Giveaway: Artwork from Red Letter Words

This giveaway has ended. Check back on Saturday, December 4 for the winner!

Welcome to Simple Living Media’s Home for the Holidays! We’ve got 25 giveaways across the entire network this week to give you plenty of chances to win a great gift, just in time for the holidays.

Today I’m giving away a 12×12 Gallery Wrap Canvas Art Print from Red Letter Words. This is meaningful artwork with a purpose–made to lift your spirit.

Red Letter Words uses inspiring phrases in all their creations. The scripture art encourages those waiting for a promise, the travel art brings back memories of a favorite location, and they even have a holiday line of artwork as well.

Find out more about Red Letter Words and how you can win.

Dee Kasberger, artist and designer of Red Letter Words, let me choose a print from their gallery wrap canvas selection and after a visit spent browsing the lovely choices, I finally settled on this Wait Hope Expect piece. It hangs in my bedroom and is one of the first things I see each morning. What an encouraging way to wake up, don’t you think?

I love the boldness of the letters and the way the flower wraps around the side of the canvas. The box arrived meticulously packaged with the print inside, ready for immediate hanging.

This canvas is hand wrapped around a 1.5 inch thick wooden frame. It came complete with a wire hanger, bumpers, and covered with Tyvek® backing. The canvas is also coated with a protective spray, which protects it from harmful UV rays and other atmospheric contaminants. In other words, this is artwork made to last!

Red Letter Words also carries a selection of scented soy candles, which would make a fabulous gift. Dee also makes greeting cards–perfect if you haven’t ordered your Christmas cards yet.

Dee also creates custom art prints, complete with a favorite quote or scripture. You could even transform your family’s mission statement into a masterpiece for your wall.

Many, many products clamor for our attention this holiday season–and many of them lack real meaning, depth, or purpose. But every item at Red Letter Words has been intentionally designed to inspire and lift the spirit, making this store a perfect gift-giving choice for yourself or a loved one.

One Simple Homeschool reader will win a 12×12 Gallery Wrap Canvas Art Print from Red Letter Words, valued at $100! (Custom prints excluded.)

How to win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: What is currently your favorite artwork hanging in your home?

2. For an extra entry, “like” Red Letter Words on Facebook. — you can use the provided button below. Then leave an additional comment letting me know you’ve done so.

Red Letter Words:

This giveaway will end tonight, Thursday, December 2 at 11:59 p.m. I hope you win! We’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways at the end of the week.

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  1. Liked on Facebook!
    Hannah’s latest post: Learning IM Loving- The Teaching Company

  2. My favorite piece is a print we bought many years ago while we were in Paris.
    Meagan’s latest post: 7 Thankful…

  3. My favorite art work is the pictures of my kids…of course.
    marisa’s latest post: I see a red door and I wanted it painted black

  4. My one and only nice framed picture from our wedding day :)

  5. A picture featuring an Abraham Lincoln quote

  6. Meranda Huffman says:

    My favorite piece of artwork on my wall is an ocean scene my niece drew when she was 5, she is now 12 and I just love it, and my kids both love it also.

  7. Meranda Huffman says:

    I like red letter words on facebook.

  8. I enjoy an original piece we bought last year from a just out of school artist. The woman in it looks like she’s thinking and waiting for something…

  9. My favorite artwork right now is a beautiful canvas that my teenage sister painted for me. So meaningful to me!
    Elizabeth’s latest post: Its been a great month

  10. I liked Red Letter Words on facebook.
    Elizabeth’s latest post: Its been a great month

  11. My favorite piece right now is the word bubbles (is that what they are called?) I made with favorite scriptures and monuments in our family life.
    becky@oursweetpeas’s latest post: a few pics of addie

  12. A Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie poster in a fancy frame.

  13. I have two pieces that are my favorites – the first is a turkey handprint we framed and the other is a stunning photo of my daughter taken after her second birthday.
    Danielle’s latest post: Advent 2010- Day 2

  14. I like red letter words on fb!

  15. my favorite piece of artwork is a photo my husband took while we were on vacation in California

  16. It’s not hanging, but my favorite artwork is a series of hand painted puzzles (5 in all) that make up the nativity story.

