Giveaway: $100 Gift Certificate from Sarah’s Silks

This giveaway has ended and I’ll announce the winner shortly!

I‘m back for our final Home for the Holidays giveaway! We’ve enjoyed 15 giveaways across the entire network this week—all great gift ideas, just in time for the holidays.

I’m excited about my last giveaway today because of all the imaginative play it’s going to inspire in my little people and in the home of one lucky winner.

It’s a $100 gift certificate to Sarah’s Silks–a store full of dress up inspiration for kids.

Whether you have toddlers, preschoolers, or elementary-aged children, you’ll find something in this shop to add to your Christmas list.

Find out how you can win!

I first discovered Sarah’s Silks a few years ago, and last Christmas I asked a family member to buy Trishna, Jonathan, and Elijah these sweet crowns.

So I was thrilled to welcome this shop as a vendor for our holiday week. For my review items, I chose a knight’s costume and two of the dress up capes Sarah carries in her store.

The capes come in a wide variety of colors and feel soft and smooth against your skin. I love that the colors are reversible, giving more choices to the child as they play. These capes have an elastic neck band with satin ties and should easily fit ages 3-8.

With all the pretend sword playing between two boys in my home I’m pretty sure this knight’s costume is going to see a lot of action after being opened on Christmas Day!

It’s a one-piece slip-on tunic, with a belt and cape attached. These costumes also match the crowns and play swords in the store and make the perfect outfit for pretending to be kings, princes, knights, and more.

Owner Sarah Lee discovered the power of silk in make-believe after becoming a mother herself. One day she tossed her young son an old silk scarf to use for dressing up–that was over 17 years ago and the rest is history!

The dyes used on the fabrics are non-toxic and the silks themselves can easily be hand-washed. As someone passionate about ethical spending, I appreciate this “family-made” policy from the company:

“Sarah’s Silks hires Chinese seamstresses who work in their homes, often sitting in doorways, as their children play nearby. Sarah’s Silks offers the seamstresses incentives beyond prevailing wages as well as access to supplemental health insurance as part of their efforts to support the healthy families of their partners across the world.”

On top of their popular dress-up collection, other items the store carries include hand-dyed playsilks, bed canopies, and a range of toys. Look no further to find a great gift for the creative child in your life.

One Simple Homeschool reader will win a $100 gift certificate to Sarah’s Silks!

How to win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: What does your child currently use most often in his/her dress up play?

2. For an extra entry, ‘Like’ Simple Homeschool and Sarah’s Silks on Facebook. Then come back and leave another comment here, telling me you did so.

This giveaway has ended and I’ll announce the winner shortly!

About Jamie Martin

Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She serves as editor of Simple Homeschool, and blogs about mindful parenting at Steady Mom. Jamie is also the author of two books: Steady Days and Mindset for Moms.


  1. A collection of homemade capes she has!
    Ashlee’s latest post: Guatemalan Fabric embellished Diaper Bag

  2. Liked both FB pages!
    Ashlee’s latest post: Guatemalan Fabric embellished Diaper Bag

  3. My daughter is always a Princess and uses her fancy dresses to the Royalty. My son uses his bed sheet as his cape and has only his undies on for his super hero costume!

  4. My son pretends that his jacket is his fireman’s coat when he fights the hundreds of fires we have each day. :)

  5. Christine says:

    My children use costumes during their free play.

  6. Christine says:

    I like you and Sarah’s Silks on fb.

  7. My god children will actually use paper to construct their own costumes and put a play on for us! It’s great fun!

  8. Stephanie Abell says:

    My son Anthony dresses up like Harry Potter and uses a magic wand to fight the bad guys. :)

  9. Stephanie Abell says:

    I liked Simple Homeschool on FB.

  10. Stephanie Abell says:

    I liked Sarah’s Silks on FB

  11. Stephanie Abell says:

    Oh, and I forgot. He loves to put on Mommy & Daddy’s shoes and walk around the house!

  12. My 4 year old daughter is currently into all things princess. My 2 year old son is wanting to be something besides a prince:)

  13. My 4 year-old daughter loves her tutus and twirly skirts, and my 6 year-old son loves hats and capes. :)

  14. Like both on FB! :)

  15. my little dollface is a block addict right now! the silks will be a great addition. :)

  16. Christina D. says:

    My son, Van, loves glasses and sunglasses of all sorts.
    It’s magical the things he transforms himself into when he is wearing them.

