculum into our home and hearts! Yours, Sarah Jean

  582. I am an early childhood educator and beginning next year I will be homeschooling. (So excited, but so nervous) my son approaced me about homeschooling him and his younger siblings. Waldorf is my top choice after doing all sorts of research. Inspiring to my kiddos (all of them and it.will.be.easy to make.it developmentally appropriate for.the younger kiddos) and inspiring to myself. Thanks for this opportunity to win it! Paula

  583. I hope to win because the more I homeschool, the more I value the magic needed for learning. I would love to provide this to my youngest child with the hope that what I learn will reignite my older children’s love and desire to learn.

  584. Kayla Kelly says:

    I will be homeschooling my second child next year. He is a busy beautiful boy. I think for his learning, this would be wonderful curriculum.

  585. Micheline says:

    We are just getting into homeschooling. My youngest would really benefit from having this curriculum. We are just getting familiar with the Waldorf method and it would be great to start off on the right foot! 🙂

  586. I will begin Kindergarten this fall with my second child and would love to use a curriculum that encourages full exploration and complements my role as natural teacher. This would then be useful the following year with my son. Thank you for the opportunity!

  587. Luthfy Silerio says:

    I would love to try it. I currently homeschool a 6th grader and I’m doing a simple pre-k curriculum that I bought at a store with my little one. I’m always looking for better curriculum that makes learning fun.

  588. this looks like a lovely program. I would love to use it with my daughter for kindergarten. she would love the hands on, and the crafts. I can’t see her using a regular curriculm, don’t think she would sit still long enoguh.

  589. First homeschooler in the fall. Still deciding on if/what curriculum we’ll use. This looks like a wonderful set!

  590. I’ve been interested in the Waldorf style of schooling, but there are no options as far as schools in rural Kansas where I live. We’ve been bumbling around in the homeschool world and I think this curriculum would fit wonderfully into our days.

  591. I would love to use this curriculum. With my 5 year old, we tried public school pre k for 1/2 a year, now we have done 1/2 a year of homeschool. What I have discovered is that my little one needs movement, songs, and art to learn. She simply cannot thrive with traditional workbooks or even computer games. I am trying to put together a kindergarten curriculum for her, & this one could really be a sanity saver for both of us.

  592. Leah Boudreaux says:

    I am currently searching for a curriculum that will appeal to my super creative, inquisitive and hands-on 5-year-old. We have been using a lot of worksheet style materials, and while he has done well with them, I want to find a curriculum that engages his interest and his creativity. This curriculum looks like it would be perfect for him!

  593. thinking of homeschool/coop kindy situation….
    kendra’s latest post: raw cashew cheesecake

  594. I’ve been looking at the Lavender’s Blue program for awhile 🙂 Excited to see her K curriculum.

  595. This is my first year teaching homeschool. I am not a mom but I have been teaching for awhile now. I’m teaching two families and one in particular has two boys ages 4 and 6. These boys and their mom have become like my own family. I love all of them and will do what I can to help. The 4 year old starts pre-k next year but he was been diagnosed with leukemia about a year ago. He’s a smart, funny and full of joy little boy, as is his older brother. This curriculum would definitely help them when it is time to learn the kindergarten material.

  596. Amanda Albriiton says:

    I have an almost 5 year old and am very interested in this way of homeschooling. I would love to have this help in growing his heart and mind 🙂

  597. I would love to win because I have a kindergartener and would love some more ideas. Thanks!

  598. Trish Hamel says:

    My husband and I homeschooled our five children, who are now adults (the youngest is 24). We find that we are now raising our five year old grandson and we are starting all over with gathering curriculum. It would be a true blessing to win! Thank you for the opportunity!

  599. Crystal Harley says:

    I have a 4 yr old son (almost 5) who will be starting kindergarten in the fall. This would be great for him!

  600. We have a 2-, 3- and 4-year-old (along with a 14-year-old!) that are loving learning right now… to have this curriculum that I’ve been dreaming of for them would be wonderful! The high-schooler, maybe not so much, but the toddlers? Love it! 🙂

  601. Carolyn Sykora says:

    It looks like a great program for my hands on busy boy!

  602. Kelley Maki says:

    I am interested in this curriculum because I feel that it will provide my son with a gentle and holistic learning experience. How he learns is just as important to me as what the curriculum contains. Thanks.

  603. I would love to win this! My daughter is going to be in kindergarten this year, and while I’m making my own curriculum, her new baby sister will be arriving in the next few months and it would be nice to have a set curriculum to turn to in case I don’t have time to plan everything out.

  604. Che' Marie Bowles says:

    My boys, Jaaron and Jude, would love this. We read books, poetry, and sing songs at bedtime (with a little help from public domain and Youtube). They love hands on projects…This would be perfect for them! I am already homeschooling a freshman, a 7th grader, and a fourth grader, so it would be really, really nice to not have to design my own curriculum for the kindergartener and preschooler. Thanks!!! 🙂

  605. i would be so thrilled to win this! i have four (and half) kids, and i’ve just dove into this homeschool world with my oldest two. my almost five year old is eager to join in, but our finances are limited and haven’t allowed us to afford him just yet. this would be a great way to jump start him. 🙂

  606. Michelle S. says:

    It looks like a lovely curriculum and I think it would be a great fit for my son. Thanks so much for the chance!!!!!

  607. I am interested in this curriculum because I have always liked Waldorf-inspired learning, and my daughter is just about to turn 5 next month!

  608. Thank you for this incredible, generous offer. Next year will be my first year homeschooling. My first grader has been attending private school for the past couple of years, so it will be a dramatic adjustment for both of us. My youngest son will be just starting school, so I’m excited he’ll begin as a homeschooler. With such a plethora of options, choosing a curriculum for each child can seem overwhelming. It would truly be a blessing to have this curriculum and the opportunity to put it to work for my little guy.

