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I was tucking my eight-year-old son Jonathan into bed last night when he turned to me suddenly and said, “I wonder what trash company Martin and Sylvia use at their house?”

Seven-year-old Martin and five-year-old Sylvia are the main characters in one of Sparkle Stories most popular storylines. This homeschooled (woot-woot!) brother and sister live, love, eat, learn, argue, and work together–just like most of our little people.

Jonathan’s comment probably clues you into the fact that this duo has, along with other Sparkle Stories characters, become featured players in our home.

I download new Sparkle Stories each week onto my phone, and we often listen to one or two after dinner and before bed. They have added a blissful layer of calm to this hour that for some reason tends toward chaos.

Here’s an overview about this resource that has added so much to our family’s life:

Sparkle Stories produces weekly audio stories for children and families around the world.  Our Subscription Story Series follow the seasons, inspiring a sense of wonder and magic throughout the year.

We offer six original Story Series, plus a seventh Series with classic stories, songs and games, all designed to entertain and inspire the whole family.

Sparkle Stories is a creative collaboration between storyteller David Sewell McCann and his wife Lisabeth.

Sparkle Stories also make a fabulous gift this holiday season–I love it when I can give something that doesn’t add more stuff to someone’s life. Or maybe you can request a Sparkle gift for your own kids from the grandparents for Christmas!

Giveaway:  The Everything Martin & Sylvia Package!  ($102 value)

One Simple Homeschool reader will win an everything Martin & Sylvia Package! It includes:

The family that wins the giveaway will enjoy all of the stories from Sparkle’s most popular series. They’ll get to meet Martin and Sylvia, the enterprising brother and sister that create delightful adventures all throughout the year!  This is 20 hours of delightful audio stories, perfect for ages 3 and up.

How to Win

To be entered for a chance to win, leave a comment on this post telling me what time of day in your home could use a little storytime calm! (If you’re reading this via email, you must click over to the main post to leave a comment!)

For an extra entry, “Like” Sparkle Stories on Facebook. Then leave another comment here letting me know you’ve done so.

Special Offers

You can also check out these three special offers:

1. Download a FREE holiday Martin & Sylvia story–Living Room Nutcracker:

This year, Martin is invited to attend the local production of “The Nutcracker” with Momma.  It’s an exciting first!  But as it’s a long performance, it’s decided that five-year-old Sylvia is too young to join.  And oh is she disappointed!  Martin makes it up to his sister by promising to bring the Nutcracker right back to their own living room — and he does, in a full family performance!

Download this free story here.

2. Try Sparkle–$1 for 1 month

Are you new to Sparkle Stories? David and Lisabeth have created an easy and inexpensive way for families to try a Sparkle subscription.

Find out how to get your first month of stories for just $1!

3. 50% off the Martin & Sylvia Christmas Time Audio Book

Through the end of December you can get this holiday audio book at half off–for only $3!

Head here to purchase.

This giveaway has ended. Thanks for entering!

About Jamie Martin

Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She serves as editor of Simple Homeschool, and blogs about mindful parenting at Steady Mom. Jamie is also the author of two books: Steady Days and Mindset for Moms.


  1. dawn finch says:

    this sounds like it would be great before bedtime when things get hectic around here

  2. dawn finch says:

    i liked sparkle stories on facebook

  3. Hello, I liked on FB 😉

  4. I think dinnertime would be spot on.

  5. Michelle S. says:

    We could use these around 7-8pm when my kids get wild!!!

  6. i like sparkle stories on fb

  7. Michelle S. says:

    I “liked” Sparkle Stories on fb…thanks for the chance!

  8. We need a bit of story time around 4:00 or 4:30 when I’m trying to make dinner and everyone is tired and hungry. Oh yes we do!

  9. I just “liked” Sparkle Stories on Facebook. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  10. We have a quiet time after lunch each day and it gives us all a chance to recharge.

  11. Liked on fb

  12. Sounds like a great activity for when I am trying to make dinner!

  13. Jazzmin Vegeler says:

    We read stories midday to calm ourselves before quiet time.