  17. The picture I took of my husband and two kids this Easter right before he left for his deployment. The love I see when I look at that picture reminds me of what it will be like when he returns next spring.

  18. i have a Monet print waiting to be framed that i know i will love.

  19. i liked it on FB!

  20. My favorite artwork is hanging in our recently remodeled master bedroom. It is an oversized photo of three poppies. So refreshing and matched the room perfectly.

  21. Jenny Runyan says:

    I am in need of serious decorating in my house! I have a few family pictures and a picture of an LDS temple that I of course love, but as far as artwork goes, we don’t have any besides the pictures my three year old draws for the fridge. Those are treasures to me, but of course I would love to win this type of artwork!

  22. My favorite piece of artwork right now is our family picture from last year! <3

  23. The favorite piece of art currently hanging on our wall is a canvas painting my mom bought for me during my senior year of high school. It is a Russian scene and the colors are stunning. She found it while antiquing. We found another piece similar to it once but it was way out of our budget, so we just have the one!
    FireMom’s latest post: Our Letters to Santa

  24. I liked Red Letter Words on Facebook (Jenna Swearingen Hatfield).

    Thanks again. (BTW: I just subscribed to your blog!)
    FireMom’s latest post: Our Letters to Santa

  25. The photo of my family we had printed on canvas is my favorite!

  26. A very large black & white reprint/repoduction of a 1940’s-ish photo showing two sailboat’s racing with their spinakers filled with wind.

  27. Favorite piece of artwork… a re-purposed old window that has a collection of my favorite photos of our family. It makes me smile!!!

  28. I like Red Letter Words on FB!

  29. My favorite piece of artwork just arrived over Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a picture of our family, taken when we knew our youngest son was dying, It was taken in the hospital but a foundation (Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts foundation) took the picture and digitally changed it so that it’s our family on a black background. It’s printed on canvas and framed. It’s beautiful. and it will be the only true family picture we have.
    Kathryn Bonnett’s latest post: Lest we think Im over it

  30. Liked Red Letter Words on FB..
    Kathryn Bonnett’s latest post: Lest we think Im over it

  31. Pictures of my kids!

  32. We have a series of ink prints of pixies hanging in our hallway that I really like.

  33. like on facebook

  34. Jackie watson says:

    I have a little hand stamped clay piece that says “a childs laughter makes a home” I love it. It’s such an essential reminder!

  35. Jackie watson says:

    Liked on fb!!!

  36. We have very little artwork hanging in our home, but I just bought my husband a custom canvas print of a picture he took at the Nashville Botanic Garden. It is going to be one of his Christmas presents. I’m looking forward to that being my favorite thing hanging on my wall!

  37. A friend recently gave us some prints he brought back from Africa- they are fantastic.

  38. I like Red Letter Words on Facebook.

  39. I don’t have any artwork in my house…isn’t that sad?

  40. I like RLW on facebook.

  41. A Scott Hile poster that my husband bought me a couple weeks after we first met.

  42. My favorite piece of artwork hanging in my house is a family tree my mother in law made for my husband and I. It is his side of the family, with pictures on it. My side of the family is a work in progress because I still havent sent her the pictures for it.

  43. I “like” this on facebook now

  44. Donielle Ruth says:

    I “like” Red Letter Words on Facebook!

  45. I have a poster size print with a canoe amongst the trees, taken at sunset, it says “success is a journey, not a destination”.

  46. Nikki Baker says:

    Our only family portrait in 10 years. A friend did a beautiful b&w portrait a couple of months ago for us. I love it!

  47. Nikki Baker says:

    I liked Red Letter words on FB!

  48. Right now my favorite art is these cool, funky, “retro” type pictures of baking goods I have.

  49. My favorite piece of artwork at the moment is a hand drawn ‘sign’ (by my 4 year old) telling her baby brother not to go down the stairs by himself :)

  50. and I ‘liked’ Red Letter Words on fb