  17. Christina D. says:

    Heart both you guys on facebook too of course!

  18. MichelleD says:

    My 6 year old daughter loves to be a princess!! :)
    Thanks for a chance to win!!

  19. My 5 year old loves wearing a ‘zorro’ mask we made by cutting out eye holes from an old spa-type eye mask !

  20. marta suarez says:

    Her froofroo skirt and play jewelry with a silk cape and pretend swords and a headband on her forehead. She is a fun child!

  21. marta suarez says:

    Yay! I like both on FB!!!

  22. My three year old is the one most into dress up. Kitties and fancy ladies.

  23. My son is very much into the two silk we have. He also loves his knight costume

  24. brooke wagen says:

    my daughter uses shoes. to the exclusion of all other dress up clothes… this win would help change her habits.

  25. brooke wagen says:

    i just liked simple homeschool and sarah’s silks on facebook. thanks.

  26. Right now her favorite thing is her homemade (by me!) felt crown and her one playsilk as a cape. This giveaway is so far up my alley… it almost made me cry! :)
    erin day’s latest post: As we gather

  27. Liked both on FB a looooong time ago.
    erin day’s latest post: As we gather

  28. hats and capes!!

  29. Tina Savasuk says:

    My son loves his SWAT outfit and my daughter loves anything dressy (princess, fairies, etc…) I would love to win, thanks for the opportunity.
    Tina Savasuk’s latest post: Braedon Pre-School

  30. My daughter has always loved her Sarah’s Silks fairy/petal skirt she got when she was 3yrs old & can still wear at age eight, yet it is very short. Perhaps, I can win her a new one the next size up!

    As for the boy, my son’s current favorite bit of dress up is his sister’s silk crown – pink & purple with silver gems – as it is good to be a king!

  31. My little girl loves her dresses, but she wears hats the most. Even if she isn’t all out dressing up, she feels like a different character when wearing any type of hat, and he is passing this love on to her brother!

  32. My sons are into anything with swords and (nerf) guns right now. Soldiers, Jedi knights, ninjas, etc. Sigh – I miss the pretty princess days of my (older) daughter.

  33. I like you and Sarah’s Silks on facebook.

  34. Amanda Anderson says:

    Our current favorite is a set of velvet cloaks that the (ahem) elves made for the kids last year. They were simple to stitch up (stretch velvet, no hemming!) and have gotten a ton of play!

    I’d love to use the gift certificate to replace our big rainbow silk banner–after eight years of hard use it actually wore out!

  35. Amanda Anderson says:

    I like both Sarah’s Silks and Simple HS on Facebook. Thanks!

  36. my daughter uses the princess dresses. my son wears his gladiator mask with sunglasses. weird, i know!

  37. My boys love to wear their cowboy vests and hats!

  38. The dress-up box is one of the most used play items in our house. Old ballet costumes, twirly skirts, capes, and fairy wands are the typical wardrobe of my 2 girls : )

  39. My boys use everything in sight to be super heroes! their latest costume idea is using just the arms of their footie pajamas and letting the rest of the pajama be the cape :)

  40. My daughter loves the fairy costume we got her for Halloween and my 1yo son loves her wings =D
    ap83’s latest post: Meal Plan 11/27/11 – 12/03/11

  41. northernfairie says:

    The silks we currently have which my children have used so much that most of them have rips and holes. They are pleading for new ones! It sure speaks to how much they use them in their daily play.

  42. northernfairie says:

    I already “like” simple homeschool on facebook and now I “like” Sarah’s Silks!

  43. My kids love playing in their kitchen. According to them they make the BEST water :)

  44. My 4 yo son loves dressing up as a super hero!

  45. My little guy (20 mos) like to wear the cake pans on his head.
    Angie’s latest post: long weekend loveliness

  46. Tracy Owens says:

    My 3 daughters are always dressing up like ballerinas.

  47. My girls are all about princess and ballet dress up items. I like these things with more options for boys.
    Cori’s latest post: Marvelous Maple Trees

  48. My daughter dresses up in her Egyptian costume quite a bit lately.
    Elizabeth@ReadySetSimplify’s latest post: Hot Spot Check Up: The Entryway | Week 1

  49. My kids love to dress up, would love to win this giveaway.

  50. I liked both sites on FB.