And then they hated math: My journey into unschooling

My journey into unschooling ~

Written by contributor Amida of Journey Into Unschooling I remember the first time I called myself an unschooler. I had just read John Holt’s Teach Your Own and was impressed with his vision of an alternative educational style in which children … [Continue reading]

A dose of homeschool inspiration

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This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support of this site! Enjoy this week's homeschool inspiration: Great reads for your Christmas vacation :: From contributor Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy How to travel as a highly … [Continue reading]

Honoring the spark

The spark

Written by Kari Patterson of Sacred Mundane The storm had come suddenly, sometime between sandwiches and schooltime, and the branches banged against the house, and the lightweight lawn-chairs did flips across the lawn. The storm was just severe … [Continue reading]

When worksheets don’t work

When worksheets don't work

Written by Shawna Wingert of Not The Former Things.  I have a confession to make. This may sound a little crazy, but when I was in school, I actually enjoyed completing worksheets. It didn’t matter the subject, whether it was fill-in-the-blank … [Continue reading]

A FREE holiday gift (value $100) from Educents and Simple Homeschool!

A FREE holiday gift from Educents and Simple Homeschool

Written by Jamie Martin of Simple Homeschool and Steady Mom This week I'm teaming up with the generous folks over at Educents to bring you a special, FREE holiday gift! Educents is an educational deals site--offering significant discounts on many … [Continue reading]