When Should My Child Begin Music Lessons?

Written by contributor Sarah Baldwin of Bella Luna Toys and Moon Child

As a Waldorf early childhood teacher, and the mother of two young musicians, I have been asked many times over the years what the ideal age is for a child to begin music lessons.

I’ve been asking myself the same question for as many years. In my quest for an answer, I have asked many music teachers and experts.

Waldorf Education and Suzuki Music Instruction

As a young mother I became familiar with the Suzuki method of music instruction, in which children as young as three or four begin to learn an instrument. When my children started music lessons—older son Harper played piano, young son Will played cello—I chose Suzuki teachers for both of them, and as a result have become a strong supporter of Suzuki methods.

Because I am also a Waldorf teacher, I was struck by the many similarities between Suzuki and Waldorf education.
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Mozart for Kids: Introducing Classical Music to Young Children

Written by Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool and founder of Steady Mom

Many educational philosophies, including the Charlotte Mason method, place a high priority on music and art study as a way to inspire children and surround them with greatness.

The idea has always intrigued me, because though I’ve always wanted to enjoy classical music, it doesn’t come naturally to me. So during my homeschooling career I’ve been on the lookout for resources to inspire not only my children, but myself as well.

Here are a few ways I’ve found to do so.
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7 Characteristics of a Charlotte Mason Education

If you’ve been homeschooling for long, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Charlotte Mason. Her educational principles, which she developed in 19th century England, offer much to homeschooling children and families alike.

But what exactly is a Charlotte Mason education? How can we know if it will work well for our family?
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