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This giveaway has ended. The winner will be announced on the weekend!

Welcome to Back to School week here at Simple Homeschool! This week I’m bringing you reviews and awesome chances to win–perfect for back to school planning time.

I’m glad you’re visiting again today because I’m sharing one of my favorite homeschooling resources. I’m giving away a curriculum package from Oak Meadow.

I first discovered Oak Meadow about a year ago, and I’ve had the chance to write about their kindergarten and 1st grade programs before. They offer complete curriculum packages from PreK through 12th Grade, which you can purchase and use at home with your children.

They also offer an enrollment option in their accredited distance learning school. This allows students to receive full academic credit and transcripts for their work at home–as well as the support of an experienced teacher.

Find out more about Oak Meadow and how you can win.

For this review, Oak Meadow sent me their 2nd grade program (pictured above). The package includes the 36 week syllabus, Clay Fun, First Book of Nature Crafts, Intermediate Recorder, Animal Stories, The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, Just So Stories, and a book of fables. It also includes two early readers for children: Ben and Meg and Animal Friends.

The bulk of the material is contained in the 36 week syllabus. Each week’s plan provides instructions for all subjects: circle time, language arts, math, social studies, science, art, music, and crafts. I appreciate that all subjects are in this one book – no need to shuffle back and forth between multiple curricula throughout the day!

My favorite aspect of the Oak Meadow curriculum is the use of stories throughout most subjects. My kids have been riveted by the nature stories and fairy tales we’ve read in previous grades. I love that even basic math concepts are presented through stories, which really appeal to the imagination of children this age.

The danger of any curriculum, I find, is that it can make a homeschooling parent feel overwhelmed. If not every assignment is completed, we can get insecure and start to worry, even though we know our children are learning all the time.

But I think what has made Oak Meadow work for my family is that the spirit of the curriculum really falls in line with the way in which a child develops. Because of this, I’ve had success in using and adapting it to best suit our family’s needs.

Consider this quote, regarding learning the times tables, from the introduction to the 2nd grade materials:

“Of course, if your child is not able to grasp the tables yet, don’t push them. If you become like a drill sergeant in your teaching, you are not helping your child and you are missing many of the advantages of home teaching.

The times when you and your child are learning new things together should be full of joy, not drudgery. If learning becomes drudgery, stop and look at what you are doing and ask yourself why you are doing it. Forget about teaching for a few days or weeks and just enjoy being with your child.”

See what I mean? I agree wholeheartedly–successful homeschooling always goes back to the quality of our relationships.

Oak Meadow also offers a helpful consulting service to homeschooling families using their curriculum. You can speak directly to one of their teachers, who are all familiar with the specifics of the curriculum as well as the unique dynamics of homeschooling.

Oak Meadow includes high academic standards in their programs, but they deliver assignments with imagination and creativity. This helps to develop the whole child–head, heart, and hands.

One Simple Homeschool reader will receive a curriculum package in the grade of your choice (grades K-8)  from Oak Meadow!

How to Win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: Do you prefer a thorough curriculum that lays everything out for you or one that gives you a lot of room to improvise? (If you are reading this in an email, you must click over to enter your comment!)

2. ‘Like’ Oak Meadow and Simple Homeschool on Facebook. Then — this is importantyou need to come back and leave an additional comment here, telling me you have done so.

This giveaway has ended. The winner will be announced on the weekend!

About Jamie Martin

Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She serves as editor of Simple Homeschool, and blogs about mindful parenting at Steady Mom. Jamie is also the author of two books: Steady Days and Mindset for Moms.


  1. C Trevison says:

    I like detailed and thorough, but not too fussy.

  2. C Trevison says:

    And now I’ve liked you both!

  3. I like a curriculum that is structured and gives me & my children something to follow. and track our progress. That being said, I think it is important to be flexible and allow for plenty of unstructured time and adjustments to different learning styles.

  4. Like both Simple Homeschool and Oak Meadow on FB…keep up the great work!

  5. I LOVE simple homeschool on facebook. I have also liked Oak Meadow. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  6. I just discovered Oak Meadow (and liked them on FB!) recently, and am so pleased to come across this. I would love to win a curriculum. Your blog is wonderful, and your book looks great too. Thanks for sharing so much of your experience!

  7. alawiyyah says:

    I think I like a bit of both. I think for my own ‘schooled’ mind I like knowing there is a curriculum to fall back onto when needed, but I love being able to be flexible and go with what my child is keen on eg, instead of formal writing from her workbook, she decides to write cards to family and friends – that’s still writing and she’s still learning!

  8. Catherine Bell says:

    I like a curriculum that leaves room to improvise.

  9. I like to have everything all laid out–I’m still too insecure in my own abilities and am terrified that I will screw up without someone holding my hand through it all! But I still like a little freedom to improvise. :)

  10. I prefer a thorough curriculum as I feel it makes it easier for me. But I can and will still move things around to change what I think will work better for us.

  11. I like Oak Meadow and Simple Homeschool on facebook! (Sally Louk)
    Sally L’s latest post: Lughnasadh!

  12. I like a combination. I have one child who is a lesson-a-day kind of kid and one who is a little more dreamy whole concept driven.

  13. Like both Simple Homeschool and Oak Meadow on FB…what a great give away! Thanks!!

  14. I’ve liked using curriculum that allows us to improvise but also gives me enough structure to follow so that I don’t get lost in all the choices.