  609. I love everything that I have seen about it, I have been looking at it for a long time and would love to have the chance to use it 🙂

  610. After homeschooling for 14 years, 8 children, I am looking forward to enjoying a more simple yet hands on homeschool experience with our surprise blessing. She is 8 years younger than our next youngest. 🙂 I would love a montessori style program for her.

  611. It’s a curriculum we’ve been considering but it’s a bit out of our budget. We love the Waldorf style and have been adding more and more to our homeschool. My oldest will be in kindergarten in the fall, so this would be perfect. Thanks for hosting!
    Ashlee’s latest post: 18" Rapunzel Doll Dress by MomBabyMe

  612. I have 5 year old twin girls and I’m looking for something more relaxed and natural. They enjoy nature and hands on activities. I have tried online curriculum and texts but they didn’t enjoy it so I’m looking for something more hands on. This curriculum would be perfect for my 5 year old twins!

  613. Cassandra Galvan says:

    I would love to have this curriculum. I love waldorf inspired anything! I am in firm agreement with anything natural and holistic when it comes to teaching our babies

  614. Jenna Curry says:

    I am interested in this curriculum because we have a son who is almost 2 and I keep going back and forth between wanting to homeschool in the future or just send him to public school. I know kindergarten is still a few years away for him, but even with time on my side, the thought of figuring out what curriculum to use and then accumulating all the resources feels overwhelming. That is the biggest reason I am hesitant about homeschooling: feeling like I wouldn’t know where to start and feeling unprepared to teach him. Having this curriculum so far in advance would give me plenty of time to prepare and feel confident once kindergarten rolls around which would make me more likely to really take on homeschooling.

  615. Tracy Bean says:

    I have a seven year old son who I have always homeschooled, but have yet to find him an appropriate curriculum. This looks like something he may be interested in. He is profoundly special needs, in that physically he is on the severe end of cerebral palsy and is nonverbal, but is quite smart. I have tried a bunch of things with him, and would love to try this —

  616. Jennie Anderson says:

    I have 4yo twins who would love this curriculum!

  617. Brittany Adams says:

    I’m a mamma of 6. My first year homeschooling, if you want to call it that. Homeschooling has been so tough for me. In fact I’m holding on by a thread trying not to quit. I decided to homeschool because my 14 year old daughter this school year because she started to self harm and go above and beyond that. It was an awful time for all of us. Socially school was hard for her. I prayed and prayed and my answer was to homeschool. My 11 year old had awful grades, he just couldn’t keep up with the other kids, he’s a slower learner than most. My 5 year old I’ve barely done anything with. I didn’t buy her a curriculum, I tried to just do what I could. She is probably why I’m beating myself up the most. I feel like she’s really truley missed out on the fun of kindergarten and that really crushes me. My others are 4,2, and 8 months. This curriculum sounds and beneficial for anyone with a kindergartner. Any tips from any of you mammas on homeschooling multiple children with toddlers would be amazing. I really don’t want to give up, I don’t think it’s what god wants me to do, but honestly it’s what I want to do.

  618. This would be amazing next year for our middle (third) child who will be starting K in the fall! Thanks for the opportunity! I like that it has the painting/craft ideas because that is something I am weaker in and need to get out of my box for the benefit of the kids.

  619. My sons birthday is in November so he has to wait to almost 6 to start kindergarten. I would rather not wait and would love to be able to do this with him at home. I will try to follow your lead even if I don’t win.

  620. Jackie Ricketson says:

    I would love to share this curriculum with my daughter and within our homeschool co-op. We are always looking for ways to supplement the curriculum of life. Waldorf enriches the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual capabilities of the learner..

  621. A. Anderson says:

    I love to guide my 19 mo old with playful learning through songs and exploration!

  622. I would love to win this curriculum! I have a 5year old that I am starting to homeschool in basic ways and have yet to find anything that has inspired me. I have overlooked this contest a few times scrolling through my face book page but I have just finished reading the post about curriculums not there to follow but to guide and inspire poetic learning. This curriculum looks like the type of curriculum thats is full of isperation!

  623. Ragen Roberts says:

    This looks fantastic!

  624. Chelsi McQuitty says:

    I am interested in this curriculum because I am just starting out and new to the homeschooling program.

  625. Jessica Hatcher says:

    I have always been drawn to nature and what a perfect tool it is for teaching. I feel like this is the type of teaching/learning that would best fit our family’s lifestyle and allow me to use my gifts and abilities while teaching our children.

  626. Angela Wilder says:

    I think this could be a great fit for my son. 🙂

  627. Mary Catherine Hodes says:

    My daughter will be my first to Kindergarten at home — I could use the guidance!

  628. I’m intrigued by Waldorf-inspired learning, particularly for my son. This looks like a lovely and complete curriculum. Thank you.

  629. Crystal Brown says:

    This looks like it has some great tools for learning with my oldest son.

  630. Jill Pulliam says:

    My son will start kindergarten next year. I am so ready to homeschool him on our terms. I am enjoying watching him be a kid right now. I just started following your Facebook, and I like all of the information you are posting. So I feel like if this giveaway is something you recommend, then it would be good for my son and I! Thank you, Jill

  631. Charlotte Lee says:

    I love Waldorf education and the emphasis on natural learning with hands on experience.

  632. Mom of 8. New to homeschooling, and this looks like a great program for my little ones.

  633. What a wonderful contest! I’m so excited to have the opportunity to offer this to my girls. This seems to be a wonderful guide that would coinside with our peaceful parenting and education philosophy. Thanks!

  634. noor aini prasetyawati says:

    we have a toddler. he is an active and a very creative kid. I don’t want his creativity stopped by public school in Indonesia. so i n my husband decide to do HS for our son. but, we still confuse with the curriculum, esp. in Indonesia we didn’t have a specific curriculum for HS. i hope your giveaway can be used by my family and my HS community. thanks.

