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Seven-year-old Martin and five-year-old Sylvia are the main characters in one of Sparkle Stories most popular audio storylines. This homeschooled (woot-woot!) brother and sister live, love, eat, learn, argue, and work together–just like most of our little people.

This duo has, along with other Sparkle Stories characters, become featured players in our home.

I download new Sparkle Stories each week onto my phone, and we often listen to one or two after dinner and before bed. They have added a blissful layer of calm to this hour that for some reason tends toward chaos.

Here’s an overview about this resource that has added so much to our family’s life:

Sparkle Stories produces weekly audio stories for children and families around the world. Our Subscription Story Series follow the seasons, inspiring a sense of wonder and magic throughout the year.

We offer six original Story Series, plus a seventh Series with classic stories, songs and games, all designed to entertain and inspire the whole family.

Sparkle Stories is a creative collaboration between storyteller David Sewell McCann and his wife Lisabeth.


David and Lisabeth have just released a Martin & Sylvia Valentine’s Day audio book. It’s a fitting way to get to know these brother and sister characters this time of the year – and it’s available to download for only $6!

About the audio book:

In this hour-long audio book are three delightful and touching stories about love, sharing and festival fun. It is chock-full of delightful ideas for Valentines celebrations, and unique suggestions for how tell others that you love them.

One.  “Secret Love Code”

Martin and Sylvia’s family has a Valentine’s tradition in which they create little satchels of valentine gifts. They hang the satchels on friends’ front doors — each with the same small note: “You are Loved!”.  And all of it is done in secret. Oh, but it can be hard to keep quiet about all the fun! Martin and Sylvia find clever ways to keep their delicious secrets to themselves.

Two. “Four Kinds of Valentines”

In preparation for their town’s annual Valentines Family Dance, Martin and Sylvia learn that there is not one kind of Valentine, but FOUR.  In addition to the beautiful paper cards – there are valentines made of “loving words”, “tasty treats” and “special times”.  As they craft their valentines for their parents and each other, brother and sister consider all the ways to share love.

Three. “Queen of the Dance”

Martin and Sylvia have been preparing for the Valentines Family Dance all week — making valentines, decorating the Hall and learning dances. Sylvia is determined to find the bean in the Cupid Cake and become the Valentine Family Dance Queen. Her plans change, however, when she meets a shy new girl who wants to be the Queen just as much as she does!

You can find the M&S Valentines Audio Book here!

Giveaway: The Everything Martin & Sylvia Package! ($102 value)

One Simple Homeschool reader will win an everything Martin & Sylvia Package! It includes:

The family that wins the giveaway will enjoy all of the stories from Sparkle’s most popular series. They’ll get to meet Martin and Sylvia, the enterprising brother and sister that create delightful adventures all throughout the year! This is 20 hours of delightful audio stories, perfect for ages 3 and up.

How to Win

To be entered for a chance to win, leave a comment on this post telling me if your family listens to any audio stories and which ones have been your favorites. (If you’re reading this via email, you must click over to the main post to leave a comment!)

For an extra entry, “Like” Sparkle Stories on Facebook. Then leave another comment here letting me know you’ve done so.

Special Offers – SparkleLove for Valentine’s Day

You can also check out these special offers:

1. Download a FREE Valentine’s Day story from the storyline Junkyard Tales:

Each year, the Junkyard animals celebrate their love and appreciation for each other with a Valentines Gift Exchange.  Everyone draws one name from a hat — to learn who will receive their gift.  When Ben Thompson, curious cat, picks the name of Georgia Bean, the kindly rat, he panics.  Georgia Bean is like a mother to all the animals!  There’s no one better at being kind, caring and generous.  What could he possibly give her?

Download this free story here.

2. Try one month of “At Home with Martin & Sylvia” — for FREE!

Try a full month of At Home with Martin & Sylvia without paying a thing.  There’s no credit card necessary — no ongoing subscription.  Just a one-month trial.  And if you like it, you can come back and enjoy more!

Take advantage of this promo here!

This giveaway has now ended–thanks for entering!

About Jamie Martin

Jamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She serves as editor of Simple Homeschool, and blogs about mindful parenting at Steady Mom. Jamie is also the author of two books: Steady Days and Mindset for Moms.


  1. Jennifer Anderson says:

    We’ve never listened to audio stories but would love to!

  2. Jennifer Anderson says:

    I have liked on FB

  3. I have sons ages 4 & 7 and some favorite audio stories are from the Adventure in Odyssey series called The Imagination Station. We have some free downloads from Sparkle Stories that my sons like to listen to during breakfast. On long car trips, we bring along audio books such as The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales by Usborne.
    My 2 little homeschoolers would probably find kindred spirits in Martin and Sylvia!

  4. We have liked Sparkle Stories fb page for some time :)

  5. We don’t regularly listen to any programs at present. I vaguely remember a program on our Christian radio station but my son was too young to understand the story at that time. Now he is 4.5 and we are starting home schooling so I am keen to get some fun resources for all kinds of learning :0)

  6. We listen to audio books all the time, we have been looking into sparkle stories and are so excited about the free trail.

  7. just liked Sparkle Stories on Facebook!