  15. I like Oak Meadow and you on FB!

  16. Chloe Dempsey says:

    I’d prefer the one that would let me improvise a bit.
    Chloe Dempsey’s latest post: angry birds from rio

  17. I like combination. I’d prefer organization in curriculum than thoroughness, too thorough can be overwhelming. I also like to have space to not only improvise, but to integrate our core beliefs into the matrix.

  18. Chloe Dempsey says:

    Done liking both pages on FB

  19. I have now FB-liked you both. I actually like you both MORE than facebook itself. =)

  20. Ludovica says:

    Actually I don’t homeschool my children , but I am into a new experiment of teaching them English (we’re Italians). I haven’t found great courses in my native language for children, so I have been discovering that relaying on american homeschooling curricula would be a successful and stimulating alternative for teaching English to my children.
    What I have seen is that, at least initially, having a curriculum that lays everything out for us, could help me to be more secure about my own skills and could comfort me in my “absolute beginner” lack of experience in this compartment.
    In addition, this method would give me the opportunity to grown as homeschooler and appreciate deeply the infinite possibilities to share quality time with my children.

  21. I like for it to be fairly laid out. I’m a single Mom, I work full time (nights/weekends) so that I can focus on his schooling during the week. I’m also really new to this, we kind of ended up here because of bullying within his school and as I feel my way through I appreciate the guidance a well laid out program can give.

  22. I liked Oak Meadow on facebook! Thanks!

  23. i also like Oak Meadow on FB :)
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  24. Hi :-)

    I just came to know about Oak Meadow through Simple Homeschool. Looks like a really great curriculum and i have immediately “like” it on FB! I would really love to win ur curriculum. Your website and books look really wonderful. Thanks for sharing 😀

    I like to have a a detailed curriculam that lays everything out… cos i am a little unsure if i am able to carry it out myself as homeschooling itself is a big leap for me… fully structured and flexibility to improvise would be great. thank you v much :-)

  25. I like one that is a bit of both, but mostly gives it all laid out.
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  26. I liked Oak meadow on Facebook

  27. I liked Oak Meadow and Simple Homeschool on Facebook

  28. Sheilla Turner says:

    “Liked” Oak Meadow and Simple Homeschool on Facebook

  29. Sheilla Turner says:

    Do you prefer a thorough curriculum that lays everything out for you or one that gives you a lot of room to improvise?
    Great question……I like a curriculum that lays everything out for me and my child. I feel if it is laid out for us then we will not miss anything. I also feel that all curriculums have room for improvising as many parents have had to improvise at one time or another. My 2nd grader struggles with reading therefore I have had to do a lot of improvising on her material and also allow her to stay on a particular subject longer then she should because she has found something interesting and wanted to study it further or she found it boring so I have skipped over it just to come back later when I felt she was ready for it.
    Sheilla Turner

  30. Sara Headley says:

    I’m not sure which I prefer. I am a former 1st grade teacher and find that I enjoyed the planned out year to start; but, I relished the days I would throw my plans out the window and do something totally different. Like the week we spent doing a unit on the scientific process through Jack and Jill. Or learning about light refraction through rainbows on St. Patrick’s Day. Totally unplanned. But, I wouldn’t have thought of them if I hadn’t needed to “change gears” those days…Hmmm.

  31. Sara Headley says:

    And, now I’ve “liked” you all on FB, too. Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. I like a thorough curriculum, but prefer to feel like I can add and adjust as necessary. I don’t want a lot of seat work, testing, and etc.

  33. I liked both pages on Facebook.

  34. So far I have put together the background information, resource book list and study outlines for most subjects myself and find that after six years of school I am getting a bit tired. It would be really nice to find a curriculum that would provide a good foundation with room to add a few personal touches.

  35. Mary Beth says:

    I’ve never used a curriculum before, but I think I would prefer a lot of room to improvise. I’ve wanted to try Oak Meadow – thanks for the chance to try!

  36. Well, my son is only 18 months, so I am just starting to research home school things, and I haven’t decided.

  37. laura haley says:

    Winning would be a HUGE help for me. This will be my first year homeschooling and I am ordering Oak Meadow because I love their philosophies and also because I want the security of know I have a complete curriculum. It is expensive, though, and ordering the K, 1, and 2 packages is pretty costly so winning a set would be just perfect!! I am so glad to hear you like Oak Meadow, helps me stop second guessing myself :)

  38. laura haley says:

    oh, and I have liked oak meadow and simple homeschool on facebook.

  39. I like a curriculum that has structure with room to improvise.

  40. I think I like “put together already” more than I realized. I want to be able to tweak, but having some sort of starting point is helpful to me.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  41. I love Oak Meadow because they provide a detailed list of what I should do each week but it is flexible that I can pick and choose what I want to do when. The stories are part of the lessons, the nature allows the kids to be learning while outside…and most important, there is a lot of playing!!!

  42. I like Oak Meadow and Simple Homeschool on FB!!! <3

  43. I like detailed for those days I need it, though I can feel free to improvise on the easy days.

  44. I liked Oak Meadow and Simple Homeschool on FB.

  45. I like Oak Meadow and Simple Homeschool on Facebook! I would REALLY love this curriculum package. I really think my daughter would benefit from a gentler curriculum and this would be perfect.

  46. I like a through curriculum. Why pay for one that doesn’t lay it all out?

  47. I like Simple Homeschool on FB

  48. I like having structure,with the option to improvise…I like to be creative as well..~*

  49. I have liked Oak Meadow and Simple Home School on FB…~*

  50. I need something that offers some structure, but with plenty of wiggle room to improvise in the moment if I need to. Too much of a plan leave me feeling dry, but no plan make me crazy!