  635. Emily Waltenberg says:

    I have seen my friend’s children flourish with Waldorf style teaching. My two little guys would love to do this!

  636. I would love to win this. I currently have a 4th grader, 3rd grader, 2nd grader and next year I will have a kindergartner. I can’t wait, plus he is my only boy. I think this curriculum would be awesome for him.

  637. This looks prefect for me to work through with some littles I nanny for. I’ve been wanting something great to do with 2 smart little cookies who are just preparing for school and are a bit ahead of the curve. Their super health conscience, holistic, nutrition coach mom would love it! Plus, I’m working on a few reviews of curriculum for my blog and this would be perfect 🙂 Thanks for putting this out there!

  638. A. Timmons says:

    We would love to win this package! One of our girls is in preschool and will start kindergarten homeschool next year. We are looking for new curriculum ideas for our children and this looks just wonderful! We love this gentle, Waldorf-style approach to schooling. Thank you!

  639. Kelly Fulton says:

    I’m interested in this curriculum because I want to homeschool my 5- year-old son but don’t know where to start!!!!

  640. I love hands on fun with my 4 yr old daughter and all my preschool/kindergarten age daycare children!

  641. Really interested in this curriculum because we have been wanting to try the Waldorf style of teaching but just do not know where to begin so this would be a great opportunity for our up and coming kinder. Thank you for offering this chance to win.

  642. Amanda Patterson says:

    Honestly I am very new to homeschooling. This coming school year 2014-2015 will be our first year to do homeschool. I have 3 kids. One will be entering 2nd grade, one entering kindergaten, and one that is a toddler. I have not yet decided which cirriculum we are going to use so I thought here is an oppurtunity to possibly win one to try.

  643. I would love to win this one because my four year ONLY seems interested in learning if it is through art, song, story, nature, and play! It sounds perfect for him.

  644. This is beautiful and fits my little one’s personality.

  645. I would love to have this curriculum! I feel very lonely in my homeschooling journey, because I don’t really have a support group or any friends that are homeschooling their kids as well. I’m by myself and planning out my own curriculum. It would be wonderful to have this resource!

  646. Taryn Peterson says:

    I would love a chance to teach this curriculum to my kids . I want them to have a love for life, nature, all creatures, and the simple things in life andi think this would be a great to help guide them with !

  647. Cesely B Jones says:

    I am going to start homeschooling kindergarten in the fall. I’m at a loss regarding where to start. I realize we can create our own curriculum however starting with one for our first year would be such a blessing. I have enjoyed reading about you and your posts and would be so grateful to have your kindergarten curriculum. Blessings!

  648. I have 11 and 7 year old sons and love homeschooling them. We are about to bring home a 2.5-yr-old daughter from China next month, and this K curriculum looks like something I would love to use with her in a couple of years! The slow and gentle, learning while playing approach is something we try to do with our boys anyway, but will be especially important with an adopted child to foster attachment and bonding.

  649. Fernando Arroyo says:

    I’m a new homeschooling stay-at-home dad to 3 sweet, inquisitive, brave and curious kids ages 6, 4, and 1 and winning this curriculum would be amazing! It hasn’t been easy finding accessible curriculum that represents the kind of peaceful and holistic approach to learning that our family desires much less something to help me from putting something together from scratch. Gracias!

  650. Julianna M says:

    Would love to try this on my 2 boys!

  651. I am a busy mama of eight who is a Charlotte Mason style homeschooler. I think this curriculum would be perfect for my younger two, but there is no way it would be financially feasible for us. It looks lovely.

  652. My husband and I are adamant about homeschooling our daughter but have a limited income, we would be very grateful for this inspired curriculum!

  653. I would love to win this for my son as I don’t live anywhere near a Waldorf School or think I could afford one. He is a very active kid and would benefit from having a natural hands on learning experince from home rather than a forced public school curriculum.

  654. Kylie Evanz says:

    I am interested in this curriculum not only for my soon to be kindergarten aged child but also for myself. As a former kindergarten teacher I am conditioned to teach subjects a certain way. I’d like my children to lead us through their learning journey and this curriculum would be a great start

  655. Melissa Tennyson says:

    I would LovE this curriculum!! My son starts kindergarten in the fall and this would help us out a lot! Thanks!

  656. I would love to win this to use for my son and I, he will be in kindergarten this year and I want to homeschool but have no idea where to start. I’m looking forward to building a stronger bond with him and want to see him really grow through his education experience.

  657. I am interested because I’ve always been interested in a Waldorf inspired education for my son. He will be five in the summer. We recently moved; there are no Waldorf schools nearby (less than two hours), but we have lower homeschooling regulations. This would be the perfect fit for starting our homeschooling adventure.

  658. Betsy Wurth says:

    I have a little one who will be starting homeschool K in a year … We love the gentle approach of Waldorf and this would be a great way for him to start (for anyone).

  659. Shavaughn Toole says:

    I am starting my daughter in homeschooling for her upcoming kindergarten year. I chose to have our home as her vessel of education where she will have cherished family relationships and learn with her imagination, spirit and encouragement from her parents.!

  660. We have been “homeschooling” for preschool and I am getting ready for the next year as we begin kindergarten. This looks like lessons that would fit in with our life. I would love the opportunity to save some money!!

  661. I would LOVE to win this curriculum! My son was diagnosed with Apraxia and this type of curriculum is one that he has taken to very much! He engages so well with this! More talkative, attentive, and engaging! It would be a great tool added to his progressing learning experience!

  662. This looks amazing. Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  663. My middle child starts kindergarten this year and I would love to use this curriculum for her. I really like the Waldorf approach and know it is what she needs.

  664. Kkrystin Sutherland says:

    I would love to win this curriculum as I am homeschooling my first grader and almost kindergartner and this is exactly the kind of curriculum direction we are moving into!

