Love146: End child trafficking & exploitation

Written by Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool and writer at Steady Mom

A few months ago my kids played side-by-side with survivors of child trafficking and exploitation. In spite of linguistic and cultural differences, they giggled and bounced together on a trampoline–united in the common language of childhood.

I watched with tears in my eyes.

One of the survivors was Jinny. She visited the United States from the Philippines to speak about her experience with Love146 as the organization marked its 10th anniversary.

Here’s what Jinny had to say:

“Because of our poverty, people deceived me and took advantage of me. What I experienced was terrible…During that time I wanted to die…But God was still good because He used people to bring hope to my life again.

When Love146 came into my life, I experienced hope, love and worth. Now I stand before you like a flower that is fragrant and brilliant because of your support. Now, little by little, I’m achieving my dreams.”

My husband serves as the CEO of Love146 (Meet the whole team here). Learn more about this organization and how we are impacting lives:

Love146 Vision

The abolition of child trafficking and exploitation. Nothing less.

Love146 Mission

Abolition and Restoration! We combat child trafficking & exploitation with the unexpected and restore survivors with excellence.

Why, What & Who

Love146 works toward the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation through Prevention and Aftercare solutions while contributing to a growing abolition movement.

The next 10 years

As our work of protecting and empowering children continues to grow in Asia and Europe, the issue of child trafficking and exploitation is just as great in the United States.

Love146 stands ready to expand our work through prevention education programs in schools – reaching America’s children before traffickers do, educating children on the dangers of trafficking, and implementing specialist survivor care to respond to a growing need.

What you can do

1. Become a monthly partner.

Love146’s work is simply impossible without support. By giving monthly, your partnership will protect the vulnerable and restore survivors.

Prevention and Aftercare is what we do and we’re in it for the long haul because we believe in a world without slavery. If you share this vision, we invite you to partner with us to see it become a reality in the lives of children.

2. Join or start a Love146 task force.

A task force is a group of individuals committed to abolition who meet monthly to raise awareness, funds, and become activists within their communities.

Head here to find out more.

3. Donate in honor of a loved one this Christmas.

Here at Simple Living Media we advocate simplicity. There are a few adults on my Christmas list who do not need a single extra thing, and I cannot bear to buy them some pointless trinket when I could give a gift in their honor that would mean much more to someone truly in need.

If your holiday list is similar, and if this issue moves you, perhaps your family may want to give in honor of those you love as well.

Find out more:

* Home for the Holidays: Love146 – Last year’s charity spotlight post shares the personal journey of how my family became involved with this organization

* A love story – Why 146? You’ll never forget the reason after reading her story.

* The Love146 response – See where and how we use prevention and aftercare to keep vulnerable children safe and to restore those who have been exploited

“Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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