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Welcome to the fifth and final giveaway in this week’s Back to Homeschool Giveaway Week, sponsored by Oak Meadow:

From Deb Holman of Oak Meadow:

Explore. Experiment. Dream.
Liberate Your Learning with Oak Meadow

“Oak Meadow’s progressive homeschooling curriculum for Kindergarten to grade 12 is flexible, creative, and experiential.

It meets your child’s unique needs at each stage of development and helps you set a natural rhythm of learning for your entire family.

Our compassionate, child-centered approach encourages critical thinking and intellectual development through hands-on activities, interdisciplinary projects, and thoughtful reading and writing practice.”
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Resources for interest-led learning

Written by Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool and Steady Mom

A note from Jamie: Though I chose not to do a full curriculum fair this year, there are plenty of curriculum posts in the archives for those interested in scrolling through them as you make plans for the upcoming year. You can find them here–enjoy!

Educational Philosophies I pull from: Leadership Education, Waldorf, Unschooling

The first time I looked at the instructor’s guide of a popular curriculum, it made my head spin.

You mean we have to do all this? And in this order? And what if we need to miss a day or if the kids want to read more than the required number of pages? What if those comprehension questions are just downright boring?

Thankfully, I’ve come a long way since then. Now I understand that I can use resources in a way that fits our family, without feeling like a resource is using me.

Here are a few of the main resources we use often in our home and how I make them work for us.
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Giveaway: Oak Meadow curriculum package (Back to School Week)

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Thanks for joining me for this year’s back to school week! I hope this week’s posts encourage you in your school and life planning as the start of the traditional school year grows nearer.

I discovered Oak Meadow through the magic of the blogosphere, and found it to be just what I needed for my kids at the time. The curriculum and the philosophy behind it have become a steady part of our home learning experience since then.

What first drew me to Oak Meadow was the heart behind it–is it possible for a curriculum company to have heart? Yes, it totally is! And I found that Oak Meadow’s connected with much of my own–their gentle approach, their slow introduction to academics, their focus on nature, free play, and stories.
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Giveaway: Curriculum Package from Oak Meadow

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Welcome to Back to School week here at Simple Homeschool! This week I’m bringing you reviews and awesome chances to win–perfect for back to school planning time.

I’m glad you’re visiting again today because I’m sharing one of my favorite homeschooling resources. I’m giving away a curriculum package from Oak Meadow.

I first discovered Oak Meadow about a year ago, and I’ve had the chance to write about their kindergarten and 1st grade programs before. They offer complete curriculum packages from PreK through 12th Grade, which you can purchase and use at home with your children.

They also offer an enrollment option in their accredited distance learning school. This allows students to receive full academic credit and transcripts for their work at home–as well as the support of an experienced teacher.

Find out more about Oak Meadow and how you can win.
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The Learning That Happens in the Spaces Between

The following is a guest post written by Kara Anderson.

I was talking with a new friend recently. She is the first person who I have actually met who uses the same curriculum I do and it was a relief to connect with someone familiar with the work we were doing every day.

I was telling her how much we enjoy using our curriculum resources, but that I did have a mid-year panic attack over the feeling that I wasn’t “doing enough.” To clarify, this was not panic that my children were not learning enough. It was fear that as a parent, I was not doing enough formal teaching.

And that is how we started talking about the “spaces between.”

So much learning takes place in the time that is not formal home schooling, but sometimes as parents we feel like that doesn’t count, or even (if we are record keepers) that we are not allowed to count it.

I am homeschooling a 4 year old and a 7 year old. There’s a lot we do when we are not sitting at the dining room table — cooking, crafts, field trips, chores and spending time with friends.

But the following are the learning experiences that stood out to me, and they embody what I think we will all remember when we look back on these years spent learning at home.
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