  665. I would love this. We have boys and this would be an awesome way to engage them as we set up our homeschooling room.

  666. Oops, posted too soon. We are currently homeschooling my son who is in kindergarten and will be homeschooling my daughter (pre-k) this next year. I would to use this with both of them!

  667. We are homeschoolers who love the Waldorf method. We are not thrilled with our current curriculum, and are searching for something better for next year!

  668. We are considering homeschooling for our daughter who starts kindergartens next year versus attending public school. I’ve been looking for a curriculum that was more hands-on, instead of screen dependent/dominant, with a lot of fine arts included, since my daughter loves music & drawing.

  669. April Clark says:

    I would love to win this for our three year old son. His education is extremly important to us and we won’t to provide him with the best that we possibly can.

  670. Kindergarten is a full year away for us, but I love the Waldorf philosophy and would love to have a curriculum to use!
    Kim’s latest post: Everyone deserves cupcakes!

  671. Returning from overseas to the option of homeschooling next year. My second child will be ready to start kindergarten work. Since the first child was required to attend school, I don’t have a curriculum to reuse for the second child, so it would be great to have something ready to go. I think this curriculum will complement well the preschool where they have morning circle time, forest walks, etc.

  672. I’m currently homeschooling my 5 & 6 year old and also have an almost 3 year old (and due with #4 in a few weeks)… after butting heads on the curriculum I chose for my son, the kindergartener, I think this would help us try things differently! My kids and I could both benefit from my learning different styles and approaches to homeschool

  673. I would love to try something like this out! I am currently doing K with my first, although somewhat haphazardly. At least three more children to go with Kindergarten, though.
    Marcy’s latest post: {SQT} vol. 2 – Acronyms and Other Silliness

  674. Our family would love to win this! We have been piecing together a relaxed, eclectic curriculum so far, but an all-in-one would be wonderful to have.

  675. Hi, I’d love to win this curriculum because I know that spark of curiosity in my child will continue and I want to help him explore and learn about the world in a way he will cherish and be the most receptive towards!

  676. April Cantrell says:

    This would be wonderful for my 2nd born! He is hands on and would love this storytime approach this offers.

  677. This curriculum seems perfect for both me and my son! Winning it would be such a blessing.

  678. I am going to homeschool DD this fall and after much reading, Waldorf approach will be a good fit for DD.

  679. I would love this curriculum because I know if will benefit our son in many ways! I love the major concepts that it covers. After being a previous kinder teacher, these are great core concepts to learn and how to learn them!

  680. This looks so peaceful and joyfilled. Would love the opportunity to teach this curriculum.

  681. Tanya Button says:

    I’d love to win this because I think my soon really needs a gentle way of learning. He is amazingly smart and absorbs everything but he’s always been an intense child, and i think Waldron would help balance that side of him. I’ve looked through this curriculum previously and think it looks gorgeous – just what he needs.

  682. My preschooler would thrive with a gentle, holistic kindergarten year.

  683. We would love to teach our son with a Waldorf-inspired curriculum. The curriculum we’re currently using for our kids just isnt a good fit, so we’re looking at other options. Thank you for the opportunity!

  684. I love the Waldorf concept and would love to see it in action! We have a 4 yr old who is wanting to do school like his older homeschooled brother and this curriculum would be awesome!

  685. Elizabeth Anne says:

    Because I have a sweet, funny, creative four year old who I want to keep close and watch bloom! I’m greedy, and want to have the fun of discovery with her.

  686. Melissa Rinn says:

    I have been reading, researching, contemplating and praying about embarking on and embracing homeschooling my 3 children. What a blessing it would be to win this wonderful beginning!

  687. Amy Clinkenbeard says:

    This looks like a fun curriculum for my two boys. I would love to win this.

  688. I would love to use this curriculum to help establish more structure and rythem to our early homeschooling efforts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  689. Gina Tubbs says:

    I have two little boys who would love to try this. It would save us money on next years supplies. Thank you so much.

  690. Joyce Blackshear says:

    We would live to win this curriculum for my soon to be Kindergartener. She is a very hands on learner and would benefit from this type of curriculum. We have 2 other children and are on a fixed income. We can’t afford to purchase curriculum that is geared toward each child individually so this would be a huge blessing for my middle one.

  691. Michelle Dewhurst says:

    I have been debating homeschool. The thought of figuring out how and where to start has been so overwhelming to me. Maybe this is my sign in the direction I need to follow.

  692. I currently have my daughter in school in JK, and she’s not happy, and neither am I. I am going to homeschool her once this school year is up (and my job is done – i work in a daycare and my contract is up at the end of the school year). I’m really nervous about taking this challenge on, and I think having this curriculum to guide me would help ease the nerves and make our first homeschooling experience more successful! I love that it is written by a homeschool mom and it is waldorf inspired. I will likely purchase this curriculum to help us out. 🙂

  693. Jenna sybert says:

    This looks like such a gentle introduction to school. My kids would love it!

  694. I am all the way from sunny Singapore and even if I don’t win this Giveaway I wanted to thank you for this amazing effort. We are so conditioned with the pursuit for academic success here that homeschooling mothers find ourselves constantly swimming against the current, and Waldorf inspired homeschooling families are few and far between. I would love to win this so that it can not only benefit my children but also impact others. Thank you for the opportunity.

  695. I would love to win this!!
    This is our first year of homeschooling I feel it would be so helpful to our family!

  696. Hello! Thanks so much for the info & chance to win! Our family is interested in this curriculum for lots of reasons but most especially for the focus on l;earning new circle time concepts and new songs. I think our rhythm ( or lack there of at times) would benefit from introducing this creative, harmonizing and focusing practice and I’m not quite sure where to start. Best Wishes to all & Thanks Again !