  14. Would love to have a little bit of storytime in the morning, so we can connect as we get our day started!

  15. I like Sparkle Stories on FB!

  16. Isabel Wende says:

    I’d love to win for all my children! Than you!

  17. I have thought about trying this all year, my daughter will really settle into audio stories, and my recently turned two year old, who still needs a nap and quiet time, is having a hard time settling down these days with a busy house (the big boys are 11 and 8…I think if they could listen after lunch I just might be able to keep the much needed nap schedule going :-)

  18. I also liked Sparkle Stories on FB, thanks for a great giveaway opportunity!
    sheila’s latest post: Time keeps repeating itself, in all the right ways

  19. I have been wanting to try Sparkle Stories for a while now, it gets such glowing reviews from everyone that has tried it! Our family is Dutch-French speaking and living in USA so we can really use it to boost our English (and our imagination) :)
    I would use it with my oldest boy while his little brother is sleeping, we both love stories so this would be a great moment to just snuggle up together and listen to the adventures of Martin & Sylvia.

  20. I like Sparkle Stories on FB.

  21. We could use stories during the late afternoon when the excitement of the day has worn off and our creative spirits take a little break!

  22. I have also “liked” Sparkle Stories on facebook!

  23. Right about 3pm seems to be the chaotic hour around here. Maybe a Sparkle story would help calm the household. :)

  24. I like them on Facebook

  25. Michelle Baesler says:

    4 ish when supper is being brewing. Thank you!

  26. I’ve been wanting to check out Sparkle Stories after seeing another recommendation-I would love to win this. Dinner prep time would be a great time to add some quiet story time!
    Sharon’s latest post: MISSING: baby pictures {part 2}

  27. Nicola Wilson says:

    We need Sparkle Stories when I say “School Time” come to the table. Perhaps a story first might be an incentive? But love the idea of it later in the day too.

  28. Tabatha F. says:

    Bedtime! They all start to go a little crazy when they know it’s time to sleep!

  29. The afternoon is our hot spot. Would love to have a nice quiet story time!

  30. Nicola Wilson says:

    Liked on facebook.

  31. Pamela Frohn says:

    We would love to have these to listen to during quiet time!

  32. Meg Rosson says:

    We live in the middle of nowhere and often make long drives. We are always on the look out for something to listen to on our car journeys at any time of day.

  33. Laura Aiuto says:

    We need some Sparkle Story time while I’m making dinner. It’s crazy time around here!

  34. Laura Aiuto says:

    I like Sparkle Stories on Facebok!

  35. Sonya Sweet says:

    I liked “Sparkle Stories” on Facebook.

  36. Sonya Sweet says:

    I think after dinner would be a great time to read these, or right before bedtime.

  37. We would love these for the pre-dinner witching hour – my girls absolutely adore audio stories.

  38. Just liked SS on FB!

  39. Heather k. M says:

    We could use these stories before dinner time!

  40. Heather k. M says:

    Liked Sparkle Stories on fb.

  41. My son loves to listen to audio books while he plays Legos, any time of day!

  42. When I’m putting my younger son down for a nap (to occupy the older), and of course while making dinner!!!

  43. I now ‘like’ sparkle stories on Facebook (as well as in real life)!

  44. My kiddos love to listen to stories anytime – while building with Legos, while crafting, while riding from here to there in the car. They’re a wonderful tool for developing vocabulary and listening skills. Can’t wait to try these!

  45. I liked Sparkle Stories on fb :)

  46. Afternoon–my 5 year old daughter doesn’t nap anymore, but this momma still needs some quiet time! She loves to listen to audio books, so she would love Sparkle Stories.

  47. my dd sometimes likes alone time during the day, and she loves to listen to stories. i bet she would love sparkle stories!

  48. i like sparkle stories on fb!

  49. Afternoon quiet time would be an excellent time for sparkle stories. Son would be entertained and I can get some peace and quiet and work done!

  50. Like Sparkle stories on FB