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Outdoor cricket matches, royal weddings (which we watched while waiting for our flight), AND Jane Austen on the money? Just a few reasons why I love England!! How fitting to be finalizing the details of our Read the World Book Club from the United … [Continue reading]

If you feel like quitting

If you feel like quitting

Written by Kara Fleck "We're not getting anything done. I'm failing at this."  I hear this lament from moms on a regular basis. Sometimes I'm the one saying it. Usually, this kind of thinking sneaks in when I get a case of homeschool envy and … [Continue reading]

What do unschooled teens do all day?

Was do unschooled teens do all day?

Written by Melissa Camara Wilkins Teenagers are awesome. The teenagers I know have interesting ideas, share perspectives I haven’t thought of, and are still open to learning even as they’re showing me new ways of looking at things. At the same … [Continue reading]

Weekend homeschool links

Trying to get the yard back to normal after freakish storms in the Northeast this week! After just a few days, we have over 1,200 families from around the world signed up for this year's Read the World Summer Book Club. It's been so fun meeting … [Continue reading]

How to create a simple homeschool portfolio

How to Create a Simple Homeschool Portfolio | Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley, Simple Homeschool

Written by Cait Curley of My Little Poppies It's that time of year again, homeschoolers! A time when many of us need to complete required standardized testing, evaluations, and homeschool portfolio reviews. Before I was a homeschool mom, I was a … [Continue reading]

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