  697. My husband and I are new to homeschooling and are so excited! We are on a limited budget and could really benefit from wining the Waldorf inspired curriculum!! Thank you!

  698. Deborah P. says:

    I would love this curriculum for my 2 little ones. I currently homeschool my 7 year old but haven’t bought anything for the younger two. This will help me get a starting point. Thanks!

  699. Delilah Browning says:

    Hello from New Mexico and thank you for this wonderful chance to experience the Waldorf philosophy of teaching in our home! I am the mother of five beautiful children , ages 6, 4, 2, and 3 month old twins. My husband and I have always been passionately committed to providing the best possible schooling experience for our children. We currently have our oldest enrolled in the best private school money can buy in our community (which has put a significant strain on our finances but we were determined to spare no expense). Unfortunately it has proven to be a poor fit for our oldest who we are currently having tested for possible giftedness and/or autism. The school takes an almost rigidly classical approach to teaching which involves A LOT of worksheets and repetitive exercises. If it hadn’t been for the birth of our twins in October, we would have pulled our oldest immediately and began our homeschooling venture immediately. Instead we chose to “tough it out” and complete the school year but we intend to homeschool all of our children from then on. I have done extensive research on different approaches and are intrigued by the hollistic nature of the Waldorf philosophy and would love to have the opportunity to experience this approach with our children. Thank you again for the chance!

  700. I have an almost 4 year old and a 6 year old that would benefit tremendously with this. I need help in creating these intentional nurturing aspects of our homeschool and would love to incorporate it with this curriculum. Thank you for the chance to win.

  701. My son will be 5 in a few months, and I love the hands on approach of the Waldorf style.
    lindsaystevenson’s latest post: Weekend Reads

  702. I would love this curriculum for my daughter. I want her to learn as she experiences things and not just from a workbook.

  703. Erin Hammond says:

    This looks wonderful! I echo many of the comments that have been made; I would be grateful for the winnings. We, too, are on a limited budget and have been fortunate to find our educational and life tools in many places (thrift stores, garage sales, hand-me-downs). But, I have to say, it would be fun to win this!

  704. Oh I have really been thinking about what I am going to do for my new Kindergartner next year. He’s VERY different from his older brother, who could happily just do workbooks and nature study every day. My L.O. really seems to need something more….I don’t know what word I am looking for here. More creative. More…interesting! In any case, this looks lovely for him. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, and for the possibility to win it!

  705. Rose Koogler says:

    I have been interested in Waldorf education since my daughter was born. We even attended a toddler/parent session at a Waldorf school that was discontinued after our first session unfortunately. I do plan to homeschool my daughter entirely and she will be turning four in April, ready to start this curriculum. This would be absolutely perfect for us! Thank your for the opportunity.

  706. Sarah Parker says:

    You have know idea what a blessing this would be to me and my family. My husband works two jobs so we can homeschool. I would be forever grateful!
    God bless,
    Sarah Parker

  707. It seems like a great way to get young children interested in learning

  708. I currently teach first grade in a public school I am looking to quit my job and find a graveyard shift job so that I can homeschool my daughter at least trough 6th grade. This would be a good antithesis of public school.

  709. Janine Sims says:

    My husband and I are beginning homeschooling this comming year for our daughter. She is our only child, and we are very excited and very nervous! This curriculum looks like it would be a huge confidence booster! I love that it incorporates nature and art, two areas that I believe to be very important in a child’s education.

  710. I’ve been researching alternative education & homeschooling for the past year. I’m super inspired (& scared) with the idea of homeschooling my daughters. My oldest daughter would be in kindergarten next year. Because she is considered “special-needs,” I’ve been reading up on alternative forms of education, like Waldorf. This gift would be so appreciated as we begin this great adventure. Thank you for what you do here. I so enjoy all the great information & encourgement.

  711. Would like to try something new for next year.

  712. I would like this curriculum to use with my children- I’ve found waldorf is a good fit for us. I have a special needs child that finds the outdoors to be very restorative, and following a waldorf curriculum helps us get out in nature!

  713. I would love to win this to give my son a more peaceful, joy-filled kindergarten experience than his sisters had/are having with a more “traditional” curriculum.

  714. Melanie Garcia says:

    This looks great!

  715. Katee Woodby says:

    To allow me to enrich my children’s lives with the help of a beautiful curriculum! It is just stunning.

  716. Melissa K says:

    My husband and I are in the beginning stages of homeschooling and on a very limited income. This opportunity would be a blessing for our little girl to begin her homeschooling journey.

  717. I would love to have this curriculum. I think it would help me to further my child’s education by helping her to advance her vocabulary and teaching her many of principles that she will be able to use for the rest of her life. I love that it has crafts and activities that go along with what we will be talking about. I think this is a wonderful curriculum and anyone who receives it will be blessed.

  718. We are just beginning our home schooling journey as my eldest will be kindergarten age this fall. This curriculum sounds wonderful and would be a great way for us to start. I am both nervous and excited as we begin our adventure!

  719. polishacorn says:

    I taught kindergarten for 12 years and used a lot of Montessori materials. Since becoming a homeschool mom, I’ve been caught by surprise and inspired by the beauty of Waldorf!! It’s so hands-on and connected to the learner in such a contemplative way. My little learners would just love this curriculum (and me, too!). 🙂

  720. I have 5 kids and one on the way… They are ages 5-18. I would love this curriculum for my 5 year old because I love the whole idea of it, and it is something I know he would absolutely love! 🙂 thank you!

  721. Seems like such a natural way to learn. I’d love to win!

  722. My four year old is very active and super creative. I have been researching kindergarten curriculum for him and this looks really good:) We homeschool with all borrowed items ,so this would be an amazing blessing .

  723. Sara Caggiano says:

    I would love this curriculum! This will be my first year homeschooling my son who will be ready for kindergarten and is the oldest of three boys. Having such a wonderful resource would certainly help me build my confidence to continue!