  8. We love audiobooks! My son is working his way through the Beverly Cleary books lately.

  9. Faye E. Hunt says:

    The only audio stories we’ve listened to are ones that have come with picture books. We are now into the Magic Treehouse Series and we’d likely enjoy hearing those on tape as our friends have recommended. Having the opportunity to listen to Sparkle Stories would be a great addition to our family’s daily reading routines. Thank you for this chance.

  10. Angela in MT says:

    My family LOVES audiobooks. Probably their all time favorite is James and the Giant Peach. They also really love Little Men.

  11. nopinkhere says:

    We don’t really listen to audiobooks very often. We have listened to some of the Rabbit Tales Listening library CDs we’ve gotten from the library in the car

  12. We’re new to audio books but just started to listen to the Jesus Storybook Bible and really enjoying it! Would love to try Sparkle Stories as my eldest (4.5 years) is starting to appreciate audio stories now, thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Just liked Sparkle Stories on FB too! :)

  14. My kids love to listen to audio stories! Their favorites are Adventures in Odyssey, but they also enjoy a few audio Veggie Tales, Classical Kids and Story of the World. I think they would love Sparkle Stories.

  15. We go in fits and spurts in listening to audiobooks. We have listened to many of the American girl stories (Felicity, Julie, Kaya, Kit Kittredge, Samanatha, Kiersten, Rebecca), which have been a lot of fun. Other ones that come to mind that have been good are the One of a Kind Family series, The Candymakers (really loved this one), and Pollyanna. Would enjoy trying the Sparkly Stories!

  16. We haven’t listened as a family to audio stories, but it would be a really fun activity for us all!

  17. I ‘liked’ Sparkle Stories on Facebook! :)

  18. I was just thinking of Sparkle Stories last night; I was hoping to fit it in our budget for this year!

  19. Like on FB

  20. We love audio books and the Veggie Tales audio show on the radio :) My daughter is sick with a fever today and spend the day curled up in bed listing to Little House on the Prairie which is a current fav. We also loved Charlotte’s Web. We will have to check out these Sparkle Stories!

  21. We haven’t listened to any audio stories like this, but I’m sure my daughter would love them! We have a few books that came with an audio version and she loves listening to those as she looks at the books. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. We enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia and A George Macdonald book (Day Boy and the Night Girl) last summer during our travels! We’ve also listened to A Wrinkle in Time. :) We travel alot during the summer to different conferences with my husband so we use this time to listen to great stories!! The kids love it!
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  23. I liked on Facebook! :)
    Heather Doyle’s latest post: Metamorphosis of a Messed Up Mama

  24. We LOVE Adventures in Odyssey! I started listening to them as a child and haven’t stopped. :-) We’d love to give Sparkle Stories a try!

  25. I would love to win this! Liked on FB as well!

  26. We do miss M&S and would love the opportunity to get jumpstarted back with Sparkle Stories!

  27. We’ve never listened to audio stories before (but would love to)! My 5 yr old daughter would really enjoy these, I think. :)
    Amanda Cowell’s latest post: Valentines Card Swap for Kids

  28. Liked them on fb. :)
    Amanda Cowell’s latest post: Valentines Card Swap for Kids

  29. Carrie David says:

    My kids (all three of them!) are 2 1/2 and we haven’t really started listening to audiobooks yet. But this sounds like a terrific way to start!

  30. we love audiobooks–in the van, at night before bed–my kids love the junkyard tales–and we would love to listen to Martin and Sylvia (we haven’t tried them yet)

  31. We love audio books and listen to many. Right now our favorite is a Beatrix Potter collection!

  32. I just “liked” Sparkle Stories on facebook! :)

  33. Michelle S. says:

    Like you on FB!

  34. Michelle S. says:

    We don’t listen to audio books, but I’m going to checkout some at our library soon!

  35. We haven’t listened to any Sparkle Stories yet, but a subscription has been on our wish list the last two Christmases. What a fantastic giveaway.

  36. I like both on FB :)

  37. Also just liked SS on FB.

  38. Bernadette says:

    We do not listen to audio books very often, but my sons did love listening to The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary last year. I am intrigued by the Sparkle Stories!

  39. Nope, we haven’t tried audio books yet. We’ve done Storyline Online and the kids love it. Would love to try Sparkle Stories!

  40. Just liked Sparkle Stories on fb! :)
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  41. Never tried audio books, but sounds great!

  42. Just started listening to audio books— so far, so fun!!

  43. I ****liked****** Sparkle Stories on FB!

  44. Meaghan Ellis says:

    I grew up listening to adventures in odyssey, and audio books- I have been searching for radio-theatre and we have listened to a sample sparkle story and my two girls loved it!!

  45. Meaghan Ellis says:

    Liked sparkle stories on Facebook!!

  46. Just liked Sparkle Stories on FB too!
    Lisa J.’s latest post: Curriculum or No Curriculum…

  47. We haven’t had any audio books yet that we listen to, the kids are 7, 5, and 2. Our one audio player broke so it has been hard to find a way to listen to them. I\’d love to try this out and am going to be sure to check out Sparkle Stories! :)

  48. We haven’t listened to many audio books – just a few from the library. I have heard of Sparkle Stories and would love to give it a try! I’m excited to share the Junkyard Tales free story with my kids!

  49. We haven’t listened to audio stories yet, but we would love to.

  50. I like Sparkle Stories on FB.