Weekend homeschool links

Weekend homeschool links: When the child who needs structure fights it the most 10 hilariously funny chapter books to read aloud Happy this year: A 5 day challenge Why are Finland's schools successful? Grab the kids and make this … [Continue reading]

Purva’s Homeschool Day in the Life (with a 5-, 8-, and 9-year-old)

Purva's Homeschool Day in the Life with a 5-, 8- and 9-year-old

Written by Purva Brown "Good morning, mom!" A hug. "Careful! Don't spill the coffee!" That's how our days usually begin - with warm, sloppy hugs and obvious admonishments. How different now from the days of having to teach the toddlers … [Continue reading]

Jamie’s homeschool day in the life (with a 12-, 13-, & 14-year-old)

Written by Jamie C. Martin of Simple Homeschool "I feel like soon it will be time for me to get serious about my spelling." He brought the topic up in the car over the holidays, on our way to drive by cool Christmas lights. "I know I can do … [Continue reading]

Weekend homeschool links

Weekend homeschool links: How do you do it all? Four tricks that help How to respond to your child's negative self-talk 10 solutions for kids who read too fast To your brain, audiobooks are not cheating A difficult day does not make … [Continue reading]

Kara’s homeschool day in the life with a 10- and 13-year-old

Written by Kara S. Anderson. As I sit down to write about our day in the life this year, we are mostly surrounded by half-read books, half-done puzzles, and half-eaten pans of cinnamon rolls. It is my very favorite week of the year – the week … [Continue reading]

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