  724. April Modrycki's says:

    I would like this curric for my soon to be 5 yr old. She’s has some speech delays and was diagnosed with SPD. This curric sounds perfect for her and it sounds like something she would love!

  725. Jamie Barhaug says:

    We love the Waldorf curriculums, and have been very interested in giving it a try. Winning the kindergarten curriculum package would provide my children ( 1 now in kindergarten, 1 in preschool) with more crafting ideas, story ideas, and different natural aspects to add to all of our learning paths!

  726. This absolutely right up my alley!! I love this approach. It would be a perfect fit for us!

  727. Oh what a great opportunity, I’ve been looking for a kindergarten curriculum, my 5 years old did not want to go more to school and I never homeschooled before, we’ve been having lots of fun, he was going to a Waldorf school, and I really LOVE their poems, and songs, and baking, being from a foreign country it is harder for me to memorize the poems, which I love, and also the songs and so on. I also have 3 other boys, one currently in 2nd grade, and a 2years 9 months old, who could also benefit with the rhythm of the curriculum, and a an almost college boy. So YES! We will be so lucky to have some super extra help with us!!
    Blessings to you and thank you for the encouragement messages and posts on FB.

  728. I have a 4 & 5 year old. This would be so great! Thanks for the chance.

  729. Stephanie Loa says:

    I am SO excited about this giveaway! I’ve been raving to all my homeschool mamas about how well put together this program is! To win would mean the world to me, I’m on my 3rd month homeschooling my kindergartner and I’ve hit a wall on organizing us and keeping us creative :/ I also have a 4 year old which is coming close to starting her kinder journey so this program will be used then used again! Well put to use and well appreciated! Thanks for the chance! I hope I am considered for the giveaway!
    Huggs ♡

  730. Callie Shelton says:

    Hi there!
    I would love this curriculum for my daughter- she is a very artistic and verbal learner and this sounds perfect for her. I would love to be able to find a way to teach her un a way that will keep ger attention and so far in preschool workbooks arent cutting it and we have been doing more hands on art and songs. Kiddos are only little for so long and i think its important to nurture their creativity ( and public school doesnt encourage free thinking IMO). Saving $200 + by winning a curriculum would REALLY help our family financially so I hope we can win.
    Good luck to all the other mamas!

  731. I would love to be able to incorporate elements into our homeschool routine that will help nurture the ‘spirit’ of the young child through seasonal, natural, beautiful lessons/activities.

  732. I have been researching for something to do with my son. This looks wonderful. What a blessing for us it we actually won. Thanks for the opportunity.

  733. Lauren Calderon says:

    This would be wonderful for my girls! I love doing hands-on learning/teaching. We are on a very limited budget so this would be extremely helpful. Plus I could use all the help I could get when it comes to being creative.

  734. My son is very much an out of the box learner. He is so excited about learning but learns better by doing, rather than sitting. I am excited to share this world with him!

  735. Diana Cagle says:

    I have been freehanding a preschool curriculum with my daughter and I would love a complimentary curriculum to help me involve my daughter in learning things I may not have thought of or discovered yet for her Kindergarten education.

  736. I had a very bad experience with my son in public school and would like to let my children know the joy in learning again. I have made our home environment more conducive to Waldorf learning, but I lack the tools/curriculum to teach. I have tried to piece together materials, but really need something more cohesive. This sounds perfect!

  737. I would love this for my son! I need a bit of direction to remind me of what to do when since I have such a large family and I don’t want him to miss out on the fun stuff.

  738. This looks wonderful! I have a curious little one who (I think) would fit very well with these materials. Thank you for sharing!!

  739. My oldest starts kindergarten in the fall and there is so much about the Waldorf model that I would love to have as a central part of her education. This curriculum seems like it would allow us to set the tone for a peaceful and holistic approach to learning as I have other children who will follow in her footsteps.. I love that it is play based and centered around nature, story, art and song. She is a natural singer and will love learning new songs too. This would be a tremendous gift!

  740. I have loved this curriculum since the first day I saw it. We are just stating our homeschooling journey and this would be perfect. We live a waldorf lifestyle and this would be a perfect match.

  741. My daughter needs hands on learning more than just worksheets. I think she would love this curriculum.

  742. I have a two-year-old now so full of life and curiosity and a devoted and loving wife who loves contests and is eager to get started into our first foray into homeschooling. The Lavender’s Blue Program looks to be the perfect start to our educational endeavors, can’t wait to start using it!

  743. Kim Wagner says:

    I would love this curriculum because I have a preschool and am still figuring out what to do for her when she starts kindergarten

  744. Trisha Stefanic says:

    Thank you for this great chance to win! I would really love to give your curriculu A try! I love the hands-on way of teaching. We have three young boys, one who is in the middle of kindergarten! 🙂

  745. I would love this for my daughter. Thus looks like such a peaceful and wonderful approach to education.

  746. Thank you for this opportunity to win such an awesome, out of the box curriculum. I’ve been shopping around for a K curriculum for my preschooler. I didn’t even know about Lavendar’s Blue. I am familiar with Waldforf and would be thrilled to have these materials.

  747. I would love it because I was just telling a friend earlier today that my 5 year old is my clean slate! : ) The older two had a couple of years in public before I realized my mistake and pulled them out. : ( We ate on the right track now but I feel like our youngest is so blessed to be at home from the very start! This gift will be a blessing no matter who receives it!

  748. Andrea cavanaugh says:

    I would love some fresh and exciting new ideas to do with my youngest child! I also do daycare at home with pre schoolers and have been considering homeschooling. I always wanted to purchase a professional homeschooling agenda, but haven’t been convinced they are going to supply me with anything we aren’t already doing. I would love to win this so I can see what its about. I would absorb myself in new materials! I love teaching!

