Be Naturally Curious Simple Homeschool

Science can be done anywhere! Be Naturally Curious mini-courses give parents the tools to teach higher-level scientific concepts to all styles of learners through stories, crafts, games, movement-based activities, and experiments.

Courses are appropriate for a wide range of ages (K-5) and can be done with the whole family!

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 1.56.01 PMlittleBits empowers kids to create inventions, large and small, with easy-to-use electronic building blocks.

Bits snap together with magnets to create circuits instantly. Our kits come with individual Bits and detailed  instructions for building. The littleBits system is modular–every bit works with every other in the library.


Rainforest Journey, a K-5 e-learning life sciences program, works on any device connected to the Internet. Vibrant media engages young learners, who can work independently or with your guidance.

Rainforest Journey contains lessons, hands-on activities, lesson reviews, primary sources, and assessments. Lessons contain optional audio. Learn more or order here!

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