  749. Margarita V says:

    this just looks like exactly what we’ve been searching for.. my daughter and I attend parent and child group at our local Woldorf school, and I love to watch her beaming face and heart in that loving gentle and encouraging environment, even I find myself being transformed into a gentler more mindful parent attending these groups.. suddenly learning our environment and our inner selves connect so nicely and make so much sense.. we are planning to home school, and I’ve looking to bring some of that lovely feeling that Woldorf education environment provides into our home.. and this curriculum would be such an amazing way of doing just that..

  750. I would love to win this! I need creative, playful ideas for my son and younger daughter who learn very differently from their older sister. They would love this!

  751. I’d like to teach my son as best I can as a disabled, work-at-home mom to give him a great start to school no matter where that happens to be!

  752. Monica Wright says:

    Would love to win this curriculum. We are he schoolers and Waldorf education really speaks to me. Looks like a really fun kindergarten curriculum!! Thank you for the giveaway.

  753. My son will be starting kindergarden in the fall and this looks like an amazing program. We beleive in letting our boys learn through play and nature and this program seems to allow both.

  754. I would love to win this. I think Kelly’s approach is so do-able, so joyful, so accomadating of each individual making it work in their own way. It is all the work done for you….stories, crafts, painting. It would be a huge time saver.

  755. Waldorf is such a lovely and peaceful way, I think it blends so nicely with our lifestyle and the way we try to raise our son.

  756. I would love to win this curriculum! I’ve been interested in Waldorf for quite a long time, this looks wonderful!

  757. Elaine Schultz says:

    I would love to experience the joy my toddlers would experience with this curriculum.

  758. I love the beauty and simplicity of Waldorf

  759. I would love to have some more ideas for Waldorf education for my daughter. Sometimes I feel a bit lost and it is so enriching to hear new ideas/perspectives!

  760. I would love to win this curricullum. I have been researching many home school styles (I an a certified teacher who is not convinced traditional classrooms are right for children.). I cannot wait to help my child be a happy educated person – and the ones I have at my home child care too! I think this curriculum would be a step in the right Direction.

  761. I would love to win this curriculum for my homeschooler who is kindergarten age because we have recently begun to hear about Waldorf methods and I want to know more! I love the concepts!

  762. Stephanie Herring says:

    I would love to win this because I am a single mom and I am going to be home schooling my little girl. Money is always tight and any help received is great!

  763. I’m interested in this curriculum because I have a child getting ready to start kindergarten. I’d love to try a Waldorf approach and this is a way that would make it possible to offer something complete and well-rounded.

  764. My four yr old would love this.

  765. I would love to win the curriculum because it’s our first year homeschooling our oldest boy out of 4. I want to enjoy my first year homeschooling and tech him with a loving and gentle approach.

  766. Desiree N says:

    I’ve been looking at the Lavender’s Blue Curriculum for a while now thinking about purchasing. What I like about this is that it seems gentle. A gentle approach for the kids, and a gentle approach for parents too.

  767. We would love to use this curriculum in our home school 🙂 I’ve wanted to incorporate more Waldorf style learning, but have been at a loss where to start. Thanks for the chance to win!

  768. I would love to have this for my grand daughter.

  769. The schooling situation in my neighbourhood is insane – the schools are full and there are 738 kids in my neighbourhood without a school to go to in the fall! Rather than bus my child for an 90 minutes a day or have my child in an overcrowded classroom we have decided to homeschool. I am just preparing for this journey (start in September) and the commitment in time and (financial) resources (I have to quit a very good job to do this but my kid is worth it!) is tremendous. Any help to get us going in the right direction would be so greatly appreciated!

  770. We would love to win this! Wow! We have just recently started thinking more seriously about what school will look like for our daughter. The two things that keep getting thrown around are Waldorf and home school! This curriculum would be amazing!

  771. Angela Riddle says:

    What a fantastic toolbox to assist me in convincing my husband that homeschooling our children is the most promising education they can receive! We could really use this, and use it to introduce to other children on playdates, that are less familiar with the Waldorf style!

  772. michelle jarrett says:

    We are just starting out, my little ones and I… ages 5, 5, and 4. This would be the perfect start. Thank you!

  773. I would love to win, I am very interested in the Waldorf style for homeschooling.

  774. I am interested in exploring the lovely simplicity of Waldorf education.

  775. Andrea Ellison says:

    I have a 4.5 year old getting ready to start kindergarten. Would love to try this out!

  776. I would love to win! I’m very interested in learning about the Waldorf style!

  777. Would love to win this for my daughter.

  778. Next year I will be teaching grade 1 and kindergarten. My daughter who will be in kindergarten learns much differently than her older sister. I believe this curriculum would begin the love of learning for her.

  779. This sounds so lovely. We just started Kindergarten and this would be an excellent guide!
    Franziska’s latest post: Candlemas and Swimming Candles

  780. Oh, I would love this curriculum so much, and for so many reasons. I have a son who will be starting kindergarten in the fall (plus a daughter who will eventually use the curriculum…and hopefully a few more kids someday, too). We will be homeschooling with a Waldorf inspired philosophy, and as I am still somewhat new to Waldorf it would be wonderful to have a curriculum that gives me step-by step instructions, yet still have freedom in teaching and learning. I love the Waldorf lifestyle, it is so child developmentally friendly and all Waldorf-educated kids I know are well-rounded, kind, and sensitive.
    Waldorf education speaks to me. I want to give my kid the best childhood possible, and I truly believe Waldorf homeschooling is the way for us. Having this curriculum would be so, so wonderfully helpful.

  781. Amy Stitzinger says:

    I was SO thrilled to find this blog. I would love to win. This curriculum would make it so much easier to homeschool successfully — my dream.

  782. Laura Upton says:

    I’d like this curriculum because I have twin girls who are 3, going on 4, and I feel that the Waldorf holistic approach fits our family and personalities. Very lovely items here. I especially like that it’s in digital format. Thank you for the giveaway. Best wishes.

  783. I would love this curriculum because it sounds a lot like what I do with my kindergartner now, and can use in the future for my son too!

  784. I would love this to use with our daughter. She is very hands on in her learning style, and I think a more unit study approach would benefit her greatly.

  785. We are starting homeschool with our oldest daughter in the fall–this would be wonderful!

  786. My daughter will start Kindergarten in the Fall and while we are excited, I’m nervous because she is a child who LOVES to play and I have no idea how to ensure she is making the most of her play. My 1st daughter was a self started in everything, pretty much taught herself how to read, add and subtract so I didn’t have to “teach” her much during Kindergarten, she just kinda figured it out. My baby girl seems to be the exact opposite. I’m happy to stumble upon this curriculum as an option and will be sharing it with other homeschooling moms as well!! Good luck everyone! Blessings, Tywana

  787. I would love to win this Kindergarten curriculum because I would love to use this curriculum for my 4.5 and 6 year old daughters. I am pulling my older daughter out of Kindergarten because she is falling behind and says she hates learning. She seems to learn differently and it has occurred to me that a Waldorf curriculum might be a good fit for her.

  788. Keeley Heni says:

    As I am a new home school mom I stumble through curriculum and through around behaviors in trying to teach my special needs child! It would be very helpful to me to use your products to help me get on track!

  789. My children learn the most through play. This would be a great way to guide and prepare my almost 4 yr old for school in the next year.

  790. Natalie Belger says:

    I am currently homeschooling my preschooler and will homeschool my son as well. I love Waldorf education and this would be wonderful to have for when my kids are kindergarten age!

  791. Jennifer Webster says:

    I would love to win this curriculum package. I have a 5 year old who would benefit from this philosophy and method so much more than a traditional kindergarten program.

  792. I have two little boys I’d love to work though this with. It looks very sweet and we are already a waldorf leaning family.

  793. I have been looking into Lavender’ s Blue for my little! Would love to win!

  794. Angela patton says:

    I know my son would benefit from this. He deserves more than the traditional kindergarten curriculum. I do my best offer what I can but homeschooling is so expensive. We have 4 boys so the cost adds up. This is our second yr homeschooling and we love!

  795. Meg Freebern says:

    After spending one morning outdoors with my nephew at Prairie Hill Waldorf School in Wisconsin, I was amazed. I had heard it was good, but it was beautiful and loving, and peaceful. Kindergarten? Peaceful? Yes. I was blown away. I want that at home for my youngest.

  796. We would love to win this curriculum because our daughter is a dreamer and we would like to encourage her imagination and creativity. I am not artistic by nature so I could use all the help I could find.

  797. chelsea Huff says:

    I would really love this curriculum because it would help me teach my almost 5 year old in a calm, nurturing way. I’m trying to that on my own, but some days it’s stressful coming up with new ideas, or how can I teach this in a simple, clear way? (while I still have younger kids to contend with!)

  798. Heidi Gundermann says:

    I am interested in this curriculum because reading the description draws me in. This is exactly how my son likes to learn. Creative and hands-on. I also need something to follow with great ideas like this. Thank you.

  799. Elizabeth Walker says:

    Wish I had the opportunity to have this type of education. Forever grateful my children do.

  800. I would love to win this!! We’ve been doing a lot of research on homeschooling, and I’m convinced it’s the absolute best way to educate my children! Thank you for the giveaway:)

  801. What you are offering is so unique I would love to win this amazing gift and gift the wisdom of waldorf education to my homeschooled children.

  802. Annie Dong says:

    I’ve tried everything for homeschooling my first 4. The Waldorf method sounds great. My almost 5 year old will be a great candidate to try it out.

  803. I’d love to win this because it inspires my heart and an inspired mama is a better teacher. My 3 and 5 and 8 year olds love to create and I can see them all enjoying this together – building relationships while learning. 🙂

  804. “A peaceful and connected family life” – This is my goal in homeschooling my four boys (ages 6, 4, 4, and. 8 days).

  805. Mike McGinness says:

    We would love to win this curriculum. We made a very last minute decision (2 weeks prior to the start of school) to begin home schooling our 6 year old after contemplating for a long time. Now that we’ve gotten our feet sufficiently wet, we have committed ourselves to home schooling and we would love to home school our 4.5 year old for kindergarten next year. Curriculum expenses can really add up and thus would be a great chance to have a curriculum we really believe in. It would also be of use for our daughter when she is kindergarten age in a few more years.

  806. I am going to officially begin homeschooling next year, with my oldest entering kindergarden. I have read about this curriculum in my search for a complete, thoughtful, and connected curriculum, and so far it is my favorite. Every description of it that I have read seems to right up our alley! The process of beginning this journey, one I never would have predicted to be on, is exciting and yet daunting. I know finding a curriculum that fits our styles, as this one seems to, would lead to more joy and less apprehension.

  807. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to homeschool my son for kindergarten next year but I’m horrible at planning lessons and so this would be perfect for me to get started.

  808. I’m not sure if my comment went through so I’m sorry if this is a duplicate! 🙂

    I would love to win since we are going to start homeschooling two kindergarteners do this would help! Thank you!

  809. I so love the Waldorf approach for teaching young children. We visited a Waldorf kindergarten with my son and loved it but simply couldn’t afford private school. I would love to try this at home!

  810. I would love to have this curriculum for my hands on child who will be starting kindergarten soon. I believe it would help him a lot in learning.

  811. I am interested because I have a 3 year old that loves to learn, we are currently Homeschooling my 7 yo and can wait to start on my daughter. Thanks for the opportunity to learn about Waldorf! xo

  812. Shanti Posadas says: